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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Daily Drift

Editor Note: Thanks for all the positive and encouraging comments they squash the feeble efforts of the wingnut/pedophile/morons that continually try and pervert this blog.
It does get wearisome (after the howling belly laughs and the drying of tears cried because of so much laughter) to have idiots vainly projecting their peccadilloes upon you ... but that is the nature of the detritus of the lunatic fringe who have the massive delusion that they are a majority.
Oh, they have a total monopoly on lunacy all right, but that is another story.
Hey, wingnuts, yeah, we're talking to you ...!
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Today in History

1556   Henry II of France and Philip of Spain sign the truce of Vaucelles.
1631   A ship from Bristol, the Lyon, arrives with provisions for the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
1762   Martinique, a major French base in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies, surrenders to the British.  
1783   Sweden recognizes U.S. independence.
1846   The first Pacific Coast newspaper, Oregon Spectator, is published.
1864   Federal forces occupy Jackson, Miss.  
1865   The three-day Battle of Hatcher's Run, Va., begins.
1900   The United States and Great Britain sign the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty, giving the United States the right to build a canal in Nicaragua but not to fortify it.  
1917   U.S. Congress nullifies President Woordrow Wilson's veto of the Immigration Act; literacy tests are required.  
1918   The Soviets proclaim separation of church and state.  
1922   The Reader's Digest begins publication in New York.  
1922   William Larned's steel-framed tennis racquet gets its first test.
1945   American and French troops destroy German forces in the Colmar Pocket in France.  
1947   The Soviet Union and Great Britain reject terms for an American trusteeship over Japanese Pacific Isles.  
1952   New York adopts three-colored traffic lights.  
1961   The Soviets launch Sputnik V, the heaviest satellite to date at 7.1 tons.
1968   U.S. troops divide Viet Cong at Hue while the Saigon government claims they will arm loyal citizens.  
1971   Two Apollo 14 astronauts walk on the moon.  
1972   It is reported that the United States has agreed to sell 42 F-4 Phantom jets to Israel.  
1974   Patty Hearst is kidnapped at gunpoint.  
1985   U.S. halts a loan to Chile in protest over human rights abuses.

And I Quote

President Obama Advances 478 Billion Dollar Infrastructure Funding Proposal

The President's plan is a common sense approach to reinvesting in America by rebuilding its transportation infrastructure.…
President Obama’s budget request Monday called for a six-year, 478 billion dollar public works program, designed to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. The plan would allocate funds for rebuilding and modernizing bridges, railroads, highways, and airports. The program would be funded by a one-time, 14 percent tax on corporate profits accumulated overseas.
By investing in American jobs, while taxing offshore profits, the Obama plan is sort of the antithesis of the Keystone XL pipeline proposal. The Keystone XL plan essentially calls for using foreign steel to construct a pipeline to transport Canadian oil to foreign markets, while providing a very small number of long-term American jobs. By contrast, Obama’s new budget proposal will repatriate some profits obtained through outsourcing, and use those profits to reinvest in American workers and American infrastructure.
Republicans are already arguing that Obama’s plan is too costly, but they have not offered a compelling alternative to address the nation’s infrastructure needs. In 2013, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the nation’s infrastructure a D+ grade on their report card. They estimated that 3.6 trillion dollars would need to be invested by 2020, to upgrade the nation’s roads, bridges, and ports. Obama’s proposal calls for only a portion of that total.
In addition to the federal government, state and local governments also would need to step up their efforts to invest in rebuilding America. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report ranked the United States behind 18 other nations for overall infrastructure quality. That ranking placed the United States behind Portugal, Spain and Oman.
A “catastrophic pancake” collapse of an Interstate 75 bridge on January 20th, emphasized the need for American infrastructure improvements to begin immediately. The Ohio bridge collapse killed one man and injured others. With so many bridges and roads in need of repair, investing in restoring the nation’s infrastructure is a common sense choice that should be applauded by Americans of all political persuasions. Unfortunately, the repugican cabal has already attacked Obama’s plan because it raises taxes. In the repugican warped mind, offshore profits for multinational corporations are apparently a higher priority than keeping America’s bridges from crashing down.

