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Friday, May 8, 2015

The Daily Drift

Punny ...!
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No sock and deck Shoes  ... !
Today is - No Socks Day

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The Americas
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Waterloo, Canada
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Guadalajara, Mexico City and Tlalnepantla, Mexico
Boaco, Nicaragua
Lima, Peru
Pajaros and San Juan, Puerto Rico
Latexo, Niles, Smyrna and Yulee, United States
Montevideo, Uruguay
Minsk, Belarus
Mostar and Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Glavinitsa, Plovdiv and Sofia, Bulgaria
Zagreb, Croatia
Prague, Czech Republic
Hazlerigg, London and Staines, England
Vantaa, Finland
Laval, Paris, Roubaix and Rouen, France
Berlin, Hanover, Falkenstein, Frankfurt Am Main and Munich, Germany
Marousi, Greece
Reykjavik, Iceland
Dublin and Tallaght, Ireland
Rome and Savona, Italy
Riga, Latvia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Luxembourg and Steinsel, Luxembourg
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bergen, Gjerstad and Oslo, Norway
Warsaw, Poland
Pitesti, Romania
Moscow and Ryazan, Russia
Edinburgh, Scotland
Belgrade, Serbia
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Castello de la Plana, Leganes, Madrid, Palma, Valencia and Venta del Moro, Spain
Akersberga, Gislovs Lage, Kista and Linkoping, Sweden
Ankara, Turkey
Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev, Ukraine
Wrexham, Wales
Beijing, China
Bangalore, Delhi, Gubbi, Mumbai, Pune, Ranchi, Shillong and Trichur, India
Jakarta, Indonesia
Petah Tikva and Tel Aviv, Israel
Vientiane, Laos
Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur and Sibu, Malaysia
Port Louis, Mauritius
Al Wakrah, Qatar
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Chilaw, Colombo and Gampaha, Sri Lanka
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Rabat, Morocco
Windhoek, Namibia
Cape Town and Pretoria, South Africa
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
The Pacific
Heidelberg, Homebush, Melbourne, Strathfield and Sydney, Australia
Makati, Philippines
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Today in History

1450   Jack Cade's Rebellion–Kentishmen revolt against King Henry VI.
1541   Hernando de Soto discovers the Mississippi River which he calls Rio de Espiritu Santo.  
1559   An act of supremacy defines Queen Elizabeth I as the supreme governor of the church of England.  
1794   The United States Post Office is established.  
1846   The first major battle of the Mexican War is fought at Palo Alto, Texas.  
1862   General 'Stonewall' Jackson repulses the Federals at the Battle of McDowell, in the Shenendoah Valley.  
1864   Union troops arrive at Spotsylvania Court House to find the Confederates waiting for them.
1886   Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton invents Coca Cola.  
1895   China cedes Taiwan to Japan under Treaty of Shimonoseki.  
1904   U.S. Marines land in Tangier, North Africa, to protect the Belgian legation.  
1919   The first transatlantic flight by a navy seaplane takes-off.  
1933   Mahatma Gandhi begins a hunger strike to protest British oppression in India.  
1940   German commandos in Dutch uniforms cross the Dutch border to hold bridges for the advancing German army.  
1942   The Battle of the Coral Sea between the Japanese Navy and the U.S. Navy ends.
1945   The final surrender of German forces is celebrated as VE (Victory Europe) day.
1952   Allied fighter-bombers stage the largest raid of the war on North Korea.  
1958   President Eisenhower orders the National Guard out of Little Rock as Ernest Green becomes the first black to graduate from an Arkansas public school.  
1967   Boxer Muhammad Ali is indicted for refusing induction in U.S. Army.  
1984   The Soviet Union announces it will not participate in Summer Olympics planned for Los Angeles.  
1995  Jacques Chirac is elected president of France.

