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Thursday, February 11, 2016

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Today in History

660 BC
Traditional founding of Japan by Emperor Jimmu Tenno.
Henry VIII is recognized as the supreme head of the Cult of England.
Sixteen-year-old Sacajawea, the Shoshoni guide for Lewis & Clark, gives birth to a son, with Meriwether Lewis serving as midwife.
Robert Fulton patents the steamboat.
News of the Treaty of Ghent, ending the War of 1812, finally reaches the United States.
14-year-old Bernadette Soubirous, a French miller’s daughter, claims to have seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes.
Congress passes the Expedition Act, giving antitrust cases priority in the courts.
President Theodore Roosevelt proclaims strict neutrality for the United States in the Russo-Japanese War.
Theodore Roosevelt Jr. and Eleanor Alexander announce their wedding date–June 20, 1910.
The Mexican government nationalizes all church property.
The Reich arrests 150 Catholic youth leaders in Berlin.
The Negrin government returns to Madrid, Spain.
The German battleships Gneisenau, Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen begin their famed channel dash from the French port of Brest. Their journey takes them through the English Channel on their way back to Germany.
The meeting of the President Franklin Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Marshal Joseph Stalin in Yalta, adjourns.
U.N. forces push north across the 38th parallel for the second time in the Korean War.
Walt Disney’s film Peter Pan premieres.
A 75,000-watt light bulb is lit at the Rockefeller Center in New York, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Thomas Edison’s first light bulb.
Nationalist Chinese complete the evacuation of the Tachen Islands.
Iran turns down Soviet aid in favor of a U.S. proposal for aid.
Poet and novelist Sylvia Plath commits suicide in London at age 30.
Cambodian Prince Sihanouk blames the United States for a South Vietnamese air raid on a village in his country.
President Lyndon Johnson orders air strikes against targets in North Vietnam, in retaliation for guerrilla attacks on the American military in South Vietnam.
Vice President Hubert Humphrey begins a tour of Vietnam.
Communist-led rebels shower artillery fire into a crowded area of Phnom Pehn, killing 139 and injuring 46 others.
Mrs. Margaret Thatcher becomes the first woman to lead the British Tory Party.
South African political leader Nelson Mandela is released from prison in Paarl, South Africa, after serving more than 27 years of a life sentence.

The Steagles

How the NFL Responded to World War II
During World War II, almost all able-bodied young men entered military service, either as volunteers or draftees.
So who played professional football?
That became a serious problem for two teams in particular: the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles. These teams lost so many players that they had to merge into one team known as the Steagles.
Problem solved, right? Wrong. Most of the men who served on the Steagles and other World War II-era teams got their jobs because they were physically unfit to serve in the military. These professional football players were often half-deaf, half-blind, or had ulcers or hernias. Zachary Crockett describes their challenges at Priceonomics:
Bill Hewitt, who was excused from military service for a “perforated eardrum” and served as the Steagles’ defensive end during the 1943 season, was so guilt-ridden that he quit the team mid-season, and went to go work in a milk factory.
Other Steagles players faced more pressing medical problems: Tony Bova, the receiver, “was completely blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. Two of his teammate, Ed Michaels and Ray Graves, were entirely deaf in one ear. John Butler, who, as tailback, was required to run dozens of offensive lines per game, had arthritis in his knees. In a wide variety of respects, the Steagles team was riddled with ailments.

Wikipedia’s Longest-running Hoax

According to his Wikipedia entry, Jack Robichaux was a 19th-century New Orleans jazz musician, highly regarded until he was exposed as a serial rapist. The source cited was a printed book. Except there was never a case of serial rape in New Orleans involving Jack Robichaux. In fact, there never was such a person. The entry was added to Wikipedia in 2005 and uncovered in 2015, making it the site’s longest hoax yet.
The entry was an “orphan,” meaning it didn’t have any links coming into it, and very few links in the article itself, so it drew little attention. Since the person didn’t exist, no one came looking for information on him. But Wikipedia now has 3,000 “very active editors” and ten times as many “active editors” who are on the lookout for ways to improve the site. That included editor Calamondin12, who knew the entry was suspicious as soon as he saw it.
Calamondin12 had no doubt after seeing "Jack Robichaux" that it was a hoax. On August 27, 2015, at 4:11 p.m. the user flagged the post: “long-lived hoax; no references found for this case; not found in book cited; not to be confused with actual jazz musician John Robichaux.”
That same afternoon, user Swister Twister sat down at his computer and set about his usual routine: Scan categories of articles for any suspicious activity. When checking the "suspected hoaxes" section, he was excited to see the newly flagged post from Calamondin12.
SwisterTwister did some searching of his own and also turned up no evidence of a real-life Jack Robichaux. At 5 pm he posted his verdict: "All signs suggest this is fabricated with my searches finding nothing but mirrors and no connection at all with the book. What's more is this sparsely edited article has existed since July 2005 when it was started by an IP from Los Angeles who also made a few edits to Theta Xi and not only are the majority of editors IPs, there hasn't even been much change since 2005 which is another serious sign. Yet another interesting tidbit is that the article has never gotten Louisiana attention and is orphaned from any other articles."
Editors not only revealed the entry to be a hoax, they also found out who did it and when. The story of how Jack Robichaux came to be reveals the early weaknesses of Wikipedia, the length some people will go to exploit them, and how volunteer editors work together to enforce quality control over the free encyclopedia.

