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Monday, November 9, 2015

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Today is - World Freedom Day

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Today in History

1799 Napoleon Bonaparte participates in a coup and declares himself dictator of France.
1848 The first U.S. Post Office in California opens in San Francisco at Clay and Pike streets. At the time there are only about 15,000 European settlers living in the state.
1900 Russia completes its occupation of Manchuria.
1906 President Theodore Roosevelt leaves Washington, D.C., for a 17-day trip to Panama and Puerto Rico, becoming the first president to make an official visit outside of the United States.
1914 The Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney wrecks the German cruiser Emden, forcing her to beach on a reef on North Keeling Island in the Indian Ocean.
1918 Germany is proclaimed a republic as the kaiser abdicates and flees to the Netherlands.
1935 Japanese troops invade Shanghai, China.
1938 Nazis kill 35 Jews, arrest thousands and destroy Jewish synagogues, homes and stores throughout Germany. The event becomes known as Kristallnacht, the night of the shattered glass.
1965 Roger Allen LaPorte, a 22-year-old former seminarian and a member of the Catholic worker movement, immolates himself at the United Nations in New York City in protest of the Vietnam War.
1965 Nine Northeastern states and parts of Canada go dark in the worst power failure in history, when a switch at a station near Niagara Falls fails.
1967 NASA launches Apollo 4 into orbit with the first successful test of a Saturn V rocket.
1972 Bones discovered by the Leakeys push human origins back 1 million years.
1983 Alfred Heineken, beer brewer from Amsterdam, is kidnapped and held for a ransom of more than $10 million.
1989 The Berlin Wall is opened after dividing the city for 28 years.
1993 Stari Most, a 427-year-old bridge in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is destroyed, believed to be caused by artillery fire from Bosnian Croat forces.
1994 The chemical element Darmstadtium, a radioactive synthetic element, discovered by scientists in Darmstadt, Germany.
1998 Largest civil settlement in US history: 37 brokerage houses are ordered to pay $1.3 billion to NASDAQ investors to compensate for price fixing.
2007 German Bundestag passes controversial bill mandating storage of citizens’ telecommunications traffic date for six months without probable cause

15 Signs You're A TERRIBLE Boss (And Your Employees Hate You)

by Brenda Della Casa
That's the difference between a #boss and a "boss."
There are #Bosses, and there are bosses.
The former show respect to themselves and others, flash their leadership skills with confidence, and do what they can to manage as a mentor. The latter? They send their staff members into panic mode and demand them to grab their coffee.
Today, we're heeding the call of good-but-undermotivated-because-they're-miserable employees everywhere, and offering a little tough love for those bad bosses in need of a wake-up call. Your team will thank us later. Here's 15 signs you're a terrible boss.
1. You yell.
Uh, unless you're coaching a sports player from across the field or warning someone about a falling light fixture, there's zero excuse for screaming at your staff. Abuse isn't leadership, end of story.
2. You ask your staff to run your personal errands.
Dry cleaning? Dog drop-offs? We keep hearing it and can't believe there are still people in business abusing their power in this way. It's so cliché and so very wrong.
3. You insult/devalue your employees.
Every person on your team was hired for a reason; tearing them down slowly won't only chip away at their confidence, but leave them resentful and looking for a way to leave.
4. You're unreasonable.
You want what you want and you want it now. We get that. We also get that not understanding how long things take to get done efficiently can leave everyone flustering to please you, only to face your disappointment when it isn't done to your expectations.
5. You're paranoid.
Nicely dressed employees who take a lunch could have a date. Laughter could be about something actually funny. Whispering could be about someone's private life. Put bluntly, it’s not all about you.
6. You're chaotic.
As the boss, you set the tone. If you're unprepared, disorganized and anxiety-ridden, you'll never be able to give clear directions. And even if you do, you won't remember giving them, which will stress everyone out when you swear you never said that.
7. You micro-manage everything.
We're all adults here. We all have jobs to do, talents to offer, and skills to help enhance the company. If you're hovering and checking every little thing, you'll make every person on your staff feel as though they're walking on eggshells and that you don't trust them. Or worse, that you think they're incapable.
8. You steal ideas.
There's nothing worse than not wanting to tell your immediate boss your amazing ideas because you know the staff meeting will include them presenting them to the big boss as their own. If you do this, everyone hates you. Know this.
9. You equate power with aggression.
Have you ever watched a new boss transition from nice to drill sergeant with the switch of a title? It's embarrassing. Leadership is as much about mentoring and motivating as it is giving orders. Treat your staff like underlings and they'll work for you; treat them like valued team members and they'll work with you.
Make no mistake, you need the latter. It's the difference between people who clock in and out, and people who offer to work through the weekend to make sure the company kills it at the presentation.
10. You're a hypocrite.
You expect your team to show up on time and work through lunch ... as you roll in at noon and head out at four.
11. You have no filter.
There are some bosses who think they can say whatever they're thinking without much regard the fact that, oh, their staff members are actually human beings with feelings.
12. You're passive-aggressive.
Heavy sighs. Guilt trips. "Forgetting" to sign an employees vacation request. If you can't communicate needs in a clear and respectful way, you shouldn't be in a leadership role.
13. You're crazy moody.
One day you're loving everyone and suggesting team-building exercises, and the next you're growling that everyone takes advantage of your good nature and it's not worth it. Consistency, please.
14. You're a martyr.
We hear that you do everything and save the day constantly. We know it isn't true.
15. You make sexist/racist/homophobic/ageist comments.
It's not just horrible — it's illegal, too!

