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Friday, October 2, 2015

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Today in History

1263 At Largs, King Alexander III of Scotland repels an amphibious invasion by King Haakon IV of Norway.
1535 Having landed in Quebec a month ago, Jacques Cartier reaches a town, which he names Montreal.
1862 An Army under Union General Joseph Hooker arrives in Bridgeport, Alabama to support the Union forces at Chattanooga. Chattanooga’s Lookout Mountain provides a dramatic setting for the Civil War’s battle above the clouds.
1870 The papal states vote in favor of union with Italy. The capital is moved from Florence to Rome.
1871 Morman leader Brigham Young, 70, is arrested for polygamy. He was later convicted, but the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the conviction.
1879 A dual alliance is formed between Austria and Germany, in which the two countries agree to come to the other’s aid in the event of aggression.
1909 Orville Wright sets an altitude record, flying at 1,600 feet. This exceeded Hubert Latham’s previous record of 508 feet.
1931 Aerial circus star Clyde Pangborn and playboy Hugh Herndon, Jr. set off to complete the first nonstop flight across the Pacific Ocean from Misawa City, Japan.
1941 The German army launches Operation Typhoon, the drive towards Moscow.
1950 The comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schultz, makes its first appearance in newspapers.
1959 The groundbreaking TV series The Twilight Zone, hosted by Rod Serling, premiers on CBS.
1964 Scientists announce findings that smoking can cause cancer.
1967 Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court justice, is sworn in. Marshall had previously been the solicitor general, the head of the legal staff of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and a leading American civil rights lawyer.
1970 A plane carrying the Wichita State University football team, staff, and supporters crashes in Colorado; 31 of the 40 people aboard die.
1980 Congressional Representative Mike Myers is expelled from the US House for taking a bribe in the Abscam scandal, the first member to be expelled since 1861.
1990 Flight 8301 of China’s Xiamen Airlines is hijacked and crashed into Baiyun International Airport, hitting two other aircraft and killing 128 people.
2001 NATO backs US military strikes in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer

We Lost Our Daughter to a Mass Shooter and Now Owe $203,000 to His Ammo Dealer
Jessica Ghawi
It is un-American and outrageous that special laws can deny us our day in court simply because we were victimized by the gun industry. Our lawsuit was not frivolous. Our Jessi was shot multiple times with high-velocity, armor-piercing bullets that were designed by our military to inflict maximum damage on enemy combatants.

This virus could be used to treat HIV

Scanning electron micrograph of the HIV-1 virus, colored green, budding from cultured lymphocyte, via Creative Commons
This virus could be used to treat HIV
The latest in potential outside-the-box treatments for HIV.

Disaster Capitalism

Fox News Declared The ‘Mona Lisa’ Was Painted By Leonardo DiCaprio

Fox News Just Declared The ‘Mona Lisa’ Was Painted By Leonardo DiCaprio (VIDEO)
No, this is NOT from The Onion…
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Stephen Colbert Has Cake Toppers For Wingnut Homophobes’ Worst Nightmare Marriages

Stephen Colbert Has Cake Toppers For Right-Wing Homophobes’ Worst Nightmare MarriagesFriday night’s hilarious episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert took Carson, Davis, and King to task for their bizarre...

School cheerleading dance-off turned into violent brawl involving parents and children

A friendly impromptu dance competition turned into a brawl between two Dallas-area schools’ drill teams. The fight between Wilmer Hutchins High School and James Madison High School’s drill teams happened after the football game ended last Friday at Wilmer Hutchins Stadium. Deshannon Roberts' daughter, 15-year-old Shamyra Cooper, had a member from Madison High School come over to her and perform a mock routine.
“You do have a personal space in which you are supposed to respect,” Roberts said. “That was not respected, so it was heated at that point.” The dance team member from Madison returned and Cooper turned her back. Then there was a hit to the back of the head. “I immediately leaped over the rail and ran to the field, trying to get my baby,” Roberts said. “By that time it was chaos.” The field was filled with brawling dance team members and adults who had joined in. Dallas ISD released a statement condemning the actions of those involved.
"Impromptu dance-offs are not part of the approved performance for dance teams and fighting is never acceptable. Disciplinary actions will be taken as appropriate,” the district’s statement read. Later, the coach and sister of the girl accused of starting the fight said video of the incident is misleading. Karrington Wright said there was no hit to the back of the head by her 13-year-old sister, who danced for the James Madison Trojanettes. The alleged hit to the head triggered the brawl. “I was right there. I know what happened. So she didn't hit her,” Wright said, adding that the motion of the Wilmer Hutchins dance team member’s hands show that she was never actually struck.

