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Sunday, January 7, 2018

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Today in History

King Edward II of England is deposed.
The French, under the Duke of Guise, finally take the port of Calais from the English.
Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard and American Dr. John Jeffries make the first crossing of the English Channel in a hydrogen balloon.
Responding to Napoleon Bonaparte‘s attempted blockade of the British Isles, the British blockade Continental Europe.
Cheyenne and Sioux warriors attack Julesburg, Colo., in retaliation for the Sand Creek Massacre.
New York stock exchange trading exceeds two million shares for the first time in history.
The Imperial Court of China returns to Peking. The Empress Dowager resumes her reign.
The Germans move 75,000 troops from the Eastern Front to the Western Front.
Six thousand pastors in Berlin defy the Nazis insisting that they will not be silenced.
The U.S. Air Force announces the production of the first jet-fighter, the Bell P-59 Airacomet.
U.S. air ace Major Thomas B. McGuire, Jr. is killed in the Pacific.
French forces in Indochina launch Operation Violette in an effort to push Viet Minh forces away from the town of Ba Vi.
Marian Anderson becomes the first African American to sing at the Metropolitan Opera House.
Vietnamese troops take Phuoc Binh in a new full-scale offensive.
Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge are overthrown when Vietnamese troops seize the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.
U.S. President Jimmy Carter signs legislation providing $1.5 billion in loans to salvage Chrysler Corporation.
Vietnam seizes the Khmer National Liberation Front headquarters near the Thai border.
Japan launches its first interplanetary spacecraft, Sakigake, the first deep space probe launched by any nation other than the United States or the USSR.
Prince Akihito is sworn in as Emperor of Japan, following the death of his father, Hirohito.
Safety concerns over structural problems force the Leaning Tower of Pisa to be closed to the public.
The Bosnian Army carries out a surprise attack on the village of Kravica in Srebrenica during the Bosnian War.
The impeachment trial of U.S. President Bill Clinton opens in the Senate.

Rare type of flu virus is why 2018 outbreak is ‘worst in living memory’

New Scientist magazine has called 2018 “The Year of the Flu” because this year’s influenza outbreak is showing signs of being the most lethal and severe since the 1918 “Great Influenza” pandemic that infected a third of the world’s population.

Fake Florida doctor sentenced to 3.5 years in jail

A Florida man who masqueraded as a doctor when he was a teen pleaded guilty Thursday to several charges including practicing medicine without a license and theft.
Twenty-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson from West Palm Beach was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison with a credit of 16 months already served.

Firefighters gang-raped teen, posted video online

Six Virginia volunteer firefighters were charged with gang-raping a 17-year-old girl, filming the assault and sharing it on social media.
The six members of the Strasburg Volunteer Fire Department were charged Tuesday with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Two of the men were department leaders

Oklahoma woman dies in jail from injuries suffered the day before in DUI crash

Another inmate, 45-year-old David Hamilton Bettes, Midwest City, was found dead Dec. 30 at the same jail.

Chicago suburb threatens resident with house condemnation for offering shelter to the homeless in subzero weather

Officials in the Chicago suburb of Elgin, Illinois gave resident Greg Schiller an ultimatum: stop providing shelter to the homeless, or we’ll condemn your house.

Some Bigelow Tea Not 'Natural' Because It Contains Glyphosate

Oxygen is disappearing from the world's oceans

The ocean is running out of oxygen at a rapid speed—and the depletion could choke to death much of the marine life these waters support. A sweeping review published in Science documented the causes, consequences and solutions to what is technically called “deoxygenation.” They discovered a four-to-tenfold increase in areas of the ocean with little to no oxygen, which researchers say is alarming because half of Earth’s oxygen originates from the ocean.
Oxygen is disappearing from the world's oceans

2018 asteroid missions will bring space rock home

There are plenty of exciting space missions planned for 2018, but one incredible pair will bring back the best present Earthlings could ask for—souvenirs of their journeys. Those two spacecraft are American and Japanese missions to visit and study asteroids, then carry samples back to scientists here on Earth to examine in the lab a couple years from now.

Where did 'Oumuamua actually come from?

One of the highlights of 2017 was the discovery of the first object in our solar system that definitely came from somewhere else. At first we thought it was a comet, then an asteroid, and now the International Astronomical Union has reclassified it as something new entirely: an interstellar object. The Hawaiian astronomers who discovered it aptly named it ‘Oumuamua, which means “a messenger from afar arriving first”, reflecting that this object is like a scout sent from the past to reach out to us.

Chilean Billionaire Could Poison a Minnesota Wilderness

Researcher hacked his own computer and found 'worst' Intel chip flaw

Daniel Gruss didn’t sleep much the night he hacked his own computer and exposed a flaw in most of the chips made in the past two decades by hardware giant Intel Corp .
The 31-year-old information security researcher and post-doctoral fellow at Austria’s Graz Technical University had just breached the inner sanctum of his computer’s central processing unit (CPU) and stolen secrets from it.
Until that moment, Gruss and colleagues Moritz Lipp and Michael Schwarz had thought such an attack on the processor’s ‘kernel’ memory, which is meant to be inaccessible to users, was only theoretically possible.

Internet mocks Fox 'News' after it’s forced to admit job growth was stronger under President Obama

Despite the fact that Dumbass Trump has bragged about his first year in office being an unqualified economic success, it turns out that average monthly job growth in 2017 was 171,000 jobs per month.

Comcast Got Their Tax Cuts, Gave Bonuses, Fired 500 Employees

Dumbass Trump and the Wingnuts Didn't Want Americans to Have Health Care This Year

Sessions' War on Weed Is a Futile Pursuit

FBI accuses ‘alt-right’ white supremacist of terrorism after he hijacked a train in rural Nebraska

A Missouri man who attended the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August has been accused by the FBI of commissioning a terrorist attack.

GoDaddy drops 'crying Nazi' website following hate rant

The neo-Nazi website Radical Agenda, which recently published an anti-Semitic rant calling for the mass murder of Jewish children, has been dropped by GoDaddy, the domain registry and web hosting company following a Newsweek story on the violent rhetoric.
Christopher Cantwell, known colloquially as the “crying Nazi,” will have to find a new venue for his hate after Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, a neo-Nazi who co-runs the anti-Semitic conspiracy website Daily Stormer, called for death to Jews on his podcast.

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