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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Daily Drift

The Daily Drift
Today's horoscope says:
Right now your career doesn't just require that you put in time and energy while you're actually at work.
You have to go above and beyond to truly succeed in the position you're in.
You might not realize the level of responsibility you've been given, but a lot of people have a lot of faith in you.
To ensure that you don't disappoint yourself or anyone else, put in a little bit of extra effort and go the extra mile.

Some of our readers today have been in:
 Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Nice, Provenece-Alpes-Cote D'Azur, France
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
London, England, United Kingdom
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Graz, Steiermark, Austria
Milan, Lombardia, Italy
Katowice, Slaskie, Poland
Docking, England, United Kingdom
Paris, Ile-De-France, France

as well as Slovakia, Malta, Bulgaria, Israel, Finland, Austria, Norway, Georgia, Mexico, Peru, Kuwait, Serbia, Bangladesh, Latvia, Greece, Scotland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Wales, Iran, Singapore, Poland, Taiwan, Sweden, Afghanistan, Belgium, Tibet, Croatia, Pakistan, Romania, Paraguay, Sudan, Vietnam, Argentina, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Maldives, Qatar, Brazil, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, China, Iraq, Ecuador, Nigeria, Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Paupa New Guinea, Moldova, Venezuela, Germany, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Norway, Finland

and in cities across the United States such as Dana Point, Doylestown, Durham, Daytona and more.

Today is:
Today is Sunday, July 10, the 191st day of 2011.
There are 174 days left in the year.

Today's unusual holiday or celebration is:
Don't Step On A Bee Day.
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Rennie Adoption Manual

Before getting to the news of the day we thought we would re-post one of our most popular posts - The Rennie Adoption Manual:

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a Rennie!
Many of these fascinating creatures are in need of good homes where they will be loved and cared for. While keeping a Rennie can be expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes confusing, the results can be well worth all the effort. A well turned out Rennie who is happy and healthy is amazing to watch in action. The guidelines below will help you care for your new charge, but they are only guidelines. Every Rennie is quite unique and you should get to know your Rennie's personal quirks, preferences and skills.

The most important step in caring for your Rennie is selecting the right one. Rennies come in many varieties. You will find them of both sexes, and in every imaginable size, color, age, health and plumage. But, far more important than their physical differences are the differences in their personalities. Every Rennie has a very unique set of skills, preferences and attitudes, and you need to take these into consideration as you make your choice.

If you have a nervous condition, a Daredevil Rennie is not for you. Likewise, do not adopt a Fighter Rennie unless you have a large yard in which he or she can chase around other Rennies with a sword. If you have small children in the house, you might prefer to adopt a Rennie other than the Arms Collector, and if you like your nights silent, keep in mind that Stitching Rennies are known to stay up quite late, whirring away at their machines, punctuated by occasional loud bouts of cursing.

Food & Drink
Once you have selected a Rennie and brought him or her home, your first concern may be, "What do I feed this strange creature?" Luckily, most Rennies are not picky about what they eat, and indeed, will consume with relish most anything you offer them. Do not be afraid to offer your Rennie exotic or strange foods. They have a highly evolved sense of adventure and will likely at least try whatever it is. Keep in mind, that through some strange quirk, your Rennie will enjoy almost any food more if it is presented on a stick.

Your Rennie requires large quantities of water. Your Rennie will want large quantities of liquor. There is a very fine balance between the two that you must find to keep your Rennie (and in cases of more belligerent Rennies, yourself) happy and healthy.

Rennies are very affectionate creatures, and will often cuddle and love on you for treats. Favorite treats tend towards chocolate or nice liquor, though your Rennie may have different favorites. Recently, several varieties of Rennie have devolved a taste for Sushi, so you may wish to try that as well.

While your Rennie may seem to have inexhaustible supplies of energy, they need a good nights sleep like any other creature. When they are having fun, but are exhausted, usually at the end of a faire day, they may behave much like a 4-year-old, insisting on staying up and playing, "just a few more minutes." It is advised that you be firm with your Rennie and insist that they come home and go to bed. It is also advised that this will almost never work, and when it does, Rennie goodbyes have been know to take upwards to two hours at a large gathering. Sit down near the door and have another drink.