The repugican cabal's Attacks Fail: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Named Most Admired US Man and Woman

A new YouGov survey has found that the two titans of the Democratic Party, President Obama and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, have been named the most admired man and woman in the United States.
Here are the top 15 most admired men and women in the United States via YouGov:
yougov most admired in US
None of the top contenders for the repugican pretender nomination made the list. There was no sign of Jeb, Christie, or Paul. Instead, the top repugican pretender candidate was Ben Carson at number nine on the men’s list and Sarah Palin in tenth among women. On the Democratic side, Bill Clinton was the fourth most admired man, and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was the sixth most admired woman. First Lady Michelle Obama was third among women. Condi Rice was fourth, and the shrub's momma was eleventh. And, 2012 reougican cabal nominee Mitt Romney was thirteenth on the men’s list.
The list was compiled by asking respondents two questions. Who do you most admire, and who do you truly admire? From a political point of view, this poll demonstrates the power of Clinton name. Bill and Hillary Clinton have a strong brand and powerful legacy to run on. Their years of supporting President Obama have smoothed over what remains of the divide from the 2008 primary and have established former Sec. Clinton as the dominant frontrunner in the Democratic Party.
On the repugican side, the fact that they couldn’t place a single active politician from their cabal in the top ten of either category illustrates the degree of damage that has been done to the repugican cabal brand. For repugicans, the list is full of has-beens/never-weres, ( Palin,Romney, Rice) and those that will never be (Carson).
The years that repugicans have spent trying to drag down and damage both Obama and Clinton are looking like a waste of time. The president has survived years of attacks by his repugicans critics and has emerged with rising poll numbers and admired status. The repugicans have been trying to attack former Sec. of State Clinton for years, and her status as a globally admired person remains as strong as ever.
The repugicans have spent nearly seven years on the attack, but the current (President Obama) and future (former Sec. of State Clinton) leaders of the Democratic Party remain as strong as ever.

Senate Democrats Block repugican Bill To Overturn Obama’s Immigration Executive Orders

By a vote of 51-48 Senate Democrats have blocked progress on a bill that would have overturned President Obama’s immigration executive actions.
The repugicans fell short of the needed 60 votes for advancement.
The bill was part of house repugicans latest stunt to overturn President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.the house repugicans attached language to a bill that would fund Homeland Security for the rest of the year that would reverse the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and reverse President Obama’s immigration executive actions that shielded immediately family of citizens and permanent residents from deportation.
Democrats stood together in voting against the bill. Senators Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other liberals opposed the bill. Even Joe Manchin from West Virginia opposed the bill. Wingnut outlets such as The Fiscal Times have been reporting that repugicans are blocked in and looking for a way out of the immigration fight with President Obama, “congressional repugicans want a graceful way out of a showdown with President Obama over their threat to withhold funding from the Department of Homeland Security in order to block Obama’s executive order protecting nearly five million illegal immigrants from deportation.”
While senate repugicans are looking for a way out, house repugicans appear to be obsessed with promoting a confrontation with President Obama that could shut down Homeland Security.
Senate Democrats have once again showcased their power as a unified minority. The repugicans thought that they were going to be able to roll through the Senate and impose their agenda on the president. The exact opposite has proven to be true. The repugicans are struggling to get much of their agenda through the Senate.
Instead of dividing, Democrats have rallied around President Obama. Senate Democrats have demonstrated that they will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. the repugicans thought they could divide and conqueror President Obama and congressional Democrats, but it is the president’s party that is exploiting the divides within the repugican cabal.

House repugicans Pass Bill That Would Take Health Care Away From 19 Million Americans

boehner-thumbs-up-485x311The House has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act 239-186, but house repugicans didn’t just vote to repeal Obamacare. By voting for repeal, they also voted to take away access to health care from 19 million Americans.
No Democrats voted for repeal, and three repugicans voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act
The repugican argument was the same one that has ignored the reality of the law’s success for years. Kevin McCarthy called the ACA a disaster while claiming that “The People” don’t want Obamacare. Despite the fact that the ACA has lowered costs, McCarthy claimed that costs have gone up. He brought out the tired old argument that taking away access to health care promoted freedom. He also claimed that Obamacare was government run health care. Nothing in McCarthy’s remarks was true.
Before the vote, House Ways and Means Committee Democrats released a statement that revealed the truth, “We’ve had more than four years of the repugicans telling us they have a better solution. To date, the ACA has succeeded in helping millions of working families and retirees: 19 million Americans who would otherwise be uninsured are now covered; 9 billion in premium dollars saved; $15 billion in savings on drugs for seniors. Four years and counting of empty repugican promises.”
Representative Sander Levin called out the lie that health care costs are rising because of the ACA. He said, “It’s a lie. It’s a fib.” He said the problem that repugicans have with the law is that it is working.
There was nothing new in the repugican argument. It was an endless stream of half-truths and falsehoods.
Beyond taking away access to health care for 19 million Americans, house repugicans also voted to throw 3 million children off of their parents’ health insurance. They also voted today to deny 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions access to affordable health care. The house repugicans voted to raise prescription drug costs on 8.2 million seniors. The repugicans voted to raise Medicare premiums on seniors.
The media and some on the left often get caught up in talking about the volume of house repugican attempts to kill the ACA. What often gets overlooked is what repealing the ACA will do. The repugican efforts do not contain a plan to replace the ACA. The repugican efforts are centered around taking away access to and the benefits of affordable health care.
Behind the politics is the reality that house repugicans passed a bill that would harm hundreds of millions of Americans.

