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Saturday, December 23, 2017

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Today in History

Lord Lyons, The British minister to America presents a formal complaint to secretary of state, William Seward, regarding the Trent affair.
The Federal Party, which recognizes American sovereignty, is formed in the Philippines.
Great Britain institutes a new constitution for India.
President Warren G. Harding frees Socialist Eugene Debs and 23 other political prisoners.
Pope Pius XI condemns the Nazi sterilization program.
London warns Rome to stop anti-British propaganda in Palestine.
The first Canadian troops arrive in Britain.
Chiang Kai-shek dissolves all Communist associations in China.
Despite throwing back an earlier Japanese amphibious assault, the U.S. Marines and Navy defenders on Wake Island capitulate to a second Japanese invasion.
General Dwight D. Eisenhower confirms the death sentence of Private Eddie Slovik, the only American shot for desertion since the Civil War.
President Harry S Truman grants a pardon to 1,523 who had evaded the World War II draft.
Japan’s Prime Minister, Hideki Tojo and six other collaborators are hanged for war crimes.
General Walton H. Walker, the commander of the Eighth Army in Korea, is killed in a jeep accident. Lieutenant General Matthew B. Ridgeway is named his successor.
U.S. Navy SEALs are ambushed during an operation southeast of Saigon.
The B-1 bomber makes its first successful test flight.
The Voyager completes the first nonstop flight around the globe on one load of fuel. The experimental aircraft, piloted by Americans Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California after nine days and four minutes in the sky.
In a referendum on Slovenia’s independence from Yugoslavia, 88.5% vote in favor of independence.
An Iraqi MiG-25 shoots down a US MQ-1 Predator drone.

Spooky skull-shaped asteroid will haunt Earth in 2018

Alas, poor 2015 TB145, which by a twist of fate immediately and irrevocably became nicknamed the "Halloween asteroid" after its skull-like form skimmed 300,000 miles away from Earth on October 31, 2015. That's just a little bit farther away from Earth than the distance at which the moon orbits us. But one visit wasn't enough for this space rock, which will visit our neighborhood again next November.

Mals Became the First Place in the World to Ban All Synthetic Pesticides

The Italian village of Mals has set an international precedent—and a model for other communities to follow.

A Million People Convicted of Marijuana-Related Crimes in California Could Soon See Their Records Wiped Clean

Will Americans finally start fighting back against tax cuts for the rich?

The 60 percent of Americans who believe that the wingnut tax package will mostly help the wealthiest among us are right, according to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center.

Why Is U.S. Life Expectancy Down for a Second Year in a Row?

How to Save the Internet

Apple Just Confirmed Your Worst Suspicions About Your Slow iPhone

Dozens of companies are using Facebook to exclude older workers from job ads

Dozens of companies are using Facebook to exclude older workers from job ads

Has Anyone Spread More Fake News in 2017 Than Mark Zuckerberg?

Wisconsin girl in 'Slenderman' stabbing sentenced to 25 years in psychiatric care

A Wisconsin girl who along with a friend stabbed a classmate 19 times to placate the fictitious bogeyman “Slenderman” was committed on Thursday to state psychiatric care for 25 years.

Houston woman accused of killing friend, taking baby as her own

Houston woman accused of killing friend, taking baby as her own
Monday afternoon Santa Ana police were able to stop a rape attempt thanks to a good Samaritan who was concerned for a woman’s well-being.

“The Rape of Recy Taylor”

Oklahoma Regent booted from board after comparing homosexuality to pedophilia

After several controversial comments while appearing on the local news show “Flash Point,” Kirk Humphreys has resigned from the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents.

Civil Rights and Drivers Licenses

Woman detained by immigration enforcement sues because she’s a citizen

Woman detained by immigration enforcement sues because she’s a citizen

Florida cops busted for racist texts about shooting 'niggers'

Two Florida police officers lost their jobs after mocking black people as lazy criminals in a text message conversation.

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