Rennies take great joy in grooming both themselves and others and can take hours to prepare in the morning. Rennie females, in particular will often need the help of others in preparing for the day. While they may seem inconsequential or frivolous to you, each pin, knot, and accessory is very important to your Rennie. When your Rennie is being slow in the morning, exhortations of "Hurry up!" will not speed matters along. "What can I hold/tie/pin/pull/lace?" will work much more efficiently.

That being said, by the end of that self-same day, your Rennie may be unrecognizably dirty, disheveled and grungy, though likely quite happy. While Rennies appreciate and enjoy a shower or bath every day, like sleep, this is not always something they feel is required. If your Rennie shows no inclination to bathe after a long day, helping them undress and drawing a bath or starting the shower for them may encourage them to get clean.

Please note that your Rennie will take great joy in all their clothing and accessories, and will constantly want to be adding to the horde. Every once in a while, please go through all your Rennies "garb" with them and help them to let go of pieces they no longer wear. Promising to donate the pieces to another Rennie will help ease the pain of separation, as will offering to replace it with something the Rennie likes better. New garb can work as a treat even better than chocolate or liquor.

Under no circumstances get rid of anything from a Rennies garb without their knowledge and permission unless you want your sweet happy Rennie to instantly transform into Furious Rabid Fighter Rennie and attempt to take of your head.

Communicating with Your Rennie
Rennies are extremely intelligent, and will likely understand everything you say, possibly in several languages. It is far more likely that you will not understand your Rennie when they are speaking in BFA, Gaelic, Romany or some other obscure or not so obscure language. Also, they can get quite animated when speaking about their favorite hobbies or most history. The correct response to almost anything from, "I can't do French seams in the gussets in that camica because the twill is too thick to turn twice," to "Henry VIII and Cardinal Richelieu weren't even alive at the same time, and France and England were at war in 1620! They can't put the Musketeers in England!!!!" is a nodding of the head and saying, "Yes, yes, of course.

There are two terms your Rennie may use frequently that you will need to be familiar with right off. The first is a loud exclamation of "HUZZAH!" This is a Rennie sound of joy and excitement, something you wish to hear often. The second is "privy." Your Rennie is asking where the bathroom is, and you'd best show them quickly unless you want to be cleaning up Rennie messes. Eliminating in garb can be a difficult and time consuming process.

All other terms can usually be picked up with familiarity.

Your Rennie and Play
Rennies have a highly devoloped sense of play and will often play any opportunity they get. The idea of what is play varies greatly from one Rennie to the next, though they will almost always be happier to play in groups. Some may enjoy contact juggling, some fencing, some equestrian pursuits, some computer games. However nearly all Rennies, whether or not they are skilled, thoroughly enjoy the arts of Music and Flirting. Given a good tune and the opportunity to sing, stomp or clap along, most Rennies will be quite happy. Likewise, what may seem to the untrained observer as heavy duty sexual harassment is usually two Rennies who have missed each other's company greeting one another. Unless your Rennie looks truly upset, it is better to leave him or her alone in these situations. See more under the Breeding section.

Your Rennie also loves toys. Amongst Rennies, favored toys may be sharp, shiny, pointy, sparkly, made of wood, leather, metal, pottery or fur. Get to know your Rennie to discover his or her particular preferences.

Illness, Injury, and Keeping Your Rennie Healthy
For some reason not yet determined by modern science, Rennies seem to have a slightly greater concentration of diseases, which range from irritating to debilitating, than those not of the breed. Common ailments can include hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, MS, diabetes, osteoporosis and a range of bum knees, trick elbows and the like. These will likely only slow your Rennie down, not stop them completely. Your Rennie and others around him or her are usually well advised on the maladies in the group and will band together to take care of one of their number that is ill or injured, so that they can all return to the fun as soon as possible.

An injured Rennie is for some reason fairly happy. They do like to show off gruesome scars and talk about their gory wounds. Should your Rennie become injured, your best course of action is to simply dress the wound, give them a drink of water and then your Rennie will go back to whatever it was doing. Except in the cases of extreme injury, they tend to be a hardy breed.

