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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Today is - Robinson Crusoe Day

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Today in History

Edward III is crowned King of England.
Elizabeth I, Queen of England, signs the Warrant of Execution for Mary Queen of Scots.
The tobacco laws of Virginia are codified, limiting tobacco production to reduce dependence on a single-crop economy.
France declares war on Britain and the Netherlands.
A furious Governor Sam Houston storms out of a legislative session upon learning that Texas has voted 167-7 to secede from the Union.
U.S. Secretary of State John Hay protests Russian privileges in China as a violation of the “open door policy.”
Germany contests French rule in Morocco.
U.S. troops leave Cuba after installing Jose Miguel Gomez as president.
A Loening Air Yacht of Air Ferries makes its first passenger run between San Francisco and Oakland, California..
Planes of the U.S. Pacific fleet attack Japanese bases in the Marshall and Gilbert Islands.
American tanks and infantry are battered at German positions at Faid Pass in North Africa.
U.S. Army troops invade two Kwajalein Islands in the Pacific.
U.S. Rangers and Filipino guerrillas rescue 513 American survivors of the Bataan Death March.
Three A-bomb tests are completed in the desert of Nevada.
Four black students stage a sit-in at a segregated Greensboro, N.C. lunch counter.
President Lyndon B. Johnson rejects Charles de Gaulle‘s plan for a neutral Vietnam.
Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and 770 others are arrested in protest against voter discrimination in Alabama.
U.S. troops drive the North Vietnamese out of Tan Son Nhut airport in Saigon.
South Vietnam President Nguyen Van Thieu declares martial law.
Two days of anti-government riots in Port-au-Prince result in 14 dead.

The Best National Park in Every State

America is a beautiful country and our National Park system is an amazing way to explore the best wilderness and historical destinations in all of the US. Whether you like beaches, snow, rivers, forests, colonial towns or majestic mountains, the National Park service is sure to please.
That's why we love this amazing Travel and Leisure article that picks out the best National Park in each and every state.
It's a great guide whether you want to see the best National Parks in states near you or to plan a huge road trip where you can see each of the best parks.
So don't miss the full list over on Travel and Leisure (and feel free to argue your case if you feel their selections are wrong).

Guéguen on Red

Some of Guéguen’s Attempts to Observe the Effects of Women Wearing Red
by Alice Shirell Kaswell
Nicolas Guéguen researches the effects of women who wear red on men. He does research on other subjects too, many of them focusing on the effect of women’s appearance, while hitchhiking or waitressing, on men’s behavior. Guéguen is based at Université de Bretagne-Sud, France. Here are a few of Guéguen’s women-wearing-red studies.
Guéguen and Red Clothed Women
“Color and Women Attractiveness: When Red Clothed Women Are Perceived to Have More Intense Sexual Intent,” Nicolas Guéguen, The Journal of Social Psychology, vol. 152, no. 3, 2012, pp. 261-265. Guéguen explains:

Research has shown that with some nonhuman primates, red is associated with greater sexual attractiveness of females, and recent studies found that a woman with red clothes increases attraction behavior in men. However, the mechanism that explains such behavior was not studied. In this experiment, we hypothesized that men overestimated women’s sexual intent when wearing red clothing. Participants evaluated attractiveness and the sexual intent of a woman presented in a photograph wearing a red, a blue, a green or a white teeshirt. It was found that men evaluated higher sexual intent in the red clothing condition. It was also found that perception of the woman’s sexual intent was not moderated by attractiveness rating.

Guéguen and Male Drivers and Red-Clad Female Hitchhikers
“Color and Women Hitchhikers’ Attractiveness: Gentlemen Drivers Prefer Red,” Nicolas Guéguen, Color Research and Application, vol. 37, no. 1, 2012, pp. 76-78. Guéguen explains:
Five female confederates in their early 20s posed as hitchhikers wearing T-shirts of different colors (black, white, red, blue, green, or yellow). It was found that the women wearing red solicited a higher response in the number of male drivers who stopped to offer a ride. No color effect was found when considering the behavior of female drivers.
Guéguen and Women in Red in Internet Personal Ads
“Color and Cyber-Attractiveness: Red Enhances Men’s Attraction to Women’s Internet Personal Ads,” Nicolas Guéguen and Céline Jacob, Color Research and Application, vol. 38, no. 4, 2013, pp. 309-312. Guéguen explains:
Women with Internet personal ads registered on a web meeting site displayed photographs with their upper clothes colored in red, black, white, yellow, blue, and green. The dependent variable was the number of contacts received from men. It was found that women’s ads with red received significantly more contacts.
Guéguen and Waitresses With Red Lipstick
“Lipstick and Tipping Behavior: When Red Lipstick Enhance Waitresses Tips,” Nicolas Guéguen and Céline Jacob, International Journal of Hospitality Management, vol. 31, no. 4, 2012, pp. 1333-1335. Guéguen explains:
Female waitresses with and without lipstick were instructed to act in the same way than usual with their patrons. Results showed that lipstick, and particularly red lipstick, was associated with greater male patrons (but not female patrons) tipping behavior. The increase of attractiveness and femininity of waitresses wearing lipstick and red lips was used to explain the results.
Guéguen and Women With Red Lipstick in a Bar
“Does Red Lipstick Really Attract Men? An Evaluation in a Bar,” Nicolas Guéguen, International Journal of Psychological Studies, vol. 4, no. 2, 2012, p. 206. Guéguen explains:
Female confederates wearing red, pink, brown and no lipstick were seated in bars on Wednesday and Saturday nights in a popular spot on the West Atlantic coast of France. Each experimental session lasted one hour. The number of men’s solicitations and the lead time of the first solicitation were used as dependent variables. Results showed that the red lipstick condition was associated with a higher number of male solicitations and a shorter lead time between the arrival of the confederates in the bar and the first courtship solicitation of a male.
Guéguen and Waitresses in Red
“Clothing Color and Tipping: Gentlemen Patrons Give More Tips to Waitresses With Red Clothes,” Nicolas Guéguen and Céline Jacob, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, vol. 38, no. 2, 2014, pp. 275-280.
Eleven waitresses in five restaurants were instructed to wear the same tee shirt with different colors (black, white, red, blue, green, or yellow). The effect of color on tipping according to patron’s gender was measured. It was found that waitresses wearing red received more tips but only with male patrons.

