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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Today in History

97 To placate the Praetorians of Germany, Nerva of Rome adopts Trajan, the Spanish-born governor of lower Germany.
1553 Michael Servetus, who discovered the pulmonary circulation of the blood, is burned for heresy in Switzerland.
1612 A Polish army that invaded Russia capitulates to Prince Dimitri Pojarski and his Cossacks.
1791 President George Washington transmits to Congress the results of the first US census, exclusive of South Carolina which had not yet submitted its findings.
1806 Emperor Napoleon enters Berlin.
1809 President James Madison orders the annexation of the western part of West Florida. Settlers there had rebelled against Spanish authority.
1862 A Confederate force is routed at the Battle of Georgia Landing, near Bayou Lafourche in Louisiana.
1870 The French fortress of Metz surrenders to the Prussian Army.
1873 Farmer Joseph F. Glidden applies for a patent on barbed wire. Glidden eventually received five patents and is generally considered the inventor of barbed wire.
1891 D. B. Downing, inventor, is awarded a patent for the street letter (mail) box.
1904 The New York subway officially opens running from the Brooklyn Bridge uptown to Broadway at 145th Street.
1907 The first trial in the Eulenberg Affair ends in Germany.
1917 20,000 women march in a suffrage parade in New York. As the largest state and the first on the East Coast to do so, New York has an important effect on the movement to grant all women the vote in all elections.
1922 In Italy, liberal Luigi Facta’s cabinet resigns after threats from Mussolini that "either the government will be given to us or we will seize it by marching on Rome." Mussolini calls for a general mobilization of all Fascists.
1927 Fox Movie-tone news, the first sound news film, is released.
1941 In a broadcast to the nation on Navy Day, President Franklin Roosevelt declares: "America has been attacked, the shooting has started." He does not ask for full-scale war yet, realizing that many Americans are not yet ready for such a step.
1954 Benjamin O. Davis Jr. becomes the first African-American general in the US Air Force.
1962 American U-2 reconnaissance plane shot down by a surface-to-air missile over Cuba, killing the pilot, Maj. Rudolf Anderson, the only direct human casualty of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
1962 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev offers to remove Soviet missile bases in Cuba if the U.S. removes its missile bases in Turkey.
1964  The political career of future US president Ronald Reagan is launched when he delivers a speech on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.
1971 The Democratic Republic of the Congo renamed Zaire.
1986 London Stock Exchange rules change as Britain suddenly deregulates financial markets, an event called the Big Bang.
1988 Ronald Reagan decides to tear down a new US Embassy in Moscow because Soviet listening devices were built into the structure.
1997 Stock markets crash around the world over fears of a global economic meltdown.

Hot accordion caused fire at old people's home

A fire at a seniors' home in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, on Thursday morning was caused by a smoking hot accordion.
When fire crews responded to a call from Golden Years Estate, they found a small amount of smoke in a room but no flame and everyone was safe. Adison Quilty of Gander Fire and Rescue said that it was one of the stranger calls he has responded to.
"There was a couple of buttons melted. That was about it. No serious damage to the building or anybody or the accordion itself. It was unusual," said Quilty. Quilty said that the fire wasn't caused by any fast playing fingers but because the accordion was placed against an electrical heater.
"The heat from the heater eventually melted the buttons and created a little bit of smoke in the room," said Quilty. The incident was a reminder that people need to be cautious with heat sources in their homes. "We tell people to keep a minimum of 18 inches clearance around electrical heaters at all times," said Quilty. "Just in case things like this fall up against a heater or anything like that overnight."

Iceland, Where Bankers Actually Go To Jail For Committing White-Collar Crimes

Another Massive Fashion Retailer Abandons Abusive Scheduling As Pressure Mounts

Woman Says She Was Fired For Getting Beat Up By Her Boyfriend

The Mind-Blowing Reason Your Daughter’s Room And This Prison Cell Are The Same Color

Featured image credit: video screen capture Atlas Obscura via youtube
What do prison cells, mental wards and little girl’s rooms have in common?