To keep your Rennie as healthy as possible, make sure that he or she drinks plenty of water, gets lots of rest and exercise and limit their consumption of fried food on a stick. Keep the supplies for dealing with heat stroke, sunburn, dehydration and hypothermia on hand, as these are the most frequent complaints. Make your Rennie wear sunscreen. He or she will protest this. Make them do it anyway. Make them reapply frequently and when they get burned anyway, make them put on Aloe gel. They will protest this as well. Insist. While Rennies are extremely intelligent, sometimes they're not very smart.

Breeding your Rennie
Nearly all Rennies love children, whether or not they have one of their own. They like to play with children, talk to children and show children things that interest them as adults. The adult Rennies overdeveloped sense of play makes them perfect companions for children, barring a tendency amongst the entire breed to curse. A Rennie child very nearly is raised by a village and may have dozens of Aunties and Uncles not related to them by blood scattered all over the continent.

Despite decades of observation by many interested parties, no one has yet determined a successful program for breeding Rennies. Their sense of high drama, passionate natures, and overly affectionate friendships have clouded the issue so deeply that it is still a mystery how they manage to breed at all. So, should you wish to breed your Rennie, it is suggested that you adopt an already mated pair. Even that is no guarantee of success.

You Rennie may have its own ideas about breeding. The best course of action to take should this happen is to stand back and observe your Rennie closely. In the event of a heartbreak step in and feed your Rennie his or her favorite treats. While this will probably not heal your Rennie, it will make them more pleasant to be around until they find another potential mate.

While the above may make adopting a Rennie seem daunting, it is an enterprise with great rewards. They are attractive, affectionate creatures, who will brighten your life for many years to come. Thank you for your interest.

Telling it like it is

Telling it like it is:
"If you’re a working-class American who still votes Republican ... you’re stupid" 
~ Bill Maher

Batshit Crazy Bachmann

Michele 'Batshit Crazy' Bachmann Salutes the Upside to Slavery

Michele Bachmann's Family Values, circa 1861. Say what you will about slavery, at least the 'peculiar institution' kept Black families intact. 
That’s according to a “marriage pledge” signed recently by the repugican presidential joke Michele 'Batshit Crazy' Bachmann. Bachmann’s grasp of American history has never been firm, particularly when it comes to slavery.
Michele 'Batshit Crazy' Bachmann: The John Wayne of political lies
Whether making the round of Sunday morning talk shows, giving the tea party response to President Obama's State of the Union address, or announcing her own presidential candidacy, Michele 'Batshit Crazy' Bachmann does one thing consistently - lie.

Paper's final front page

The News of the World pays tribute to its 7.5 million readers with an unusually low-key message.

Murdoch’s UK paper deleted millions of emails

Not good.

Why is Rebekah Brooks still working for Rupert Murdoch?
Police are investigating evidence that a News International executive may have deleted millions of emails from an internal archive in an apparent attempt to obstruct Scotland Yard's inquiry into the phone-hacking scandal.

The archive is believed to have reached back to January 2005, revealing daily contact between News of the World editors, reporters and outsiders, including private investigators. The messages are potentially highly valuable both for the police and for the numerous public figures who are suing News International (NI).

According to legal sources close to the police inquiry, a senior executive is believed to have deleted "massive quantities" of the archive on two separate occasions, leaving only a fraction to be disclosed. One of the alleged deletions is said to have been made at the end of January, just as Scotland Yard was launching Operation Weeting, its new inquiry into the affair. The allegation directly contradicts NI claims that it is co-operating fully with police in order to expose its history of illegal news gathering.

Epic Fail


Forty killed in Mexico in 24-hour period

Battles between the vicious Zetas gang and other drug cartels killed more than 40 people in a 24-hour span, a government official said Saturday.

Experts expect more Missouri River levee failures

Several hundred thousand acres of rich Midwestern farmland and even some urban areas near the Missouri River are at risk of flooding this summer during months of historically high water that experts fear will overwhelm some levees, especially older ones.Engineers who have studied past floods say the earthen levees in rural areas are at greater ...

