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Friday, November 10, 2017

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Today in History

Christopher Columbus discovers Antigua during his second expedition.
The English explorer Richard Chancellor is drowned off Aberdeenshire on his return from a second voyage to Russia.
All Dutch-held areas of New York are returned to English control by the treaty of Westminster.
The U.S. Marine Corps is founded.
In the last battle of the American Revolution, George Rogers Clark attacks Indians and Loyalists at Chillicothe, in Ohio Territory.
Henry M. Stanley finds Dr. Livingstone at Ujiji near Unyanyembe in Africa.
Little Bighorn participant Major Marcus Reno is caught window-peeping at the daughter of his commanding officer—an offense for which he will be courtmartialed.
President Howard Taft ends a 15,000-mile, 57-day speaking tour.
The Imperial government of China retakes Nanking.
Forty-one US suffragettes are arrested protesting outside the White House.
Fascist Italy enacts anti-Semitic legislation.
Winston Churchill promises to join the U.S. “within the hour” in the event of war with Japan.
Admiral Jean Darlan orders French forces in North Africa to cease resistance to the Anglo-American forces.
The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the decision barring segregation on interstate railways.
Andrew Hatcher is named associate press secretary to President John F. Kennedy.
Eleanor Roosevelt is buried. She had died three days earlier.
Australia begins a draft to fulfill its commitment in Vietnam.
The PBS children’s program Sesame Street debuts.
Two women are tarred and feathered in Belfast for dating British soldiers, while in Londonderry, Northern Ireland a Catholic girl is also tarred and feathered for her intention of marrying a British soldier.
Hijackers divert a jet to Detroit, demanding $10 million and ten parachutes.
The iron ore freighter Edmund Fitzgerald breaks in half and sinks at the eastern end of Lake Superior–all 29 crew members perish.
Reagan refuses to reveal details of the Iran arms sale.
German citizens begin tearing down the Berlin Wall.
WorldCom and MCI Communications announce a merger, the largest in US history up to that time.
NASA declares the Phoenix mission concluded after losing communications with the lander, five months after it began its exploration on the surface of Mars.
North Korean and South Korean ships skirmish off Daecheong Island.

2,300 year-old Hellenistic gymnasium discovered in Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed an ancient gymnasium that dates back to the third century B.C., which falls in the ancient Hellenistic or Greek period. The discovery was made by a joint team of German and Egyptian archaeologists at Watfa in Fayoum province, about 50 miles southwest of Cairo.

This Is the Absolute Last Thing the Corporate Class Needs or Deserves

Local Groups in Puerto Rico Are Helping Neighbors and Rebuilding Economy After Hurricane Maria

Thousands of Immigrants With 'Protected Status' Face Possible Deportation

Scary Diseases Climate Change May Awaken from the Melting Permafrost

What are the side effects of magic mushrooms?

A hopeful politician in California is trying to get something new on the ballot next year, psychedelic mushrooms. Kevin Saunders, a former heroin addict, told Vice that using the magic mushrooms helped him get clean from heroin and now he thinks that it could do the same for others as well.

Drug Company Hits A New Low: Sells 'Patent' To Indian Tribe To Skirt US Law

Dumbass Trump’s Justice Dept. Realizes Prosecuting Woman For Laughing Is Stupid

Dumbass Trump’s Justice Dept. Realizes Prosecuting Woman For Laughing Is Stupid – Drops Case Entirely
Well that’s one less dumb thing we’re wasting tax dollars on.

Oklahoma collections firm is making sheriffs rich by sending poor people to jail

An Oklahoma court fees collection agency is jacking up debtors’ fees by an additional 30 percent, then working in concert with law enforcement to jail people who can’t pay.

Big Brother Isn't Just Watching

Holding Co-Users Responsible for Fatal Drug Overdoses Is Draconian and Ineffectual

Facebook Has a Harebrained New Scheme to Fight Revenge Porn Online

Miss Texas Gave A VERY Unexpected Answer When Asked About Dumbass Trump

Miss Texas Gave A VERY Unexpected Answer When Asked About Dumbass Trump, And Wingnuts Are Furious
You’ll never believe she’s from Texas.

Watchdog Says Fox's 'Hannity' And 'Tucker' Violated Broadcast Standards

British Journalist Masterfully Exposes Richard Spencer for the Fraud He's Been All Along

Social Media May Not Be So Good for Democracy

Russians offered Dumbass Trump ‘five women’ for group sex

Keith Schiller — longtime bodyguard to Dumbass Trump — said on Thursday that after a meeting about the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, a Russian associate offered to send “five women” to Dumbass Trump’s hotel room.

Suspected serial killer arrested in Florida

Police arrested a possible serial killer in Florida Wednesday who was accused of murdering three homeless people. Nathaniel Petgrave, 22, was also homeless and worked as a security guard, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Man gouged out teen's eyes and broke her neck when she refused to marry him

A 34-year-old Pennsylvania man has confessed to strangling a 19-year-old woman, gouging out her eyes, breaking her neck and beating her with a hatchet and a 25-pound weight plate — all because she turned down his marriage proposal.

Mariah Carey accused of sexual harassment

Mariah Carey is the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal that rocked Hollywood in October.
The singer is accused of behaving in a sexual way toward her former personal security, Michael Anello. TMZ reports that Anello is also accusing Carey of denigrating him by calling him a skinhead, a Nazi and a white supremacist.

The One Common Denominator that All Sexual Harassers Seem to Share

Lush Dimbulb Blames Mass Shootings On Day Care

The AR-15 Is the Weapon of Choice for Mass Shooters

There was a terror attack in Colorado last week — but no one is talking about it

Scott Ostrem, a 47-year-old, white man, walked into a Walmart north of Denver on Nov. 1 and opened fire. Eyewitnesses described him as “nonchalantly” shooting shoppers with a handgun, killing three.

Sunday’s Massacre In Texas Bumped Columbine Out Of The Top Ten Deadliest US Mass ShootingsSunday’s Massacre In Texas Bumped Columbine Out Of The Top Ten Deadliest US Mass Shootings

Sunday’s Massacre In Texas Bumped Columbine Out Of The Top Ten Deadliest US Mass Shootings
Something needs to be done!

American hyper-capitalism breeds the lonely, alienated men who become mass killers

Despair, rage and lack of human connection among white men are key culprits in America's mass shooting epidemic.

Elephant on fire

A photograph by Indian photographer Biplab Hazra, which shows an elephant and its calf fleeing after being set on fire by villagers in Bankura, West Bengal, India, was awarded the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Award 2017 by Sanctuary Asia on Sunday.

Animal Pictures