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Thursday, October 20, 2016

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Today in History

480 BC
Greeks defeat the Persians in a naval battle at Salamis.
In France, Huguenot Henri de Navarre routs Duke de Joyeuse’s larger Catholic force at Coutras.
Marlborough and Eugene of Savoy take Mons in the Netherlands.
George I of England crowned.
Austrian general Karl Mac surrenders to Napoleon‘s army at the battle of Ulm.
The United States and Britain establish the 49th Parallel as the boundary between Canada and the United States.
The Summer Palace in Beijing, China, is burnt to the ground by a Franco-British expeditionary force.
The Joint Commission, set up on January 24 by Great Britain and the United States to arbitrate the disputed Alaskan boundary, rules in favor of the United States. The deciding vote is Britain’s, which embitters Canada. The United States gains ports on the panhandle coast of Alaska.
Bolivia and Chile sign a treaty ending the War of the Pacific. The treaty recognizes Chile’s possession of the coast, but provides for construction of a railway to link La Paz, Bolivia, to Arica, on the coast.
Baseball’s first ‘colored World Series’ is held in Kansas City, Mo.
Czechoslovakia, complying with Nazi policy, outlaws the Communist Party and begins persecuting Jews.
German troops reach the approaches to Moscow.
U.S. troops land on Leyte in the Philippines, keeping General MacArthur’s pledge “I shall return.”
Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon form the Arab League to present a unified front against the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.
The House Un-American Activities Committee opens public hearings on alleged communist infiltration in Hollywood. Among those denounced as having un-American tendencies are: Katherine Hepburn, Charles Chaplin and Edward G. Robinson. Among those called to testify is Screen Actors Guild President Ronald Reagan, who denies that leftists ever controlled the Guild and refuses to label anyone a communist.
Jacqueline Kennedy marries Aristotle Onassis.
Arab oil-producing nations ban oil exports to the United States, following the outbreak of Arab-Israeli war.
A charter plane crashes in Mississippi, killing three members of popular Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, along with their assistant road manager, the pilot and co-pilot.
The Oakland Hills firestorm destroys nearly 3,500 homes and apartments and kills 25 people.
In the Libyan civil war, rebels capture deposed dictator Muammar Gaddafi in his hometown of Sirte, killing him soon afterward.

Friendly Little Elephant, Ain’t He?

It’s just a friendly little upskirt-elephant.
There’s a current political metaphor in there somewhere.
Now if we can just find it ...

How 10 Iconic Movie Monsters Were Created

The work that goes into making a scary movie monster has changed considerably over the past 10 years. No matter the era, there’s one that sticks in the audience’s minds and lives forever. And whether they are working with greasepaint or CGI, special effects teams always have a challenge before them. I mean, who knew that Boris Karloff was less than six feet tall? Frankenstein’s monster was certainly huge!
Jack Pierce is something of a legend in monster movie lore. The make-up artist was responsible for fixing the faces of the Mummy and Wolf Man, but one of his earliest hits was the 1931 horror flick Frankenstein. Pierce made Boris Karloff into the mutant by smearing green greasepaint all over his face. Karloff’s fingernails were painted black, and his eyelids were stiffened. Pierce gave him a flattop head with a combination of cotton and gum. Then the costume department got to work making the 5’11” Karloff into a looming terror. Karloff was given platform boots, each one weighing about 13 pounds, as well as a jacket that was too short and a doubled set of pants. The camera crew went the extra mile by filming Karloff at a low angle, so he looked all the more intimidating.
Read about nine other movie monsters and what went into making them, plus video clips of those movies you know so well, at mental_floss.

You Could Spend Halloween Night Sleeping in Dracula's Castle

Whether you really love feeling terrified on Halloween or you secretly believe you're a vampire and just need the right environment to live the life you've always dreamed of, Airbnb has you covered this Halloween. That's because they're giving you the chance to sleep in Dracula's castle on Halloween night, and you won't be left sleeping in some bedroom like a tourist -instead you'll get to sleep in velvet-lined caskets within the crypt itself. As if that wasn't enough to really set the mood, your host for the evening will be Dacre Stoker, Bram Stoker’s great grandnephew.
All you have to do to enter is answer the deceptively simple question, "What would you say to the Count if you were to come face-to-fang with him in his own castle?" So put away your garlic, silver and crosses and start writing!

Women Form Personal Opinions About Men Based on Facial Hair

by Amy Capetta
This is just one of the beard options women enjoy.
 Investigators from the University of Queensland in Australia asked 8,520 women to view computerized, manipulated images of men who displayed various stages of facial hair — clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, and full beards, with additional differences in brow ridge, cheekbones, and jawline. The females were asked to rate the attractiveness of these men.
The results, which were published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, are as follows:
  •      Stubble was judged as most attractive overall and received the highest marks for a short-term relationship.
  •      A full beard was more attractive in terms of a committed partner, “as a signal of intrasexual formidability and the potential to provide direct benefits to females.”
  •      Extremely masculine (images morphed where the men had narrower eyes, thicker and straighter brows, a thicker nasal bridge with narrower nostrils, less pronounced cheekbones, a narrower mouth and a larger, and a squarer jaw and chin) and extremely feminine-looking males (where these characteristics were diminished) were least attractive.
“Sexual selection via female choice has shaped the evolution of male ornamentation in many species,” stated the study authors in a press release.
‘I’m not surprised at all with these findings,” Stacy Kaiser, licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert, and author of How to Be a Grown Up: The Ten Secret Skills Everyone Needs to Know, tells Yahoo Beauty. “They go with my experience as a clinician and as a woman.”
She explains that because females deem a man’s stubble as “masculine, rugged, and sexy,” they will interpret his five o’clock shadow to mean he’s a guy who’s only in search of a fleeting romance.
“When we think of that kind of sexiness and passion, it does not translate into long-term thoughts or feelings,” states Kaiser.
However, extra facial hair is interpreted as extra safe.
“On the flip side, a man with a full beard is viewed as stable and fatherly, which makes us women think more about long-term relationships and greater security,” she added.
And this isn’t the first study to draw these conclusions. Psychology Today reported on two previous papers that found similar results, where one research group asked the men to evaluate their own appearance. The guys considered a full beard to be as appealing as heavy stubble, and reported a greater feeling of masculinity as facial hair increased.
The author, Jeremy Nicholson — who also goes by the name the Attraction Doctor —  concluded by reminding men that not all women think alike.
“There is a contingent of women who do not care for men’s facial hair at all, so for men committed to smooth cheeks, there’s certainly someone out there for you, too,” he wrote. “But fundamentally, as with other mating cures, women’s preferences in men are often linked to the type of relationship and gender dynamic they want. By changing his facial hair, a guy may be more likely to attract the type of relationship partner he seeks.”