Non Sequitur


The First Synthetic Trachea Transplant

Swedish surgeons at Karolinska University Hospital have successfully grown a donor free trachea and transplanted it into a patient, who is now recovering and doing well. The organ was created using the patients own stem cells, which were harvested from his bone marrow, and was grown in just two days. Using stem cells in this manner means the body is less likely to reject the organ, and lab grown organs could be grown as needed, in a very short amount of time.

Read more about the future of medicine over at PopSci.

World War II Bombers May Have Affected The Weather

Climatologists have found that the bomber planes used in World War II may have changed the temperature of the ground below with the contrails they left in their wake. Contrails are air vapor trails left by certain aircraft, and they affect climate by trapping heat below like a thermal barrier while reflecting incoming solar heat back up into the atmosphere. Research has shown that, by measuring the contrail information which was tracked by pilots, climatologists can measure the effect they had on global climate.

Is the Universe Spinning?

Is the Universe Spinning?
The consequences of a spinning universe would be profound because a cornerstone of modern cosmology is that the universe has no preferred orientation.  

Awesome Pictures


Ten reasons to go on all-cash diet

One personal-finance writer declares he's going on an all-cash diet — for good.  
American cities are finding creative ways to accommodate the coming crush of older adults.  

Best places to retire abroad

Retired couples can live comfortably for cheap at eight terrific spots outside the U.S.

Unemployed for 99 weeks

Mary Kay Coyne used to earn $70,000, but she's been without a job for three long years.  

Jobs to prep for in two years

The demand for dental assistants is expected to grow 36% in the next seven years. 

Homes that $1 million buys

For the cost of three bedrooms in one city, you could have nearly triple the space in another.



America's most ticketed cars

Some of the vehicles that get the most police attention are innocent-looking sedans.  

Attorney Hunting Regulations.

(Regulation 370)
Sec 370.01 Any person with a valid in-state rodent or snake hunting license may also hunt and harvest attorneys for recreational and sporting (non-commercial) purposes.

Sec 370.02 If an attorney gains elective office, it is not necessary to have a license to hunt, trap, bag, shoot or possess same.

Sec 370.03 Taking of attorneys with traps or deadfalls is permitted. The use of United States currency as bait, however, is prohibited.

Sec 370.04 Stuffed or mounted attorneys must have a state health department inspection for rabies and vermin.

Sec 370.05 The willful killing of attorneys with a motor vehicle is prohibited, unless such vehicle is an ambulance being driven in reverse. If an attorney is accidentally struck by a motor vehicle, the dead attorney should be removed to the road side and the vehicle should proceed immediately to the nearest car wash.

Sec 370.06 It is unlawful to chase, herd or harvest attorneys from a power boat, helicopter or aircraft.

Sec 370.07 It is unlawful to shout, "WHIPLASH," "AMBULANCE," or "FREE SCOTCH" for the purposes of trapping attorneys.

Sec 370.08 It is unlawful to hunt attorneys within 100 yards of BMW, Mercedes or Porsche dealerships except on Wednesday afternoons.

Sec 370.09 It is unlawful to hunt attorneys within 200 yards of courtrooms, law libraries, health clubs, country clubs, hospitals or brothels, except on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sec 370.10 Use of any type killing device is legal including shotguns with the choke removed, high powered rifles, handguns of any caliber, all types and kinds of game traps and snares. Poisoning, however, is prohibited because of the danger to rattlesnakes, coyotes and skunks.

Sec 370.11 It is unlawful to wear a disguise such as a reporter, drug dealer, pimp, female legal clerk, sheep, accident victim, bookie, physician, chiropractor or tax accountant for the purpose of hunting attorneys.

Bag and Possession Limits, per day:

Yellow-bellied sidewinders - 2

Two-faced tortfeasors - 1

Back-stabbing divorce litigators - 3

Horn-rimmed cut-throats - 2

Minutiae-advocating dirtbags - 4

NOTE: Honest attorneys are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Honest attorneys can be identified by their drab plumage, as they do not wear Rolex watches, drive Porsches, BMWs or other expensive luxury automobiles, or wear $500 shoes or $1500 suits. If you can find one that is.

Terrorist Alert!

A group of terrorists burst into the conference room at the Ramada Hotel where the American Bar Association was holding its Annual Convention.