Couple face home demolition after dispute with neighbor who swims naked in her garden pond

An elderly Austrian couple who have lived in the same house for 44 years have received a demolition notice for their home after a dispute with their neighbor who likes to swim naked in her garden pond.
Anton Kreilinger, 74, and his wife, Berta, 70, from Mining in Upper Austria say that they received a demolition notice from the local council on Monday, ordering that the house they have lived in since 1971 has to be knocked down within four months as it contravenes planning laws. "Our house is allegedly too close to the neighbor's property.
"We believe our neighbor instigated this after we had a row with her about our hedge,” Mr Kreilinger said. Their neighbor likes to swim in the nude in her garden and had deliberately let the hedge between the two properties get overgrown so that she couldn’t be seen. However, it was blocking out the Kreilinger’s sunlight so they trimmed it back.
The couple received planning permission for their house in 1968 but then, after agreement with their former neighbors, changed the original plans without reapplying for permission. In 2005 building experts noted that the distance between the house and the bordering property is two rather than three meters. The house also has a gabled roof which measures 26.8 meters, not the permitted 15 meters.

Woman accused of harassing elderly neighbor with peeping scarecrow

A woman from Bancyfelin, west Wales, has appeared in court charged with harassing her elderly neighbor by erecting a scarecrow to overlook her neighbor's garden. Alison Sarah Nicholson pleaded not guilty to a single count of harassment without violence. The 50-year-old was accused of erecting the scarecrow to peer over the fence into the garden of Nina Roberts.
She is also accused of other incidents as part of the charge which Mrs Roberts said amounted to harassment, including throwing bread onto a path belonging to Mrs Roberts and hanging a blanket over a fence with a message written on it.
Nicholson was granted unconditional bail and told to appear before Llanelli Magistrates' Court on November 17 for a trial.

Woman accused of flashing breasts at motorists says she was scratching bee or bug bite

A Florida woman who police say exposed her breasts to passing motorists and was seen lying on the ground yelling at people to have their way with her was arrested on Tuesday for indecent exposure of sexual organs in public.
Officer Joseph Kelly was called to Champion BBQ in Ocala, where, witnesses reported, a woman was showing her breasts while walking.
As he was driving to the restaurant, Kelly saw a woman lift up her shirt and slap her breasts numerous times while facing traffic.
Kelly stopped and talked with the woman, Denise R. Belflower, 34, of Sorrento, who said she had a bee or bug bite under her breast and was scratching it. She also told him she was intoxicated. She was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail.

14-year-old girl faces possible assault charges for throwing baby carrot at teacher

A 14-year old girl from Henrico County, Virginia, could be charged with assault and battery after she threw a baby carrot at one of her former teachers. School disciplinary documents allege a baby carrot was used as a weapon in an assault and battery of a Moody Middle School teacher. "I don't even know how to combat the stupidity," Karrie May, whose 14-year-old daughter Aliya is currently suspended for launching the vegetable, said.

13-year-old boy told to cover up after going to school in his mother's pink bikini

A 13-year-old boy was told to cover up after turning up for school in his mother's pink bikini. Tyler Pickering was told to change into his sports kit by teachers. The Year 9 student at Lipson Co-operative Academy in Plymouth, Devon, decided to wear the outfit for the school's mufti day on Thursday to raise awareness of breast cancer. Tyler, who has lost grandparents to the disease, completed his usual 15-minute walk to school in the bikini with his 11-year-old brother in tow. But when he arrived at the school he was told to change because the outfit was inappropriate.
The teenager's dad, Scott Pickering, said he understood the school's decision but said Tyler was not trying to cause offense. He said: "I understand where they are coming from but he wasn't doing it to laugh at cancer – he did it because he's 13 and he doesn't care what he looks like. "The whole point was to raise awareness of cancer so, with the amount of people that saw him and stopped him, that's what it was for. He's a good kid; he doesn't get into any trouble in school. He just doesn't care what people think of him and that just amazes me for a kid of his age." Mr Pickering, 34, said Tyler came up with the idea the day before the school's mufti day.
"He told me he was wearing it for school and I said he wasn't, so then he said if I put a picture [of Tyler in the bikini] on Facebook and it got over 100 likes then he would wear it," said Mr Pickering, who lives in Efford. "Within about seven minutes it got about 150 likes." Tyler's dad said this was not the first time his son had worn an eye-catching outfit to school before. In primary school Tyler turned up in a bumblebee costume complete with a tutu to raise money for Children in Need. "Tyler is Tyler so he is looking for the most outlandish outfit in the house to wear to school," said Mr Pickering. Principal Steve Baker said staff at the school were not "killjoys" but that Tyler was "revealing too much".
He said: "We've done a series of assemblies on breast cancer awareness and we felt that it wasn't appropriate. In terms of the seriousness of what we were trying to do, even though we aren't killjoys, the students still need to be aware of decency and respect and we felt it was less discreet than it should have been. These things occur regularly in schools but, as with all organizations, there are boundaries and we felt he had just crossed the boundaries. It's not a huge issue; it was just a mistake." Staff and students at the school were all dressed in pink on Thursday as part of Breast Cancer Now's Wear it Pink campaign to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. Despite the incident, Mr Baker said he was proud of his students and that the school managed to raise £1,000 for breast cancer awareness.

