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Monday, November 13, 2017

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Today in History

In the Swiss-Burgundian Wars, the Swiss infantry shatters the army of Charles the Bold at Hericourt near Belfort, countering his march to Lorraine.
Texas officially proclaims its independence from Mexico, and calls itself the Lone Star Republic, after its flag, until its admission to the Union in 1845.
The London-to-Paris telegraph begins operation.
South Carolina’s legislature calls a special convention to discuss secession from the Union.
Lewis Carroll writes in his diary, “Began writing the fairy-tale of Alice–I hope to finish it by Christmas.”
New Mexico Governor Lew Wallace offers amnesty to many participants of the Lincoln County War, but not to gunfighter Billy the Kid.
The first metal dirigible is flown from Tempelhof Field in Berlin.
Paul Corno achieves the first helicopter flight.
The brassiere, invented by Caresse Crosby, is patented.
New York’s Holland Tunnel officially opens for traffic.
The U.S. Supreme Court rules in Hansberry v. Lee that African-Americans cannot be barred from white neighborhoods.
A German U-boat, the U-81, torpedoes Great Britain’s premier aircraft carrier, the HMS Ark Royal. The ship sinks the next day.
Lt. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower flies to Algeria to conclude an agreement with French Admiral Jean Darlan.
Charles de Gaulle is elected president of France.
Harvard’s Paul Zoll becomes the first man to use electric shock to treat cardiac arrest.
The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously strikes down two Alabama laws requiring racial segregation on public buses.
Anti-war protesters stage a symbolic “March Against Death” in Washington, DC.
A powerful tropical cyclone strikes the Ganges Delta region of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), causing an estimated half-million deaths in a single night; the Bhola cyclone is regarded as the worst natural disaster of the 20th century.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated in Washington, DC.
Some 23,000 people die when the Nevado del Ruiz erupts, melting a glacier and causing a massive mudslide that buries Armero, Columbia.
Compact of Free Association: the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and the Republic of Palau—places US troops wrested from Japanese control in WWII—become sovereign nations, associated states of the United States.
Hans-Adam II becomes Prince of Liechtenstein (1989– ) upon the death of his father, Franz Joseph II.
Articles of impeachment are passed against Philippine President Joseph Estrada.
The shrub signs an executive order allowing military tribunals against foreigners suspected of connections to planned or actual terrorist acts against the US.

Beauty Pageant Contestants Using Their Platform to Get Political

The Corporate Roots of the Opioid Crisis

Could California’s Insane Cannabis Tax Cripple the Legal Market?

Where Buying Marijuana is Legal, But There’s Nowhere to Smoke It

Disneyland water cooling towers shut down

Disneyland shut down two water cooling towers after health officials discovered several cases of Legionnaire’s disease among people who visited the popular California theme park, authorities said.
The Orange County Health Agency said 12 cases of the bacteria-caused illness were found three weeks ago, and nine were people who visited the park in September, the Los Angeles Times reported. Those who were afflicted ranged in age from 52 to 94.

A Man Just Told A Fox 'News' Hack To Go Fuck Himself And It Was Glorious

A Man Just Told A Fox 'News' Host To Go F--k Himself And It Was Glorious (VIDEO)

Hunter-Gatherers Can Teach Us Some Important Lessons in Resisting Dumbass Trump

We Know Terrifyingly Little About How Our Bodies Respond to Pollutants

5 of the World's Biggest Cities That Will Be Drowned and See Millions of Refugees

Dumbass Trump's Obsession With 'Energy Dominance' Will Destroy the Arctic Refuge and Will Hasten Climate Breakdown

Indonesian museum removes Nazi-themed exhibit after outrage

An Indonesian museum that allowed visitors to take selfies with a life-size wax sculpture of Hitler against a backdrop of Auschwitz concentration camp has removed the exhibit following international outrage, the manager said Saturday.

Apology or No Apology, Louis C.K. Is Screwed

The Miss Bumbum Contest

Filipina nurse assaulted in California parking lo

Filipina nurse assaulted in California parking lot after ‘go back to China, chinky eyes’ racist taunts

Incapacitated California man arrested 2 days after suing cops for brain-damage injuries suffered in previous arrest

A disabled northern California man finds himself behind bars only days after filing a civil rights lawsuit against police officers for using excessive force leaving him barely able to speak or walk.

Why so many Native Americans are killed by police

A 14-year-old Native American boy was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy on Wednesday — a fate all too common for Native Americans in the U.S.
The number of Native Americans killed by police doubled from 2015 to 2016. Per capita, Native Americans are more likely to be killed by police than any other demographic in the U.S., according to a 2014 study by The Center of Juvenile and Criminal Justice. And that’s probably undercounted.

Dinosaur-era shark found In Portugal

The rare frilled shark is considered a “living fossil,” as its makeup has remained unchanged for 80 million years. This summer, researchers found one alive and thriving off the coast of Portugal.

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