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Thursday, February 4, 2016

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Today in History

Harun al-Rashid succeeds his older brother the Abbasid Caliph al-Hadi as Caliph of Baghdad.
Richard I, King of England, is freed from captivity in Germany.
The Proclamation of Trent is made.
Shay’s Rebellion, an uprising of debt-ridden Massachusetts farmers against the new U.S. government, fails.
France abolishes slavery in her territories and confers slaves to citizens.
Harry Longabaugh is released from Sundance Prison in Wyoming, thereby acquiring the famous nickname, “the Sundance Kid.”
After an exchange of gunfire, fighting breaks out between American troops and Filipinos near Manila, sparking the Philippine-American War
The New York Police Department begins finger print identification.
California law segregates Caucasian and Japanese schoolchildren.
Germany decrees British waters as part of the war zone; all ships to be sunk without warning.
French troops take the territories of Offenburg, Appenweier and Buhl in the Ruhr as a part of the agreement ending World War I.
Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurates the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, N.Y.
The United Service Organization (U.S.O.) is formed to cater to armed forces and defense industries.
The Japanese attack the Indian Seventh Army in Burma.
The Big Three, American, British and Soviet leaders, meet in Yalta to discuss the war aims.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee begins televised hearings on the Vietnam War.
Newspaper heiress Patty Hearst is kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army, beginning one of the most bizarre cases in FBI history.
Syria withdraws its peacekeeping force in Beirut.
The U.S. Post Office issues a commemorative stamp featuring Sojourner Truth.

CIA jumps on return of ‘X Files’ bandwagon by releasing photos and reports of UFO sightings in the 50’s

CIA UFO photo taken over Sheffield, England in 1962
Prior to the relaunch of Fox’s supernatural and conspiracy series The X Files, the normally secretive Central Intelligence Agency became less publicity shy.

Oklahoma Wingnut Bill Would Ban Suicidal LGBT Teens From Seeking Help From Pro-Gay Therapists

Image via childrensadvocate.orgOklahoma Wingnut Bill Would Ban Suicidal LGBT Teens From Seeking Help From Pro-Gay Therapists
If Oklahoma wingnuts have their way, the suicide rate among LGBT teens will skyrocket.

Hate Group Leader Claims Gay People Are Imposing Islamic Tax On American 'Christians'

Hate Group Leader Claims Gay People Are Imposing Islamic Tax On American Christians (AUDIO)It was only a matter of time before homophobes started comparing gay people to militant Muslims.

‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Holds Children At Gunpoint, Lectures Them About Crime

‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Holds Children At Gunpoint, Lectures Them About Crime‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Holds Children At Gunpoint, Lectures Them About Crime
A ‘good guy with a gun’ held three teens at gunpoint and lectured them about crime in the area. No reason, just being a ‘responsible gun owner.’

Video Of Man Casually Doing Interview After Just Being Shot Goes Viral

Video Of Man Casually Doing Interview After Just Being Shot Goes Viral (VIDEO)
Video Of Man Casually Doing Interview After Just Being Shot Goes Viral
The man just got shot in the chest and does an interview like it’s no big deal.

Chicago Cop Executes Mentally Ill Black Teen, Then Sues Family For ‘Emotional Distress’

Cops are out of control when it comes to getting away with murdering black people with impunity and without consequence. The case you’re about to...

Hackers post private files of America’s biggest police union

Rear view of policeman in uniform standing against car (Shutterstock)
Names and addresses of officers, forum posts critical of Barack Obama, and controversial contracts were posted online in the Fraternal Order of Police hack.

Police kicked in opera-singing man's door after his vocals were mistaken for terrifying screams

Police in the Netherlands kicked in a man's front door in response to an emergency call.
It soon became apparent that the "terrifying screams" which had been reported were actually the sound of the man singing along to opera.
A concerned neighbor had called police to report domestic violence. Police officers who arrived at the property also heard screaming coming from inside. When they tried to break in, the man, wearing headphones, came to the door.
It happened on Tuesday in Buitenveldert, a southern area of Amsterdam. Police said everyone concerned had laughed about the matter. The name of the man has not been released - nor has the name of the opera he was singing along with. 
We've always maintained Opera was torture - this proves it!

Seven police vehicles responded after man carrying bicycle repair kit walked into store

At least seven police vehicles were scrambled following reports of a man brandishing a knife and a hammer in a newsagents in Dundee, Scotland. But they were quickly stood down when it turned out that the customer had simply been carrying a bicycle repair kit. Officers received a call from shopkeeper Noor Ul-Haq, 35, who runs the KeyStore in the Hilltown. Mr Ul-Haq claimed that someone had entered his store carrying a knife and a hammer, as well as the keys to a bike chain.
Investigations soon revealed that there had been a misunderstanding. Witnesses spoke of seeing at least seven police cars on a nearby street while officers tried to track down the man believed to have been armed with the weapons. The incident happened shortly after noon on Monday. Mr Ul-Haq said: “He didn’t seem intent on causing any damage or doing anything criminal but was just walking about in the shop.
“But I wasn’t sure where he had come from or why he was carrying these things, so we called the police, who responded quickly. The man had left and headed down towards the blocks of flats by the time they arrived. I was very happy with the police and how they handled things. They were here very quickly and managed to track him down. One officer came back to explain what had happened and brought the tools with him to show them to me once they had tracked down the man.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “We were called over concerns for a man in a shop on the Hilltown. There was a misunderstanding with the shopkeeper and the man involving a bicycle repair kit. It appears to have been a false alarm with good intent.” One local resident said: “I just saw seven police cars come screaming down the road. I had no idea what was going on. That sort of thing is not unusual around here but I didn’t see police bringing anybody out or anything and it all seemed to be over quite quickly.”

