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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Today is  - National Radio Day
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Some of our readers today have been in:
The Americas
L'ancienne-Lorette, Montreal, Byward Market and Regina, Canada
Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Mexico City, Mexico
Ronkonkoma, Albuquerque, Escondido, Hoboken, Tukwila and Piscataway, United States
Tipitapa, Nicaragua
Valle De La Pascua, Venezuela
Derby, London, Chatham and Slough, England
Rothe Erde, Gera, Berlin and Bonn, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Istanbul, Turkey
Warsaw, Poland
Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Glevakha, Ukraine
Timisoara, Romania
Salon-De-Provence, Courbevoie, Cerny, Rouen and Dugny, France
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Kongens Lyngby, Denmark
Vladivostok and Moscow, Russia
Ravenna, Naples, Rome, Treviso, Bari and Milan, Italy
Zgreab, Croatia
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Bilbao, Madrid, L'Olleria and Torrent, Spain
Dublin and Tallaght, Ireland
Zurich, Switzerland
Reykjavik, Iceland
Prague, Czech Republic
Jakobsberg and Stockholm, Sweden
Kosice, Slovakia
Guwahati, Delhi, Jodhpur, Pune, New Delhi and Gurgaon, India
Tehran and Kish, Iran
Petaling Jaya, Melaka and Alor Setar, Malayisa
Hanoi, Vietnam
Banadr Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
Doha, Qatar
Tel Aviv, Israel
Muscat, Oman
Xiamen, China
Port Louis, Mauritius
The Pacific
Auckland, New Zealand
Angeles City, Philippines
Sydney, Australia

Today in History

917 A Byzantine counter-offensive is routed by Syeon at Anchialus, Bulgaria.
1619 The first group of twenty Africans is brought to Jamestown, Virginia.
1667 John Milton publishes Paradise Lost, an epic poem about the fall of Adam and Eve.
1741 Danish navigator Vitus Jonas Bering, commissioned by Peter the Great of Russia to find land connecting Asia and North America, discovers America.
1794 American General "Mad Anthony" Wayne defeats the Ohio Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in the Northwest territory, ending Indian resistance in the area.
1847 General Winfield Scott wins the battle of Churubusco on his drive to Mexico City.
1904 Dublin's Abbey Theatre is founded, an outgrowth of the Irish Literary Theatre founded in 1899 by William Butler Yeats and Lady Gregory.
1908 The American Great White Fleet arrives in Sydney, Australia, to a warm welcome.
1913 700 feet above Buc, France, parachutist Adolphe Pegond becomes the first person to jump from an airplane and land safely.
1914 Russia wins an early victory over Germany at Gumbinnen.
1940 After a previous machine gun attack failed, exiled Russian Leon Trotsky is assassinated in Mexico City, with an alpine ax to the back of the head.
1940 Radar is used for the first time, by the British during the Battle of Britain. Also on this day, in a radio broadcast, Winston Churchill makes his famous homage to the Royal Air Force: "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."
1941 Adolf Hitler authorizes the development of the V-2 missile.
1944 United States and British forces close the pincers on German units in the Falaise-Argentan pocket in France.
1953 USSR publicly acknowledges it tested a hydrogen bomb eight days earlier.
1955 Hundreds killed in anti-French rioting in Morocco and Algeria.
1960 USSR recovers 2 dogs, Belka and Strelka, the first animals to be launched into orbit and returned alive (Sputnik 5).
1961 East Germany begins erecting a wall along western border to replace barbed wire put up Aug 13; US 1st Battle Group, 18th Infantry Division arrives in West Berlin.
1964 US President Lyndon Baines Johnson signs the Economic Opportunity Act, an anti-poverty measure totaling nearly $1 billion, as part of his War on Poverty.
1968 Some 650,000 Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia to quell reformers there.
1971 The Cambodian military launches a series of operations against the Khmer Rouge.
1974 US Vice President Gerald Ford, who had replaced Spiro Agnew, assumes the Office of the President after Richard Nixon resigns; Ford names Nelson Rockefeller as VP.
1978 NASA launches Viking 1; with Viking 2, launched a few days later, provided high-resolution mapping of Mars, revolutionizing existing views of the planets.
1979 The Penmanshiel Diversion on the  the East Coast Main Line rail route between England and Scotland opens, replacing the 134-year-old Penmanshiel Tunnel that had collapsed in March.
1980 UN Security Council condemns Israel's declaration that all of Jersualem is its capital; vote is 14-0, with US abstaining.
1982 A multinational force including 800 US Marines lands in Beirut, Lebanon, to oversee Palestinan withdrawal during the Lebanese Civil War.
1986 Part-time mail carrier Patrick Sherrill shoots 20 fellow workers killing 14 at Edmond Okla., the first mass shooting by an individual in an office environment in the US. His actions give rise to the phrase "going postal," for sudden violent outbursts.
1990 Iraq moves Western hostages to military installations to use them as human shields against air attacks by a US-led multinational coalition.
1991 After an attempted coup in the Soviet Union, Estonia declares independence from the USSR.
1993 Secret negotiations in Norway lead to agreement on the Oslo Peace Accords, an attempt to resolve the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
1994 Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, born on Heider Farm near Janesville, Wisc. The first white (not albino) buffalo born since 1933, she was a important religious symbol for many US and Canadian Indian tribes.
1998 The Supreme Court of Canada rules Quebec cannot legally secede from Canada without the federal government's approval.
1998 US launches cruise missile attacks against alleged al-Qaida camps in Afghanistan and a suspected chemical plant in Sudan in retaliation for the Aug. 7 bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
2002 A group of Iraqis opposed to the regime of Saddam Hussein seize the Iraqi Embassy in Berlin; after five hours they release their hostages and surrender.

