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Friday, November 17, 2017

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Today in History

Enraged by the insolence of barbarian envoys, Valentinian, the Emperor of the West, dies of apoplexy in Pannonia in Central Europe.
Queen Elizabeth ascends to the throne of England.
The Church of England is re-established.
Henrique Dias, Brazilian general, wins a decisive battle against the Dutch in Brazil.
Napoleon Bonaparte defeats an Italian army near the Alpine River, Italy.
The Sixth Congress (2nd session) convenes for the first time in Washington, D.C.
A grim abolitionist meeting is held in Marlboro Chapel, Boston, after the imprisonment of a mulatto named George Latimer, one of the first fugitive slaves to be apprehended in Massachusetts.
Union General Ambrose Burnside marches north out of Washington, D.C., to begin the Fredericksburg campaign.
The Suez Canal is formally opened.
Russia launches a surprise night attack that overruns Turkish forces at Kars, Armenia.
The Serbian Army, with Russian support, invades Bulgaria.
Vladimir Lenin’s efforts to impose his own radical views on the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party splits the party into two factions, the Bolsheviks, who support Lenin, and the Mensheviks.
The first ship sails through the Panama Canal, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Influenza deaths reported in the United States have far exceeded World War I casualties.
German troops evacuate Brussels.
Charles Lindbergh inaugurates Pan Am service from Cuba to South America in the Sikorsky flying boat American Clipper.
German Luftwaffe general and World War I fighter-ace Ernst Udet commits suicide. The Nazi government tells the public that he died in a flying accident.
Britain reports development of the world’s first nuclear-powered heating system.
The NVA ambushes American troops of the 7th Cavalry at Landing Zone Albany in the Ia Drang Valley, almost wiping them out.
The American Surveyor 6 makes a six-second flight on the moon, the first lift-off on the lunar surface.
The Soviet unmanned Luna 17 touches down on the moon.
WHHM Television in Washington, D.C., becomes the first African-American public-broadcasting television station.
Renault President Georges Besse is shot to death by leftists of the Direct Action Group in Paris.
A student demonstration in Prague is put down by riot police, leading to an uprising (the Velvet Revolution) that will topple the communist government on Dec. 29.
The US House of Representatives passes a resolution to establish the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Gen. Sani Abacha leads a military coup in Nigeria that overthrows the government of Ernest Shonekan.
Controversial President of Peru Alberto Fujimori is removed from office.

Ayahuasca Can Help Cure Depression, Alcoholism

New ancient Egyptian mummy discovered wearing golden mask

Archaeologists working in Egypt have uncovered an ancient sarcophagus containing a startlingly well-preserved mummy wearing in an intricately painted gold and blue burial mask.

A new and potentially habitable alien planet is hurtling toward Earth

A new exoplanet that could theoretically host a climate hospitable to life has been discovered just 11 light-years away from Earth—and it's speeding closer every day. Scientists announced the discovery in a paper due to be published in the journal  Astronomy & Astrophysics.

These cities may be at risk of drowning due to global warming

The effects of melting glaciers on Earth's sea levels are already greatly known, however, NASA has now concluded that areas around the globe will all be affected differently due to varying climates and conditions. If all of Earth's glaciers melted, sea levels will reportedly rise around 70 meters, but coastal cities may be in deeper waters, according to new NASA research released Wednesday. 


"A dose as small as a grain of sand can kill you"
From The Guardian:
Developed in the 1970s as a tranquilizer for large animals such as elephants and bears, the synthetic opioid has also been studied as a potential chemical weapon by countries including the US, China and Israel. It is thought to have been deployed with disastrous effects when Russian special forces attempted to rescue hundreds of hostages from a Moscow theatre in 2002.
But it only burst into public view last year after officials across North America began to warn that it was being cut with heroin and other illicit drugs, leaving a rash of overdoses and deaths in its wake. “An amount as small as a grain of sand can kill you,” Dr Karen Grimsrud, Alberta’s chief medical officer, told reporters after traces of carfentanil were found in the bodies of two men who had overdosed. “Carfentanil is about 100 times more toxic than fentanyl and about 10,000 times more toxic than morphine.”..
The remarks came after Canadian police – protected by hazmat suits and oxygen containers – seized one kilogram of carfentanil hidden inside cartridges labelled as printer ink and which had been shipped to Vancouver from China.
Given the purity of the substance seized, police estimated that the package could contain as many as 50m lethal doses – enough to wipe out the entire population of the country.

Equifax sells your salary history

From NBC News:
The Equifax credit reporting agency, with the aid of thousands of human resource departments around the country, has assembled what may be the most powerful and thorough private database of Americans’ personal information ever created, containing 190 million employment and salary records covering more than one-third of U.S. adults.
Some of the information in the little-known database, created through an Equifax-owned company called The Work Number, is sold to debt collectors, financial service companies and other entities...
But salary information is also for sale by Equifax through The Work Number. Its database is so detailed that it contains week-by-week paystub information dating back years for many individuals, as well as other kinds of human resources-related information, such as health care provider, whether someone has dental insurance and if they’ve ever filed an unemployment claim...
How does Equifax obtain this sensitive and secret information? With the willing aid of thousands of U.S. businesses, including many of the Fortune 500. Government agencies -- representing 85 percent of the federal civilian population, including workers at the Department of Defense, according to Equifax -- and schools also work with The Work Number..
That was from an article published in 2013.  Assume that the situation might have changed by now?   Nope.  CNN writes "Why Equifax will continue to profit by selling your personal information":
"But it's not in the interest of lenders to stop sharing information with the credit rating agencies, Horn said. It could hurt the accuracy of the credit reports they buy back."

Technology, not trade, is invading nearly all US jobs

Forget robots. The real transformation taking place in nearly every workplace is the invasion of digital tools.
The use of digital tools has increased, often dramatically, in 517 of 545 occupations since 2002, with a striking uptick in many lower-skilled occupations, according to a study released Wednesday by the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank. (Study: //brook.gs/2mn6g9z)
The report underscores the growing need for workers of all types to gain digital skills and explains why many employers say they struggle to fill jobs, including many that in the past required few digital skills. There is anxiety about automation displacing workers and in many cases, new digital tools allow one worker to do work previously done by several.
Those 545 occupations reflect 90 percent of all jobs in the economy. The report found that jobs with greater digital content tend to pay more and are increasingly concentrated in traditional high-tech centers like Silicon Valley, Seattle and Austin, Texas.

Overlooked Passage in Wingnut Tax Bill Would Gouge America's Growing Army of Gig Economy Workers

How School Voucher Extremists Made Useful Idiots of the Charter Movement

A Hotel for Anti-Dumbass Trump Protesters Is Coming to D.C.

At Least 30 Countries Use Social Media to Influence Elections Across the World

You Should Be Reading Small Independent Media

Judging Janus

Far-right Conspiracists Stir Up Hysteria About Nonexistent 'Civil War' Plot By 'Antifa'

Harvey Weinstein sued by actress, who claims he raped her in 2016

Harvey Weinstein and the movie company he co-founded, The Weinstein Company, were sued in California state court on Tuesday by an anonymous actress who said she was raped by the movie producer in the spring of 2016.

'Christians' love pedophilia

The Church of Satan wants 'christians' to know that when it comes to pedophilia, it has the moral high ground.
The Satanic organization took advantage of the child sex allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore — and support for Moore from local pastors — to herald Tuesday that "christians love pedophilia.”

Wingnut megacult founder Bob Coy accused of molesting 4-year-old

A former Las Vegas strip club manager who went on to found one of the largest megacults in Florida, has been accused of molesting a Florida girl for years — beginning when she was 4-years-old

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