“She's not that kind of person,” Wright said of her sister. “She's never had a fight. She's a baby.” Wright also said her younger sister got a busted lip and had her hair badly pulled. The mother of the 15-year-old on the Wilmer Hutchins drill team said it wasn't just the hit - but the disrespect of violating her daughter's personal space that inflamed tensions. Wright said the incident was never personal. Wright said she tried to break up the fight, but she was unable to calm things down. The principal of Madison High School has told Wright she’s no longer the coach of the Trojanettes. Wright’s younger sister has also been kicked off the drill team.

Half-naked 'grumpy old woman' glued bottom to store window to defend migrants and the police

A nearly naked 'grumpy old woman' who glued her bottom to a department store window in Croydon, south London, on Thursday afternoon says she did it to defend "migrants and the police". Kay Bishop, 56, wore just a pubic wig, a flesh-colored bra with nipples on it and a sash emblazoned with 'World's grumpiest old woman 2015' as she protested. The resident of Addiscombe was out to make a point, so she glued herself to the window of Debenhams so police would not move her on.
However, police who attended the scene told her she needn't have bothered and allowed her to continue shouting through her microphone and amp. Kay said: "They said I didn't need to [glue myself] because I wasn't naked so they couldn't do anything. They didn't want to either because they said they agreed with all I was saying." Kay, who grew up in New Addington, was protesting against the treatment of migrants and the police.
She added: "I'm doing it because I don't like the way the world's going, there are some real serious issues going on and no one's doing anything about it. It's not the little stuff, it's the big stuff. We are one planet and we should let everyone go wherever there is land. Everyone, America, Canada, Australia, they should all be taking migrants in. We should as well. No one should have to live in a war-torn country. I also think the way the police are treated at the moment is absolutely disgusting. Today it was about making a point, I am exercising my right to freedom of speech."
Kay, currently unemployed, used to work as a strip-o-gram and said she does not mind showing her body off in public. "I used to dress up as nurses, policewomen, everything so I don't mind," she added. "My outfit isn't offensive, I'm wearing a merkin and a bra with some nipples painted on it – that's not offensive." Kay now plans to spread her message. "I plan to go to other towns and cities to make the same points, I am going to be shouting as much as I can and whenever I feel like it. I've been thinking about this for a while, I was threatening to chain myself to railings for a long time because of the way the police are treated. But I never did and I have just kind of been honing it before I went out and made the protest."

White man trying to buy gun shoots self in penis — blames it on a black guy

A South Dakota man is currently in custody after telling police officers he was shot in the penis by a “black guy” when he actually shot himself while attempting to purchase a gun illegally.

Bill Nye’s Awesomely Scientific Pitch For Women In This Brilliant Pro-Choice Video

Watch Bill Nye’s Awesomely Scientific Pitch For Women In This Brilliant Pro-Choice Video (VIDEO)
This…is perfect.

Female Reporter Gets Catcalled During Report On Sexual Harassment

Female Reporter Gets Catcalled During Report On Sexual Harassment (VIDEO)
Everything she said was validated within 30 seconds.
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Saudi prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud arrested on sex crime charge

New Jersey cop accused of sexting teens arrested on new charges — this time for selling guns

A Glen Rock police sergeant already accused of sending sexually explicit messages to teen girls faces new charges that he sold guns surrendered to the department.

Suicidal Man With Mental Illness Killed By Police In Front of His Mother After She Called 9-1-1 to Save Him

A schizophrenic Minnesota man who was recently released from the hospital for mental health issues and was awaiting a space in an inpatient facility was...

Tennessee Cop Arrested For Abuse And Murder Of His Two-Month-Old Baby

Image credit: Tennessee Bureau of InvestigationA Paris, Tennessee police officer was arrested for the abuse and murder of his two-month-old baby on Thursday.

