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Thursday, March 16, 2017

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Today in History

On a trip to the Italian mainland from his home on Capreae, the emperor Tiberius dies on the Bay of Naples.
The Crusades begin the massacre of Jews in York, England.
The Emperor Babur defeats the Rajputs at the Battle of Khanwa, removing the main Hindu rivals in Northern India.
The first Indian appears to colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Susan Hayhurst becomes the first woman to graduate from a pharmacy college.
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is published.
Union troops push past Confederate blockers at the Battle of Averasborough, N.C.
The British cruiser Invincible, the world’s largest, is completed at Glasgow shipyards.
The 15,000-ton battleship Pennsylvania is launched at Newport News, Va.
Russian Czar Nicholas II abdicates his throne.
Physicist Robert H. Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket.
The United States plans to send 1,000 more Marines to Nicaragua.
Adolf Hitler orders a German rearmament and violates the Versailles Treaty.
Germany occupies the rest of Czechoslovakia.
Iwo Jima is declared secure by U.S. forces although small pockets of Japanese resistance still exist.
CBS introduces The Morning Show hosted by Walter Cronkite to compete with NBC’s Today Show.
President Lyndon B. Johnson submits a $1 billion war on poverty program to Congress.
U.S. troops in Vietnam destroy a village consisting mostly of women and children, the action is remembered as the My-Lai massacre.
Mozambique and South Africa sign a pact banning support for one another’s internal foes.
Associated Press newsman, Terry Anderson is taken hostage in Beirut.

Prediction for the U.S. Economy No One Can Afford to Dismiss

The power of ordinary people facing totalitarianism

IRS Finally Yanked A Dumbass Trump-Supporting Nazi Group’s Non-Profit Status

BUSTED: The IRS Finally Just Yanked A Dumbass Trump-Supporting Nazi Group’s Non-Profit Status
If anything, Nazis should be punched in the United States, not given non-profit status so they can spread their evil agenda.

Improving Female Health and Well-Being in Developing Countries

Big Brother in the Bedroom

The 'gaydar' myth

Texas Senate gives OK to bill curbing transgender bathroom access

They just don't get it ...

Anti-Vaccine Crowd Doesn't Listen

Criminalizing Pregnant Women and Mothers

How did we get here?

The Wall Street Journal Just WRECKED Dumbass Trumpcare

With One Simple Chart, The Wall Street Journal Just WRECKED Dumbass Trumpcare
There is no debate left after this…

Wingnuts’ Make America Sick Again Bill Is ‘Unacceptable’

American Medical Association Says Wingnuts’ Make America Sick Again Bill Is ‘Unacceptable’
Doctors are demanding wingnuts not to strip healthcare away from millions of Americans.

Childhood Abuse and Opioids

Corn and Cancer

Connect With Nature by Eating a Big Mac

Sex essential to human colony on Mars

This star is orbiting insanely close to a black hole

Animal Pictures