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Friday, October 6, 2017

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Today in History

1014 The Byzantine Emperor Basil earns the title “Slayer of Bulgers” after he orders the blinding of 15,000 Bulgerian troops.
1536 William Tyndale, the English translator of the New Testament, is strangled and burned at the stake for heresy at Vilvoorde, France.
Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto and his army enter the Apalachee capital of Anhaica (present-day Tallahassee, Florida) by force. Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto and his army enter the Apalachee capital of Anhaica (present-day Tallahassee, Florida) by force.
1696 Savoy, Germany withdraws from the Grand Alliance.
1801 Napoleon Bonaparte imposes a new constitution on Holland.
1866 The Reno brothers–Frank, John, Simeon and William–commit the country’s first train robbery near Seymour, Indiana netting $10,000.
The Naval War College is founded in Newport, Rhode Island.
Austria-Hungary annexes Bosnia-Herzegovina, sparking a crisis.
1941 German troops renew their offensive against Moscow.
1966 Hanoi insists the United States must end its bombings before peace talks can begin.
1969 Special Forces Captain John McCarthy is released from Fort Leavenworth Penitentiary, pending consideration of his appeal to murder charges.
1973 Israel is taken by surprise when Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan attack on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur, beginning the Yom Kippur War.
1981 Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat is assassinated in Cairo by Islamic fundamentalists. He is succeeded by Vice President Hosni Mubarak.
2000 Yugoslavia’s president Slobodan Milosevic and Argentina’s vice-president Carlos Alvarez both resign from their respective offices.

When It's "Fall" in the South

Hilarious Video Shows The Moment Bernie Discovered He’s Related To His SNL Impersonator

What a heartwarming – and hilarious – discovery!

Brace yourself America, Charlie Hebdo has arrived

Laurent "Riss" Sourisseau, a cartoonist and editor of Charlie Hebdo, arrives for his interview accompanied by bodyguards who hover outside the neutral office location where we talk.

What's a 'Lone Wolf'?

America's Big Problem With Guns

Autumn Garden

40 Percent of Cancers Are Related to Being Overweight

overweight and cancer relations40 Percent of Cancers Are Related to Being Overweight, Says Study
Obesity-related cancers of the liver, stomach, and pancreas are rising

Reasons to End the War on Drugs and the War on Sex Workers

Can Marijuana Help With Anorexia?

McDonald’s worker served 'happy’ meals with cocaine

A night shift manager at a Bronx McDonald’s was arrested Wednesday for serving a side of cocaine along with the Happy Meals, according to the New York Post. Frank Guerrero's actions came to light after police conducted a three-month long undercover investigation, which they termed “Operation Off the Menu.”

Judge sentences Michigan mom who won't vaccinate her son to seven days in jail

A Detroit-area woman who refused to vaccinate her son was sentenced by a judge on Wednesday to seven days in prison.

Southwest Airlines targeted woman because she was a Muslim

Lawyers representing a woman who was in a viral video that showed her being dragged off a Southwest Airlines flight in Baltimore claimed Wednesday that her allergy to dogs was not life-threatening and that she was racially profiled.

Sex offender arrested for threats against Howard University students

John Edgar Rust has been arrested making racially-motivated threats against students at the historically-black Howard University in Washington, DC.

Oklahoma men recount being sent to 'christian' 'slave camp' instead of prison

Brad McGahey, a now-30-year-old man from rural Oklahoma, thought he’d been “spared” from prison when a judge sent him to the 'Christian' Alcoholics & Addicts in Recovery center. Though he was not an addict, doing time at what locals called “the Chicken Farm” seemed a lot better than being behind bars.
Instead, McGahey told the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal news site, he found himself in a “slave camp.”
These sorts of rehab facilities, Reveal noted, “have become the bedrock of criminal justice reform” — centers that are supposed to rehabilitate people who may otherwise join the large number of formerly imprisoned people who end up back in the system.
While many of the programs “promise freedom from addiction,” they’ve instead “turned thousands of men and women into indentured servants.”

Inmates at Alaska prison forced to walk naked on a ‘dog leash’

Male inmates at Alaska’s Spring Creek Correctional Center were “sexually harassed” as punishment and forced to be walked naked on “dog leashes” in front of female staff.

A Rare Visit from a Family of Lynx

Photographer Tim Newton saw a cat outside his home in Anchorage last week, and thought nothing of it, until he noticed it was a lynx. He started shooting photographs through his window, and found it wasn't alone. It was a litter of seven lynx kittens and their mother!
So for the next half-hour, Newton says he just went back and forth, from window to window, photographing them.
At one point, Newton decided to test his luck by going outside to continue photographing the kits. While the mother was cautious and alert, he says she was also very calm with him in her presence. Moreover, some of the kits were very intrigued by Newton.
"I actually had my bathrobe on," says Newton. "So I didn't have legs, as far as the kits could tell. And I didn't have eyes or a head. I just had this big round thing that went 'Click, click, click.' So I think the little kittens didn't have any clue what I might be."
The family stayed for about 40 minutes, then calmly left the yard. You can see the whole collection of photographs at Newton's site.

Prehistoric squid was last meal of newborn ichthyosaur 200 million years ago

Prehistoric squid was last meal of newborn ichthyosaur 200 million years ago
Scientists from the UK have identified the smallest and youngest specimen of Ichthyosaurus communis on record and found an additional surprise preserved in its stomach.The ichthyosaur...

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