The Truth Be Told

Wingnuts never get it correct!

How Koch-repugican Governors Rob Pensions And Slash Wages

It is probably true that most Americans do not begrudge other Americans reaping the benefits of hard work whether it is their possessions, a good job with decent wages, or a secure retirement. However, repugicans and their money-machine, the Koch brothers, begrudge any American having anything and over the past six years in particular they have been on a tear to strip every and anything of value from the people if they can keep it for themselves. In many cases, even when they will not profit from stealing from the people, it appears that the Kochs and repugicans just refuse to allow Americans not in the richest one-percent to have anything and if they cannot have it, no-one can.
Since most Americans are not like the Kochs, repugicans came up with a devious plot to garner support for taking things like good wages, employment benefits, sick leave, overtime pay, and pensions from those that have them. How? By repeating ad nauseum that they are paid for by beleaguered taxpayers and kill other Americans’ opportunities for jobs and prosperity. This is particularly true in terms of retirement benefits and Social Security; even though those are paid for by the people expecting to receive them.
In states with Koch-repugican governors, and nationally as well, the persistent repugican claim is that any kind of pension, whether it is Social Security or a private plan, is welfare funded by other taxpayers. They have succeeded in convincing many Americans that slashing pensions, privatizing Social Security, withholding state pension payments, or cutting employee wages is not only fair, but provides relief for put-upon taxpayers and prevents elderly freeloaders from living on welfare. It is a favorite scheme in states with repugican governors with valuable assistance from the Koch’s State Policy Network (SPN) and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC); and they are successful.
First, taxpayers do not pay for public employees’ pensions regardless what the Kochs, repugican governors, or SPN and ALEC say. What taxpayers cannot comprehend, but the Koch-repugicans know is true, is that pension plans are the direct result of deferred compensation packages most public employees participate in. What that means is that the money an employee could have received as part of their regular salary is, instead, placed in the state-operated pension fund; a place where the funds are professionally invested and managed.
Every state’s public employee pension plan is negotiated in good faith between the state and public employees with NO input from the taxpayers because they have no stake one way or the other in how the public employees fund their own retirement or are paid benefits when they retire. The Koch brothers’ two “social charity” tax-exempt organizations, SPN and ALEC, have perpetuated a devious plan to force employees to pay more than they already are into their own pensions that are nothing more a means of forcing employees to take a very substantial wage cut; typically from 9% to over 15%. The employees get nothing extra when they retire and the pension funds are not any better off; it is just a means of cutting wages.
The actual amount of money state taxpayers pay for the “welfare gift” to public employee’s pensions is zero. In fact, “for every dollar a retired public employee draws as part of their pension, they have invested 100 cents.”  Still, repugicans claim that it is unfair for the taxpayer to have to pay for public employees’ pensions when they can hardly afford to invest in their own retirement and many Americans fall for the lie.
There is even a more devious plot underway in many repugican states to cut current and future retirees’ pensions that involve providing tax cuts for the rich and corporations. In states like Kansas, and New Jersey, as just two examples, repugicans created revenue shortfalls due to substantial tax cuts for the rich and to fund the tax cuts refuse to make regular payments into the public employee pension funds. Underfunding, or not funding at all, pension funds is a deliberate plot to create ‘pension fund crises’ that gives repugicans a reason to cut retiree benefits under the guise of keeping the retirement fund solvent. It is worth noting again and again, taxpayers do not pay for public employees’ pensions, and the lack of a pension funds’ solvency is not because employees are not paying their fair share.
In fact, something else that is not public or private employees fault, but they paid the price, is that the shrub-repugican 2008 financial crisis caused many, many pension funds to lose trillions of dollars in investments that state administrators used to pay retiree benefits. Like everything repugicans are guilty of, it is the American people who end up suffering the long term consequences for repugican cabal fiscal malfeasance, and in the case of pension funding and retirees benefits, both current and retired public employees are being forced to pay the price in wage cuts and reduced retirement benefits; all to perpetuate tax cuts for the rich that are driving repugican states’ revenue shortfalls.
Every one of the Republican states deliberately-created pension fund crises will affect Americans now and over the long term. It is all to hasten fruition of the Kochs’ vision of an America where the masses suffer poverty to provide more wealth for the one percent. The Kochs have tasked their two state-level organization, SPN and ALEC, to promote what they purport are “local interests to radically remake governments in a way to undermine all public institutions and the rights of workers; particularly public sector workers.”
The executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy, Lisa Graves, issued a report last year on the activities and goal of SPN and said their so-called “state interests” belied a larger Koch purpose; to take their operation national and eliminate all public sector workers’ rights to their pensions, sick pay, living wages, and protections at the federal level. It is why Washington Republicans continue warning that unless Social Security is drastically cut now, Americans’ children and grandchildren will “be saddle” with paying for the unwarranted welfare today’s retirees are receiving.
Through their various organizations and the Republican establishment, the Kochs have convinced a fair number of Americans that everything Americans work for and deserve from decent wages, sick leave, overtime pay, Social Security, and pensions are being stolen from other Americans. Republicans claim that sick leave, overtime pay, retirement benefits, and good wages are stealing jobs from other Americans; and many Americans fall for the lies or Republican states would not have right to work laws or successfully cut retirement benefits with substantial support from voters.
Most Americans do not begrudge other Americans from enjoying the fruits of their labor, but most Americans have been bombarded with a carefully scripted narrative that anything other Americans have earned was stolen from them. Although Republicans are primarily to blame, between timid Democrats and conservative media, most Americans will never realize how stupid and greedy they are until Republicans get around to stealing whatever they have left; at the rate this nation is going, there will not be much to take.