US braces for ‘extreme weather event’ ...

Faced with the prospect of a massive solar flare that could destroy satellites, spacecraft, and vital telecommunications systems, the White House National Science and Technology Council has released plans to protect vital systems from being devastated.

The House Always Wins: Woman Won $8M, Casino Says Not So Much

The House Always Wins: Woman Won $8M, Casino Says Not So Much (VIDEO)But then, they shut off the machine, took it away, printed out a ticket and gave her $80.

Comcast Busted In Data Cap Scheme Thanks To Leaked Documents

Featured image credit: Carl Lender via flckr under cc 2.0Comcast customers are calling on the FCC to investigate the company’s newly launched data cap scheme.


Cure Your Headache with This Simple Exercise Routine

Cure Your Headache with This Simple Exercise Routine
It works as well as prescription medication—without the side effects

9 Things Butter Lovers Do But Will Never Admit To

9 Things Butter Lovers Do But Will Never Admit To
Your roommate better not even think about buying margarine.



Cops Who Killed Autistic First Grader Arrested for Murder, One Had Prior Indictment for Rape

Cops Who Killed Autistic First Grader Arrested for Murder, One Had Prior Indictment for RapeTwo Louisiana police officers were arrested on Friday evening for the murder of a six-year-old child and the attempted murder of his father.

Wife smashed way into house and threatened to hurt her husband with porcelain toilet cistern lid

A 48-year-old Florida woman was jailed after investigators say she attacked her husband and threatened to hit him with a porcelain toilet cistern lid. Sebastian police arrested Angela Austin-Knight on a battery (domestic violence) charge following the Oct. 17 incidents involving alcohol and a toilet cistern lid.
At about 1:30am a police officer went to Austin-Knight’s listed address in Sebastian for a physical disturbance. The victim was identified as Austin-Knight’s husband. As the officer traveled to the scene, the husband told dispatchers he “locked himself in the bathroom and his wife was attempting to gain access using a porcelain toilet lid.”
At the scene, police spotted Austin-Knight through a broken window. She was standing in the kitchen holding a bottle of liquor. The husband said he and his wife argued, and at some point they went outside. He said as Austin-Knight grew more violent, she started to “chaotically swing” in his direction, hitting his face and upper body.
He said he ran in the home and locked the door. “After realizing the door was locked, Angela then grabbed a nearby porcelain toilet lid, and used it to break the kitchen window, where she made entry into the residence,” an affidavit states. Once inside, she “threatened to hurt him further with the porcelain toilet lid.” Austin-Knight, who appeared to be very intoxicated, gave different statements about what happened. She was arrested and taken to jail.

Police hunt hatchet-wielding transgender woman who stole handbag before escaping on bicycle

Police are looking for a transgender woman who allegedly threatened a security guard with a hatchet after stealing a handbag from a department store.
The robbery happened at around 1pm on Monday at Bloomingdales in downtown San Francisco.
Police said the woman entered the store and took the handbag, and when a security guard approached, she took out a hatchet from a bag and threatened the guard.
The security guard backed down and the woman left the store, fleeing on a bicycle. A police report describes her as a black male transgender, in her 40s, about six feet tall, weighing less than 200 pounds..

