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Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Today in History

St. Gregory II begins his reign as catholic pope despot.
French explorer Jacques Cartier sets sail for North America.
Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII‘s second wife, is beheaded on Tower Green.
Defeated by the Protestants, Mary, Queen of Scots, flees to England where Queen Elizabeth imprisons her.
The Spanish Armada sets sail from Lisbon, Spain.
The Protestant states form the Evangelical Union of Lutherans and Calvinists.
Cardinal Richelieu of France intervenes in the great conflict in Europe by declaring war on the Hapsburgs in Spain.
The French army defeats a Spanish army at Rocroi, France.
Near total darkness descends on New England at noon. No explanation is found.
Senator Charles Sumner speaks out against slavery.
A pro-slavery band led by Charles Hamilton executes unarmed Free State men near Marais des Cygnes on the Kansas-Missouri border.
Union General Ulysses S. Grant‘s first attack on Vicksburg is repulsed.
The Union and Confederate armies launch their last attacks against each other at Spotsylvania, Virginia.
Congress sharply curbs immigration, setting a national quota system.
The National Football League adopts an annual college draft to begin in 1936.
U.S. diplomats find at least 40 microphones planted in the American embassy in Moscow.
U.S. planes bomb Hanoi for the first time.

Your brain needs downtime

Why your brain needs downtime

Elderly man's Quaker Oats recipe competition entry was rejected for being hand-written

William Smith has been eating oatmeal every morning of his life, so when the 80-year-old Massachusetts man saw a Quaker Oats "best recipe" contest, he was quick to mail in his favorite: oats topped with brown sugar, pineapple and coconut flakes. But Smith's "Hawaiian Special" recipe, which he wrote by hand on a piece of paper, was rejected and returned to him a few days later, with a letter accompanying it.
"Please be advised that your letter, with attachment, does not constitute a valid entry into the Contest in accordance with the Official Rules available at www.bringyourbestbowl.com," wrote a representative for PepsiCo, which owns Quaker Oats Company. "The submissions are accepted through either the contest application on Quaker's website, select retailer websites, Twitter, or Facebook during the submission period," the letter read. "We will not accept entries via alternative methods of entry." Smith, who doesn't own a computer, called the letter "discouraging" and a form of age discrimination.
"When I see corporate America and how they can't take a paper submission, I think it's ridiculous," Smith said from his home in Sturbridge. "They don't realize where they came from." Smith decided to send in his "Best Bowl" recipe in late February after seeing an advertisement for the contest and its prize: $250,000. On a piece of paper, he jotted down four ingredients in legible handwriting and including the bowl's name, "Hawaiian Special." "I have been using your product since 1946," he wrote. "I am 80 years old." A PepsiCo spokeswoman Jody Menaker said the company had apologized to Smith for the tone of the letter he received in response to his entry.
"For this specific contest, entries could only be accepted online," she said. "The intent behind that was not meant to make the promotion seem inaccessible, but rather to ensure a level playing field across all submissions." Menaker added that PepsiCo greatly appreciated Smith’s enthusiasm and support of the contest, as well as his love for Quaker. Smith knew that winning the money was a long shot but said he never expected to receive a rejection letter for his failure to submit his recipe electronically. "I realize times have changed but I’m sure the man on the Quaker Oats box doesn’t recognize a computer either," he quipped. "I think it’s age discrimination but I would never force the issue," he said. "When you reach a certain age, you have to let things go."

Muslim Kids Read Letters From WWII As History Repeats Itself

Islamophobia Japanese Internment Camps Japaneseame

Pennsylvania teacher compares accommodations for special needs students to appeasing Hitler

"It would be nice if we spent this much extra time on the regular Ed and gifted students. You know, those that are going to amount to something,” Kosco wrote.