Court hearing suspended after man slapped his exposed rear-end and waved penis at judge

A district court hearing in County Clare, Ireland, was suspended after a commotion was caused when a man exposed himself to a judge. Proceedings at Ennis District Court were suspended after Brian Joyce took down his pants down in front of Judge Patrick Durcan. Mr Joyce turned his back on the judge and slapping his exposed rear-end after Judge Durcan refused bail to the man’s younger brother, John. John and Brian Joyce, both of Ennis, were before the court on Section 3 assault charges of a 17-year-old man.
After mooning at the judge, Brian Joyce turned around, waved his penis and shouted at the judge. As gardaí in court restrained the 21-year old and his 18-year old brother, Judge Durcan retreated from his bench into his adjoining chambers. One Garda was assaulted in the court during the melee. Around five gardaí were in court at the time and Garda reinforcements were called to deal with the disturbance. After court business was suspended for 20 minutes, Judge Durcan re-commenced the bail hearing.
Gardaí put handcuffs on both brothers and the court was cleared of family and friends who had been present for the earlier hearing. At the resumed hearing, Judge Durcan remanded the two men in custody. Insp Tom Kennedy was leading the Garda case in the bail application hearing on Thursday and said that he was “horrified” by what he had witnessed in court. Speaking after court, Insp Kennedy said: “What happened in court was unbelievable.
“In all my time working in court, I never seen an indecent display like I witnessed. What happened was incredible and to see someone moon at a judge and then show his genitals to the court and hold them in his hand was an affront to the administration of justice in the court. Why someone would do that, I just don’t know.” Insp Kennedy said that he had witnessed a number of disturbances in court over the years, but never anything where such disrespect was shown to the justice system. He described the situation in court as “tense and explosive”.

Man mistook shovel attack for gunshot

A man who told police he was shot in the head during a botched drug deal on the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio, was actually struck with a shovel, according to police reports.
Initial reports from Cleveland police said the 49-year-old man drove himself to the hospital after he was shot at about 11:30pm on Monday. The man said that he drank alcohol and smoked crack and marijuana prior to the incident.
He met two drug dealers in front of an apartment to buy marijuana. He then told the dealers he wanted to buy from someone else. A fight broke out between the man and the dealers, one of whom hit the man in the eye with a shovel. The dealers took the man's wallet.
The man heard a loud pop and thought he was shot. He drove himself to Euclid Hospital and was taken by helicopter to MetroHealth. Doctors treated him for a serious eye injury and cuts on his hands. The man didn't know the attackers' names. He told detectives he knew one of them as "Papa." Police are investigating.

Burglary suspect stripped naked and climbed into bed with sleeping couple before kissing man

A man who broke into a home in northwest Portland, Oregon, took off all his clothes, climbed into bed with a sleeping couple and kissed one of the victims before he ran away and was caught by officers in another home, according to police. Portland police responded to the report of a burglary at 3:40am on Thursday.
Police said the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Richard Defeudis, broke into the home and started gathering items inside. Investigators said he then removed all his clothes and got into bed with a man and woman, and kissed the man. The man woke up to the suspect sitting on top of him holding a knife, according to police.
Officers said the victim pushed Defeudis off of him and then grabbed his handgun. The victim told the suspect to stop, but investigators said Defeudis put his pants on and ran out of the home. The victim chased Defeudis and fired three shots toward him, according to police. Defeudis was not hit and continued to run away.

Police said he was eventually caught after breaking into a nearby vacant house. Defeudis was taken to the hospital for treatment of possible drug use and then booked in the Multnomah County Jail on charges of burglary, sex abuse and unlawful use of a weapon. The victim was not injured and is not expected to face any charges for firing his gun, according to police.

