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Monday, August 1, 2016

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Today in History

The Aghlabid rulers of Ifriqiyah (modern day Tunisia) capture Taormina, Sicily.
The invaders under Peter the Hermit reach Constantinople.
Piero de Medici succeeds his father, Cosimo, as ruler of Florence.
The Turkish army is defeated by French and German troops at St. Gotthard, Hungary.
James II’s siege of Londonderry, Ireland, ends in failure. James’ force had suffered some 8,000 casualties to the defenders’ 3,600.
Thomas Arne’s song “Rule Britannia” is performed for the first time.
British and Hanoverian armies defeat the French at the Battle of Minden, Germany.
Robert Carter III, a Virginia plantation owner, frees all 500 of his slaves in the largest private emancipation in U.S. history. An 1839 mutiny aboard a Spanish ship in Cuban waters raised basic questions about freedom and slavery in the United States.
Admiral Horatio Nelson routs the French fleet in the Battle of the Nile at Aboukir Bay, Egypt.
The American schooner Enterprise captures the Barbary cruiser Tripoli.Often venturing into harm’s way, America’s most famous sailing ship, the Constitution, twice came close to oblivion.
Slavery is abolished throughout the British Empire.
Union General Ulysses S. Grant gives general Philip H. Sheridan the mission of clearing the Shenandoah Valley of Confederate forces.After nearly 10 months of trench warfare, Confederate resistance at Petersburg, Virginia, suddenly collapsed.
The first long-distance gas pipeline in the U.S. is completed. Designed for natural gas, the two-inch pipe ran five miles from Newton Wells to Titusville, Pennsylvania.
San Francisco’s first cable cars begin running, operated by Hallidie’s Clay Street Hill Railroad Company.
Sir Frederick Roberts frees the British Afghanistan garrison of Kandahar from Afghan rebels.
A machine for making shredded wheat breakfast cereal is patented.
Germany declares war on Russia.
The Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany becomes operational.The Nuremberg Trial would later bring high-ranking Nazis to justice.
Synthetic vitamin K is produced for the first time.
The Grumman TBF Avenger torpedo plane makes its first flight.
Ensign Henry C. White, while flying a J4F Widgeon plane, sinks U-166 as it approaches the Mississippi River, the first U-boat sunk by the U.S. Coast Guard.
Over 177 B-24 Liberator bombers attack the oil fields in Ploesti, Romania, for a second time.
The Polish underground begins an uprising against the occupying German army, as the Red Army approaches Warsaw.
President Harry S Truman establishes Atomic Energy Commission.
Lead elements of the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division arrive in Korea from the United States.
The Geneva Accords divide Vietnam into two countries at the 17th parallel.
US and Canada create North American Air Defense Command (NORAD).
Singer Chubby Checker releases “The Twist,” creating a new dance craze. The song had been released by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters the previous year but got little attention.
Arthur Ashe becomes the first African-American to play on the U.S. Davis Cup tennis team.
Charles Whitman, shooting from the Texas Tower at the University of Texas, kills 16 people and wounds 31 before being killed himself.
Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh begins his national radio show.
In Asuncion, Paraguay, a fire in the Ycua Bolanos V supermarket complex kills nearly 400 people and injures 500.
The I-35W bridge at Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapses into the Mississippi River during evening rush hour, killing 13 people and injuring 145.

'Kidnapped' gnome returned home to Canada after eight-month trip around the US and Mexico

Beautiful photos of a motor-home vacation down south showed up at Bev York’s home last week. That’s because they’re of Leopold: a bearded, white-haired, football-playing lawn gnome that went missing from the front yard of York’s home in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, last year.
“Near the end of the year I noticed it was missing from the end of the driveway, but I didn’t think anything of it. I thought somebody stole it,” she said. But last week, York spotted something in the exact same spot her gnome had gone missing from. It was Leopold, wrapped up in plastic, and he wasn’t alone.
“I opened up the bag and it had a beautiful book and story, and it just brought a smile to my face,” she said. “I walked back and I was reading it. It was so cute.” Whoever took the little lawn ornament put together a photo album of his months-long adventure, posing him for pictures in places such as Route 66, the Grand Canyon and as far away as San Ignacio in Mexico. “Hi, my name is Leopold the traveling gnome,” the book says.