Jailers watched as man arrested for unpaid traffic fine dies naked on cell floor

David Stojcevski, 32, was sentenced to 30 days in Michigan's Macomb County jail for failing to pay a traffic fine. He was addicted to drugs but the jail refused to treat him so he died. Reason reports that over the "next 17 days of his incarceration in a brightly lit cell — where he was denied clothing — he lost 50 pounds, suffered convulsions, and eventually began to hallucinate. He died in agony, from a combination of obvious, untreated drug withdrawal and galling neglect." Jailers were able to see him on a security monitor the entire time, but they simply allowed him to suffer and die.
Stojcevski’s parents are suing the county. A lawyer for Macomb county said the suit “lacks legal merit,” and the county has no plans to settle.

Couple spent wedding night in separate police cells after drunken brawl at celebration party

A newlywed couple spent their wedding night behind bars after a drunken after-party went wrong. Kristina Perczyk, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, called police to help out after a fight broke out between two wedding guests at her home on August 22. When officers arrived, they found her new husband Joseph Shannon asleep on the doorstep, Sevenoaks Magistrates' Court heard on Friday.
He then became aggressive, and as officers tried to arrest him, his wife grabbed hold of one of them, PC Wells, and obstructed him. The pair were then taken to the police station, where they spent their first night as man and wife in custody. The former Miss Perczyk pleaded guilty to a charge of obstructing a constable in the execution of duty.
Mitigating, Brian Ferris said: "She wanted police to avoid taking her husband away on the day of her wedding." The court heard the 36-year-old had previous form, after being convicted of assaulting a police officer in Tunbridge Wells on July 17 last year. Mr Justice Baron said the couple had already paid for their crimes by having to spend their wedding night in police cells. The defendant, who works as a freelance photographer, was sentenced to a conditional discharge for 12 months and fined a total of £250.
Shannon appeared before the same court on Tuesday over the same incident, charged with being drunk and disorderly in public and assaulting four officers in the line of duty. Shannon pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers and two special constables during his August 22 arrest. He was handed a 12-month community order with 120 hours of unpaid work. He was also handed a £60 victim surcharge and ordered to pay £235 in costs. The court did not impose a compensation order because the injuries suffered by the four officers was deemed too minor.

Sausages, Spam, peanuts and vodka found in shoplifter's sweat pants leg

Police in Fort Pierce, Florida, say Alto Blocker, 53, had nineteen cans of Vienna sausages, five cans of Spam, four bags of peanuts and two bottles of Smirnoff vodka in the leg of his sweat pants after a shoplifting incident at a Love’s truck stop.
A Love’s cashier told police that a man absconded with some items and drove away in a green truck at approximately 2:30am on September 10th. St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputies stopped a vehicle fitting the description nearby. Blocker was driving the vehicle, which had a stolen tag.
Dispatchers reported Blocker’s license was suspended indefinitely. Blocker said he felt dizzy after taking drugs. “When Alto stepped out of the vehicle, I observed several large bulges in his left sweat pants leg,” an affidavit states. Asked what they were, Blocker didn’t respond.
Investigators then pulled out the load of 19 cans of Vienna sausages, five cans of Spam, four bags of peanuts and a couple of bottles of Smirnoff alcohol with a total value of $68.10. Blocker, of Fort Pierce, was arrested on charges including larceny – petit theft and driving while license suspended or revoked.

Man accused of stealing spoon said he needed one to eat his Captain Crunch with

A Florida man arrested on Thursday night for stealing a spoon from a Walmart told police officers that he took the utensil because he “needed one to eat his Captain Crunch with.”
Gregg Lerner, 46, was arrested at around 11pm after walking out of a Walmart in St. Petersburg without paying for the $1.12 metal spoon. Lerner was stopped by store security and detained until an officer arrived at the business.

According to Officer Michael Romano, Lerner, “advised that he did steal the spoon, for he needed one to eat his Captain Crunch with.” Lerner was not in possession of any narcotics or drug paraphernalia when taken into custody.
Since Lerner has two prior convictions for theft, he was charged with a felony for the alleged spoon heist. He is currently being held in the county jail on $2,000 bond.

