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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

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Today in History

480 BC
Themistocles and his Greek fleet win one of history’s first decisive naval victories over Xerxes‘ Persian force off Salamis.
The election of Robert of Geneva as anti-pope by discontented cardinals creates a great schism in the catholic cult.
Ferdinand Magellan embarks from Spain on a voyage to circumnavigate the world.
Queen Elizabeth of England signs a treaty at Hampton Court with French Huguenot leader Louis de Bourbon, the Prince of Conde. The English will occupy Le Havre in return for aiding Bourbon against the Catholics of France.
Pedro Menendez of Spain wipes out the French at Fort Caroline, in Florida.
After a two-year siege, the Spanish retake Ostend, the Netherlands, from the Dutch.
Packet and Daily, the first daily publication in America, appears on the streets.
Explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark pass the French village of La Charette, the first white settlement they have seen in more than two years.
The National Negro Convention convenes in Philadelphia with the purpose of abolishing slavery.
The slave trade is abolished in the District of Columbia.
The Allies defeat the Russians at the Battle of Alma on the Crimean Peninsula.
Union troops under George Thomas prevent the Union defeat at Chickamauga from becoming a rout, earning him the nickname “the Rock of Chickamauga.”
Bruno Hauptmann arrested for the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby.
Scientists confirm that DNA holds hereditary data.
Hurricane Irene becomes the first hurricane known to cross from the Atlantic to Pacific, where it is renamed Hurricane Olivia.
In a pro tennis bout dubbed “The Battle of the Sexes,” Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs at the Houston Astrodome in Texas.
Socialist Republic of Vietnam admitted to the United Nations.
Suicide car bomber attacks US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 22.
Australia introduces a capital gains tax.
South Ossetia declares its independence from Georgia in the former Soviet Union.
British MI6 Secret intelligence Service building in London attacked by unidentified group using RPG-22 anti-tank missile.
The shrub, addressing a joint session of Congress, declares a “war on terror.”.
A truck loaded with explosives detonates by Marriott hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing 45 and injuring 226.
US military ends its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and allows gay men and women to serve openly.

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An Economic Analysis of Homer Simpson

Are the Simpsons a middle class family? Upper middle or lower middle? Or working class? He’s had a lot of jobs, but has worked at the nuclear power plant more than anywhere else. Homer owns a house, has a car, and a wife who doesn’t work, but that’s mainly because she has an infant. Who will never grow up. So what’s their economic status?
Considering how many episodes there have been (597), someone with some time can figure it all out. And Vox did.

The problem with cold-pressed juice

Linked with fasting, “cleanses,” and the raw-food movement, these fruit and vegetable drinks continue to skyrocket in popularity, whether made-to-order like mine or bottled, pressure treated, and refrigerated for purchase within a few weeks. Such a short shelf life contributes to sky-high prices, which a certain demographic is more than willing to pay. Projected 2015 sales of bottled cold-pressed juices exceed $400 million. That’s nearly 15 times 2010’s actuals...
Because cold-pressed juices are squished, rather than shredded by blades, they may contain more of certain vitamins (like A and C) and bioactive phytochemicals (like carotenoids) than their mass-produced, heat-pasteurized counterparts. Compare sipping a green juice to simply eating greens, though, and it’s a different story: “Juices lose fiber and the nutrients attached to that fiber,” explains Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University. Moreover, one 16-ounce serving of cold-pressed fruit juice can contain twice as many calories as 2 cups of raw vegetables.
That same serving of juice generates up to 4.5 pounds of pulp, depending on the ingredients. So where does all the leftover cucumber, mint, kale, apple, and carrot go? In the worst nightmare of a zero-waste zealot, straight to a landfill. There, the pulp rots and generates methane. Further details at Modern Farmer.

The "Pillars of Creation"

"The pillars are composed of cool molecular hydrogen and dust that are being eroded by photoevaporation from the ultraviolet light of relatively close and hot stars. The leftmost pillar is about four light years in length. The finger-like protrusions at the top of the clouds are larger than our solar system, and are made visible by the shadows of evaporating gaseous globules (EGGs), which shields the gas behind them from intense UV flux.  EGGs are themselves incubators of new stars. The stars then emerge from the EGGs, which then are evaporated.