“One morning back on December 15, I saw a motor-home and I thought to myself, there’s got to be more to life than standing here knee-deep in rainwater being peed on by the neighborhood dogs and staring at the same view every single day.” York said she has “no idea” who pulled the elaborate prank. The only hint is a a toddler seen cuddling with the gnome in a few of the photos, who is unknown to York. But she’s the furthest thing from upset, even though Leopold came back with a little more wear-and-tear than when he left. “He had, it looks like, a big margarita, so he might’ve been damaged after that,” she said, laughing.

The Tantalizing Clues That Suggest Cannabis Played a Key Role in the Birth of Civilization Itself

Walking Makes Strides in All Kinds of Communities

Breastfeeding babies born early greatly improves their IQ score

Do Opioids Make Pain Worse?

Furious woman confronted man in hairdressing salon after he went in to ask for a refund

There was an unusual scene at a hair salon in Escondido, California, when a man went in to complain about his haircut and ask for a refund on Wednesday. Adam Cripe said he wasn't happy with the new hairstyle he got at En Salon. “It was so terrible, I went home and I shaved my head,” Cripe said. When he returned to the salon and asked for a refund he was confronted by another customer.
“The lady who was getting her hair cut comes around the corner screaming at me. She gets up in my face and says you're uneducated, you're a tattooed piece of shit.” Then, according to Cripe, the woman's husband chimed in. “And he says, ‘quit being a sissy, it'll grow back.’” Cripe said neither of the two salon employees said a word or tried to intervene.
He says the 70-year-old female customer got so aggressive he felt he should start recording it to prove she was attacking him. “She starts coming at me accusing me of assaulting her, which you can see on the video. I never even touched her, I was holding my phone up, hands in the air.” He said the woman was trying everything to get him out of the salon. "Pushing me, pushing me. You know a little bigger lady, bump me with her chest, she chest bumped me.

“Then at one point she grabbed my little love handle right here and squeezed it really hard and tried to push me back with that." She followed Cripe outside and tried to start a fight. “Get out here and pound it down," the woman is heard yelling in the video. "Adam was in the right, he shouldn't be treated that way at all," the salon owner said when asked for a statement on the incident. Cripe said that although the owner offered him free haircuts for a year, he will never return to En Salon.
You can watch the raw video here. Contains some NSFW language.

Fox 'News' Correspondent Arrested For Rape And Forcible Sodomy

Is anyone really surprised?

Fox Staffer Says Ailes Sexually Harassed and 'Psychologically Tortured' Her for 20 Years

Court upholds arrest of student for burping

A federal appeals court has upheld the arrest of an Albuquerque student for burping in class on purpose.
The incident happened in May 2010 when the 13-year-old belched repeatedly during a P.E. class at a Cleveland middle school. The teacher made him sit in the hall, but he kept burping and laughing, prompting the teacher to call out the school resource officer.
The boy was eventually handcuffed and taken to juvenile jail. His family sued the principal, a teacher and the officer for excessive force and unlawful arrest. The ruling by the tenth circuit court of appeals in Denver is based on state law that prohibits anyone from intervening in the educational process of a public school. A retired teacher says he thinks the arrest was too much.

“I think there’s mechanisms inside the school that you don’t have to bump it up to a legal level and tie courts up and lawyers up and sort of label this kid as a trouble maker when it could’ve been handled and sort of diffused at a much earlier level,” said retired teacher Bill Cudmore. The boy’s attorney argued their client was being a class clown that in the past would have resulted in detention or calling his parents.

Cops Dragged A Half-Naked Woman Into Her Courtroom, But What This Judge Did Is AWESOME

Cops Dragged A Half-Naked Woman Into Her Courtroom, But What This Judge Did Is AWESOME
This is one awesome judge.

KKK cult bomber who killed four Birmingham girls in 1963 is up for parole

One of the Ku Klux Klan members who bombed a black Birmingham cult in 1963 is up for parole after serving 15 years in federal prison for murder.

Jail for man who stole 970 Venus flytraps

A North Carolina man will spend at least six months in prison for stealing nearly 1,000 Venus flytrap plants from public game lands. A jury found 23-year-old Paul Simmons Jr. guilty of felony poaching.
A judge sentenced him to 6 to 17 months in prison on Tuesday. Prosecutors said a wildlife officer caught Simmons in January 2015 with 970 plants in his vehicle at the Holly Shelter Game Land in Hampstead. Simmons was charged, along with three other men.
Two of his co-defendants pleaded guilty and were sentenced to supervised probation. A third is awaiting trial. Venus Flytraps only grow in wetlands in south east North Carolina and north east South Carolina. The carnivorous plants trap bugs to survive. They are protected, and poaching them was made a felony in North Carolina in December 2014.
In 2015, the North Carolina Nature Conservancy estimated that only 35,000 Venus flytraps remained in the wild. Because the Venus flytrap population has been threatened by poaching, North Carolina elevated the crime to a felony in 2014. Simmons and the other three men were the first charged with the felony offense, according to prosecutors.