American justice: Couple faces 15 years for beach sex — pastor faces 4 months for molesting girl

Something very is broken here ... 
Venije Singkoh
A northern California pastor will serve no more than four months in jail for molesting a 9-year-old girl multiple times.
Venije Singkoh, a pastor at churches in San Francisco and Concord who also held services at his Daly City home, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of child sexual annoyance.
He had initially been charged with three felony counts of child molestation after investigators said he held the girl on his lap and kissing her inappropriately.
The girl told her mother and father that the 70-year-old Singkoh used his tongue while kissing her, and the family called a church meeting to confront the pastor.
Singkoh repeatedly claimed it was an accident and denied inappropriately kissing the girl and others.
A judge ruled in December that the pastor should stand trial on only one of the felony counts, deciding that kissing a girl on the cheek and another on the lips did not amount to “lewd intent.”
Singkoh, a pastor at the Indonesian Pentecostal Foursquare Church, pleaded no contest Friday to the lesser charge and will be sentenced July 1.
He faces up to four months in jail on the misdemeanor count.
A Florida couple found guilty Monday of having consensual sex on a public beach could face 15 years in prison for their conviction on lewd and lascivious exhibition charges.
... when a child molester gets 4 months and consenting adults could go to prison for 15 years. 

Couple faces 15 years behind bars after a grandma records them having sex on Florida beach

Mugshots of Elissa Alvarez and Jose Caballero (Manatee County Sheriff's Office)
One of the witnesses, grandmother April Champ, told the court that Alvarez and Caballero were “moving like they were having sex,” but she admitted she did not see penetration or genitals.
Grandma, by the way, could be charged for manufacturing pornography for recording the couple, but that probably won't happen - she did not have a permit to film on the beach.

Bizarre love triangle

Georgia cop under investigation for trumping up charges to set up affair

Captive in a Box

Police search for Missouri sex offender accused of holding woman captive in a box

How To Become A Fossil After You Die

There were plenty of hominids of the Australopithecus afarensis species at one time, but there’s only one Lucy. There were once many T. rexes, but there’s only one Sue. Have you ever considered the possibility that your own existence might be enshrined in a museum if you were to become a fossil after you die? What are the chances of that happening?
“Pretty minimal,” laughed Mark Norell, the chair of the paleontology department at the American Museum of Natural History. There are things you can do, especially in your last breathing moments, to goose your chances of become a fossil, but, he says, there’s no way to guarantee that your fossilized bones will be discovered in 100,000 years.

“We have a fossil record, and it goes back billions of years, but nevertheless it only represents a miniscule fraction, like point-zero-zero-zero-etcetera percent, of both individuals and species that have ever lived on the planet, because most things just don't preserve,” says Norell. “It's a very rare event to become a fossil.”
But some individual living things did just that. The conditions that favor fossilization and the process of becoming a fossil are explained in depth at Atlas Obscura.

Out-of-Body Experience

The conscious experience of where one's body is located arises from activity in brain areas involved in feelings of body ownership.

Three Bad Things

Disasters and catastrophes always seem to come in threes. Why is this?

Toxic Waste Worth Billions of Dollars

The world threw out 41.8 million metric tons of electronic waste in 2014. What happens to e-waste after we discard it?

Amazing Images Of Easter Island Statues With Bodies

Easter Island's monumental stone heads are well-known, but there's more to the story: all along, the sculptures have secretly had torsos, buried beneath the earth.

Nazca Lines Formed Pilgrimage Route

The series of fantastical geoglyphs etched into the desert in Peru may have been used to make pilgrimage to an ancient temple.

Young Arctic Ice

Thinning Arctic sea ice will reflect less sunlight and melt more quickly, exacerbating climate change.

The 'Pillars of Creation'

For the first time, astronomers have added a new 3-dimensional perspective to the Hubble Space Telescope's dazzling view of the Eagle Nebula's famous 'Pillars of Creation.'

Found in the Cosmic Backyard

Astronomers have discovered two new alien worlds a bit larger than Earth circling a nearby star.

Saying Goodbye


Massive Dead Zones

Dead zones in the Atlantic are witnessed for the first time in the open Atlantic. And the oxygen-depleted waters could lead to massive fish kills.

Two Legs Good, Eight Legs Best

Five Reasons To Love Octopuses
Sy Montgomery's new book, 'The Soul of an Octopus,' explores the 'emotional and physical world of the octopus - and the remarkable connections this astonishingly complex, spirited creature makes with humans.' Here she gives five compelling reasons for diving in and taking a tentacle.

Magpies: Not Only Black And White

The Eurasian magpie is one of the few species of birds which can recognize itself in a mirror test. As they stand out so much with their black and white plumage you might imagine that this is something which is relatively easy to do.
After all, when we think of magpies we think in black and white too! Yet magpies are not only black and white. There are other species which belie the general belief that all magpies are: here are some exceptions that prove the rule.

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