Toothpaste significantly reduces dental plaque and inflammation throughout the body

Toothpaste significantly reduces dental plaque and inflammation throughout the bodyToothpaste significantly reduces dental plaque and inflammation throughout the body
For decades, research has suggested a link between oral health and inflammatory diseases affecting the entire body -- in particular, heart attacks and strokes. The results released today from a randomized trial of a novel plaque identifying toothpaste, (Plaque HD®),...

Foster care is bad for your health

Study shows foster care is bad for your health
Study shows foster care is bad for your health
Children who have been in the U.S. foster care system are at a significantly higher risk of mental and physical health problems — ranging from learning disabilities, developmental delays and depression to behavioral issues, asthma and obesity — than children who...

Stay Away From High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Random Photos

What the Narcissists Have Done to Our Jobs and Health

We Are Living in the Golden Age of Defense Waste and Corruption

No Riot For Amy

T-shirts Were Sold Outside Bills Game With Rifle Sight On Kaepernick

T-shirts Were Sold Outside Bills Game With Rifle Sight On Kaepernick
Wingnuts are losing their shit over a black man’s right to silently protest.

Mom Is Outraged That Wendy's Called Her Son "Lil Ugly Dude" On His Receipt

Working at a fast food restaurant can be tough, demeaning and thankless, but that doesn't justify employees taking their frustrations out on a customer, especially when the victim of their bullying is a kid.
A teen was recently embarrassed by the staff at Wendy's, who referred to him as "Lil Ugly Dude" on his receipt and made fun of him, and when his mom heard about the incident she took to Facebook to vent.
Good Morning FBF this been bothering me all night. I took my son to Wendy's to get something to eat last night. He went inside to place his order, instead of the cashier being courtesy and ask my son what's his name to put on his ticket she took it upon herself to put on the bottom of his receipt Lil Ugly Dude. This is unacceptable and unprofessional. My child was so embarrassed and upset he said the whole store was laughing at him including the manager. I play about alot of things but my kids isn't one. My ghetto side was telling me to go back up there and let them have it. But I rather do it the right way.
This may sound trivial to most adults, but teens constantly struggle with self-esteem issues so having an entire staff laugh at them and call them ugly doesn't just sting- it leaves a scar.
The moral of the story? If you're gonna act the fool at work and make fun of a customer try not to leave a paper trail!
What this piece fails to mention is the fact the "kid" in question was being an obnoxious brat and deserved far worse than being laughed at.

It's a Thing ...

Man who attempted to trade marijuana for police officer's snowmobile faces charges

A man attempting to trade a pound of pot for a snowmobile on Craigslist didn't realize the snowmobile seller was actually a police officer, according to investigators. Police say that Jason Owen, 29, of Sandy in Clackamas County, Oregon, made the trade proposal online last week.
The seller, an Oregon State Police trooper working in Salem, notified his supervisor, who suggested a consultation with the agency's drug enforcement section. On Saturday, the trooper agreed to meet Owen to discuss the marijuana-for-snowmobile swap at a gas station in Brooks, according to police. An unmarked police vehicle observed Owen driving around the parking lot.
Several marked patrol cars then initiated a traffic stop. The trooper identified himself and notified Owen that he was committing a crime. Police said Owen had 1½ pounds of marijuana in his car. His vehicle was impounded due to Owen having a suspended license. Owen was cited on charges of possession and delivery of marijuana, as well as driving while suspended.
He was not booked into jail. A woman in his car was not charged in connection with this case. "In Oregon, it's legal for adults 21 and older to possess and use recreational marijuana but there are limits. All sales and purchases must be made through an OLCC retailer or an Oregon Health Authority registered medical marijuana dispensary," according to an Oregon State Police statement.

Violent wind collision in one of the heaviest stars in our galaxy

Deep-space images show violent wind collision in one of the heaviest stars in our galaxy
Deep-space images show violent wind collision in one of the heaviest stars in our galaxy
A revolutionary study involving researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy (MPIfR) in Germany, Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, and NASA in the USA, has obtained the sharpest ever images of one of the heaviest stars in our Galaxy. The images show...

Highest resolution image of Eta Carinae

Highest resolution image of Eta Carinae
Highest resolution image of Eta Carinae
Led by Gerd Weigelt from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (MPIfR) in Bonn, a team of astronomers have used the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) at ESO's Paranal Observatory to take a unique image of the Eta Carinae star system in the Carina...

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