Murderer seeks judicial review to get his hair back

A convicted murderer and sex offender in New Zealand has asked his lawyer to seek a judicial review to overturn a ban on his wearing a toupee in prison. Phillip John Smith escaped to Brazil on a temporary release from Springhill Prison last year by obtaining a passport under his birth name, Phillip Traynor. He wore the toupee as part of his disguise while leaving New Zealand. Eight days later he was caught in Rio de Janeiro by Brazilian police. Smith has now asked his lawyer, Dr Tony Ellis, to file a judicial review if Corrections continue to deny him access to the toupee.
Ellis said his client had two different hairpieces which he was allowed to wear prior to his escape, but was now being denied access to both. "He is upset about it. He took some time and effort to get it in the first place. It was approved by Corrections, and now he is not allowed to wear it," he said. Auckland Prison Director Tom Sherlock said Smith was originally granted permission to wear the toupee to assist with his reintegration while on temporary releases. Because Smith was not longer eligible for temporary release, access to the item had been revoked. "A hairpiece is not an authorized item in prison, special permission must be granted by the prison director," he said.
"As his circumstances no longer require the use of a hairpiece, approval has not been granted." Ellis said there was a gap in Correction's logic to deny him the hairpiece. "If he is entitled to it when he is released, why is it different in the prison? It's is a grossly unfair punishment. They need too give it back, and stop messing about." Sociologist Greg Newbold from Canterbury University said not allowing Smith his hairpiece was impinging on his human rights. "It seems like pure vindictiveness on the part of Corrections. He is still entitled to be treated as a human being." Newbold said it appeared as if Smith was being punished for wearing the toupee when he escaped. "It looks like a punitive measure to me, and it's completely inappropriate.
"I don't see any reason why a person should not be allowed a toupee in prison." However, Garth McVicar from the Sensible Sentencing Trust said Smith was in prison to be punished, not pampered. "I think that it is absolutely ludicrous. It is another example of our ridiculous offender-friendly, criminal-centered justice policy coming back to bite us," he said. McVicar said he supported the protection of human rights within prisons, but Smith's plea was going too far. "I wonder why on earth as a nation we are bending over backwards to make sure these offenders have these rights. I am all for having the right to survive and not be threatened, but this is going too far," he said. Smith will go on trial in January to face charges of fraudulently obtaining a passport and escaping custody.



Six-Week-Old Caracal Kittens Venture Outside With Their Mother at the Oregon Zoo

In this beautiful footage, two tiny caracal kittens named Nandi and Nisha warily explore their enclosure at the Oregon Zoo wth their mother Peggy. Caracal cats, native to Africa, Central Asia, Southwest Asia and India, are not a common sight in nature, as the species is shy as well as nocturnal. The cat's name comes from the Turkish word "karakulak," meaning "black ear."
Read more about Nandi and Nisha here.

Goliath the Calf Thinks He's a Great Dane, Like His Buddy

Goliath, a calf rescued from a dairy farm by his human Shaylee Hubbs, may think he's a dog, like his housemate Leonidas. Goliath was sickly from birth, and Hubbs saved the calf's life by bringing him home and nursing him to his current healthy state.
Leonidas, the Hubbs family dog, is a Great Dane who took to Goliath immediately. He would often lick the calf in the face and nudge him when he was sick in an attempt to get him to stand. Hubbs told Country Living magazine,
"He would lay down with the sick little cow for hours just to keep him company. The Great Dane and [Goliath] became the best of friends.​"
Hubbs didn't realize the extent of Goliath's comfort with his new surrounds until one morning when she went to the barn to feed her other animals. Upon returning from the barn, she couldn't find Goliath. Hubbs said she was panicked until,
"We found, lounging ever so comfortably on our couch, Goliath! This was triumph and victory, a nice comfortable place on the couch!​"
Way to assimilate, little guy!
As it should be for all lovable dog/calf hybrids, Goliath can be followed on social media via Twitter

Fisherman surprised to find kangaroo swimming in lake

A fisherman in the middle of a lake in New South Wales, Australia, was surprised to see a kangaroo bobbing around in the water.
The man was in a kayak on Lake Hume on Sunday when he came across the kangaroo.
Believing the animal might have been forced into the water to escape a dog, the fisherman could only watch helplessly as the kangaroo tred water.

It then started to make for him, possibly sensing food from the man's line. "He can't get in here, I've got a kayak, fuck that," he says. "He's got a bit of work ahead of him, I think." It is unknown if the kangaroo was eventually able to make it to shore.

Naughty seal with a cheeky grin sparked air and sea search for swimmer in distress

A swimmer reported to be struggling in the waters near Port Nelson, New Zealand, was actually a "naughty seal" with a "cheeky grin." Police and rescue teams in boats were searching for a person reported to be waving for help in the water near the entrance to Port Nelson, the Cut.
Sergeant Wayne Corbett said someone on the Port Hills overlooking the harbour reported seeing the person in the water at 7.30pm on Thursday. Spotters on boats including from Nelson Surf Rescue had failed to find anyone by 8pm and a helicopter was to join the search. Tasman District Communications Manager Barbara Dunn said later it had soon come to light that the swimmer was not human at all.
"A person reported hearing a person yelling for help, but it turned out to be a seal," she said. Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter chief crewman Paul "Ernie" Bryant said after a thorough air and sea search for a swimmer, which started when a person on the Port Hills reported seeing someone waving for help, a seal was located watching the drama unfold.
"We saw a seal later up by the break water sitting on some rocks, just by himself with a cheeky grin on his face," Bryant said. "Retrospectively, it all sounds like nothing and a waste of resources, but if people believe that they've seen somebody and it is somebody and you don't do anything then you're going to lose a life." He said rescue crews did not get frustrated with calls of the like, and treated them all exactly as if a person was missing in the water.

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