Non Sequitur


In a Mr Smith Goes to Washington Moment, Obama Stands Up For Students

President Obama goes Jimmy Stewart while pushing brain connections and higher education reforms.…
obama weekly
President Obama can at times have shades of Jimmy Stewart’s sort of straight-laced, honest-engine approach to life. Nothing brings this quality out more than when he’s talking education. He’s a firm believer that everyone should have a fair shot at the American dream if they are willing to work hard.
In his weekly address, Mr. Smith went to Washington and the President encouraged returning students to get ready for education beyond high school. He laid out some of the reforms his administration has undertaken to make college more affordable for middle class and under-served students, including reforming student loans, making student loan repayment more manageable and expanding grants and college tax credits. The administration has also issued a direct call to action to colleges to encourage them to bring their costs down as part of the President’s Year of Action (that he can take while Congress sleeps).
Watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington President Obama sounding like he came from the generation of “hard work will get it done” here:
Transcript via the White House:
Hi, everybody. Over the next couple weeks, schools all across the country will be opening their doors. Students will suit up for fall sports, marching band, and the school play; moms and dads will snap those first-day-of-school pictures – and that includes me and Michelle.
And so today, I want to talk directly with students and parents about one of the most important things any of you can do this year – and that’s to begin preparing yourself for an education beyond high school.
We know that in today’s economy, whether you go to a four-year college, a community college, or a professional training program, some higher education is the surest ticket to the middle class. The typical American with a bachelor’s degree or higher earns over $28,000 more per year than someone with just a high school diploma. And they’re also much more likely to have a job in the first place – the unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree is less than one-third of the rate for those without a high school diploma.
But for too many families across the country, paying for higher education is a constant struggle. Earlier this year, a young woman named Elizabeth Cooper wrote to tell me how hard it is for middle-class families like hers to afford college. As she said, she feels “not significant enough to be addressed, not poor enough for people to worry [about], and not rich enough to be cared about.”
Michelle and I know the feeling – we only finished paying off our student loans ten years ago. And so as President, I’m working to make sure young people like Elizabeth can go to college without racking up mountains of debt. We reformed a student loan system so that more money goes to students instead of big banks. We expanded grants and college tax credits for students and families. We took action to offer millions of students a chance to cap their student loan payments at 10% of their income. And Congress should pass a bill to let students refinance their loans at today’s lower interest rates, just like their parents can refinance their mortgage.
But as long as college costs keep rising, we can’t just keep throwing money at the problem – colleges have to do their part to bring down costs as well. That’s why we proposed a plan to tie federal financial aid to a college’s performance, and create a new college scorecard so that students and parents can see which schools provide the biggest bang for your buck. We launched a new $75 million challenge to inspire colleges to reduce costs and raise graduation rates. And in January, more than 100 college presidents and nonprofit leaders came to the White House and made commitments to increase opportunities for underserved students.