Blue Hole

Man called police after he was disturbed by amorous hedgehogs

Police in the town of B├╝chenbach near Nuremberg, Germany, received an unusual call-out on Wednesday night. A man was so infuriated by the noise of “loud panting” coming from under the stairs at the entrance to his house that he called officers at around 11pm, a police spokesperson said on Thursday. Having searched the premises from top to bottom, the police finally discovered two suspects.
A pair of hedgehogs had been mating in the cozy little spot for about 20 minutes. But, had they not been caught, the irate man would have been disturbed for a good while longer. An expert from the veterinary department of Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich explained that the act normally 'lasts several hours'.
“Hedgehogs groan loudly during the act and the male makes most of the noise”, the animal specialist added. Which explains why the “suspicious sounds” were so excessively frustrating to the resident. Luckily the aggravated man wasn’t disturbed for too long. The pair of hedgehogs fled immediately in the light of the policemen's flashlights.

Man jailed for performing a sex act in front of horses

A man with a sexual interest in horses has been jailed after he was caught performing a sex act in front of some, despite offering to take drugs to suppress his libido. Malcolm Downes, 59, is "prohibited from entering any field or stable, or any other area which contains equine animals in the Humberside Police area" as part of an anti-social behavior order. Downes, who began committing sexual offenses in 1974, narrowly avoided a prison sentence in May after he was seen in a field near horses in Orchard Park, north Hull.
But he was seen on June 25 performing a sex act in a field containing horses, which has now led to him being jailed for two years, for what a judge called his "totally disgusting" behavior. Downes was seen by a resident in a field in west Hull at 11am, Hull Crown Court heard. Prosecutor Phillip Evans said the man "challenged the defendant about his behavior and noticed he was in close proximity to some horses. "The defendant claimed he had been urinating. He apologized and rode away on his bicycle. Notwithstanding that, [the resident] had taken some photographic evidence of what he had seen, which corroborated his view of events."
Downes was arrested by a community support officer and admitted twice breaching the order that day, but said he had gone back to the field "to look for my keys because I've lost them". As Mr Evans drew Judge Mark Bury's attention to Downes's criminal record, the judge said: "It doesn't make very good reading as far as he is concerned". Downes was convicted of indecent exposure in 1974, 1975, 1977, 1979, four times in 1980, with another taken into consideration, 1986, and 1983. He was convicted of exposure in 2007 under the then new Sexual Offenses Act. He was made subject to an antisocial behavior order in 2013 after a woman walking her dog saw him performing a sex act in front of a horse. He went on to breach the order five times.
Downes, of north Hull, admitted breaching the ASBO and breaching the community order he was sentenced to in May. Nigel Clive, for Downes, said he had been making good progress on the Better New Me program, and was planning to visit his doctor with his probation officer "to seek libido suppressing drugs". Inviting the judge to suspend any period of imprisonment, Mr Clive said: "If there was no realization on behalf of this defendant that something must be done in relation to his behavior, there would be little I could put before the courts that any sentence upon this defendant could be met by any other way than by imprisonment." But jailing Downes for two years, Judge Bury told him: "It's all very well talking about going to the doctor's and having treatment for your libido, but this is something you should have done years ago, Mr Downes."
This report makes us wonder if the perverted wingnut we banned from this blog is in prison for his sick obsession with horse-sex as well, or maybe his sick obsession with sex with little boys got him imprisoned where his fellow inmates will give him the "thing" he deserves ...

Bear spotted having a swimmingly good time in pool

A bear in California found relief from the heat in a resident's swimming pool.
"A resident shared this video with us of a bear cooling off in the family pool this morning.
"This serves as a great reminder we live in a foothill community, and we live with wildlife," the Arcadia Police Department said in a Facebook post.

They added, "Be Bear Aware!", reminding residents to secure trash cans in an enclosure whenever possible and not to feed bears.

Animal Pictures