Cure for All That Ails You

Broad claims have been made about the powers of apple cider vinegar. Really broad! There seems to be nothing it can't do. We train our eyes on this seeming miracle liquid.

A cognitive neuroscientist explains why brain-enhancing stimulants should be legal

One of the hottest topics in the bioethics world involves the use of cognitive enhancers—also known as “smart drugs”, “brain boosters”, and “nootropics”—to achieve elevated mental and physical performance.

72-year-old honorably discharged veteran deported after 50 years in America

Andres De Leon deported veteran
72-year-old honorably discharged veteran deported after 50 years in America

Twitter shutters over 125,000 accounts linked to terrorism or ISIL

Twitter shutters over 125,000 accounts linked to terrorism or ISIL

President of FL police union cyber-bullies woman who ‘pulled over’ speeding cop in viral video

After the video went viral, the head of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Javier Ortiz, began hounding Castillo on Facebook, posting her business card online and urging people to call her work and her cell phone.

School principal confiscates student’s ‘Disney Day’ Elsa costume because ‘boys shouldn’t dress like girls’

Austin Lacey, 13, stands with his mother while holding Elsa dress - (screen shot KTLA)School principal confiscates student’s ‘Disney Day’ Elsa costume because ‘boys shouldn’t dress like girls’

School suspends trans boy for using boys’ restroom

“Let the transgender kids be themselves,” his mother said. “Let them be safe and let them be comfortable. Let them have their education in an environment where they are not harassed or felt to be unsafe.”

11-year-old ‘bully’ to spend childhood behind bars after cold-blooded shotgun murder of 8-year-old neighbor

An 11-year-old Tennessee boy was ordered to spend the rest of his childhood in juvenile detention for the cold-blooded killing of his 8-year-old neighbor — but officials aren’t exactly sure how to handle his incarceration.

Man choked to death after attempting to eat cheeseburger whole

A father-of-three choked to death as he tried to eat a McDonald's cheeseburger in one mouthful, an inquest has heard.
Darren Bray, 29, of Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, blacked out as he ate the 99p burger following a night out with friends in October 2015. Cardiff Coroner's Court heard Mr Bray, who had been drinking, but not enough to affect his judgement, died from a blockage to his airway.
A death by misadventure conclusion was recorded. The hearing was told Mr Bray said "watch this" to his friends as he squashed the burger in half and put it in his mouth. Friend Sam Bisgrove said: "I could see him trying to cough it up and he was making horrible coughing noises. I tried to hit his back to help him clear his airway."
Paramedics arrived and performed CPR on Mr Bray, who was at a friend's house in Barry, but were unable to restart his heart and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Dr Rhiannon Trefor told the hearing there was an 8cm by 5cm (3in by 1.9in) ball of food stuck in his throat. "He would not have been able to breathe ... with that in his airway, she said.

Woman Gatecrashes Own Funeral

Woman Gatecrashes Own Funeral, To Great Surprise Of Husband Who Hired Hitmen To Kill Her (VIDEO)
Woman Gatecrashes Own Funeral, To Great Surprise Of Husband Who Hired Hitmen To Kill Her
“Surprise, I’m alive!”

Couple arrested after Silly String fight in Walmart

A Silly String incident at a Walmart store in Michigan has resulted in retail fraud charges against a couple who made a mess with the canned string.
The Muskegon couple entered the store outside of Ludington and commenced to get in a "fight" with the Silly String, said Mason County Sheriff Kim C. Cole.They allegedly ended up emptying "multiple" cans of the string, which comes out of an aerosol can, in multiple aisles of the store, Cole said.
"It sounds like they did make quite a mess," he said. Employees of the store demanded the couple pay for the cans they used, Cole said. "They opted just to leave rather than pay," the sheriff said. And so a sheriff's deputy responded, catching the couple nearby and throwing them in jail for retail fraud.
Free on bond are Samantha Christiansen, 26, and Derek Gomez, 24, both of Muskegon, according to the sheriff's office. "They're certainly old enough to know better," Cole said. Misdemeanor third degree retail fraud, stealing products worth up to $200 from a store, is punishable by up to 93 days in jail or a fine up to $500 or three times the value of the items taken, whichever is greater. Silly String sells for about $3 a can.