Napoléon Bonaparte, Failed Novelist

Did you know that Napoléon Bonaparte tried his hand at fiction before he became a revolutionary? Well, if Saddam Hussein could write a romance novel, why not Napoléon? A French publishing company found (and published) a novella written by Napoléon in 2007, and a substantial portion of the manuscript is going up for auction.
Clisson et Eugénie is unabashedly autobiographical. Penned in the autumn of 1795, while Napoleon was still rising in the ranks of the French army, the novel centers around an officer named Clisson, “a man of fervent imagination, with his blazing heart, his uncompromising intellect and his cool head”. The war-weary Clisson decides to quit his position and enjoy the spa baths of central France. There he meets two young women, Amélie and Eugénie, and falls desperately (and tragically) in love with Eugénie. While tender, this romance is also quite tame. The closest the author comes to sex may be: “Their hearts fused … the most exquisite voluptuousness flooded the hearts of the two enraptured lovers.”
The novella only runs about 22 scribbled pages, so the plot swiftly progresses from love to marriage to melancholy.
Only four pages will go to auction; the rest are in a museum or single pages in private collections. Napoléon wrote the story when he was 26 years old, and it very well may have been a kind of self-therapy, as it was based on a woman he knew and loved. Think about how history may have been different if he had found success as a novelist! Read more about Clisson et Eugénie at the Guardian.

Classic Bettie

A short history of playground equipment

Excerpts from a longread at Collectors Weekly:
[R]emoving and replacing playground equipment takes money, so a certain amount of vintage playground equipment survived into the next millennium—but it’s vanishing fast. Fortunately, Brenda Biondo, a freelance journalist turned photographer, felt inspired to document these playscapes before they’ve all been melted down. Her photographs capture the sculptural beauty and creativity of the vintage apparatuses, as well as that feeling of nostalgia you get when you see a piece of your childhood. After a decade of hunting down old playgrounds, Biondo published a coffee-table book, 2014’s Once Upon a Playground: A Celebration of Classic American Playgrounds, 1920-1975, which includes both her photographs of vintage equipment and pages of old playground catalogs that sold it.
More discussion and a gallery of photos at Collector's Weekly.

Aquagenic urticaria

This is the world of Rachel Warwick, who is allergic to water... Any contact with water whatsoever – even her own sweat – leaves Rachel with a painful, swollen and intensely itchy rash which can last for several hours...
Otherwise known as aquagenic urticaria, the condition is like being stung by a bush of particularly pernicious nettles, combined with the malaise of hay fever, every single day...
Technically, the condition isn’t actually an allergy at all, since it’s likely caused by an immune reaction to something within the body, rather than an over-reaction to something foreign, such as pollen or peanuts... In theory, anti-histamines should work every time.
In practice, the drugs have decidedly mixed results... All they needed was a drug which could block IgE’s effects. And as luck would have it, there was already a drug on the market which could do just that.  Omalizumab was originally developed as a treatment for asthma... Since then scientists have discovered omalizumab is effective against even the most obscure forms of urticaria – from reactions to sunlight to changes in temperature, to friction.
Here is the relevant page from the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center at the NIH.


The Lewdest Sounding Town Names In The United States

People with dirty minds like to turn location names into crude jokes, and with the exception of places like Lake Titicaca that are totally asking for it these towns don't deserve to be thought of as smutty.
In fact, there are too many lewdly named places on the planet as it is, and in the United States there's at least one town with a lewd name in every single state, towns that were clearly founded by perverts.
Okay, so maybe you don't need a dirty mind to think town names like Humptulips, Wankers Corner and Bumpass sound like the punchline of a filthy joke.
But Hooker, Oklahoma was obviously named after all the crochet enthusiasts who founded the town, and Blue Ball Village was founded by racquetball enthusiasts, right? *wink*

Georgia pastor arrested for raping 10-year-old girl at homeless shelter he founded

A Georgia pastor has been taken into custody after a 10-year-old girl told police she had been raped at the homeless shelter he founded, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Danny Wells, — who also calls himself Pastor 7 — was arrested by Cobb County police on Thursday and charged with rape and aggravated child molestation.
Wells founded 7 Bridges to Recovery ministry and runs The Garden, a homeless shelter he founded in Smyrna.
According to the website for his church, Wells created his ministry after being released from prison saying, “While in solitary, God came to 7 and whispered in his ear that He would never leave him or forsake him.”
The website also states that The Garden is home to 60 women and 40 children who have been rescued from the streets.
According to police, the young girl was staying at the shelter with her family and revealed details during an interview.
Police state that they are interviewing others who have stayed at the shelter looking for other victims.

A solid gold toilet

And fully functional.
New York’s Guggenheim museum unveiled its latest installation on Friday – a solid gold toilet titled America.
The toilet, which the Guardian can confirm is fully functioning, is the work of Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan...
Visitors to the museum are able to use the golden toilet in much the same way as they would use a normal toilet. It is located in a standard, pre-existing bathroom on the fourth floor of the museum, a small placard the only indication of its presence...
Nathan Otterson, senior conservator, objects at the Guggenheim, is responsible for maintaining the toilet. He said a cleaning crew will attend to the toilet every 15 minutes... “We would hope no one would try to remove part of the toilet,” Otterson said.