Since then, we’ve met with even more leaders who want to create new community-based partnerships and support school counselors. And this week, my Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, announced a series of commitments to support students who need a little extra academic help getting through college.
This is a challenge I take personally. And to all you young people, now that you’re heading back to school, your education is something you have to take personally, also. It’s up to you to push yourself; to take hard classes and read challenging books. Science shows that when you struggle to solve a problem or make a new argument, you’re actually forming new connections in your brain. So when you’re thinking hard, you’re getting smarter. Which means this year, challenge yourself to reach higher. And set your sights on college in the years ahead. Your country is counting on you.
And don’t forget to have some fun along the way, too.
See? Even a geek moment at the end pushing making new connections in our brains. He actually sounds like the real life Jimmy Stewart, who told his daughters as they were leaving for college, “Be nice to people.” Character matters.
This week, the President announced the next phase of operation help the low and middle class with the American dream (aka, upward mobility) via higher education. To assist those students who need a little academic help, this year’s December 4th Summit will (per a Fact Sheet provided by the White House), “focus on building sustainable collaborations in communities with strong K-12 and higher education partnerships to encourage college going, and supporting colleges to work together to dramatically improve persistence and increase college completion, especially for first generation, low-income, and underrepresented students.”
The repugicans mock the President for wearing a bike helmet, which is the same quality that makes him a bit of the earnest Jimmy Stewart. Sure, a geek of high character pushing brain connections and higher education might seem a little boring or dated, but just recall the modern day repugican cabal’s contempt for education and suddenly President Obama’s consistent support for it is the height of cool. A nation full of greedy predators or a nation full of geeks making brain connections? Yeah.

John Boehner Blames All Of His Failures On Obama Not Being Up To The Job Of President

From the "Projection and Transference" Department:
boehner-radioDuring a recent radio interview, John Boehner blamed every single repugican failure on Obama not being up to the job of being president.
The Hill summed it up:
John Boehner (r-Ohio) blasted President Obama’s domestic and foreign policies in a recent radio interview, saying Obama was “not prepared for the job.”
Boehner also blamed global tensions on Obama’s “apology tour” five years ago.
“When America leads and America is strong, the world is a much safer place,” he said. “The world wants us to lead.”
“When you look at this White House, you see incompetence at many levels,” Boehner added.
“Democrats, repugicans, nobody has a relationship with the White House,” he said.
“It’s not about Democrats versus repugicans,” Boehner said. “It’s a White House that’s not very well organized and, frankly, not very effective as well.”
“There’s nobody more frustrated than I am, but we’re the minority party,” Boehner added.
Boehner is going around the country trying to pass the buck for his own failures. The idea that Obama is responsible for the failings of a House of Representatives that refuses to cooperate with the Senate or the White House is borderline insane.
Speaker Boehner’s talking points were old and tired years ago. When a repugican breaks out the old apology tour line, they are really fishing for an excuse. The reality of the situation is that John Boehner is the one who hasn’t been up to the job. He can’t control his own repugicans. Boehner can’t even pass his own legislation. It is Boehner who has failed the country, not Obama.
Since repugicans can’t run on their records, they are giving voters more of the same batch of excuses that they have used for the last four years. Obama never went on an apology tour, but Speaker Boehner is traveling the country making excuses for his own incompetence.