Man jailed after spraying rival's door with fake snow and attacking him with horse-riding stirrups

After brawling in a pub last Christmas a man sprayed his rival’s front door with fake snow before going to his home and attacking him while armed with horse-riding stirrups. Dean Phillips, 26, went to the home of Colwyn Probert after the pair were involved in an altercation in the Three Mariners Inn, Tenby, south Wales, on December 27 last year. At Swansea Crown Court on Friday, Phillips was jailed for a year after he admitted assaulting Mr Probert causing him actual bodily harm.
A charge of causing criminal damage to Mr Probert’s front door by covering it in the fake snow was dropped. Phillips, of Pembroke Dock, was sentenced to four months for the attack on Mr Powell and eight months for breaches of suspended sentences for two other offenses, one of which involved Mr Phillips walking through Pembroke with a machete. Nicola Powell, prosecuting, said on December 27 the pair were thrown out of the pub She said: “When Mr Probert got to his home in Tenby, he found his front door had been covered in what looked like paint but was in fact fake snow. A short distance away he noticed the defendant who asked to talk to him but Mr Probert told him to leave it until the following morning. Phillips replied: ‘No, we’re starting it now.’”
Mr Probert said he heard a 'jingle, jangle' noise and he noticed Phillips was carrying metal riding stirrups in his hands. She said Mr Colbert attempted to get away but stumbled in a garden and Phillips jumped on top of him. Ms Powell said: “The defendant shouted out ‘Now you’re scared of me.’” Phillips then punched Mr Colbert a number of times while holding the stirrups. She said Mr Probert shouted: “Help me, help me, he’s trying to kill me.” He was helped by neighbors and taken to hospital. After a medical examination, which involved a CT scan, he was found to have injuries including swelling to his eye and a wound to his leg though there were no broken bones.
Ms Powell said Phillips had a number of previous offenses involving violence, dishonesty and criminal damage. James Jenkins, representing Phillips told the court: “The defendant knows it’s time to grow up.” He said his client did not set out to use the stirrups in this incident. “The stirrups may well have struck Mr Probert but the complainant was not beaten with the stirrups – if he had been he would still be bearing the scars to this day. The injuries to Mr Probert were essentially superficial, I do not wish to belittle them but they are what they are.” Mr Jenkins added the injuries suffered by Mr Probert would have been “formidable” if the stirrups had been used. The judge sentencing Phillips said although Phillips may not have meant to use the stirrups, the stirrups must have connected with Mr Probert.

Man arrested after disturbing neighbors during vodka-fueled search for his missing dog

A Florida man was arrested early on Thursday morning after repeatedly disturbing his neighbors while trying to find his dog, police said.
Ryan Bradley Williams, 39, who reportedly was drinking vodka and cola during the search, was charged with disorderly intoxication.
According to police, Williams called officers late on Wednesday night to ask them to help search for his dog. Officers warned him the call was a misuse of 911 and to stop yelling in the neighborhood while looking for the dog. They also told him to stop drinking.
But officers confronted Williams again at about 1:30am on Thursday at his Umatilla home after receiving reports he was still waking up residents by yelling and knocking on their doors in search of the dog. Police said he had a cup of liquor, slurred speech, trouble maintaining his balance and was extremely intoxicated. Williams was arrested and held in the Lake County jail on a $500 bond.

Stag smashed through bus windscreen before leaving apparently unharmed through rear door

A bus driver in Carinthia, Austria, was lucky to walk away with just a few scratches after hitting a stag which hurtled through his windscreen and landed on the dashboard before running to the back of the vehicle in panic and eventually leaving by the rear door.
The local bus was traveling between Kremsbrücke and Rennweg with just one passenger when the accident happened at around 7.30pm on Wednesday. A young red stag crossed the road and the driver was unable to stop in time and avoid hitting it. It smashed through the windscreen and started to beat its antlers in panic.
The 53-year-old driver and his shocked passenger moved out of its way so that it could run to the back of the bus. However, the driver forgot to put on the handbrake and the bus started rolling backwards and down an embankment, before crashing into a tree - which prevented it from landing in the river.
The driver and passenger were able to open the bus’s rear door and let the stag out, which immediately ran off, apparently unharmed. The driver had some minor injuries and had to be treated in hospital for shock. It’s estimated that the damage to the bus will amount to €15,000. The road was closed for three hours whilst police recovered and towed away the bus. Every year an estimated 2,500 deer and 130 stags die on Carinthia’s roads.

Historic footage of parachuting beavers found

More than half a century after a group of beavers were parachuted into the Idaho backcountry, the state’s department of fish and game has uncovered film footage of the quirky wildlife management moment.
In the 1940s the department was trying to deal with an overpopulation of beavers in some regions when wildlife managers settled on a novel idea.
They captured beavers and other fur-bearing rodents, packed them into boxes, attached parachutes and dropped them from a plane into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. A film made around 1950 showed the infamous beaver drops, but it had long been lost.

Recently, fish and game historian Sharon Clark found the fragile film, which had been mislabeled and stored in the wrong file. Now it has been digitized and released by the Idaho Historical Society and the department of fish and game on YouTube. It appears all beavers survived their flying adventures unharmed.

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