Accused vehicle thief said she was just using it for half and hour

Not long after a man from Springfield, Massachusetts, realized that his van had disappeared from his driveway on Saturday morning, it was back – parked across the street, with a woman in the front seat and evidence of a sexual tryst in the back. By the time police arrived, the owner had confronted the woman, who jumped on his back and repeatedly punched him in the face before adding insult to his injuries. "She stood in the street yelling at him ... then turned around, pulled her pants down below her knees and bent over, exposing her buttocks," an arrest report said.
Nicole Brace, 29, of Springfield, was arrested nearby, but not before tangling with two police officers too. "You're going to have to work for it," Brace said, putting one foot against the cruiser door and the other on the frame when the officers tried to place her in the cruiser, according to the report. At police headquarters, she was charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle; resisting arrest; open and gross lewdness, assault and battery (on the car's owner); assault (on one of the arresting officers); assault and battery on a police officer, and larceny under $250.
On Monday, she pleaded not guilty to the charges in Springfield District Court and was released on $200 bail – the same amount set at the police station after her arrest on Saturday. At the station, Brace told police she was "just using (the van) for half an hour" and never intended to steal it. The owner told police the van vanished at around 9am after he left it running in his driveway to warm up; a debit card and a bank envelope with $160 inside were in the glove compartment, he said. When the van returned an hour later, Brace was driving and a man "in his 50s, short, with no teeth" was in the passenger's seat.
The man fled as the owner approached the van, which had blood on the door and the driver's seat. To avoid a confrontation, the owner told Brace he just wanted the keys, and she responded by throwing them on the ground; when he bent down to get them, she jumped on the his back and repeatedly punched him in the head. Moments later, she walked away, shouting obscenities, then stopping in the middle of the road to pull down her pants. The $160 in the glove compartment was gone, but not the debit card; a used condom and an inhaler were found on the rear floorboard, and both were bagged as evidence.

Learning Stuff Can Be Physically Tiring

Did the Vikings use crystal ‘sunstones’ to discover America?

Man dressed as a Viking warrior (Hans Splinter/Flickr)
The idea is that the Vikings may have used the interaction of sunlight with particular types of crystal to create a navigational aid that may even have worked in overcast conditions.

Archaeology News

The tea was drunk by Han Dynasty emperors as early as 2,100  years ago, research determined.
The sculptures date to the first or second century AD and stand at around 21 inches in height.

Burning The World's Oldest Trees

Tasmania's rain forests are burning up in the wake of its most severe two-year drought on record.

Paleontology News

An enormous bird with eggs the size of cantaloupes lived a long and successful life in Australia -- until hungry humans arrived.
A construction crew uncovered the remains of the beast while digging in the north end of Reser Stadium.

Elderly woman woke up to find an exotic animal on her chest

An animal usually found in the rain forests of Central and South America, somehow made their way into a home in southwest Miami-Dade, Florida, on Tuesday and gave a 99-year-old woman quite a surprise. “The lady is sound asleep and she feels something on her chest and she slowly wakes up, and realizes that there’s an animal curled up sleeping on her chest,” said veterinarian Don Harris.
“I don’t know, I guess her first impression was it might be a cat, but when they both got a look at each other, they both freaked out. The lady screamed, the kinkajou went into her attic.” The woman called her daughter and a friend who were able to lure the mysterious animal out of the attic using a YouTube video. The animal turned out to be a kinkajou, which looks like a monkey but is actually in the raccoon family. The exotic animal was taken to an animal hospital in south Miami.
“They’re not predators, they’re very peaceful animals, they’re arboreal, they live in the treetops, they live in the branches,” explained Harris. “They eat fruit and bugs and things like that, they’re pretty docile creatures, unless cornered, and then their teeth are their defense mechanisms.” Also known as honey bears, kinkajous are rarely seen because they are nocturnal. But, if startled, Harris said they can be dangerous. “Someone who was bitten by an animal like this that didn’t get proper medical care could lose a limb,” he said.

Luckily, this kinkajou just wanted a bedtime cuddle. “Some people keep them as pets, but I don’t know really how often they make really good pets,” Harris said. “It’s not the kind of animal that you can safely cuddle up with. They’re very interesting, they’re very rare. Special permits are required to have them, so the question is where did this animal come from?” It was later established that the kinkajou had been a pet in South Florida, and the owner went to pick it up on Wednesday.

Animal News

A new survey shows the mammal with the bandit face spreading into new areas of England after nearly disappearing there 100 years ago.
The bird's egg was stolen from its nest in Chile and headed for sale in Dubai for tens of thousands of dollars.
The many-armed creatures lead dramatic lives and resolve disputes using color to mark their mood.

Animal Pictures