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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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Welcome to Today's Edition of Carolina Naturally.
Today also happens to be National Walking Day ...! 
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Today is - Tartan Day

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Today in History

English King Richard I is killed by an arrow at the Siege of the Castle of Chalus in France.
The First U.S. Congress begins regular sessions at Federal Hall in New York City.
Granted sovereignty in the island of Elba and a pension from the French government, Napoleon Bonaparte abdicates at Fontainebleau. He is allowed to keep the title of emperor.
Joseph Smith and five others organize the Church of Latter-Day Saints in Seneca, New York.
Confederate forces attack General Ulysses S. Grant at Shiloh, Tennessee.
At the Battle of Sailer’s Creek, a third of Lee‘s army is cut off by Union troops pursuing him to Appomattox.
The Modern Olympics begin in Athens with eight nations participating.
French Army Nationalists are revealed to have forged documents to guarantee a conviction for Alfred Dryfus.
Americans Robert Peary and Matthew Henson become the first men to reach the North Pole.
The United States declares war on Germany and enters World War I on Allied side.
Four planes leave Seattle on the first successful flight around the world.
The United States recognizes Nazi Germany’s conquest of Austria.
German forces invade Greece and Yugoslavia.
President Lyndon B. Johnson authorizes the use of ground troops in combat operations.

My Trans Identity Is Not a Fetish

How to Function After a Sleepless Night

Sleepless night
How to Function After a Sleepless Night
What to do when you need to be productive, but feel like a zombie

7 Strategies for Thicker Hair

Bald guy with comb
7 Strategies for Thicker Hair
Try these styling tricks in lieu of a baldness cure

The 9 Most Ridiculous Baseball Stadium Foods

Do you need a snack while watching a game at Turner Field in Atlanta? Then pop over to a concession stand. For $26, you'll be able to buy a Burgerizza. That's a massive bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two whole pizzas.
This is 1 of 9 insane stadium foods offered this year at Major League Baseball parks rounded up by First We Feast. Others include Froot Loop-covered hot dogs and a Monster energy drink barbecue sandwich.

Family ordered to destroy their vegetable garden or face a fine

There’s a new ordinance in Sugar Creek, Missouri, that restricts the use of agriculture on properties in the city. Nathan Athans believes it’s a witch hunt against him. Athans grows several different types of vegetables in his front yard loves tending to his garden. “I'd probably say about 300 hours [so far this year], I spend all my free time out here,” Athans said.
He believes it’s important for his family. “I want my family to know where their food is coming from, I don't want to have to go to the grocery store and worry about what was done to that food.” However, neighbors and city officials don’t see the garden the same way. Last summer the city cited Athans for weeds in his garden but he said he complied. “We did it, completely weed-free, we paid our citation,” he said.
The city’s building official, Paul Loving, argued otherwise. “I don't know that there would have been a problem with them had the gardens been well kept, they weren't.” The new ordinance specifies that vegetation must be 30 feet from the street. Athans said he can’t grow the garden in his backyard because it only gets about two hours of sunshine and only in certain areas.

Loving said the city received many complaints and the ordinance is the resolution. “Because I want my yard a certain way doesn't mean the neighborhood has to keep his yard the same way, but I do have an expectation that we'll all be reasonable in what we put in our front yards.” The family has been given four days to get rid of their front yard garden or face a fine. They’ve started an online petition in the hope of getting the city to change the ordinance.

America, We Have a Problem ...

Interracial couple evicted from Mississippi RV park:

The landlord at a Mississippi RV park admitted over the weekend that he evicted a couple because they were interracial.

Massive data leak reveals how world's wealthy hide their money including $2B for Putin

Massive data leak reveals how world's wealthy hide their money including $2B for Putin

Virginia's Governor is trying to decide whether Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison is a pornographer

Virginia's Governor is trying to decide whether Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison is a pornographer

Twitter Reveals What Americans Think About Police

Muslim woman mowed down by car at anti-Islam protest

Muslim woman after being hit by speeding car -- (YouTube screen grab)
Shocking footage of Muslim woman being mowed down by car at anti-Islam protest

Hundreds abused by 50 clergy over 40 years but federal prosecutors undecided on charges

Altoona-Johnstown Diocese  via KDKA-TV (Screen Capture)Hundreds abused by 50 clergy over 40 years but federal prosecutors undecided on charges

Mormon cult members believe the apocalypse is coming with release of leader Warren Jeffs

“I am hearing from people inside the FLDS that on April 6 there is going to be a kind of apocalypse,” said Elissa Wall, who escaped from the repressive FLDS community after being forced by Warren Jeffs to marry her cousin when she was just 14. “It is prophesied.”

Man Faces Life In Prison For Stealing $31 Worth Of Candy

Drug dealer arrested after calling police to report the theft of his cocaine

A drug dealer ended up in court after telling police his cocaine had been stolen. Daniel Barker, 23, phoned officers to say he had been assaulted, but then landed himself in trouble by saying two men had made off with his cocaine. Carlisle Crown Court heard this happened after a planned drug deal went wrong at a park off the city’s Newtown Road. Barker, of Botcherby, Carlisle, even went on to tell officers: “I have some on me now.” When he was then asked if there were any more drugs in his house, he replied: “Aye boss, there is.” Barker was spared an immediate prison sentence after admitting two charges of supplying cocaine and one of possessing cocaine with intent to supply. Gerard Rogerson, prosecuting, said Barker contacted police on July 20 last year.
“Officers attended because he wished to report he had been the victim of an assault,” Mr Rogerson told the court. “He said he had been in possession of cocaine which he was planning to supply or sell in a park near Newtown Road. He said he met them and he was subsequently assaulted and they stole his cocaine. He couldn’t remember much. He said he had been intoxicated at the time.” Mr Rogerson added: “He said he had been in possession of cocaine.
“When arrested he said I have some on me now.” Three wraps, with a total street value of £88, were found either on him or in a bag. Barker told police he met two men in the park but he was not expecting the second. John Smith, representing Barker, said it was a “fairly unique case” where a “drug dealer reports himself to police”. Barker shook and wept in the dock as Judge Barbara Forrester passed sentence. She sentenced him to two years in jail but suspended it for two years. He must also do 200 hours of unpaid work.

Drug suspect found snoring in clothes dryer

During a drug raid in Brookside, Alabama, on Wednesday, police spent about an hour searching for evidence and suspects. And then they heard a strange noise. A snore. Coming from the clothes dryer. And they found their man, curled up in among the delicates.
Michael Christopher Davis had hidden in the drier to avoid detection when the police arrived, and fell fast asleep. "I was trying to hide and y'all just stayed too long," Davis told police. "I fell asleep." "He was folded up like he was in a shirt pocket," said Brookside police Sgt. Bryan Watkins.
"You can't make this stuff up." Brookside police Chief Jason Springfield said Davis' arrest happened when they went to a home on Fields Avenue. There were multiple people inside and outside of the home when they arrived. People took off running in all directions, and were pursued by Brookside police, Jefferson County sheriff's deputies and sheriff's tracking dogs.
After securing the scene, officers began taking inventory of the items found in plain view, Springfield said. About one hour and 45 minutes in to the search, they heard that "snoring" sound coming from the dryer and Davis. "In Brookside, we don't set quotas," Springfield said with a laugh. "I let my guys find everyone they can in dryers."

Astrophotographer's Stunner

The image shows the Coal Sack, the Southern Cross, Eta Carinae and various young star clusters as well as the Milky Way.

Animal Pictures