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Monday, June 15, 2015

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Today in History

1184 King Magnus of Norway is defeated by his rival, Sverre.
1215 King John signs the Magna Carta.
1381 The English peasant revolt is crushed in London.
1389 Ottoman Turks crush Serbia in the Battle of Kosovo.
1607 Colonists in North America complete James Fort in Jamestown.
1752 Benjamin Franklin and his son test the relationship between electricity and lightning by flying a kite in a thunder storm.
1775 George Washington is named Commander in Chief by Congress.
1779 American General Anthony Wayne captures Stony Point, New York.
1836 Arkansas is admitted into the Union as the 25th state.
1846 Great Britain and the United States agree on a joint occupation of Oregon Territory.
1849 James K. Polk, the 11th president of the United States, dies.
1862 General J.E.B. Stuart completes his "ride around McClellan."
1864 The Battle for Petersburg begins.
1866 Prussia attacks Austria.
1877 Henry O. Flipper becomes the first African American to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
1898 The U.S. House of representatives approves the annexation of Hawaii.
1916 President Woodrow Wilson signs a bill incorporating the Boy Scouts of America.
1917 Great Britain pledges the release of all Irish captured during the Easter Rebellion of 1916.
1920 Three African Americans are lynched in Duluth, Minnesota, by a white mob of 5,000.
1928 Republicans, convening in Kansas City, name Herbert Hoover their candidate for President.
1932 Gaston Means is sentenced to 15 years for fraud in the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.
1940 The French fortress of Verdun is captured by Germans.
1944 U.S. Marines begin the invasion of Saipan in Pacific.
1947 The All-Indian Congress accepts a British plan for the partition of India.
1958 Greece severs military ties to Turkey because of the Cyprus issue.
1964 The last French troops leave Algeria.
1977 The first general election in Spain since 1936 results in victory for the UCD (Union of Democratic Centre).

Single Mom Gets Fired For Getting A Mammogram

Image via Screenshot
A single mom lost her job for getting a mammogram after she felt a lump in her breast. Jamie Crytzer is a 30-year-old mother in Pennsylvania doing the...

Bristol Palin Whines Because Miley Cyrus Isn’t Tolerant Of Hateful 'christians' Like Her

Image via Inquistr Bristol Palin threw a temper tantrum on her blog on Thursday after Miley Cyrus called out intolerant wingnut Republicans. Earlier this week, Paper Magazine...

Bad loser jailed after £250,000 fruit machine smashing spree

A "disagreeable loser" believed that wrecking up to £250,000 worth of fruit machines in an arcade would solve his gambling addiction, a court has heard. Andrew Haines armed himself with a mallet and a claw hammer before going on the rampage through Cashino in Ipswich on May 2, smashing every machine. Earlier the same day Haines had lost £30 playing machines at the same arcade and before starting his 20-minute wrecking spree told staff that they had “mugged him off”.
On Thursday at Ipswich Crown Court, Haines, 32, of Ipswich, was told by Judge Martyn Levett: “This was undoubtedly a revenge attack.” Haines, who has a history of causing damage, had pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage and burglary and was jailed for a total of two years and eight months. Judge Levett told Haines: “It was clear that you were a disagreeable loser who was out to take his revenge.” Prosecuting, Gareth Hughes said the damage caused by Haines had been estimated at up to £250,000.
As well as destroying every one of the 48 fruit machines in the arcade, Haines had smashed a cash machine, catering equipment and three large windows. Because of shards of glass from shattered gaming machines, staff had to hoover carpets in the arcade 30 times to ensure they were safe, said Mr Hughes. A member of staff who had been confronted at the front door by Haines locked himself in an office and watched the destruction taking place via CCTV cameras while awaiting the arrival of police.
Haines only stopped creating the trail of damage when he set off a fire alarm and fled by a side door to the roof where he was arrested. Defending, Marcus Croskill said Haines, who had a gambling problem, had been “overwrought with emotion”. Mr Croskill said: “This is a man who, when his emotions get the better of him, lashes out, causing damage.” Haines had believed that by destroying the machines he would end his addiction to gambling, Mr Croskill told the court. Sentencing him, Judge Levett said Haines had shown no remorse and had been intent on causing as much damage as possible. Haines was a “bad loser”, added the judge.

Saudi Arabian's caught singing and dancing at wild party ordered to dig graves

Two young women and two men who were caught together at a wild party that involved dancing and singing at a beach resort in Saudi Arabia have been given interesting alternative sentences.
The Criminal Court in Jeddah ordered the two girls to visit 10 patients at an intensive care unit of a government hospital, while the two young men will be digging five graves. However, the prosecutor has objected to the sentence and has decided to challenge the verdict. A number of judges across the Kingdom prefer issuing alternative sentences, or non-jail sentences. Judge Yasser Al-Balawi at the criminal court described this approach as a means of sparing the guilty and their families the negative impact as a result of jail sentences, such as negative societal perceptions and potential unemployment, which could exacerbate crime levels in the long run.
Many specialists and experts have called for application of alternative sentences during the Haj season in place of harsher sentences such as lashing or jail as a means to reduce punishment and provide services to pilgrims. Services could include guiding pilgrims and helping pilgrims collect stones for rituals.