More than a hundred attorneys were taken as hostages.

The terrorist leader threatened that, unless their demands were met, they would release one attorney every hour.

All Four Members Of The Beatles Arrested For Burglary In Merseyside

All four members of The Beatles have been arrested in Merseyside? 
Well, that's what we thought when we read that  George John Paul Ringo Hughes has been charged with six burglaries in Merseyside.

Say what!

From the "This is fucked up" Department:
A man tries to cash chase bank check in a chase bank; gets arrested

Trucker charged with murder in deadly buggy crash

Authorities say the driver of a tractor-trailer that crashed into a horse-drawn buggy in southern Kentucky, killing a young Amish girl and injuring three members of her family, has been charged with murder.

Mormons Have Jesus Arrested

In Utah: Homeless man charged with stalking Mormon church president.
A homeless man was charged Friday with stalking the president of The cult of jesus christ of latter-day saints. Benjamin Tucker Staples, 36, was charged with stalking, a class A misdemeanor.
jesus christ Salt Lake police officers were called to the LDS cult office building, 50 E. North Temple, on July 5 after receiving a report of a trespasser. Officers were told Staples had been to the building about five times since June 25 asking to speak with President Thomas S. Monson.
Staples was "told on every prior appearance that he is not to return to the premises," the charges filed in 3rd District Court state. "Each prior incident, the defendant was arrested and booked into the jail."
Staples, who has the alias of "Jesus Christ" listed in the Salt Lake County Jail booking information, told officers "he intends to keep returning to the offices" until he meets President Monson, the charges state.
Each time, he refused to leave voluntarily, "choosing instead to be arrested by police," according to the charges.
That's exactly what Jesus would have done.

It's kind of odd that members of a cult that will believe any absurd thing they're told, don't believe this man is Jesus.

The Cult of Scientology threatens to sue for being called a cult

<a href=http://www.zgeek.com/content.php/8120-Cult-of-Scientology-threatens-to-sue-for-being-called-a-cult>Cult of Scientology threatens to sue for being called a cult</a>

The cult of Scientology is threatening to sue a volunteer organisation for publishing a brochure it claims labels the cult a ''cult''.

But the Cult Information and Family Support (CIFS) group, which helps victims of cults and their families, refuses to bow to the demands of the Scientologists, saying they will continue their ''humanitarian support work''.

The brochure advertises the support group's national conference in Brisbane next month and quotes one of the speakers, Senator Nick Xenophon, from a speech in Parliament in 2009 in which he labelled Scientology a criminal organization.

The brochure contains allegations from that speech that members of Scientology had experienced ''blackmail, torture and violence, labour camps and forced imprisonment and coerced abortions''.

But in a legal letter, the Scientology lawyer, Kevin Rodgers, of Sydney firm Brock Partners, said the brochure was ''grossly defamatory of [the cult of Scientology], its officers and parishioners''.

California oddity's creator ordered jailed by judge

The eccentric creator of a Mojave Desert compound of whimsical buildings known as Phonehenge West was jailed Friday for failing to obey an order to cut electricity and keep guests out of the illegal structures.

Woman beat husband with basket of knives

An estranged wife attacked her husband with a “basket of pocket knives” inside the home they formerly shared in Springfield, New Jersey.

Kathleen Patricia Shearn, 52, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and criminal mischief. Police said she was not allowed at the home as a bail condition on charges she assaulted her husband with a fork in May.

Police said that Eric Shearn said his wife and he were arguing in the house when she began destroying things inside the home. Shearn told officers his wife no longer lives in the house. Shearn told officers his wife hit him in the head with a basket of pocket knives. She then got in her car and drove it onto the lawn, tearing up the turf, and then left.

That’s when Shearn called police. But his wife returned before troopers got there, broke an end table on his head and left again. Police said they found the home in disarray and Shearn had cuts and a lump on his head. After an arraignment before District Judge Kay Dubree, Shearn was sent to county prison and released.

Hitler's hometown revokes his honorary citizenship

The Austrian town of Braunau, Adolf Hitler's birthplace, has revoked the Nazi dictator's honorary citizenship -- even if he never actually was awarded one.

