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Thursday, April 13, 2017

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Today in History

1598 The Edict of Nantes grants political rights to French Huguenots.
1775 Lord North extends the New England Restraining Act to South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. The act forbids trade with any country other than Britain and Ireland.
1861 After 34 hours of bombardment, Union-held Fort Sumter surrenders to Confederates.
1864 Union forces under Gen. Sherman begin their devastating march through Georgia.
1902 J.C. Penny opens his first store in Kemmerer, Wyoming.
1919 British forces kill hundreds of Indian nationalists in the Amritsar Massacre.
1933 The first flight over Mount Everest is completed by Lord Clydesdale.
1941 German troops capture Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
Nazi Germany announces that it has discovered the corpses of 4,443 Polish military officers massacred by Soviet forces in the Katyn forest near Smolensk, in western Russia.
1943 Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicates the Jefferson Memorial.
1945 Vienna falls to Soviet troops.
1960 The first navigational satellite is launched into Earth’s orbit.
1961 The U.N. General Assembly condemns South Africa because of apartheid.
1964 Sidney Poitier becomes the first black individual to win an Oscar for best actor.
1970 An oxygen tank explodes on Apollo 13, preventing a planned moon landing and jeopardizing the lives of the three-man crew.
1976 The U.S. Federal Reserve begins issuing $2 bicentennial notes.
1979 The world’s longest doubles ping-pong match ends after 101 hours.

87-year-old woman visits the ‘slave cabin’ she was born in

The cabin was the only one left of nearly a dozen that were built in 1853 at the Point of Pines Plantation in Edisto Island, S.C.

How Did America's Wealth Inequality Reach This Level of Toxic?

The American Dream Alive and Well

Florida school abused 3-year-old with cerebral palsy

Attorney Aaron Bates, who is representing the family in the lawsuit, tells KPTV that the administration is also at fault for not providing proper training to its teachers for dealing with special needs students.

It’s Time To Investigate DeVos’ DOE

If Dumbass Trump Wants to Get His War on With Syria, Have Him Send His Own Kids First

Out of Sight, out of Mind

Evangelicals Are Leaving Their Cults Over Dumbass Trump

Cult Cops

OH, what could possibly go wrong ....

Wingnuts in North Carolina file bill to ban gay marriages

Wingnuts never learn.

O'Reilly Takes Sudden Vacation

Bill O'Reilly Takes Sudden Vacation. Is He Done?He's Toast!

How Fox Retaliated Against Reporter Ailes Wanted to 'Submit to Him Sexually'

Massive Antarctica Iceberg Hangs by a Thread

Water on Mars - We got pictures!

A 'great cold spot' on Jupiter

Dinosaurs and Colorado Earthquakes

Using Dragon blood to help wounds heal faster

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