Bernie Sanders Obliterates The repugican Job Creator Myth At Senate Hearing

At a Senate Budget Committee hearing on President Obama’s budget proposal, ranking member Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) destroyed the repugican myth of wealthy job creators who must be given tax cuts.
During his opening remarks at Senate Budget Committee’s hearing on the president’s budget proposal, Sanders said:
Mr. Chairman: This is not just a moral issue, it is an economic issue. Seventy percent of our economy is based on consumer spending, and when working people don’t earn enough income, they are not spending money. They are not buying products or services. The “job creators” in this country are not the heads of corporations. They can’t sell products and services unless people have the income to buy them. The real job creators are those millions of Americans who every day go out and purchase goods and services – and if they don’t have adequate income, the economy suffers.

This simple phenomenon, that an economy cannot do well unless there is low-unemployment and decent wages, impacts not only the lives of ordinary people, but also our deficit and national debt — and important government programs like Social Security. In other words, if we are going to reduce the deficit, we have got to make sure that every American who is willing to work hard is able to get a decent-paying job.

The debate we are having this morning will have a profound impact on the lives of the American people. The Republican philosophy of cutting Social Security, cutting Medicare, cutting Medicaid, cutting nutrition programs for hungry kids, while providing huge tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires would move this country in exactly the wrong direction.

On the other hand, if we are serious about rebuilding the disappearing middle class, reducing income and wealth inequality, and strengthening Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid we need a budget that creates millions of jobs, raises wages, makes college more affordable, and demands that the wealthiest people in this country pay their fair share. In all of these matters, the President’s budget moves this country in the right direction.
The entire debate on budgetary and tax policy is centered around one simple question. Who does the government help? The repugicans believe that the government should be helping the wealthiest Americans and corporations by cutting taxes and rolling back regulations. The repugicans believe that these steps will lead to increased economic growth. Democrats and Independents like Senator Sanders believe that government should be helping working people and those who are in the middle-class. Democrats has decades of history behind them that proves that helping working people make or save more money grows the economy.
One of the reasons why the promotion of Senator Sanders to the highest Democratic position on the budget committee was a big deal is because the person in the top Democratic seat on the committee is talking about middle-class issues. Senator Sanders destroyed the myth of the “job creator.” The American economy is driven by consumer spending, and the biggest consumer are people who are living week to week, buying groceries, paying rent, and putting food on the table.
In 2013, the wealthiest Americans were saving cash at a record pace. When the wealthy get a tax cut, they don’t put that money back into the economy. Unlike middle-class folks, the wealthy don’t fix their car or buy the kids some new shoes when their income tax refund is bigger. The wealthy take their tax cut money and save it, or invest it.
Senator Sanders was correct. There is no special class of job creators. Every single American that puts money back into the U.S. economy is a “job creator.” If repugicans want to protect the job creators, they should be cutting taxes for every American in the middle-class and below.