Man accused of stealing 4,000,000 lbs of citrus

A Florida man is accused of stealing more than four million pounds (1.8 million kilograms) of citrus from five citrus growers. Officers with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services arrested Bradley D. Reiter of Winter Haven, Polk County, for illegally obtaining the citrus which was worth more than $540,000.
According to the department’s investigation, Reiter is the owner and operator of Reiter Citrus, Inc. Investigators say he entered into a contract with Gabriel Family Partners to purchase citrus and removed 13,108 boxes of oranges between March 20 and April 16, 2014. Reiter Citrus, Inc. never paid the business for the fruit or its rise in value. Reiter is also accused of entering into a contract with Gabriel Groves, Inc., to purchase citrus.
He allegedly removed 1,599 boxes of grapefruit and 20,468 boxes of oranges between March 26 and April 28, 2014, but Reiter Citrus, Inc. never paid the business for the fruit or its rise in value. Reiter also allegedly entered into a contract with Sandlake Groves, LLC to purchase citrus. He removed 10,907 boxes of oranges between April 29 and May 14, 2014. Reiter Citrus, Inc. never paid the business for the fruit or its rise in value, according to investigators.
Reiter is also accused of entering a grove owned in Bartow without permission. He allegedly removed 180 boxes of citrus. Reiter Citrus, Inc. then provided the resident with a cheque that only represented half of the actual value of the fruit. Investigators say Reiter also entered into a written agreement with a Bartow resident to purchase citrus and removed 570 boxes of citrus fruit, but never paid the resident for the fruit. Reiter was booked into the Polk County Jail on multiple charges, including: scheme to defraud, grand theft and dealing citrus without a license.

Scarecrow sculpture stolen before unveiling

Thieves stole a wooden sculpture hours before its official unveiling. The sculpture crafted by award-winning wood carver Simon O'Rourke, depicting the book character Tattybogle from the series by children's author Sandra Horn, was due to be unveiled to children from the Early Years Center in Wrexham, north Wales, on Friday.
But sadly, thieves stole the scarecrow sculpture sometime between 6pm on Thursday and 8am on Friday, leaving just an empty space. The £2,000 sculpture was funded with money awarded to Wrexham Council by Natural Resources Wales. The two-meter high solid oak sculpture was set in fast-drying concrete on Thursday afternoon.
Mr O'Rourke said: "I'm really disappointed. It's just such a real shame that there's people who would do something like that. It was solid oak, and it would have been a four-man lift, so it probably weighs about half a tonne. And they've really gone to great lengths breaking up the three feet of concrete we put under it.
"There's a security camera right next to it, but I don't know what range it is - we'll have to wait and see footage." He added: "It's so distinctive and unusual. I can't imagine it would go unnoticed if it turns up in someone's front garden. It would be really good to get it back." North Wales Police confirmed that they are investigating the theft of the sculpture.

Meth-addled man shot self in scrotum defending neighbors from imaginary Mexicans in the trees

Authorities in Wenatchee, Washington, say Martin Eugene Hoyer was on the second day of a methamphetamine binge when he decided to kick in a neighbor’s door to rescue her from hallucinatory “Mexicans.” When he did so, the handgun in his waistband discharged, sending a bullet through his lower abdomen and into his scrotum, police said. Hoyer, 51, survived the gunshot and now is charged with first-degree assault, felony harassment and four counts of unlawful possession of a firearm. He faces arraignment in Chelan County Superior Court on Monday.
Wenatchee police said Hoyer first threatened a female neighbor with the .45-calibre Taurus revolver, pointing it at her through the picture window of her apartment at around 7 p.m. Sept. 13. According to police court affidavits, Hoyer told investigators he heard “a bunch of Mexicans and white guys” plotting with his neighbor to steal his truck and cash. Hoyer said their voices carried through an air vent from the woman’s apartment to his. The neighbor told police Hoyer stood outside her apartment armed with the revolver, aimed it at her through the window and threatened to shoot her for planning to rob him. He then returned to his own apartment next door.
Hoyer told police he saw “Mexicans in the trees” outside his apartment complex “getting ready to jump out and attack him,” and said two more “Mexicans” went to a second neighbor’s apartment downstairs from his own, urging her to open Hoyer’s door so they could rob him. Hoyer said he went to his downstairs neighbor's apartment with the pistol in his waistband to “save” her from the “Mexicans.” When he raised his leg to kick the door, the firearm went off. The downstairs neighbor told police she heard the banging on her door. As she opened it she heard a loud bang, saw Hoyer fall to the ground and heard him say, “Ow.” When police arrived they found Hoyer walking from his apartment to his truck, with a gunshot wound in his left front hip.
He remained conscious and communicative throughout treatment at Central Washington Hospital. Medical imaging showed the intact bullet had skipped off the ball of his hip joint and plunged directly downward into his scrotal region, where it lodged. He suffered no apparent organ damage. It was one of two projectiles found in Hoyer’s body. The other bullet, he told police, was from from a previous gunshot wound. Hoyer has four prior felony convictions. He admitted having smoked about $50 worth of meth that day, and another $50 supply the previous day, police said. A search of his home found two .45-calibre revolvers, a rifle and ammunition, plus small amounts of methamphetamine, according to an inventory sheet. Hoyer remains in custody on $50,000 bail.

