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Thursday, April 30, 2015

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The Americas
Beunos Aires, Argentina
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Santiago, Chile
Bogota, Colombia
Kingston, Jamaica
Mexico City, Mexico
Boaco, Nicaragua
Pajaros and San Juan, Puerto Rico
Caracas, Venezuela
Christiansted, Virgin Islands
Tirana, Albania
Vienna, Austria
Homyel and Minsk, Belarus
Hadzici, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Glavinitsa, Sofia and Varna, Bulgaria
Nicosia, Cyprus
Prague and Tirnec, Czech Republic
Chester, Colney and London, England
Boulogne-Billancourt, Jumilhac-le-Grand, Lyon, Paris and Salon-de-Provence, France
Berlin, Eschborn, Francop, Hurth and Munich, Germany
Athens, Greece
Reykjavik, Iceland
Dublin, Ireland
Milan, Palermo, Rome and Terlizzi, Italy
Riga, Latvia
Amsterdam and Utrecht, Netherlands
Gjerstad, Norway
Torun and Warsaw, Poland
Moscow, Russia
Forth, Scotland
Barcelona, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and Madrid, Spain
Gislovs Lage and Lulea, Sweden
Ankara, Turkey
Dnipropetrvosk and Kiev, Ukraine
Bangor, Wales
Beijing, China
Amli, Bangalore, Calicut, Gubbi, Hyderabad, Pune and Shillong, Trichur, India
Jakarta, Indonesia
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, Korea
Djounie, Lebanon
Bukit Mertajam, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and Sibu, Malaysia
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Singapore, Singapore
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Bangkok, Khlong Toei and Phaya Thai, Thailand
Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt
Maputo, Mozambique
Windhoek, Namibia
Lagos, Nigeria
Carthage, Tunisia
Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa
Lusaka, Zambia
The Pacific
Homebush and Sydney, Australia
Makati, Philippines
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Today in History

313 Licinius unifies the whole of the eastern Roman Empire under his own rule.
1250 King Louis IX of France is ransomed.
1527 Henry VIII of England and King Francis of France sign treaty of Westminster.
1563 All Jews are expelled from France by order of Charles VI.
1725 Spain withdraws from the Quadruple Alliance.
1789 George Washington is inaugurated as the first U.S. president.
1803 The United States doubles in size through the Louisiana Purchase, which was sold by France for $15 million.
1812 Louisiana is admitted into the Union as a state.
1849 Giuseppe Garabaldi, the Italian patriot and guerrilla leader, repulses a French attack on Rome.
1864 Work begins on the Dams along the Red River, which will allow Union General Nathaniel Banks' troops to sail over the rapids above Alexandria, Louisiana.
1930 The Soviet Union proposes a military alliance with France and Great Britain.
1931 The George Washington Bridge, linking New York City and New Jersey, opens.
1943 The British submarine HMS Seraph drops 'the man who never was,' a dead man the British planted with false invasion plans, into the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain.
1945 Adolf Hitler commits suicide in his bunker. Karl Donitz becomes his successor.
1968 U.S. Marines attack a division of North Vietnamese troops in the village of Dai Do.
1970 U.S. troops invade Cambodia to disrupt North Vietnamese Army base areas.
1972 The North Vietnamese launch an invasion of the South.
1973 Nixon announces the resignation of H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, and other top aides.
1975 North Vietnamese troops enter the Independence Palace of South Vietnam in Saigon ending the Vietnam War.
1980 Terrorists seize the Iranian Embassy in London.

New Chocolate Bar Has 7 Different Kinds of Filling

Cadbury has produced a new chocolate bar that will contain no fewer than 7 different flavors inside its chocolate blisters. They are solid chocolate, caramel, almond, fruit and nut, Oreo, almond butter, and Turkish delight. It's called the Dairy Milk Spectacular 7. Food artist Prudence Staite helped Cadbury design this ingenious candy bar.
You won't be able to buy it in stores. Cadbury is making only 50 of them, which will be prizes in a contest available to residents of the United Kingdom.

Possibly drunken sailor broke both legs after jumping eight floors into hotel swimming pool

The US Navy and West Australian police are investigating after a US sailor broke both of his legs after jumping from the 10th level of an inner-city Perth hotel and landing in the pool, eight levels below.