Brown Skin Is The Only Reason Why repugicans Want To Deport Hispanics

But fear not, it is not because of your country of origin, or because you contribute to the economy and the nation's defense, but because your skin is…
In the sports world, it is typical for a team that loses a big game, whether it is a national championship or bitter rivalry, to look back at why they lost and strategize a new game-plan to avoid making the same mistakes again. It is no different in the world of American politics. After repugicans failed to win and take control of the entire government in 2012, cabal leaders commissioned an autopsy to examine why they lost and make recommendations on how best to garner support from demographics that shunned the party at the polls. Now, the course of wisdom would dictate that following the recommendations closely would be of paramount importance to repugicans, but their deep-seated hatred of women, the poor, and particularly Hispanics overshadowed any attempt to make the cabal appealing to those groups by at least giving the appearance of engagement.
It had appeared that at least some repugicans in the Senate heeded the national cabal’s policy of reaching out to Latinos when they worked with Democrats to craft a long sought-after comprehensive overhaul of immigration policy in America. However, that outreach quickly morphed into a provocative anti-immigration, anti-Latino, and anti-humanitarian stance that now defines the repugican cabal. In fact, repugicans in Congress have taken precisely the opposite approach to what the repugican national coven strategists and pollsters strongly advised them would be smart, and instead of reaching out to Latinos, became the face of hateful anti-immigration and by extension anti-Latino. A face that, for all intents and purposes, characterizes and defines them as hating Brown people as much as they do African Americans, women, gays, and the poor.
The House has had ample opportunity to take up and pass the bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill, but the leadership is mortified of crossing de facto House speaker Ted Cruz. Subsequently, Speaker John Boehner allowed anti-immigrant heroes Steve King (r-IA) and Michele Bachmann (r/tp-MN) to craft their own immigration reform bill and Boehner said the chamber would pass it regardless what it entailed. Not only did the teabagger-repugicans running the House disregard the humanitarian crisis at the southern border the legislation could have addressed, repugicans passed a bill attacking President Obama (not an immigrant) and demanded mass deportations of Dream Act children living in America most of their lives through no fault of their own.
The shift among many congressional repugicans that actually intended to approve the President’s plan to address the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. border with Mexico in July should not be surprising. At first repugicans considered just amending the President’s plan, and then destroying it completely; they eventually passed an extreme lunatic fringe wingnut proposal that many wingnuts still do not feel goes far enough to rid America of Hispanic immigrants completely. In fact, the anti-immigrant repugican proposals, tellingly, included extremist provisions repugican cabal leadership rejected days earlier because even its proponents regarded it as legislatively dead for its harsh measures. However, now Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell joined the extremist anti-immigrant cabal and is demanding the Senate take up the House obscenity because the official party line during a midterm election has become “we hate Hispanics.”
Instead of calling on House repugicans to vote on the bipartisan Senate immigration package, McConnell wants to end deportation relief for undocumented immigrant children as well as strip executive authority from President Obama to grant relief to any other Latino immigrant. The man who claims to have crafted the legislation McConnell now heartily endorses, Steve King, boasted that “the changes brought into this are ones I’ve developed and advocated for over the past two years. It’s like I ordered it off the menu.” Along with Ted Cruz, and newly-crowned anti-immigration hero and indicted governor, Rick Perry, King is likely the “Congress’ most vituperative opponent of immigration.” By demanding the Senate vote and pass the House mass-deportation legislation, Mitch McConnell just branded the entire repugican congress openly hostile to immigrant children who lived in America most of their lives.
McConnell said, regarding the President’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, “The Constitution requires that he take that the laws be faithfully executed, and the Senate should vote on two House bills” to change the repugicans 2008 law giving asylum to child refugees and immediately deport well-over 1.5 million immigrant students guaranteed an education according to a Supreme Court ruling Plyler v. Doe. The President has faithfully executed immigration laws and deported more than 1.1 million immigrants by 2012; by far the most by any president since the 1950s. However, repugicans want them all gone and McConnell put the House “deport ‘em all” bill on the Senate legislative calendar before leaving on his five-week paid vacation. The decision to hold a vote on legislation to deport over one-and-a-half million immigrant Dreamers, and change the humanitarian law protecting child refugees is Harry Reid’s.
The republicans were primarily anti-immigration long before the current phony crisis at the southern border as a result of their 2008 law, but there were some, like Texas’ Rick Perry who said during the 2012 presidential primary to “have a heart” when considering the plight of immigrants. Perry is now in the same camp as “there’s a war on whites” Mo Brooks (r-Ala) who said he wants to deport all Dream Act kids, and keep going by throwing out the rest of the 8-million undocumented immigrants working, contributing to, and supporting America. The repugicans actively support throwing nearly 10-million immigrants out of the country and they wonder why Latinos are not flocking to the ballot box to support repugican candidates.
Over two-thirds of Americans support immigration reform that gives a path to citizenship for immigrants whether they are “Dreamers” or not. The majority of Americans understand the great contribution immigrants, documented or not, have and continue to make to this country. The repugicans could not care less what Americans support because their base is inherently racist and nativistic, regardless that unless they are Native Americans, they too are descendants of immigrants to America. But they are primarily descendent from white immigrants and in their perverse minds, god created America for white people, and established the Southern border for the express purpose of keeping Brown people out of what they believe god intended to be an Aryan nation.
So it is that one hopes immigrants and Dreamers enjoyed their brief welcome to America; the land where one of two major political party’s hates you so much they want you all kicked out of what repugican demi-god Ronald Reagan errantly claimed was a “shining city on a hill.” However, even though the United Nations is investigating your plight as immigrants to determine why America hates you due to your racial makeup, repugicans still want you deported with extreme prejudice.
But fear not, it is not because of your country of origin, or because you contribute to the economy and the nation’s defense, but because your skin is brown and it is the only reason the racists in the repugican cabal want you extricated from their white America. Take solace in the fact that repugicans want the same thing for President Obama who is fighting to provide you with a path to become American citizens, and frankly it boggles the mind that you would want to be a citizen of a nation steeped in white supremacy.