Advertising Crap


Bacon Sandwich Really Does Cure A Hangover


Is there anything bacon can't do? A bacon sandwich really does cure a hangover - by boosting the level of amines which clear the head, scientists have found. Researchers claim food also speeds up the metabolism helping the body get rid of the booze more quickly.

Elin Roberts, of Newcastle University's Centre for Life said: Food doesn't soak up the alcohol but it does increase your metabolism helping you deal with the after-effects of over indulgence. So food will often help you feel better.

Top sandwiches for summer

From a mouth-watering melt to a unique panini, these fresh combos will boost any bag lunch.

There's nothing fancy about this tomato-and-mayo combo, but it may be the best thing you eat all season. 

Truth is ...



The Gorgeous Ghost Town of Europe
Balestrino, Italy, has got to be the most picturesque ghost town I’ve ever seen. Read all about that and 7 other ghost towns in Europe over at Bootsnall:
Balestrino is a very curious case of ghost town particularly because it’s hard to find information about the city. Records date back to the 11th century when the city was owned by the Benedictine abbey of San Pietro dei Monti. In late 19th century the area was struck by a series of earthquakes, although it’s not sure how they affected the city. Records show repairs being done in the city at about the same time. Finally, in 1953 the town was abandoned. About 400 inhabitants left moved to a safer area (to the west) where the city still exists.

Mexico finds 2 sculptures of Mayan warriors

Mexican archaeologists have found two 1,300-year-old limestone sculptures of captured Mayan warriors that they say could shed light on the alliances and wars among Mayan cities during the civilization's twilight.

Team unearths first Roman-era basilica in Egypt

Egyptian officials say archaeologists have unearthed the first basilica erected in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria.



Intoxicated men took dead, flattened alligator off-roading

Three men are accused of stealing a 14-foot stuffed alligator from a Livingston County barn, strapping it to a pickup truck and going mud bogging with it. Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte credited the owner of the alligator, a Hartland man, 34, with tracking down the suspected thieves, questioning them, then alerting the sheriff’s department.

The alligator, valued at $5,000, was missing and the driveway gate was damaged when the owner visited the barn. He took photos of footprints and tire impressions, which led him a short distance where he saw three men mud bogging with an alligator strapped to a truck.

He took photos of the three men and the truck and even asked the men where they got the alligator, to which they replied from Florida, Bezotte said. The man then took the photos to the sheriff’s department. “He did a great job, he took photographs and got everything in order and called the police, sheriff’s department,” Bezotte said.

Roy A. Griffith, 60, of Linden; John E. Sanborn, 53, of Houghton Lake; and Douglas E. Ward, 55, of Harrison were arraigned and a preliminary exam has been set for July 29. Bezotte said the three men were intoxicated and Ward blew a 0.4 percent on a Breathalyzer. “Everybody thought it was cool until they got arrested,” Bezotte said. “They were beyond making intelligent decisions.”

Wildlife Key to South Sudan's Future as New Nation

giraffe badingilo national park south sudan photo
Group of giraffes in Badingilo National Park, South Sudan. 
Photo credit: © Paul Elkan/Wildlife Conservation Society.
Ravaged by two civil wars over five decades, the world's newest nation has still managed to retain rich wildlands and massive populations of wildlife -- resources that conservationists say must become as important as oil for the new country to succeed in developing into a stable, economically viable state.
Article continues: Wildlife Key to South Sudan's Future as New Nation

The Pink River Dolphin

The pink dolphin of South America is an interesting creature–it lacks the dorsal fin of its more familiar bottle-nosed cousin, and has unfused neck vertebrae, allowing it to make a quick 180ยบ turn from predators. You can see their pink coloring is mottled, with each dolphin sporting its own pattern of pink and grey.
Check out more pics and lots of info about the Amazon River Dolphin on the Ark in Space.

Six Species We've Almost Killed Off For Dumb Reasons

The snail shells above are simply gorgeous, as are the jewelry made from them. The only problem? The snails are being driven to extinction just so people can makes earrings and necklaces from them. That’s not the only idiotic reason humans have been driving certain creatures to extinction.

Animal Pictures