Barefooted robber wearing 'Scream' mask made getaway on child's scooter after raiding bookies

A man wearing a ‘Scream’ mask and no socks or shoes made his getaway on a children’s scooter after raiding a bookmakers. The robber struck at Ladbrokes in Kenton, Newcastle upon Tyne, at around 5.45pm on Sunday. He demanded money from staff before fleeing on a children’s scooter with cash in a Tesco bag. No one was injured in the raid and no weapon was seen.
A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “Anyone who was in the area and who may have seen or heard anything suspicious is asked to contact police.”
The offender is described as around 5ft 8ins tall, of slim build, aged late 20s to early 30s, wearing gloves and a ‘Scream’ mask. He was not wearing any shoes or socks and made off on the scooter.

Shoplifting woman who crossed items off list rode away on shopping cart getaway vehicle

A woman walked through the aisles at Walmart with a list of items, crossing each one off along the way, then rode away on her shopping cart full of stolen goods. State police have released surveillance video of the incident at the store in East Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
Police said the unknown woman used large Rubbermaid containers to store the stolen items, including razors, meats, milk and beauty products. After she would put each item into her cart, police said she would cross it off her list. "It appears she is basically going off of a grocery list," said Trooper Stephen Limani.
"Usually criminals don't grab heavy items that cost $2 or $3 and run out of a store with them. Sometimes it happens in our area because people do amazing things, but that's not normal." Surveillance video from the parking lot shows the woman pushing her shopping cart and running behind it to gain speed, then hopping on the cart and riding it as a child might do.

"When she got out of the store, she took her buggy and started to run with it and ultimately used her buggy as a skateboard to skate away," said Limani. The theft happened at the end of February, but police said they are only just now releasing the surveillance footage because of issues with the video and failed leads. Anyone who recognizes the woman in the video is asked to call police.

'Moronic' man badly burned while trying to steal live 11,000 volt electrical cable faces jail

A would-be thief is facing a jail sentence after he plunged part of a Scottish town into darkness, sustained severe burn injuries and caused more than £60,000 worth of damage when he tried to steal a live 11,000 volt electrical cable. John Maguire suffered horrific full thickness burns to his right hand and wrist after trying to steal the cable in Leven, Fife, in a bid to bolster his finances two days before Christmas. Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court heard his stunt plunged a large area of Leven, including a supermarket and an industrial park, into darkness until Scottish Power engineers fixed it.
The court heard Maguire had caused the cable to explode when he pushed a tester into it to see if it was live. That left a blast mark on an adjacent wall and led Scottish Power engineers called out to deal with it to suspect the culprit would be badly hurt. Police launched a media appeal to find the thief, as well as raising concerns about his injuries. They found him at his home on December 27, 2013 nursing a horrific injury to his right hand, which had not been seen by medics. A Scottish Power insider said: “This was utterly moronic, it’s hard to imagine anything more idiotic than tampering with a live high voltage cable.”
His skin was black and red, with an ambulance then summoned to get him treatment. Fiscal depute Susan Armstrong said: “The cost of damage was estimated at £61,500. She said: “The circuit was tripped around 12.40am on December 23 and was made safe by an engineer. Another engineer found the cable had been broken. The cable carried 11,000 volts and supplied a large area of Leven, including an industrial area and a Sainsbury’s supermarket, which reported a loss of power. Police received anonymous information on December 27 that the accused was responsible and he was traced at his home.
“He had obvious injuries to his hand which was extremely swollen and covered in black and red skin. He later told police he had suffered full thickness burns to his hand and wrist as well as burns to his face and there may be lasting nerve damage. He indicated he was sorry for the bother he had caused and said he had done it because he needed money for Christmas.” Maguire, 54, of Leven, pleaded guilty on indictment to a charge of attempted theft. His not guilty plea to charge of culpably and recklessly tampering with the cable causing danger of injury and death was accepted by the Crown. Sheriff Jamie Gilchrist QC deferred sentence until next month for social work background reports and released Maguire on bail in the meantime.

CO2 Battery

A massive carbon battery could be used to store energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar.

Universal Hologram

Is the universe a hologramIs the universe a hologram?