The Truth Be Told

Virginia homeschooling parents say state standard testing 'doesn't feel right' for their kids

A Virginia couple who has been homeschooling their children is petitioning to be exempt from a local policy requiring documentation of their studies, including standardized testing, on religious grounds WSET-TV reported."Being subjected to the test itself makes them feel like they are being scrutinized," Stephanie Dent told WSET. "For them, spiritually, right now, it doesn't feel right."
Dent and her husband, Jeff Dent, have been home-schooling their children since 2012 and are Universalists. State law allows local school boards to decide whether to grant religious exemptions for homeschooled students.
Up until this year, the Dents provided officials in Campbell County with standardized test records to satisfy the county's mandate for evidence that their children's education was progressing.
"Aside from reading, writing and arithmetic everything else is done as much as humanly possible in real life," Jeff Dent told WSET. His wife added that their studies include both prayer and meditation.
"A lot of it happens in vivo when you're outside with the chickens and you hear a breeze go through the trees," she said.

Man robbed bank while naked

Police in Rockford, Illinois, say a man robbed a bank while naked. The man is now in jail after officers say he stole money from the Associated Bank then hid without any clothes on in the bank's basement. That's where officers say 32-year-old Ezekiel Deanda was found just after 11:30am on Friday.
Worker say the man got into the business through the south entrance and walked downstairs to the basement. About 10 minutes later he came back upstairs naked.
He then walked up and robbed the teller before running back down the stairs where officers say he decided to get dressed. Investigators say they wrestled with the man as he was being placed into custody. They also say he spat on an officer and is now facing a series of charges including aggravated battery to a police officer.