Reality Is ...

That moment when reality sets in.

Marked Ebola Retreat In West Africa A Victory Dor Public Health – And Democracy

Congratulations are in order to every civic leader, health professional (many of them American) and citizen who has worked to eradicate the threat of Ebola …
What a difference just a few months can make. Last weekend writer Morimitsu Onishi of The New York Times published a piece entitled, “As Ebola Ebbs in Africa, Focus Turns From Death to Life.” The article reveals the stunning fact that “new Ebola cases in Liberia, where streets were littered with the dead just a few months ago, now number in the single digits, according to the World Health Organization.”
The very next day, the Times ran a companion story, “Ebola Drug Trial Is Halted for Lack of Patients.” Given the rampant media hysteria that ran roughshod over the nation’s political discourse less than three months ago, the developments are nothing short of miraculous. From dangerous pandemic to virtually neutralized, the retreat of the Ebola threat is something we can come together to celebrate in a bipartisan way. Well…almost all of us.
With immigration reform scheduled to remain a hot button topic in the United States for the remainder of 2015, retired Georgia physician and Republican House member Phil Gingrey will need to find a new way to stoke his constituency’s fear of brown people. You may recall that Gingrey gave a July 2014 interview to NBC News’ Luke Russert, in which he said, “The border patrol gave us a list of the diseases that they’re concerned about, and Ebola was one of those…I can’t tell you specifically that there were any cases of Ebola, I don’t think there were, but of course Tuberculosis, Chagas disease, many – small pox, some of the infectious diseases of children, all of these are concerns.”
The fact that Ebola never existed in Central America proved no deterrent to Gingrey’s hate mongering.
Then in October 2014, Wisconsin's Ron Johnson dumbed down the dialogue a little further by suggesting that terrorist group ISIL was using Ebola-infected patients as weapons of war. In a nearly commendable use of negatives to put forth an insane idea as accepted, Johnson told Newsmax TV, “You really don’t even want to think about, you really don’t even want to talk about, but we should do everything possible to defend ourselves against that possibility because I think that is a real and present danger.”
And while it’s clear that no one really listens to her anymore, Sarah Palin demonstrated that Ebola hysteria and stupidity are not the exclusive purview of the white male wing of the repugican cabal. Writing an “open, verbal letter (huh?)” to President Obama, the former Alaskan Governor called for swift and immediate “invasionary” action” against the disease. As though Ebola were just a rogue US territory that could be subdued through artillery.
For most sane people, news of Ebola’s ebb is a welcome delight, the more so because it has been a democratic phenomenon, a win for public health, a triumph of information and a symbol of what strained communities can accomplish when they work together. As Onishi writes, “While many have emphasized the enormous assistance hauled into the region by the United States and international organizations, there is strong evidence, especially here in Monrovia, that the biggest change came from the precautions taken by residents themselves.”
It’s a watershed, revolutionary idea for the doggedly interventionist faction of the repugican cabal. Maybe, just maybe our “leadership (heavy handed military action)” in every global crisis is not necessary to its resolution. We contributed badly needed funds and expertise, certainly. But a quick review of the quotes above is more than enough to suggest that America’s politically motivated contributions to the conversation often lack helpfulness (to understate things just a bit).
Congratulations are in order to every civic leader, health professional (many of them American) and citizen who has worked to eradicate the threat of Ebola from the daily lives of people in Liberia, Sierre Leone and Guinea. Schools are reopening and the streets safer for human interaction. There are many lessons to be learned from the crisis, and fortunately, we have the benefit of the recency effect. Paranoid talk is cheap and dangerous.

Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites

The Native American National Council will offer amnesty to the estimated 240 million illegal white immigrants living in the United States.
At a meeting on Friday in Taos, New Mexico, Native American leaders weighed a handful of proposals about the future of the United State’s large, illegal European population. After a long debate, NANC decided to extend a road to citizenship for those without criminal records or contagious diseases.
“We will give Europeans the option to apply for Native Citizenship,” explained Chief Sauti of the Nez Perce tribe. “To obtain legal status, each applicant must write a heartfelt apology for their ancestors’ crimes, pay an application fee of $5,000, and, if currently on any ancestral Native land, they must relinquish that land to NANC or pay the market price, which we decide.
“Any illegal European who has a criminal record of any sort, minus traffic and parking tickets, will be deported back to their native land. Anybody with contagious diseases like HIV, smallpox, herpes, etc, will not qualify and will also be deported.”
European colonization of North America began in the 16th and 17th centuries, when arrivals from France, Spain and England first established settlements on land that had been occupied by native peoples. Explorers Lewis & Clark further opened up western lands to settlement, which ultimately led to the creation of the Indian reservation system.
Despite the large number of Europeans residing in the United States, historical scholars mostly agree that indigenous lands were taken illegally through war, genocide and forced displacement.
Despite the council’s decision, a native group called True Americans lambasted the move, claiming amnesty will only serve to reward lawbreakers.
“They all need to be deported back to Europe,” John Dakota from True Americans said. “They came here illegally and took a giant crap on our land. They brought disease and alcoholism, stole everything we have because they were too lazy to improve and develop their own countries.”

City of Paris to sue Faux News for defamation

Faux claimed that Paris was filled with muslim no-go zones where no christian dare tread.

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, says the city is planning on suing Faux News.
The charge? Lying about France in general, and Paris in particular, by claiming it is filled with muslim-inhabited “no-go zones” so dangerous that “real” Frenchmen dare not tread.
Except that, as I reported the other day, it’s not true.
I lived in one of Faux News’ muslim “no-go zones” in Paris for a few months back in 2009. Near Metro Goncourt in the 11th, it’s a colorful neighborhood comprised mostly of blue collar north Africans and (rather-white) gays. So it’s not only not a no-go zone, it’s not even a no-gay zone.
I noted that it was interesting that wingnuts were acting so pro-French in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks, in which masked gunmen shot and killed 12 people (including two police officers) at the Paris headquarters of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. (Another gunman went on to kill another police officer, and then take hostages at a kosher supermarket (he killed four of the hostages).) Wingnuts in America were irate that President Obama didn’t show solidarity with our French allies by attending a religious service and march for the victims in Paris.
Well, that didn’t last long. Only days later, the lead wingnut propaganda organ was back to bashing the French, this time with a little islamophobia mixed in for good measure. (wingnuts did the same with New York City; a place they loathed and routinely vilified, until September 11, when you’d have thought ronny raygun was born in Chelsea.)
Back to Paris. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour broke the news that the mayor of Paris says the city his going to sue Faux for “insulting” and “discriminating” against the city.
Interestingly, Faux “corrected” its error and apologized — four times in fact — for the reporting. (For also reported that the city of Birmingham in England is a “totally muslim city where non-muslims don’t go in.” That was news to the 78% of Birmingham residents who aren’t muslim.)
French comedians had a field day visiting the “dangerous” zones of Paris, pretending to be Faux News reporters. My favorite part was the sledgehammer machine guns:

Verizon’s net neutrality nightmare is about to come true

Verizon’s net neutrality nightmare is about to come true
Verizon’s lawsuit against earlier net neutrality rules is about to backfire in a spectacular fashion. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Federal Communications Commission will propose new net neutrality rules that will reclassify ISPs under Title II of the Telecommunications Act and thus open them up to being regulated more like utilities.
“According to multiple people familiar with the agency’s plan, Mr. Wheeler intends to change the way both mobile and fixed broadband firms are regulated,” the Journal writes. “Rather than being lightly regulated information services, they would become like telecommunications companies, which would subject them to greater regulation on everything from pricing to how they deploy their networks.”
This would give the FCC the power to stop ISPs from blocking traffic from services that rival their own and from setting up paid prioritization schemes where they would charge money to Internet companies to ensure that their traffic got delivered faster than other companies who don’t pay up.
This sort of regulation is vigorously opposed by most ISPs, of course — AT&T has already penned a long missive arguing why Title II reclassification would be a supposedly ruinous move by the FCC.
That said, you can’t help but wonder if any of this would have happened had Verizon decided against suing the FCC over its original net neutrality regulations that were widely seen as a compromise that ISPs could live with. Verizon took a risk that the FCC would simply sit on its hands after getting beaten once in court but now that gamble seems to have failed in a huge way.

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