Describing the universe requires fewer dimensions than we might think; new calculations show that this may not just be a mathematical trick, but a fundamental feature of space itself At […]

Orchids' Lips

Orchid lips are irresistible to pollinators, such as bees, and these lips can develop and change over time.

Woman reunited with piglet after seeking police help when it was pignapped and held for ransom

A woman from central Oahu, Hawaii, was left in shock when she entered her barn recently and found a hole in a screen barrier and a piglet was missing. Micro-mini pig seller Kristen De La Torre says it was no accident.
“After the thieves cut through the screen they grabbed a piglet then took off,” she said. She says 10 days before this break-in, she had brought an interested buyer up to her property. Days after the theft she received a suspicious email from who she believed to be the boyfriend of the interested buyer.
“They were saying that they were going to get possession of the piglet that they knew who has him and they’re going to rescue the piglet for me in exchange for a reward,” said De La Torre. It was ransom for the piglet. “I told them an amount and they raised it another $400 so they demanded more money,” said De La Torre. She then set up a time and place to meet the person to get her piglet back, but before she did that she notified police.

“The police had been working with me, I had been forwarding them all the emails and text messages to them so they were able to detain him at the time and return my pig to me safely,” said De La Torre. The person arrested was released pending further investigation. De La Torre is just happy to have her piglet back and hopes next time someone actually buys the piglet instead of stealing it. “I’ve only been doing this for a year and this is my first litter so it’s been kind of a challenging start, but you live and learn,” said De La Torre.

Firefighter used duck call ringtone to rescue ducklings from storm drain

A duck call ringtone helped a firefighter rescue six ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain in southeast Louisiana on Saturday. At approximately 5:24pm, St. Tammany Fire District #1 responded to a call for baby ducks trapped in a storm drain in Slidell.
A neighbor reported seeing a number of baby ducks fall into a storm drain. Upon arriving on the scene, firefighters verified that several baby Mallard ducks were trapped in the storm drain. Firefighters removed the top cover of the drain to gain access to the ducks. Firefighter Cody Knecht got down in the drain to try and capture the ducks.

Captain Chuck Davis, Fire Operator Jason Theriot, and Fire Prevention Officer Billy Dekemel assisted from above. With the help of a duck call ringtone on his iPhone, Firefighter Knecht was able to lure the baby ducks to him. It took about an hour and a half to rescue four of the six baby ducks.

Unable to capture the other two baby ducks, the crew went back to the fire station to give the ducks a chance to calm dawn. They returned about an hour later and rescued the two remaining baby ducks. All of the baby ducks were reunited with their mother in the canal behind the home where the incident took place.

Baby Elephant Seal Cuddles with Woman

At a mere 200 pounds, this elephant seal is just a little baby. He's been abandoned by his mama, so he's eager for some snuggling. Charlene Fritz, a tourist from Canada, was glad to provide it. While she visited Snow Hill Island off the coast of Antarctica, the little seal crawled over to her and climbed on of her lap.

You Can Now Rent Goats On Amazon

No one likes yardwork and chemical weed killers tend to be terrible for the environment. That's why goat rental has become a popular alternative for clearing large swatches of land. While we previously covered this trend, it was still sort of a fringe service that wasn't available commercially in many areas.But all that's changing thanks to Amazon's new service section which was recently launched. The company offers all the usual local services like plumbing, home cleaning, computer repair, but they also offer two unusual options in their "other" category, namely goat grazing and silk aerialists.
So next time you're planning a big party in the middle of an unkempt field, just head to Amazon and rent a goat to clear out the space and a silk performer to entertain your guests. If you time things just right maybe your guests will get to enjoy a goats-only petting zoo too.

Vegetarian T. Rex

T. rex had some surprising relatives, including a new dinosaur nicknamed The Platypus that loved plants instead of meat.

Got Back Pain?

People with lower back issues have spines indistinguishable from a chimp's, a new study finds.

Hating Bugs

In some cultures insects are considered a delicacy. So is the aversion to insects a Western phenomenon?

High-Pitched Seizures

The sudden rip of Velcro or the clank of a metal spoon against a pet dish are just a few of the sounds that can trigger seizures in cats.

The Eagle Owl Has Landed

The apparently tame owl has taken to perching on bystanders' heads.

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