Samantha Bee’s epic smackdown of religio-wingnut christians’ political hypocrisy is an instant classic

Samantha Bee’s epic smackdown of religio-wingnut christians’ political hypocrisy is an instant classic

Wyoming men face hate crime charges for pummeling ex-Marine who objected to racial slurs

The incident occurred on a recent Saturday night when Clayton Denny stopped at the Beaver Creek Saloon for a beer after taking an evening bike ride to shoot photographs.

World-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman abruptly cancels North Carolina show over anti-LGBT laws

Thursday afternoon the Grammy Award-winning musician made the announcement on Facebook: “As my fans know, I have spent a lifetime advocating against discrimination."

Internet pounds Abbott with ridicule after he compares bathroom laws to the moon landing

Texas' moron Abbott finally found something even dumber to say than, “Maybe there’s something to all this Jade Helm 15 conspiracy talk.”

Mississippi man shoots mom in face while trying to impress her with new gun

Richard Lawrence told officers he was sitting in his truck showing his mother his new .38 caliber pistol when the gun discharged.

History shows the religio-wingnuts’ batshit crazy version of jesus isn’t unique to modern times

The toxic blend of lunatic fringe wingnut politics and hate-all-sinners 'christianity' began its infiltration of Republican politics behind the “Gipper” skull of Reagan in the late 1970s.

Cult council president and teacher busted for having sex in cemetery with student

Teacher Kelly Aldinger escorted by police officer after arraignment -- (WFMZ screenshot)Cult council president and teacher busted for having sex in cemetery with student

Texas Board of Education hopeful invokes Hitler after rival calls out her bizarre fearmongering

"We should be scared when they want to take away from us what our government was built upon and totally revamp it and make it like the socialist and communist countries of the world."

Elderly Florida man couldn’t afford pain medications for his wife ...

William J. Hager’s wife Carolyn had been complaining about pain and was in poor health. The 86-year-old Port St. Lucie man couldn’t afford to pay for her medications and the family’s expenses.

Naked man climbed over barbed wire fence at airport because he wanted to go back to Cuba

A naked man who climbed over a fence at Miami International Airport in Florida said he did so because he wanted to go back to Cuba.
Ricardo Nogales, 47, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon on a breach of security charge after he jumped the perimeter fence at MIA and entered the restricted airfield area, according to a Miami-Dade Police arrest report.
The report said he is Cuban and unemployed. Officers found Nogales naked and trying to enter an airport hangar. He said he jumped the fence because he wanted to go back to Cuba.
The 8-foot high fence has barbed wire and multiple "No Trespassing" signs. Nogales was booked into jail.

Senior policewoman suspended after 'row with colleague over who has most attractive breasts'

A top Greater Manchester Police officer has been suspended after an alleged row with a woman superintendent over whose breasts were the most attractive.
Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe, is said to have got involved in a dispute with Superintendent Sarah Jackson at Manchester’s Hilton Hotel. The two were at the hotel bar after attending the three-day Senior Women in Policing Conference.
ACC Sutcliffe, 46, a three-times married mother-of-three, allegedly exposed her breasts at the conference. Now ACC Sutcliffe has been suspended for her alleged ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Superintendent Jackson is not facing any sanctions.
The event was for senior female officers from around the UK. A police source said: “An ACC is not suspended lightly. The issue will be whether the reputation of the force has been brought into disrepute. It will have to be investigated by a high ranking officer - possibly from another force.”

Reward offered for return of giant tomato

Matt Kraft from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, wants his giant tomato back.
The owner of East Side Mario’s says the large tomato which was sitting in front of his restaurant was stolen more than a week ago.
The tomato, one of two at the establishment, was a fixture for more than a year. It was attached with screws to a large wooden frame which holds an even larger tomato.

The larger tomato is still in front of the restaurant. Kraft says he hasn’t called police, but is willing to offer a reward for the tomato’s return. Kraft adds he will cover the cost of a dinner for four to the person who returns the tomato - “no questions asked.”

Ancient Cosmology Seen at Prehistoric Ohio Site

A curious prehistoric site on a hilltop in Ohio may reflect the spiritual cosmology of hunter-gatherer people.

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