Toilet mural to stay despite mixed response

A controversial public toilet mural will not be removed, despite being deemed a "degrading and disrespectful mess" by some. The mural on the public toilets building in Cheviot, North Canterbury, New Zealand, depicts men's and women's legs with underwear around their ankles. The Hurunui District Council fielded several complaints in August over the commissioned work when painting began on the women's side of the facility.
The council reported: "Initial feedback received via social media raised concerns that the images depicted were sexualized and were therefore inappropriate for public display." Complainants were asked to withhold their judgement until after the "tongue in cheek" mural was finished. Council team leader customer and information services Naomi Woodham said the mural had since been completed and was proving to be an attraction. "Several people have told us that they actually went up to Cheviot specifically to visit the loos to see what all the fuss is about," she said. "Since the initial handful of people that took issue with the incomplete mural, there have been no further complaints, in fact there has been a considerable number of compliments."
Hagar New Zealand operations director Sarah Scott Webb said their original concerns about the image, and its role in helping to feed sexualization and objectification messages, were still there. "We are a frontline organization that deals with victims of pedophilia and sexual abuse, and often public toilets are a breeding ground for this to happen. With any decisions like this, with any images like this, the question needs to be asked if it actually helps the safety and protection of young people or not. I'm not sure these images do." Council officers reviewed the process the Cheviot Ward Committee undertook prior to the mural's installation and was satisfied "proper process was followed".
Complainant Marianne Beker​ said she was disappointed the council had not changed its stance. "As a women I don't think it does anything for the safety of women to have their pants round their ankles." Others praised the council for "being a little creative". In a written statement to the council, John and Susan Collins encouraged those against the mural to "treat it as art, look, ponder, think, love or hate. That is the purpose of art to entertain, reflect, create conversation, and so expand our perception of the world we live in," they said. "Our grandchildren are planning to come down from Nelson in the next school holidays specifically to look at the wall, so please leave it for them to look at and enjoy."

Lesbian booted out of women’s bathroom at L.A. music hall after guard insisted she was a man

"The fact that their woman employee waited outside my stall for proof that I was a woman, didn’t believe me off my voice. That’s what hurt and had me shocked."

Woman arrested after making up kidnapping story to see if boyfriend 'truly cared about her'

A Florida woman was arrested on Tuesday after she claimed she was kidnapped at gunpoint but later admitted she concocted the story to get her boyfriend's attention.Janet Elena Brooks, 22, of Clermont was charged with filing a false report with law enforcement. She was released from the Lake County Jail after she posted a $2,000 bond.
According to an arrest affidavit, Brooks reported to Lake and Polk County sheriff’s offices on Saturday that she had been abducted by a man at gunpoint while walking in the parking lot of a Four Corners apartment complex in the Clermont area and forced into the trunk of his black Kia. She said she was then dropped off at a dog park in Polk County.
But deputies later obtained surveillance footage from the front gate camera of the complex that showed her exiting the property and walking toward US Highway 27. Deputies then confronted Brooks on Tuesday and she admitted she made up the story because she thought another woman was interested in her boyfriend and she just wanted to see if he “truly cared about her.” She added she actually had walked to a Clermont store and had a friend drop her off at the dog park.

Man who failed to attend court because he didn’t want his name in the newspaper arrested

A man from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who was arrested because he didn’t want his name in the newspaper over a hotel room being trashed has been accused of using disorderly behavior in a hospital. Belfast Magistrates Court heard that Anthony O’Neill, 21, failed to attend court last June over allegations he wrecked a room at Madison’s Hotel “because he didn’t want his name” to appear in the Belfast Telegraph like his co-accused who admitted the incident.
As well as appearing on foot of a bench warrant for his arrest, O’Neill was also charged with five new offenses including two counts of theft, possessing class B herbal cannabis, assaulting a police officer and using disorderly behavior at the Ulster Hospital. Constable Logan told the court he believed he could connect him to the offenses but that police objected to O’Neill being granted bail given his previous record, failures to attend court, being in a suspended jail sentence and on probation.
He said police were called to the Cruis Clothing shop over a report of shoplifting and when officers searched O’Neill, they uncovered £182 ($235, €212) worth of clothing which was not fit for resale. The search also uncovered a small amount of herbal cannabis and an £87 ($115, €100) bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Perfume. As a result of O’Neill’s intoxication, he was taken to the emergency department of the Ulster Hospital but while there, he “repeatedly shouted and swore” and lashed out at police.
O’Neill’s defense solicitor said while he would admit to having the cannabis, all the other offenses were denied. She said that in relation to the criminal damage of the hotel, O’Neill saw in the newspaper that his co-accused had taken full responsibility so he didn’t attend “because he didn’t want his name reported on.” Remanding O’Neill into custody, District Judge Amanda Henderson adjourned the case until Tuesday.

100-Year-Old Tortoise Fathers 800 Offspring in Fight to Save Species

Animal Pictures