The Art Of The Japanese Manhole Cover

The Japanese have a wonderful relationship with their manhole covers: They treat them as art. Here is a selection of the ornate, the artistic and the slightly bizarre.

The History Of The Denim Suit Is Not A Pretty One

The origins of the denim suit don't appear to go back far. One story goes that the singer Bing Crosby was denied access to a hotel in Canada because he was dressed head-to-toe in denim.
Though they let him in eventually, Levi's made him a custom double-breasted suit jacket so that he would 'never have problems wearing Levi's jeans, even in fancy establishments,' according to the company.

Random Photos

Erbil Revealed

How the first excavations in an ancient city are supporting its claim as the oldest continuously inhabited place in the world

Erbil-Citadel-AerialThe booming city of Erbil (ancient Arbela) in Kurdistan encircles the ancient citadel where evidence of more than six millennia of human habitation is just beginning to be uncovered.
The 100-foot-high, oval-shaped citadel of Erbil towers high above the northern Mesopotamian plain, within sight of the Zagros Mountains that lead to the Iranian plateau. The massive mound, with its vertiginous man-made slope, built up by its inhabitants over at least the last 6,000 years, is the heart of what may be the world’s oldest continuously occupied settlement. At various times over its long history, the city has been a pilgrimage site dedicated to a great goddess, a prosperous trading center, a town on the frontier of several empires, and a rebel stronghold.
Yet despite its place as one of the ancient Near East’s most significant cities, Erbil’s past has been largely hidden. A dense concentration of nineteenth- and twentieth-century houses stands atop the mound, and these have long prevented archaeologists from exploring the city’s older layers. As a consequence, almost everything known about the metropolis—called Arbela in antiquity—has been cobbled together from a handful of ancient texts and artifacts unearthed at other sites.

A 200-Year-Old Bottle's Surprising Contents

According to a report in Livescience, a 200-year-old stoneware bottle excavated from a shipwreck off the Polish coast contains an alcohol distillate, perhaps vodka or a type of gin called jenever. And, say the researchers, the spirit is still drinkable even after two centuries at the bottom of the sea. Originally the archaeologists thought the bottle contained a popular type of mineral water called “Selters” whose name is engraved on the outside, and which is still sold in the area. But once they popped the cork and analyzed the vessel’s contents, they discovered its true contents. The shipwreck also ceramic bowls, and dinnerware, though project head Tomasz Bednarz says the bottle of booze “is our most valuable find.”

Daily Comic Relief


Astonishing Places That Are Hard to Believe Really Exist

http://themindunleashed.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/unreal.jpg Our world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day, be that by professional photographers or amateurs. Different geographical locations, climatic conditions and even seasons offer the widest variety of natural wonders: pink lakes, stunning lavender or tulip fields, breath-taking canyons and mountains, and other places you can hardly believe actually exist!

Olympic wrestler accused of poaching tame deer with bow and arrow at car dealership

Police in Colorado Springs say a man is facing charges for allegedly hunting deer at a Lexus dealership. The man is identified as Dremiel Byers, 39, a sergeant first class at Fort Carson and a Greco-Roman wrestler in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. Police said officers were called to the dealership at 6:52pm on Thursday.

5 tasty fish, but how well do you know them?