Shoplifter left behind her phone and a puddle of urine

An alleged shoplifter in Florida tried to make off with more than $2,100 in designer clothes on Friday, police say. Along the way, police have said that Brooke Amber Sutton, 27, left behind some unusual evidence.
According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, an employee at the Ann Taylor store at Silver Sands Premium Outlets in Miramar Beach called authorities after discovering several security tags that had been removed from merchandise. Along with the tags was a cell phone. The deputy discovered the phone number for the cell phone owner’s husband, and was able to contact him. The husband reportedly gave the deputy a description of the suspect’s car, which the deputy later spotted near the store. Sutton was driving the vehicle.
According to Sutton’s arrest report, she reportedly admitted during a post-Miranda warning interview that she entered the Ann Taylor store and took numerous items into the fitting room. While inside, she reportedly confessed to removing the price tags and security devices from the items, leaving the store with 18 items she didn’t pay for. Sutton also urinated on the floor and on several items of merchandise. After slipping out of the Ann Taylor store undetected, Sutton entered Saks Off Fifth.
There she entered a fitting room with between 15 and 20 pairs of jeans. Sutton later exited the fitting room with six pairs of jeans, valued at more than $1,000, draped over her arm. She reportedly concealed the jeans under a men’s suit jacket. Sutton then left the store, setting off a security alarm. When the deputy made contact with Sutton, he discovered the jeans in her vehicle. Sutton was arrested on two counts of felony retail theft and was booked into the Walton County Jail. She was released on bond the next day.

Catnapper ate lollipop, drank coffee and smoked pot at victim's home

Authorities in Vermont have arrested a man who allegedly broke into a North Troy home twice since the weekend, each time engaging in unusual behavior. Mark Frady, 54, illegally entered a residence in the state's Northeast Kingdom late on Saturday afternoon and early on Monday morning, according to Vermont State Police investigators, who arrested him on Tuesday in North Troy.
The victim, Chris Nelson, 49, told police that Frady took Mason, a tabby cat, after breaking into her home at around 5:30pm on Saturday. "At this time, no one knew who this subject was," police said in a statement. Troopers were called back to Nelson's home at around 4:30am on Monday. This time, Nelson said, Frady entered her locked residence while everyone was asleep.
Nelson said she woke up to find "Frady talking to himself while eating a lollipop, drinking coffee and smoking marijuana," police said. Nelson told police the intruder was Frady, who used to live down the street from her. Frady left in a 1999 blue Toyota Camry with Vermont tags. When Nelson's son tried to stop the car, Frady allegedly showed him a handgun, police said.
Frady was taken into custody without incident on Tuesday afternoon in North Troy. Mason the cat was unharmed and was returned to its owner, according to police, who did not indicate if Frady and Nelson are acquainted. Frady was remanded to Northern State Correctional Facility in Newport, Vermont, in lieu of $25,000 bail. He is expected to be arraigned in Orleans District Court in Newport.

Calf born with a map of Australia on its hide probably saved from ending up on dinner plate

A calf from Yougawalla Station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has been born with a marking on its hide that looks like a map of Australia.
Yougawalla Station's Jane Sale reckons the unique coat will probably save the calf from ending up on the dinner plate.
"We definitely know which paddock he's in and we'll be keeping an eye out for him when we draft, and I think for sure he'll have to stay around [and not be sold]," she said.
"As he grows I hope it [the Australian map] stays in its current shape." Mrs Sale said it even seemed like New Zealand was visible up near the animal's front-right leg, and the south-east tip of Indonesia was on his rump.

Dog separated from her own litter broke out of kennel to comfort crying puppies

It appears the maternal instinct was strong with one dog at a boarding kennel in St. Albert in Alberta, Canada, as surveillance video shows, she broke out of her own kennel in an apparent effort to comfort rescue puppies staying at the same facility.
On Friday, Sandi Aldred, owner of Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming said Maggie, an Australian Shepherd cross took extreme measures to help some rescue puppies that were also at the kennel. Surveillance footage shows Maggie going up to the kennel the puppies were in, and trying to comfort the two crying puppies inside - she had broken out of her own kennel to get to them.
Aldred said it was the puppies’ first night at the kennel, and they may have been a little scared. “She just wanted to get to these puppies, so she pushed her way through, wiggled her way out,” Aldred said. “She must’ve known pretty much where they were because she almost went right to their room.
“She stood there, she pawed at their door, she put her nose in there, she did her little bum wiggle and little bow to them and just wanted to be in there with them. Then she just sort of stood guard with them until we got back.” Aldred said Maggie’s own litter of puppies had been adopted out. Meanwhile, the two puppies Maggie tried to comfort, along with the other seven in their litter, will soon be up for adoption.
There are videos, showing different footage, here and here.

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