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Friday, September 15, 2017

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Today in History

1588 The Spanish Armada, which attempted to invade England, is destroyed by a British fleet.
1776 The British occupy Manhattan.
1788 An alliance between Britain, Prussia and the Netherlands is ratified at the Hague.
1858 The Butterfield Overland Mail Company begins delivering mail from St. Louis to San Francisco. The company’s motto is: “Remember, boys, nothing on God’s earth must stop the United States mail!”
1862 Confederates capture Harpers Ferry, securing the rear of Robert E. Lee‘s forces in Maryland.
1891 The Dalton gang holds up a train and takes $2,500 at Wagoner, Oklahoma.
1914 President Woodrow Wilson orders the Punitive Expedition out of Mexico. The Expedition, headed by General John Pershing, had been searching for Pancho Villa, a Mexican revolutionary.
1916 Armored tanks are introduced by the British during the Battle of the Somme.
1928 Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming discovers, by accident, that the mold penicillin has an antibiotic effect.
1935 In Berlin, the Reich under Adolf Hitler adopts the swastika as the national flag.
1937 Prime Minister of England Neville Chamberlain flies to Germany to discuss the future of Czechoslovakia with Adolf Hitler.
1939 The Polish submarine Orzel arrives in Tallinn, Estonia, after escaping the German invasion of Poland.
The desperate Battle of Britain reaches its climax after the Luftwaffe is decisively repulsed by the RAF, suffering severe losses. While German bombing raids on British cities continues well into May the following year, Britain remains firmly in control of its skies and Adolf Hitler postpones Operation Sea Lion, the proposed invasion of the United Kingdom, indefinitely.
1950 U.N. Forces, lead by the U.S. Marine Corps, invade occupied Korea at the port of Inchon. Considered the greatest amphibious attack in history, it is the zenith of General Douglas MacArthur‘s career.
1959 Nikita Khrushchev becomes the first Soviet leader to visit the US.
1961 Hurricane Carla comes ashore in Texas, the second-most powerful storm ever to make landfall in that state.
1963 Four young African-American girls are killed by the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama.
1966 US President Lyndon Johnson urges Congress to adopt gun control legislation in the wake of Charles Whitman’s sniper attack from the University of Texas’s Texas Tower; in all, Whitman shot and killed 15 people before being shot dead himself by an Austin police officer.
1968 The USSR launches Zond 5, which becomes the first spaceship to orbit the moon and reenter Earth’s atmosphere.
1971 The environmental group Greenpeace is founded.
1981 Sandra Day O’Connor is unanimously approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee to become the first female justice on the US Supreme Court.
1983 Menachem Begin resigns as premier of Israel.
1990 France announces it will send 4,000 troops to join those of other nations assembling in the Persian Gulf to protect Saudi Arabia and force Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein to withdraw troops from occupied Kuwait.
1998 MCI WorldCom begins operations after a landmark merger between World Com and MCI Communications.
2004 National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman announces a lockout of the players’ union.
2008 The largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy in US history is filed by Lehman Brothers financial services firm.

Atheists behave better than 'christians'

Psychologists have long known that people tend to favor their own group over others, a social phenomenon known as in-group bias. But new research provides evidence that atheists are motivated to buck this trend in an attempt to override the stereotype that they are immoral.

Ways to Keep Semen-Killing Plastics Out of Your Food

Massive tomb holding treasure uncovered in Greece

One of the largest ancient Greek tombs ever discovered has been found by a team of archaeologists near the mythical city of Orchomenus containing the body of one man and a trove of artifacts dating back to B.C. 1400.

Coal to Solar

Tanner Lee Swiger graduated from high school in Wayne County, West Virginia this spring. His father and grandfather both worked in West Virginia’s coal industry. But not Swiger, or any of his high school classmates.
Nobody from his graduating class is working in coal, says Swiger. “[They’re] honestly working in fast food, or not working at all.”
Not Swiger. He has a job installing rooftop solar panels. He says his family is delighted with it.
"They’re excited that I’m actually doing something different,” says Swiger. “A lot of people ain’t doing this in West Virginia, a lot of people are against it actually. A lot of people want to go back to coal.
“I ain’t against it, I love solar. It’s way better than coal, I think.”

United Airlines left 77-year-old woman stranded in wheel chair

A 77 year-old-woman was stranded in a wheelchair for hours at the Newark Airport in New Jersey after United Airlines bumped her from her flight on London.
Steven Williams said that he dropped his wheelchair-bound mother at the Ronald Reagan National Airport in Virginia, where she was flying to New Jersey as a layover en route to London. Williams told WUSA, a Washington D.C. based CBS affiliate, that his mother travels in a wheelchair and is easily confused.

Biggest Companies That Subject Workers to Drug Testing

Welfare For Wall Street

‘You should see pictures of her’

A sentencing hearing in Missoula County, Montana, grew heated this week when the defense lawyer for 26-year-old defendant Justin Griffith accused his victims — including one 13-year-old girl — of acting as “temptresses.”

McDonald's employee gives birth and tries to flush infant down toilet

A McDonald's cashier is facing an attempted murder charge after giving birth to a boy while at work and then trying to flush the newborn down a toilet inside the Redwood City, Calif., restaurant, prosecutors said.

Arizona judge considers ways to legally out-maneuver Dumbass Trump’s pardon of Arpaio

An Arizona District Court judge is weighing arguments against throwing out charges against Arizona’s Sheriff  Arpaio in spite of Dumbass Trump’s pardon.

Police take down drunk and angry off-duty cop

A Hartford, CT police detective was caught on video threatening members of the Plainville police when he was pulled over for driving under the influence.
According to WFSB-TV, Det. Robert Lanza let fly with several racial and ethnic slurs during the arrest, video of which was released on Tuesday by the Plainville Police Department.

Mississippi cop tasered pregnant woman in the stomach

A police officer from Pass Christian, Mississippi, is being accused of tasering a pregnant woman in the stomach even after she implored him not to because of the harm it could do to her unborn baby.
The Miami Sun Herald reports that 27-year-old Aviana White got into a confrontation with police after they pulled over her brother’s car and discovered that he did not have a driver’s license. White, who was a passenger in the car, had an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor domestic violence charge from 2014, and refused to tell officers her name.
At some point during the confrontation, White walked away from the car and placed a phone call to the Pass Christian Police Department to complain about her treatment. At that point, witnesses say an officer “charged” toward her while holding a stun gun before grabbing White.
Witnesses tell the Sun Herald that White then told the officer to be careful with the taser because she was pregnant. Witness Alicia Burton says that the officer didn’t listen to her, and proceeded to taser her three times in the abdomen, and once in the leg.

‘Whip you like the slave you are’

Parnell sent Facebook messages calling Briggs a “nigger” and threatening to “hang” him on the afternoon of the fatal shooting, according to police.

Missouri Man's Efforts to Prove He's Not a Racist Backfire Spectacularly

Kentucky student targeted by Dumbass Trump-loving classmate for deportation

A Kentucky student says university officials have refused to help after a deluded Dumbass Trump-loving classmate started a social media campaign to get her deported.
Paola Garcia, a senior at Transylvania University, posted an emotional video on YouTube describing the harassment campaign by fellow student Taylor Ragg

Superman takes on white supremacists

In the most recent installment of Action Comics, Superman saves a group of undocumented immigrants.

White 'Christians' Are Now a Minority

Animal Pictures