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Sunday, November 12, 2017

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Today in History

King Canute of Norway dies.
Suspicious of the intentions of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the Prince of Wales, English King Edward I resolves to invade Wales.
The first flying-trapeze circus act is performed by Jules Leotard at the Circus Napoleon.
Confederate General James Longstreet arrives at Loudon, Tennessee, to assist the attack on Union General Ambrose Burnside‘s troops at Knoxville.
Mount Vesuvius erupts.
The Lebaudy brothers of France set an air-travel distance record of 34 miles in a dirigible.
Adolf Hitler is arrested for his attempted German coup.
Canada is admitted to the League of Nations.
The ocean liner Vestris sinks off the Virginia cape with 328 aboard, killing 111.
Mexico agrees to compensate the United States for land seizures.
Madame Lillian Evanti and Mary Cardwell Dawson establish the National Negro Opera Company.
U.S. fighters wipe out a Japanese convoy near Leyte, consisting of six destroyers, four transports and 8,000 troops.
The German battleship Tirpitz is sunk in a Norwegian fjord.
Hideki Tojo, the Japanese prime minister, and seven others are sentenced to hang by an international tribunal.
The U.S. Eighth Army in Korea is ordered to cease offensive operations and begin an active defense.
The satellite Discoverer XVII is launched into orbit from California’s Vandenberg AFB.
The U.S. Supreme Court voids an Arkansas law banning the teaching of evolution in public schools.
Nixon announces the withdrawal of about 45,000 U.S. troops from Vietnam by February.
Boris Yeltsin is fired as head of Moscow’s Communist Party for criticizing the slow pace of reform.
Crown Prince Akihito is formally installed as Emperor Akihito of Japan.
Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist, publishes a formal proposal for the creation of the World Wide Web.
A Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 collides with a Kazakh Illyushin II-76 cargo plane near New Delhi, killing 349. It is the deadliest mid-air collision to date (2013) and third-deadliest aircraft accident.
Ramzi Yousef is convicted of masterminding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
The first Italians to die in the Iraq War are among 23 fatalities from a suicide bomb attack on an Italian police base in Nasiriya, iraq.
Shanghai Transrapid sets a new world speed record (311 mph or 501 kph) for commercial railway systems.

Why You Like the Smell Of Your Own Farts

why you like smelling your own fartsWhy You Like the Smell Of Your Own Farts
Are you farting roses while everyone else is letting the rancid cheese rip?

Why Your Breath Reeks So Bad When You Wake Up

why your breathe stinks in the morningWhy Your Breath Reeks So Bad When You Wake Up
It's not just because you've gone eight hours without brushing

How To Actually Roast Chestnuts

The Best Way To Grow Your Own Herbs

Signs You're Eating Way Too Much Protein

Too much protein
6 Signs You're Eating Way Too Much Protein
Going overboard could be bad for your health.

Watchdogs file complaint against fake abortion clinic

A Massachusetts health clinic is posing as an abortion provider to deliberately deceive women into not terminating pregnancies, a pro-choice group claims.
The Attleboro Women's Health Center does not provide abortions, but rather uses underhanded tactics in attempts to prevent them, according to the Campaign for Accountability, which filed a complaint on Thursday with the state's attorney general.

Opioid abuse crisis takes heavy toll on US veterans

Opioid drug abuse has killed more Americans than the Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam wars combined, and U.S. veterans and advocates are focusing on how to help victims of the crisis.
Veterans are twice as likely as non-veterans to die from accidental overdoses of the highly addictive painkillers, a rate that reflects high levels of chronic pain among vets, particularly those who served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to federal data.

Man freezes to death after sleeping with fans on

Before heading to bed, a Thai man set up three fans on the floor of his room in order to stay cool. But the bedroom appliances would soon play a role in his death. Shortly after falling asleep, the fans caused his body temperature to drop dangerously low, eventually causing him to die from hypothermia.

Can You Really Be Addicted To Sex?

Louis C.K. and Jeffrey Tambor Too?

A 'christian' teacher charged for raping his students

A teacher at a 'christian' day school is being charged with 84 separate counts of sexual abuse after sexually exploiting numerous students, according to a statement Wednesday from the school.
Curtis Van Dam, a 36-year-old fifth grade teacher in Iowa, sexually abused an unknown number of his students from August 2013 until last month when he was finally discovered, the statement says. Some of the crimes even took place in the Sioux Center 'Christian' School where Van Dam worked.

What is NXIVM?

nxivm sex cultWhat is NXIVM? Inside This Sex Slave Cult With Terrifying Allegations of Abuse
NXIVM, a secret sexually-charged "sorority," is allegedly recruiting women, branding them, and perhaps holding them against their will

LA cops plant drugs in black suspect’s wallet – unaware their body cams were on

BUSTED: Watch LA cops plant drugs in black suspect’s wallet – unaware their body cams were on

Woman leaves restaurant date after finding out man voted for Dumbass Trump

A woman “got up and left” a date after discovering he had voted for Dumbass Trump.
The pair had spent over two hours together at Philadelphia's Nineteen restaurant having drinks.
But after learning about his political leanings "she stopped in her tracks and said, ‘You know what? This has been a lot of fun, but I think we’re two completely different people’."
Then "she literally got up and left.”
Melissa Hobley, of dating website OK Cupid, said: “We’re finding that politics are becoming a bigger deal-breaker today, maybe the most they’ve been in many years.”
Of the million people surveyed by the site on whether they would date someone who voted for Dumbass Trump, 65 percent answered “no” or “hell, no”.

‘Shoot them and start over’

A Pennsylvania parent is accused of making death threats on Facebook against striking teachers.

Wingnut Minnesota militia prepping for civil war with ‘drunk fests’

A local news report compared a Minnesota gun militia to squabbling reality TV stars after the group turned on its leader. Jason Thomas headed the United Patriots of Minnesota 3% until his Red Wing home was raided by FBI agents.

Farmer finds nearly 100 geese shot dead

A farmer in a town north of Taber, Alta in Canada discovered nearly 100 dead geese left in mysterious conditions, Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials said this week.
Officials said 85 Canada geese and five snow geese were found partially covered in snow. The dead birds were found dumped on the side of the road on Tuesday along Township Road 112 and Range Road 161, about 11 miles north of Taber.

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