5 Surprising Facts About Near-Death Experiences


"Hygge is a Danish word (pronounced: HUE-gah) for a particular atmosphere grounded in the joys of simple pleasures."

Rise of an Urban Resistance

5 Ways to Resist Demoralization in the Dark Age of Dumbass Trump

‘America is created by immigrants’

Liberal actors from Hollywood aren’t the only celebrities speaking out against Dumbass Trump’s executive order on travel bans.

Pat Tillman’s widow slams Dumbass Trump’s travel ban

Marie Tillman, the widow of the late Army Ranger and former NFL player Pat Tillman, has taken a stance against Dumbass Trump’s travel ban for citizens of seven different Muslim-majority countries

Stopped her for ‘walking while brown’

Maryland police chief orders more training after woman claims cop stopped her for ‘walking while brown’

Fox 'News' tweets false information about white nationalist Quebec mosque shooter

Want evidence that Fox 'News' is a functional mouthpiece for the Dumbass Trump junta? On Monday, the most 'watched' 'news' network in America lied to you. While...
Earlier Monday, Fox 'News' wrote a tweet that read, “Suspect in Quebec mosque terror attack was of Moroccan origin.” Even after the suspect had been identified as Bissonnette, Fox has not yet issued a correction.

The Restaurant with No Kitchen

At some restaurants, you sit down and they cook you some food. At others, you pick up the food and take it home. Now there's a restaurant in Helsinki that turns that idea on its ear. Take In doesn't even have a kitchen, but you sit down to eat take out food ordered from any of 20 other restaurants.
With no kitchen, guests at Take In choose from a curated selection of dishes from roughly 20 restaurants via an app called Wolt, the other sponsor of the pop-up. Guests eat their dinner in the Take In dining room. Take In offers bar service, and “hosting service,” helping get orders to the correct table. Guests who just want to drop in for a drink are welcome to do so. While it seems like a concept designed for solo diners, a Wolt spokeperson tells Monocle that the restaurant offers a solution for groups who can’t decide on what they all want to eat. The Take In pop-up started at the beginning of November, and will run through April 2.
It sounds like a fancier version of what we'd call a food court. Read more about this odd concept in dining at Eater. 

Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze

Evidence of alcoholic beverages goes back at least 9,000 years, and we may eventually find evidence even older. Even before that, our primate ancestors were attracted to fermented fruit for its good qualities: calories, easy digestion, and the good feeling it gave them. Historians once considered alcohol as just another consumable, but it's becoming more clear that alcohol was one of the driving forces behind a lot of developments and upheavals of human civilization.
Indirectly, we may have the nutritional benefits of beer to thank for the invention of writing, and some of the world’s earliest cities—for the dawn of history, in other words. Adelheid Otto, an archaeologist at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich who co-directs excavations at Tall Bazi, thinks the nutrients that fermenting added to early grain made Mesopotamian civilization viable, providing basic vitamins missing from what was otherwise a depressingly bad diet. “They had bread and barley porridge, plus maybe some meat at feasts. Nutrition was very bad,” she says. “But as soon as you have beer, you have everything you need to develop really well. I’m convinced this is why the first high culture arose in the Near East.”
Alcohol had a big role in the rise of agriculture and communities, then trade, then war. Read what we we know about the role of alcohol in human history at National Geographic.

Raw or Cooked

Eye of Newt

The archaic term for mustard seed is Eye of Newt." Often misunderstood for an actual eye of a newt, this name has been popularly associated with witchcraft ever since it was mentioned as an ingredient to a witch's brew in Hamlet."

Teething with Belladonna?

"The Food and Drug Administration urged parents not to use Hyland's homeopathic teething products containing belladonna, commonly known as deadly nightshade."
That's right ease your child's teething pain with a lethal plant extract!

This ghastly sack of cells may be your distant ancestor

"Asgard is now the name of a large clan of microbes. Its members, which are named after Norse gods like Odin, Thor, Loki, and Heimdall, are found all over the world. Many of them are rare and no one has actually seen them under a microscope. But thanks to their DNA, we know they exist. And we know that they are singularly important to us, because they may well be the group from which we evolved."

Black bears are NOT attracted to the smell of menstrual blood

While they DO shit in the woods ... a recent study suggests that black bears are NOT attracted to the smell of menstrual blood as common folklore would have you to believe.
Although it would be better to be safe than sorry and just stay away from the bears in the first place.
Another interesting fact:  Only three species are known to go through menopause: Humans,Orcas ( killer whales), and short-finned Pilot whales.

Animal Pictures