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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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Today in History

The laws of Burgos give New World natives legal protection against abuse and authorize Negro slavery.
HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin on board, departs from Plymouth. It will eventually visit the Galapagos Islands where Darwin will form his theories on evolution.
Union General William Rosecrans‘ army begins moving slowly toward Murfreesboro, Tennessee, from Nashville.
Charles Moyer, president of the Miners Union, is shot in the back and dragged through the streets of Chicago.
In Ohio, iron and steel workers go on strike for an eight-hour day and higher wages.
Radio City Music Hall opens.
Josef Stalin calls tensions with Japan a grave danger.
A series of vicious earthquakes takes 11,000 lives in Turkey.
Japanese bombers attack Manila, despite its claim as an open city.
General George S. Patton’s Third Army, spearheaded by the 4th Armored Division, relieves the surrounded city of Bastogne in Belgium.
The International Monetary Fund and the Bank for Reconstruction and Development are created.
The new Italian constitution is promulgated in Rome.
The United States and Spain resume relations for the first time since the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s.
Segregation on buses in Tallahassee, Florida, is outlawed.
The United States agrees to sell F-4 Phantom jets to Israel.
President Hafizullah Amin of Afghanistan is ousted and murdered in a coup backed by the Soviet Union, beginning a war that will last more than 10 years.
Reagan takes all responsibility for the lack of security in Beirut that allowed a terrorist on a suicide mission to kill 241 Marines.
Four Polish officers are tried for the slaying of Reverend Jerzy Popieluszko.
Palestinian guerrillas kill 18 people at airports in Rome and Vienna.
Taliban forces retake strategic Bagram Airfield during the Afghan civil war.
China receives permanent normal trade relations with the US.
 Radiation reaches Earth from the brightest extrasolar event ever witnessed, an explosion of magnetar SGR 1806-20.
Former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto assassinated.
After Mwai Kibaki is declared the winner of Kenya’s presidential elections, rioting begins in Mombasa, precipitating an economic, humanitarian and political crisis.

10 Good Things About a TERRIBLE Year

Natural Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

The most uplifting science stories of 2017

A few bright points throughout the year.
As you reflect on the transition from one year to the next, consider some of the science and tech stories that have made 2017 a great year. Here are the ones that made us smile:

NASA shows Saturn's moons dancing along to Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker Suite’

While Elon Musk is set on sending David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” blaring all the way to Mars, folks at NASA have been inspired by a piece of Russian ballet music for a ballet performance by Saturn’s stars. Not that the moons were actually dancing on their toes, but a compilation video released by the space agency is breathtaking all the same.

‘Our home is finally all YOURS’

‘Our home is finally all YOURS’: Heartwarming video shows parents learning their mortgage is paid off

Friends of 60 years finally find out they are biological brothers

TV Station KHON2 in Hawaii reported that two friends of 60 years found out just in time for Xmas that they are actually biological brothers. Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane learned they were related through a DNA comparison on Ancestry.com after knowing each other since 6th grade.

Severe Complications for Women During Childbirth Are Skyrocketing

Apple stock drops

Shares in several of Apple Inc’s Asian suppliers fell for a second straight day on Tuesday, hurt by a report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily and some analysts saying that iPhone X demand could come in below expectations in the first quarter.

Meet the Most Dangerous Man on Earth

Why apocalypse predictions are so appealing

The appeal of stories about predicting the future, even those that have no basis in fact, may also be akin to that of so-called doomsday stories predicting how the world could end.

The Deadliest Shipwreck in History

The ship MV Wilhelm Gustloff was built as a cruise liner in 1937, then repurposed as a hospital ship for the German navy in 1939. In 1945 it was pressed into service for Operation Hannibal, transporting both German military and civilian evacuees from areas where the Red Army was advancing. When the Wilhelm Gustloff left Danzig on January 30, 1945, it was carrying more than 10,000 people. Half of those were children. A Soviet submarine found the ship and launched torpedoes.
The first torpedo which struck Wilhelm Gustloff's bow caused the watertight doors to seal off the bow which contained the crews' quarters where off-duty crew members were sleeping. The second torpedo hit the accommodations for the women’s naval auxiliary located in the ship's drained swimming pool, dislodging the pool tiles at high speed, which caused heavy casualties; only three of the 373 quartered there survived. The third torpedo was a direct hit on the engine room located amidships, disabling all power and communications. Reportedly, only nine lifeboats were able to be lowered; the rest had frozen in their davits and had to be broken free. About 20 minutes after the impact of the torpedoes, Wilhelm Gustloff listed dramatically to port so that the lifeboats lowered on the high Starboard side crashed into the ship's tilting side, destroying many lifeboats and spilling their occupants across the ship's side.[11] The water temperature in the Baltic Sea at that time of year is usually around 4 °C (39 °F); however, this was a particularly cold night, with an air temperature of −18 to −10 °C (0 to 14 °F) and ice floes covering the surface. Many deaths were caused either directly by the torpedoes or by drowning in the onrushing water. Others were crushed in the initial stampede caused by panicked passengers on the stairs and decks. Many others jumped into the icy Baltic. The majority of those who perished succumbed to exposure in the freezing water.[14]   
German forces rescued 996 people, but that left 9,343 dead, including thousands of children. Read about the sinking of the MV Wilhelm Gustloff at Wikipedia, and see plenty of pictures at The Daily Mail.

Passenger goes off on United Airlines

United Airlines issued an apology to a female passenger and gave her a $500 travel voucher after her first-class seat was allocated to a Congresswoman due to preferential treatment, as stated by an airline official Monday.

JetBlue plane skids off snowy taxiway in Boston

A JetBlue Airways passenger plane skidded off an icy taxiway after landing at Boston’s Logan International Airport on Monday night but no injuries were reported, the airline said.
JetBlue plane skids off snowy taxiway in Boston -- no injuries

California governor grants immigrant pardons despite Dumbass Trump

California Governor Jerry Brown upheld a holiday tradition on Saturday when he pardoned two Cambodian men facing deportation because of criminal convictions. By pardoning the men, Brown continued the war he has waged against the Dumbass Trump junta's crackdown on illegal immigrants. 

Major Coverup and Corruption in Las Vegas Police Department

Chicago police union opposing Taser rule prohibiting cops from using it ...

4,700 Taser uses over the last decade found that the weapon’s use has been loosely overseen and that African-Americans made up nearly three-quarters of the people targeted.

Tennessee woman found dead in car after officer-involved shooting

A 20-year-old woman from Tennessee was found dead and a man sustained gunshot wounds after an officer fired into a car in Coalmont area, Grundy County, Illinois during an attempted traffic stop Saturday night. The injured man was rushed to hospital for treatment.

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