How fast does a wahoo swim? How long does a mahi-mahi live? What these delectable marine species look like, and some of their peculiarities
People love fish, but how much do they really know about what they’re eating? We’re not referring to mercury levels, or environmental concerns regarding method of capture, but to ordinary aspects such as appearance and behavior.
For example, how many people know what a mahi-mahi looks like in the flesh? Where does it live and what are some of its peculiarities? With this in mind we present a short list of popular (or obscure) ocean fish that many have savored with a cold beer or glass of wine, with a photograph and a few factoids.
5 tasty fish you love to eat, but how well do you know them?
Wahoo (also called ono; pictured above and below)
Belongs to the mackerel family and said by many to be the fastest fish in the sea; can swim in bursts to 60 mph. Body is long and slender, like that of an oversized barracuda. Teeth are abundant and razor-sharp. Found in tropical and sub-tropical waters. Can weigh more than 150 pounds and measure to 8 feet. Commercially caught via longline gear. Recreationally caught via trolled lures.
When hooked, the wahoo’s sizzling burst of speed is a sight to behold. Dangerous to anglers, though, because of their teeth and because they’ve been known to leap into boats at high speed. Serious injuries have been incurred thanks to leaping wahoo. Can live 10-plus years, and a female wahoo can lay up to 6 million eggs per spawning. Delicate and flaky on the plate, typically itemized as ono (Hawaiian).
Chilean seabass
ToothfishReal name is Patagonian toothfish, but that name is not marketable. Chileans were first to market toothfish in the U.S., as Chilean seabass, even though it’s not a bass and is caught in deep, frigid waters throughout the Antarctic. Described as the perfect fish of its firm, white flesh. The result of its booming global popularity in the mid-1990s was severe overexploitation. Its discovery, and the many shenanigans that went into play because of skyrocketing demand, is the subject of a fascinating book by G. Bruce Knight, “Hooked: Pirates, Poaching and the Perfect Fish.”
The fishery is carefully managed and there’s more control over illegal fishing these days, but it remains an embattled fishery. The U.S. imports about 20% of the worldwide catch. Toothfish reside in depths to about 8,000 feet. They can grow to 200 pounds and live nearly 50 years. They feed largely on squid and prawns.
Mahi-mahi in Hawaii, dorado in Mexico, dolphinfish in Florida. Few fish are as colorful; its iridescent blue-green hues change rapidly when it’s pursuing prey or fighting on a hook. Large males boast blunt, hatchet-shaped heads. These slender fish grow extremely fast, and can reach weights of nearly 100 pounds, but only live about four years.
They love to congregate out under floating objects, such as kelp paddies. Hundreds, perhaps thousands might gather beneath a dead whale, becoming an angler’s dream as long as the whale’s stench isn’t too overwhelming. Mariners adrift for long periods invariably attract mahi-mahi as traveling companions. Mahi-mahi are commercially caught via long-line gear and drift nets. Recreationally caught by anglers who love them for their beauty and acrobatics. Flesh is firm and mildly sweet, and best-served fresh.
lingcodNot a cod, belonging to the greenling family. Unique to the west coast of North America, common in cooler waters in rocky areas, residing at depths of 30 to 300 feet. Voracious predators with long, sharp teeth. Can weigh 80 pounds or more and measure 5 feet. Females lay the eggs–between 60,000 and 500,000 eggs–but males guard the nest until the juveniles hatch. This is believed to be due to the fact that so many natural predators would love to get to the eggs. These include rockfish, sculpin, cod, urchins and starfish. Oddly, the male lingcod will ward off fish predators with lunging attacks, but will let starfish and urchins feed on the eggs. States the Monterey Bay Aquarium: “While guarding eggs, lingcod have been known to attack humans.”
A lingcod’s flesh is sometimes tinged with green but cooks up white and firm.

opahOpah caught recently by Joe Ludlow (pictured) weighed 181 pounds and could become new world record.
Also called moonfish because of their oval shape and silvery-red bodies, which are polka-dotted. Fins and outer edges are a bight vermillion. Opah roam tropical and sub-tropical seas and are largely solitary except during spawning periods. Deep-water denizens most of the time; found as deep as 2,400 feet. There is no directed fishery for opah, but they’re caught in large enough numbers, indiscriminately by long-line fishermen, to make them available to consumers. Caught very infrequently by sport fishermen. Two weeks ago anglers aboard a San Diego-based tuna-fishing boat experienced a super-rare quintuple opah hookup, and landed three of five fish, including a 181-pounder that might qualify as a sportfishing world record. The opah’s flesh is rich and fatty, a chef’s delight. In Japanese cuisine, opah is often served as sashimi or sushi.

Animal Pictures