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Friday, July 15, 2016

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Today in History

Jerusalem falls to the Invaders.
Poles and Lithuanians defeat the Teutonic knights at Tannenberg, Prussia.
The Duke of Monmouth is executed in Tower Hill in England.
The electors of Paris set up a “Commune” to live without the authority of the government.
Lieutenant Zebulon Pike begins his western expedition from Fort Belle Fontaine.
Napoleon Bonaparte‘s representatives meet with the Allies in Prague to discuss peace terms.
Lord Napier of England arrives at Macao, China, as the first chief superintendent of trade.
Confederate raider Bill Anderson and his Bushwhackers attack Huntsville, Missouri, stealing $45,000 from the local bank.
Ex-prime minister of Bulgaria, Stepfan Stambolov, is murdered by Macedonian rebels.
Over 74,000 Pittsburgh steel workers go on strike.
The first supply flight from India to China over the ‘Hump’ is flown.
President Dwight Eisenhower sends 5,000 Marines to Lebanon to keep the peace.
John F. Kennedy accepts the Democratic nomination for president.

Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker Were in a Literary Love Triangle

Many famous literary stars of the past knew each other and had close, often lifetime relationships you’d never suspect from just reading their works. You have to wonder if that was because creative and intelligent people tended to flock together, or if literary inspiration rubbed off on people who already knew each other. Perhaps both. Lady Jane Wilde was a poet in Ireland, and enjoyed gathering intellectuals in her home, which included Bram Stoker. She was also the mother of Oscar Wilde.
This love triangle started in Dublin in 1875, when both young men fell head-over-heels for a woman named Florence Balcombe. Bram spent that holiday season with the Wilde clan, whose numbers included Oscar. Though the two men weren't super-close, they'd known one another for quite some time. Around that time, Oscar met Flo and they started dating; he described her as "just seventeen with the most perfectly beautiful face I ever saw and not a sixpence of money."
If you don’t already know, you can find out how that relationship turned out at History Buff.

Will New Orleans Have to Say Goodbye to Strip Clubs?

Firefighters advise against barbecuing brisket in bathtubs

Firefighters say a woman melted her bathtub when she tried to barbecue a brisket in it.
Investigators in Knoxville, Tennessee, said water from the tub poured on the neighbors below.
Firefighters said that, surprisingly, this isn't the first time that something like this has happened.
Needless to say, fire officials want to warn everyone to never try to grill indoors - ever.

ISIL Now Admits President Obama’s Strategy Is DESTROYING Them

The Islamic State terrorist group, also known as ISIL, is beginning to admit that the military strategy authorized by President Obama and executed by the...

America Produces a Shocking Amount of Garbage

How the Super-Rich Will Destroy Themselves

‘Are you wearing any panties? I wish you weren’t’

Fox 'News' boss Roger Ailes isn’t going down without a fight — but it does appear that he has a massive fight on his hands.

50 Organizations Demand An End To Wingnuts’ Planned Parenthood ‘Witch Hunt’

How Business School Is a Driving Force in America's Increasingly Unequal Society

O’Reilly Says Our Economy Will IMPLODE If We Don’t Keep Pushing Poverty

It’s a typical wingnut shrieking point, but O’Reilly took it to an extreme this time.

811 People Have Died in Jail Since Sandra Bland Became National News

Rhode Island Cops Accuse Black Man of Assault—but Video Reveals They Attacked Him First

Speeding motorist arrested for wearing a light on to his head instead of having vehicle headlights

A member of the Guelph Police traffic division in Ontario, Canada, was operating a radar on Gordon Street in the area of the Springfield Golf Course on Monday. Gordon Street at this location is a 70 km/h zone and with no artificial lighting on this stretch of road. It is in total darkness in the absence of traffic.
At 10:21pm the officer observed what appeared to be a bicycle light south of his location and that light appeared to be moving in a northbound direction. As the object approached the location of the parked police vehicle, the shape of a motor vehicle became identifiable and it was evident that it was traveling well in excess of the speed limit.
The officer activated the radar unit and obtained a speed reading of 108 km/h in the 70 km/h zone. As the motor vehicle passed the officer, it was noted that it had no working exterior lights (including headlights and tail lights). A traffic stop was conducted, the officer approached that motor vehicle and found the driver to be wearing a L.E.D. “headlamp” on his forehead.
It was that single battery operated “headlamp” shining through the front windshield that was first observed by the officer. A 35-year-old Guelph man has been charged with speeding and operate unsafe vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act. He will appear in the Guelph provincial offences court in September. The license plates were removed from the motor vehicle due to its’ unsafe condition and it was towed from the scene.

Prisoner defrauded cash from women for bogus testical operation

A jailed conman in Austria managed to make thousands of telephone calls to women from his prison cell and beg money for a testicle operation. The 31-year-old fraudster, who was not named for legal reasons, had managed to smuggle mobile telephones into the prison and then used them to defraud wealthy women. In most cases he targeted elderly women, claiming to be a nephew or grandson who needed an operation on his testicles. He claimed that he had developed a sex obsession and this had caused a semen blockage in his testicles for which he urgently needed an operation. He had already been jailed for the same fraud in 2014, but then continued inside with the smuggled telephones.
He told the court in Krems in Lower Austria that he would look for women in the telephone book with names like Maria or Anna and had made an estimated 7,500 calls to target his victims. Police said the man apparently had a number of stories, but had settled on the testicle operation as his permanent trademark because it worked so well.
He added: "This embarrassing problem seemed to work the best. I would simply tell them I need an operation, and then tell them what it was about." Judge Monika Fasching-Lattus had asked the convict why had not simply said he had cancer or something simpler, but he said: "This embarrassing problem seems to work much better." He was given an additional three and a half years in jail, and was warned against once again trying the fraud from inside. The sentence is to be added to the six years he already has to serve.

Were Bronze Age Weed Dealers the Founders of Western Civilization?

Woman accused of using chicken coop for prostitution

A Wisconsin woman is accused of neglecting her children, who authorities say were left behind while she slipped outside to prostitute herself inside a chicken coop. Sarah M. Bradehoft, 27, of Star Prairie was charged in Polk County Circuit Court with two felonies - child neglect causing bodily harm and second-degree recklessly endangering safety - and three misdemeanor counts of prostitution.
Her six children were removed from the home after Polk County sheriff’s investigators executed a search warrant there. According to sheriff’s office reports, lab test results indicated one child was exposed to amphetamines, cocaine and methamphetamine. The six children were 10 and younger, according to reports. According to sheriff’s office reports, Polk County, Wis., investigators were tipped off by a St. Croix County detective, who passed along information from a Stillwater police investigation into a prostitution advertisement online.
As authorities confirmed Bradehoft’s Facebook photo matched a photo in the Backpage.com ad, they were alerted that she was neglecting her children and involved in prostitution. That led to the search warrant, which was executed on May 12. A relative told investigators Bradehoft traded sex acts for money “when everyone was sleeping and that the next day she would sleep during the day and would all of a sudden have money which came from her activities through the website,” according to the report.
The relative described a lack of supervision by Bradehoft, adding that other adults in the house were left to bathe the children. Bradehoft agreed to be interviewed by investigators in the chicken coop. She told officers she needed to make money to get back to Florida and admitted to performing sex acts for cash via the website. All the acts occurred in the chicken coop, she told investigators. It was her first exposure to prostitution, she told the officers. “She simply needed money and therefore she decided to prostitute herself here,” the report states.

Fearsome Argentine dinosaur had pitifully puny arms

Animal Pictures