Would-be drill thief made chicken noises before fleeing

Police are seeking the public’s help in finding a man accused of trying to steal drills from a Sears store in Concord, New Hampshire.
They say the man put several drills in his cart and tried to leave the store without paying for them.
When employees tried to stop him, they said he made "chicken noises" and ran out of the store without the drills.
The man is described as white and between the ages of 25 and 35 years old. He was last seen wearing a black shirt with jeans and flip-flop-type shoes.

NASA releases gorgeous new images of famous nebula in new detail

Veil Nebula (Screenshot/YouTube)
NASA this week released images taken by the Hubble telescope showing the remnants of 8,,000-year-old supernova.

Police on horseback chased after and arrested suspect on a bicycle

Two mounted police officers gave chase to a man on a bicycle before making an arrest near Yeovil, Somerset.
Avon and Somerset Police's mounted section suggest that Class A drugs may have been recovered after a man cycled away from a routine patrol in the town.
Officers riding two of the constabulary's horses, named Quantock and Sedgemoor, gave chase.
A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Constabulary confirmed that a man had been arrested after the chase. He said: "We did arrest a 19-year-old man but he was subsequently released without charge."

Animal rights group sparks anger after forcibly taking yelping dog from homeless companion

Cause Animale takes dog away from homeless man in Paris (Screenshot/YouTube)

Residents rescued pregnant dog after it was buried alive by tradesmen

After being entombed under sand and stone blocks by a Russian housing authority's tradesmen, local residents rescued a pregnant dog that had been deprived of food and water for a whole weekend.
Three weeks ago, in the northeastern Russian city of Voronezh, the sand and stone blocks used as pavers near the entrance to a house collapsed, forming what locals residents described as a fairly impressive pit. On Friday September 18th, workers came to patch the hole.
But over the weekend, the house's residents started hearing a barking dog as they climbed the concrete stairs up to the house, eventually noticing it was coming from beneath their porch steps. It was reported to the local housing authority when they re-opened on Monday September 21st, but the housing authority were unwilling to help.
LiveLeak link.
So instead, local residents helped to dismantle the tiles, dug into the ground and rescued the frightened dog, discovering she was pregnant and had gone without any food or water for days. Local tradesmen then patched the hole back up. The tenants of the house claim they have passed the dog onto a shelter, where it is alive and well.

Rare sighting of false killer whales off Hawaii; one seems to smile for camera

by Pete Thomas
False killer whale appears to smile for the camera.
False killer whales investigated a tour boat in Hawaii recently and the crew captured mesmerizing underwater footage of the mysterious mammals, including one that seemed to be smiling for the camera.
The pod of false killer whales, which like orcas are members of the dolphin family, was encountered during a Wild Side Specialty Tours expedition off West Oahu. The mammals became curious about the submerged camera used to document their behavior.
“They weren’t really friendly at first, but then we had seen some movement a little further out in deeper water, so about 1,500 feet, we came across these two and they were quite interested in the boat and stayed with us and tried to eat my GoPro,” Elizabeth Hartford, who works for Wild Side, told KHON. “This is probably one of the closet encounters I’ve had with them, and it was pretty exhilarating for me and everyone on board as well.”
The two hamming it up for the camera, and vocalizing to one another, are most likely a mom and calf, Hartford said.
False killer whale eyes the GoPro. 
False killer whales are found in tropical and temperate waters worldwide. However, the 150 to 200 false killer whales that live around the main Hawaiian islands are considered insular, meaning the pod does not migrate to other parts of the Pacific, and is genetically distinct.
Hawaiian false killer whales are endangered and sightings are rare, and close encounters such as that enjoyed by the Wild Side Specialty Tours group are extraordinary.
The one mammal appears to be smiling, but it could be just a facial expression that resembles a smile.
Either way, the imagery is undoubtedly generating plenty of smiles among viewers.

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