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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Today is - Library Lovers Day 

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Today in History

2,000 Jews are burned at the stake in Strasbourg, Germany.
The deposed Richard II is murdered in Pontefract Castle in Yorkshire.
Maximilian II, brother of the Emperor Charles V, is recognized as the future king of Bohemia.
American Loyalists are defeated by Patriots at Kettle Creek, Ga.
The Spanish fleet is destroyed by the British under Admiral Jervis (with Nelson in support) at the battle of Cape St. Vincent, off Portugal.
James Polk becomes the first U.S. President to be photographed in office by Matthew Brady.
Oregon is admitted as the thirty-third state.
Esther Morris becomes the world’s first female justice of the peace.
Rival inventors Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell both apply for patents for the telephone.
General Roberts invades South Africa’s Orange Free State with 20,000 British troops.
The “Missouri Kid” is captured in Kansas.
Arizona becomes the 48th state in the Union.
Kaiser Wilhelm II invites the U.S. Ambassador to Berlin in order to confer on the war.
Warsaw demonstrators protest the transfer of Polish territory to the Ukraine.
The League of Women Voters is formed in Chicago in celebration of the imminent ratification of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote.
Thomas Watson founds International Business Machines Corp.
Chicago gang war between Al Capone and George “Bugs” Moran culminates with several Moran confederates being gunned down in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.
Germany launches the battleship Bismarck.
Britain announces that all merchant ships will be armed.
Japanese paratroopers attack Sumatra. Aidan MacCarthy‘s RAF unit flew to Palembang, in eastern Sumatra, where 30 Royal Australian Air Force Lockheed A-28 Hudson bombers were waiting.
800 Allied aircraft firebomb the German city of Dresden. Smaller followup bombing raids last until April with a total death toll of between 35,000 to 130,000 civilians.
The siege of Budapest ends as the Soviets take the city. Only 785 German and Hungarian soldiers managed to escape.
The United States charges the Soviet Union with interning up to 14 million in labor camps.
A Jewish couple loses their fight to adopt Catholic twins as the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to rule on state law.
The Georgia state senate outlaws interracial athletics.
Malcolm X’s home is firebombed. No injuries are reported.
Moscow publicizes a new five-year plan geared to expanding consumer production.
The United States and Hanoi set up a group to channel reconstruction aid directly to Hanoi.
Armed guerrillas attack the U.S. embassy in Tehran.
Vietnamese troops surround the main Khmer Rouge base at Phnom Malai.
Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini charges that Salman Rushdie’s novel, The Satanic Verses, is blasphemous and issues an edict (fatwa) calling on Muslims to kill Rushdie.

Nearly 200,000 people told to flee crumbling California dam spillway

Evacuation orders for nearly 200,000 people living below the tallest dam in the United States remained in place early on Monday after residents were abruptly told to flee when a spillway appeared in danger of collapse.

Sugar and Alzheimer's

Alcohol leads to more violence than other drugs

Women Have Committed Rape in Wartime

Hooking Up as a Core Requirement

It’s Time to Talk About Parental Leave

Why Do Wingnuts Want the Government to Defund the Arts?

Trolling as a Marketing Strategy

Noam Chomsky’s 'Responsibility of Intellectuals' After 50 Years

Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Opens New Chapter of Indian-Federal Conflict

US Spies Withholding Intel from White House Because they Know Russia Is Listening

Racists Are FURIOUS With Netflix

If it weren’t for the whiney phrase, “political correctness,” which is really just another phrase for being polite, Dumbass Trump would...

Terrorist Group Openly Lauds Dumbass Trump For Being An Idiot And Bragging About His Stupidity

Terrorist Group Openly Lauds Dumbass Trump For Being An Idiot And Bragging About His Stupidity
This is the opposite of the effect Dumbass Trump thinks he’s having on the world.

Dumbass Trump Whines About Fake Media Not Covering His Crowds As Junta Teeters Near Collapse

Dumbass Trump Whines About Fake Media Not Covering His Crowds As Junta Teeters Near Collapse
Dumbass Trump is whining about the media not covering his "enthusiastic sycophants" while Russian smokes threatens to bring this country down thanks to him and his junta.…
The fact that the' crowds of enthusiastic sycophants' were actually hundreds of anti-Dumbass protestors  might have a lot to do with the fact the real media reported them as such and not the fawning ass-kissers the Dumbass sees in his demented and deranged mind.

Fight Fascists With Mockery, Not The Violence That Feeds Them

Fight Fascists With Mockery, Not The Violence That Feeds Them

Dumbass Trump-Loving KKK Leader’s Bloated Corpse Pulled From Missouri Riverbank

The body of Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona, who disappeared from his home under extremely suspicious circumstances Friday, was located the...
Whatever the findings in the investigation (and there will be) one positive has been a result of this ... one less perverted wingnut wasting carbon and oxygen.

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