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Thursday, October 12, 2017

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Today in History

1492 Christopher Columbus and his crew land in the Bahamas.
1576 Rudolf II, the king of Hungary and Bohemia, succeeds his father, Maximilian II, as Holy Roman Emperor.
1702 Admiral Sir George Rooke defeats the French fleet off Vigo.
1722 Shah Sultan Husayn surrenders the Persian capital of Isfahan to Afghan rebels after a seven month siege.
1809 Meriwether Lewis, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, dies under mysterious circumstances in Tennessee.
1899 The Anglo-Boer War begins.
1872 Apache leader Cochise signs a peace treaty with General Howard in Arizona Territory.
1915 Despite international protests, Edith Cavell, an English nurse in Belgium, is executed by Germans for aiding the escape of Allied prisoners.
1943 The U.S. Fifth Army begins an assault crossing of the Volturno River in Italy.
The Axis occupation of Athens comes to an end. The occupation has ruined the Greek economy and brought about terrible hardships for the Greek civilian population, more than 40,000 of whom have died in Athens alone from starvation.
1960 Inejiro Asanuma, leader of the Japan Socialist Party, is assassinated during a live TV broadcast.
1964 The USSR launches Voskhod I, the first spacecraft with a multi-person crew; it is also the first mission in which the crew does not wear space suits.
1970 Nixon announces the pullout of 40,000 more American troops in Vietnam by Xmas.
1971 The House of Representatives passes the Equal Rights Amendment 354-23.
1984 The Provisional Irish Republican Army detonates a bomb at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, England, in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; 5 people are killed and 31 wounded.
1999 Chief of Army Staff Pervez Musharraf seizes power in Pakistan through a bloodless military coup.
2000 Suicide bombers at Aden, Yemen, damage the USS Cole; 17 crew members are killed and over 35 are wounded.
2002 Terrorist bombers kill over 200 and wound over 300 more at the Sari Club in Kuta, Bali.

No, You Can't Drink Unlimited Amounts of Green Tea Without Consequences

The Inspiring Stories of Immigrants Coming to America

Reclaiming the Populist Movement

Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect for the Dumbass Trump Resistance

What the Corporate News Industry Won't Ever Tell Its Audience

Horrifying expose on the Florida juvenile justice system reveals illicit sex and cover-ups

A shocking investigation into the Florida juvenile justice system has revealed incompetent supervision, questionable if not poor healthcare, cover-ups and faux investigations, unlawful sex and more.

Palm Beach schools blamed immigrant third graders for their teacher molesting them

The Palm Beach County School Board is settling a lawsuit over molestation after reversing their legal defense of blaming third-graders for being molested by their teacher.
In 2006, the girls’ teacher, Blake Sinrod, pleaded guilty to child abuse charges involving two of the four students who had reported molestation. Palm Beach County School police found probable cause to recommend charges in all four cases, but prosecutors only pursued two cases.

KKK targets high school students in recruitment efforts

The Ku Klux Klan hopes to recruit future white supremacists at high school football games.
The racist group distributed propaganda fliers at a Friday night football game at Gray’s Creek High School in North Carolina. The fliers showcased racist comments about Jews, Mexicans and Muslims written atop the Confederate flag, also attacking Black Lives Matter, recent NFL take-a-knee protests, and black culture.

Defense Contractors Care About America's Soldiers Least of All

America Is Desperately Trying to Understand the Vegas Shooter's Motives

Professor receives death threats after connecting Vegas shooting to Dumbass ‘Trumpism’

A tenured politics and global studies professor at Philadelphia’s Drexel University has been placed on leave after posting tweets connecting the Las Vegas mass shooting to white supremacist male violence.

Off-duty cop beats accused shoplifter with baton

Off-duty cop beats accused shoplifter with baton — but black man paid for all his items

Tennessee man was fired after being spotted sitting during national anthem at weekend event

A Tennessee man says that he was fired from his job at a local kickboxing gym because he sat during the national anthem at a weekend event.
A local news station reports that Tyler Chancellor, who until this week had been an employee at the 9Round gym in Chattanooga, says that he was invited to attend an event at the Camp Jordan arena. During the national anthem, Chancellor chose to stay seated, in solidarity with professional athletes who kneel during the anthem to protest against police brutality against black Americans.
“Me being a minority in this society, I chose to stand up for what I believe in- well not actually stand up, but sit down for what I believe in,” Chancellor explains.
Chancellor didn’t realize that he had done anything wrong until Monday, when his boss told him that he was being let go over his decision to sit during the anthem.
“She said because you sat down, you were a part of a 9Round event, and you sat during the national anthem,” Chancellor says. “We no longer want to continue business with you. There was no sugar coating.”

12-time convicted racist felon arrested for racially-motivated shooting in Spokane

Two convicted felons are facing first degree assault, gun and harassment felonies after a racially-motivated shooting Sunday evening in Spokane, Washington.

Pennsylvania 8th-graders suspended for throwing rocks and racial slurs at black cheerleaders

Two Pennsylvania eighth grade students have been suspended after throwing rocks and hurling racial slurs at a visiting football team.

Reactions to the FBI’s Dangerous New Targeting of 'Black Identity Extremists'

Our Addiction to Palm Oil Is Wiping Out Wildlife and Threatening Food Security

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