White Georgia man opens fire on state troopers, dares cops to kill him — and survives

Leighton Marchetta
The incident, which took place Monday in Gainesville, stands in sharp contrast to recent police shootings of unarmed black suspects across the country.

Thieves unsuccessfully attempted to hide stolen Mercedes in police station car park

Greater Manchester Police say they have found "Britain's dumbest criminals" after thieves tried to hide a stolen Mercedes in a police station car park. Officers had been called to a burglary and car theft in Eccles shortly before 2am on Friday.
A short time later surprised police officers watched as the car thieves tried to drive into Middleton Police Station car park, found it locked, then started reversing the stolen car towards a police car and dog handler.
In a post on Facebook officers recount how: "The occupants of the vehicle opened the doors and hot-footed it away, pursued by the officers and the Police dog ... and were detained nearby. As is quite common practice people who steal cars hide them from the police in underground car parks for a few days in order to avoid them being recovered to the owners.
"On this occasion it would seem these offenders chose the wrong underground car park ie the POLICE STATION to try to hide the car and, to compound their poor judgement, just as the officers were returning back to the station!!!!!!!!" Two men have since been arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle.

Sheriff's deputy put on administrative leave after allegedly kneeing photobomber in the groin

A Sheriff’s deputy in Charleston County, South Carolina, was arrested after police said she kneed a man in the groin for jumping into photos at a party.
Deputy Kimberly Poirier, 47, is charged with third-degree assault and battery. The incident occurred at about 6:15pm on May 31 at a private party at Seagate Village Condominiums, Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis said.
Police said a group of women were taking photos at the end of the dock when a man decided to “photobomb” their pictures. Poirier, who knew the man, walked over to him and kneed him in the groin area, Francis said. The man refused to be treated by EMS and didn’t want to go to a hospital.
Poirier has been put on administrative leave with pay during the investigation, Sheriff’s Maj. Eric Watson said. She was a school resource officer and had been with the department since January 2011, he said. She was a Myrtle Beach officer before moving to Charleston County.

US Court Rules Against Jewish Family In Nazi Art Case

US Court Rules Against Jewish Family In Nazi Art Case
After World War II, Lilly Cassirer said she accepted about $13,000 in restitution in the German courts after unsuccessful attempts to find the painting.

The Battles Of A Civil War Re-EnactressThe Battles Of A Civil War Re-Enactress

Can a woman play a soldier in a Civil War reenactment? J.R. Hardman was always interested in the Civil War, but when she asked about joining in an reenactment, she was steered toward the hoop skirts. But she wanted to be a soldier. Every group of historical reenactors has their own rules, and some are more inclusive than others. After all, which is more important: historical accuracy or inclusiveness? Hardeman found a place as a Civil War soldier, a role that is based on actual history.  
There is historical authenticity in the idea that Hardman must dress and act as a man in order to fit into contemporary re-creations of Civil War life.
After all, the small number of women — perhaps several hundred — who fought in the real Civil War did so disguised as men. Some fought to be near loved ones; others for better pay; still others for ideological reasons. Those dressed-as-men combatants are beacons to Hardman.
Hardeman’s experience inspired her to produce a documentary about women in the Civil War and in modern reenactments with the working title Reenactress. Read about Hardeman and several of the women who fought in the Civil War disguised as men, at NPR.

Not so different under the hood

MIT-Language-Gene-01Asian, European languages not so different under the hood

Editors and other language mavens have long recognized that sentences containing subject relative clauses – as in, “The man who called the woman is friendly” – are easier to understand […]

Lactose-Intolerance 5,000 Years Ago

Early Europeans and Asians looked much like they do today 5,000 years ago, except they couldn't do one thing well: drink milk.

Excess Trees Are Harming the Environment

Cypress and cedar trees in Japan are causing massive amounts of nitrogen runoff into local streams.

Seven Alien Landscapes

These places look alien, but they're actually on Earth.

11 Somewhat Lesser-Known Monsters

We all know about dragons, mermaids, and unicorns, but there are plenty of other fantastical beasts handed down through the centuries that don’t get much as love today. Yes, our ancestors had documented bestiaries full of half-understood animals illustrated by people who had never seen them, beasts with unbelievable powers, and made-up creatures from scary tales. Have you ever heard of a Gorgon?
The Gorgon may look like a harmless, scaly cow, but don’t be fooled. “It eateth deadly and poysonfull hearbs, and if at any time he see a Bull, or other creature whereof he is afraid… sendeth forth of his throat a certaine sharpe and horrible breath, which infecteth, and poysoneth the air above his head, so that all living creatures which draw the breath of that aire are greevously afflicted thereby.”  
Also read about the Ravenna, the Manticora, the Su (no relation to the Snoo or the Shmoo) and more at Atlas Obscura.

Chimps Laugh

Chimp chuckles and smiles are so similar to those of humans that scientists are rethinking the origin of laughter and smiles. 

A Pig's IQ

Pigs may oink and bring home the bacon for some, but they also turn out to be intelligent and empathetic beings.
*All of which are higher than any Republican.

From the Shark Files

Tiger sharks migrate over 4,500 miles -- and some far longer -- from the cold North Atlantic to the warm Caribbean.

Animal Pictures