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Friday, January 6, 2017

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Today in History

Harold Godwineson is crowned King Harold II – King of England.
Henry VIII of England marries his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. The marriage will last six months.
The Governor of Maryland, Thomas Hicks, announces his opposition to the state’s possible secession from the Union.
Japanese railway authorities in Korea refuse to transport Russian troops.
Union leaders ask President William H. Taft to investigate U.S. Steel’s practices.
New Mexico becomes the 47th U.S. state of the Union.
Germany acknowledges Finland’s independence.
Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, dies at the age of 60 in his home at Sagamore Hill, New York.
The U.S. Navy orders the sale of 125 flying boats to encourage commercial aviation.
The United States bans the shipment of arms to war-torn Spain.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt asks Congress to support the Lend-lease Bill to help supply the Allies.
Boeing B-29 bombers in the Pacific strike new blows on Tokyo and Nanking.
Ho Chi Minh wins in the Vietnamese elections.
Moscow announces a reduction in its armed forces by 300,000.
Over 16,000 U.S. and 14,000 Vietnamese troops start their biggest attack on the Iron Triangle, northwest of Saigon.
Astronomers report sighting a new galaxy 12 billion light years away.
In one of the closest Presidential elections in U.S. history, the shrub was finally steall the office in the bitterly contested 2000 Presidential elections more than five weeks after the election due to the disputed Florida ballots.
Former Ku Klux Klan organizer Edgar Ray Killen is arrested as a suspect in the 1964 murders of three civil rights workers in Mississippi.
US Senate confirms Janet Yellen as the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve Bank in the central bank’s 100-year history.

This is a "fire grenade"

"We found several of these old fire grenades in the attic of a large, old house in Edina [a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota]. It's a glass bulb filled with carbon tetrachloride, and was supposed to be thrown at the base of a fire to help put it out.
They were withdrawn in the 1950s because the chemical is toxic, and heat from fires can apparently turn the chemical into phosgene gas. Found among the Fun home inspection photos from 2016.

These new clothes confuse drones and make you digitally invisible

Artist Adam Harvey studied the patterns animals use in nature to camouflage themselves to create the HyperFace project, which, Harvey said, uses “algorithm-specific optimized false faces which reduce the confidence score of your true face.”

The Most Diabolical Looking Buildings In The World

In the comics a building owned by a supervillain has a suitably evil-looking exterior so there's no mistaking who the building belongs to, but in the real world buildings aren't built to look evil- or are they?
Polygone Riviera-Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
Perhaps architects who read comics when they're kids have their designs influenced by comic art, or maybe they simply decided dark and foreboding is the best way to make their building stand out.
Take a tour of the world's most sinister looking structures via the subreddit /r/evilbuildings and see what people really mean when they say "chillin' like a villain".

Females seeking a sex partner can tell whether males experienced stress during adolescence

Sexual preference is influenced by males’ adolescent social stress history and social status, according to a research team including Nicole Cameron, assistant professor of psychology at Binghamton University, State University of New York. Cameron, along … Read more

Childhood poverty can rob adults of psychological health

A large and growing body of research shows that poor kids grow up to have a host of physical problems as adults. Now add poor psychological health to the list, a Cornell University researcher says. … Read more

HEROIC Muslim Student Helps Track Down Man Who VIOLENTLY Assaulted Jewish Woman

The situation that 17-year old Ahmed Khalifa saw was disgusting. He was on board a Brooklyn subway train, listening to his headphones like many teens do,...

Priest organized orgies in his rectory and pimped out women

Police investigated after three female parishioners complained to the local police. They first told the local bishop, but cult authorities failed to notify the cops.
At least he went with adults (and female adults at that) instead of little boys. He'll be kicked out of the pedophile-hood (excuse us priesthood) for not raping little boys like all good priest are supposed to ... sex with an adult and a female adult to boot will not be tolerated by the cult.

7-year-old died after parents treated pancreatitis with prayers instead of calling doctor

Two parents in Minnesota are facing child neglect charges after they refused to take their sick 7-year-old son to a doctor and instead tried to diagnose and treat him themselves.

Ohio woman celebrates 108th birthday but faces loss of home because she ‘outlived all her assets’

An Ohio woman marked her 108th birthday this week but the celebration was bittersweet because she could soon lose her home.

Planned Parenthood jokes trigger wingnut meltdown over Fox series ‘The Mick’

Wingnut 'culture critics' are in a dither over the new Fox network sitcom The Mick because of an offhand mention of Planned Parenthood and the nonprofit’s mission to provide healthcare to 3 million Americans.

Two men wearing Dumbass Trump masks ‘beat the devil out of each other’ at a Virginia Lowe’s

“All of a sudden there’s commotion … and next thing you know, these two guys come with Dumbass Trump masks on,” 59-year-old Michael Willis explained.

Texas Facebook feud spills out into the real world — and 4 people end up shot

“Well I can’t imagine what would be so important that it would end like this,” said Allen Police Sergeant John Felty.

White JC Penney employee assaults black girl

A white, male J.C. Penney employee put a young black girl in a headlock last Thursday after allegedly telling her family they don’t belong there.

Radar reveals meltwater’s year-round life under Greenland ice

When summer temperatures rise in Greenland and the melt season begins, water pools on the surface, and sometimes disappears down holes in the ice. That water may eventually reach bedrock, creating a slipperier, faster slide … Read more

Tiny grazers may be the new hope for Caribbean reefs

Thirty years ago a mysterious disease wiped out long-spined black sea urchins across the Caribbean, leading to massive algal overgrowth that smothered already over-fished coral reefs. Now, marine biologists at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute … Read more

Lassoing a Calf from a Police Car

David Bevil of Paris, Tennessee, volunteered to help local police when a call came in about an escaped calf on highway 79. Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew drove down the highway with Bevil sitting on the hood, ready to rope in the calf. Belew had his phone camera running when the calf was spotted.
Belew said the calf became loose when a man was driving through town and his cattle trailer door broke. “There were actually two that got loose, but Dr. Lyons at Mineral Wells Animal Clinic and his crew were able to get the other one,” Belew said.

“So everybody is happy—we roped one calf, Dr. Lyons got the other one and the guy who was hauling them through town is happy, too,” Belew said.
It's always handy to know a cowboy when you've got a job to do.

Wild Animal Screams Replaced By Human Voices

Animal screams have such a distinct sound that other animals will react as if the screaming critter is in the room when they hear a recording of the unique vocalization, but human screams aren't so distinct.That is, they're not so distinct we can tell them apart without using software, because they sound virtually the same to our ears, which is why sound effects artists are still using the same old Wilhelm screams.
But how would you react if you heard a human scream coming from the maw of a wild animal? Watch this ridiculous clip from BBC's Planet Earth 2, edited by Matt Amys, and find out!
If you answered "I would react by laughing my face off" before you watched the clip you were correct!

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