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Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Today is also Cinco de Mayo ...! 
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Old School Roller Derby ... !
Today is - International Roller Derby Day

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Today in History

Christopher Columbus lands on the island of Jamaica, which he names Santa Gloria.
British attack the American forces at Ft. Ontario, Oswego, New York.
Napoleon Bonaparte dies in exile on the island of St. Helena.
The first mainland railway line opens in Belgium.
Union and Confederate forces clash at the Battle of Williamsburg, part of the Peninsular Campaign.
Mexican forces loyal to Benito Juarez defeat troops sent by Napoleon III in the Battle of Puebla.
The 13th Amendment is ratified, abolishing slavery.
A bomb explodes on the fourth day of a workers’ strike in Chicago.
Soviet Communist Party newspaper Pravda begins publishing.
U.S. Marines invade the Dominican Republic.
Eugene Jacques Bullard becomes the first African-American aviator when he earns a flying certificate with the French Air Service.
Anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are arrested for murder.
American Jesse Owens sets the long jump record.
General Joseph Stilwell learns that the Japanese have cut his railway out of China and is forced to lead his troops into India.
Holland and Denmark are liberated from Nazi control.
Alan Shepard becomes the first American in space.
173rd Airborne Brigade arrives in Bien Hoa-Vung, Vietnam, the first regular U.S. Army unit deployed to that country.
U.S. Air Force planes hit Nhi Ha, South Vietnam in support of attacking infantrymen.
Pulitzer Prize awarded to Norman Mailer for his ‘nonfiction novel’ Armies of the Night, an account of the 1967 anti-Vietnam War march on the Pentagon.
Congress opens Iran-Contra hearings.
The Sun, Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn align – Earth’s moon is also almost in this alignment – leading to Doomsday predictions of massive natural disasters, although such a ‘grand confluence’ occurs about once in every century.

Student Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By Man Who Said She Was ‘Too Cute To Be A Lesbian’

Pastor allowed San Antonio cop to sexually abuse teenage girl for four months

Pastor allowed San Antonio cop to sexually abuse teenage girl for four months

Officials Caught Falsifying Records To Deny Food Stamps To Families With Less Than $100

Officials Caught Falsifying Records To Deny Food Stamps To Families With Less Than $100 (VIDEO)
Officials Caught Falsifying Records To Deny Food Stamps To Families With Less Than $100
Reports indicate that at least five workers in the New Mexico Human Services department confessed to fudging records to deny aid to needy families.

Christie vetoes New Jersey's equal pay bill for being 'very business unfriendly'

Moron vetoes New Jersey's equal pay bill for being 'very business unfriendly'

Latinos and Democrats hide in safe houses as wingnut sheriff uses mob rule to take over Texas town

Sheriff Pamela Ellott (Facebook)
Sheriff Elliott is a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), a wingnut cabal that encourages members to disobey laws they delusionally think are unconstitutional.

White power meets business casual

White power meets business casual: Inside the effort to 'make white nationalism great again'

Here’s why conspiracy theorists will never accept that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he shot JFK

At the time of his arrest, Oswald told the Dallas police that it was a fake, part of an effort to frame him. Since then, people all over the world have produced a small mountain of “evidence” to support this thesis.

Kid In Texas Brings Gun To School, Promptly Shoots Himself

Kid In Texas Brings Gun To School, Promptly Shoots Himself (VIDEO)
Tell me again how we don’t need gun control.

Teenage boy died after accidentally shooting himself in head while taking selfie with dad's gun

A teenager in India has died after accidentally shooting himself in the head with his father's gun while trying to take a selfie photograph.Police said 15-year-old Ramandeep Singh was taken to hospital at Pathankot in Punjab state following the incident.
Deputy police superintendent Manoj Kumar said it happened when the schoolboy was playing at home with the licensed revolver, which is normally kept in a wardrobe.
"The boy's father and family said that he was trying to take a selfie with his gun," he said. "We think that part of the blame obviously goes to the father for not keeping his loaded gun under lock and key at their home." Police initially said the teen was expected to survive, however he later succumbed to his injuries.

Captain Cook's Lost Ship "Endeavour" Believed Found

Researchers believe they have located the wreckage of a ship sailed by the famous British explorer James Cook, which was sunk off the United States during the Revolutionary War.

'Impossibly Rare' Violet Diamond Found

It's not known how diamonds acquire their color, but it is thought to come from a molecular structure distortion as the jewel forms.

Boiling water may be the cause of dark streaks on Mars

Boiling water may be the cause of dark streaks on Mars: study  

Altercation between a chicken and a marten blamed for traffic accident

A struggle between a chicken and a marten on a rain-slicked highway near Ketchikan, Alaska, led to a car accident on Saturday, but no one was seriously injured, State Troopers reported.
Troopers, along with Alaska Wildlife Troopers and members of the North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department, responded to the site of the crash, at Mile 10 of the North Tongass Highway, at 11:50am. Witnesses reported that the marten, a carnivorous member of the weasel family, was “fighting/dragging a chicken across the southbound lane” on a bend in the road.
Myrna Losquadro, 75, of Ketchikan, was driving a Honda Civic southbound on the highway when she rounded the bend and hit the brakes in an attempt to avoid colliding with the animals, according to troopers. Burton Morrison, 47, was also driving southbound with two passengers in a Dodge Truck and tried to avoid Losquardo's vehicle as he rounded the same bend.
“Due to heavy rain at the time, Morrison’s vehicle slid on the wet roadway and rear-ended Losquadro’s vehicle,” troopers said. His 21-year-old passenger was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. No other injuries were reported. Troopers did not say what became of the chicken or marten.

Game of Thrones Dire Wolves Were Real

Those supersized wolves that frighten Game of Thrones characters aren't entirely works of fiction. We look back tens of thousands of years to Canis diris, a REAL giant wolf.

Lab Retrievers Hardwired to Crave Food

Labrador retrievers have a genetic mutation that causes them to be more food-obsessed than other dogs.

Woman wanted for stealing former tenant's dog named Isis took limousine to jail to turn herself in

Officials in Oregon say a woman wanted for taking her former tenant's dog named Isis following an unusual dispute took a limousine to the Marion County Court Annex to turn herself in. Police say it all began when Brooke Kempton decided to kick her tenant Kate Taylor out for "being disrespectful" late last month.
Taylor moved out of the home the day she was asked to leave and sold her horses that were being boarded at Kempton's mother's house as part of the rental agreement. Last Tuesday morning, police say Kempton went to Taylor's dad's house to confront the 61-year-old man.
She told Kevin Taylor that his daughter stole two saddles from her, and she was going to take Taylor's dog named Isis until she got her saddles back. Kevin Taylor then jumped on the running boards of Kempton's truck in an attempt to stop her, but police say instead of stopping, she accelerated and threw Kevin Taylor from the truck. He injured his hand and wrist.
Deputies say they were able to make contact with Kempton who agreed to turn herself in at the Marion County Jail on Friday. Kempton pulled up to the jail in a limousine and turned herself in about 10 minutes later. The location of Isis the dog is still unknown, and deputies say Kempton refused to say where it was. She was arrested on charges of theft and robbery.

Woman charged after tale of abandoned puppy inside duct-taped pillowcase found to be a hoax

A community college instructor in Illinois has been charged with felony disorderly conduct, after she told her class she found an abandoned puppy inside a duct-taped pillowcase, but it turned out she made up the story. Woodstock Police began investigating after one of Dr. Hope Sanchez’s students informed police of her story. Police said Sanchez, an adjunct instructor at a McHenry County College, had told her class she found the puppy in the pillowcase while riding her bike on US Route 14 in Woodstock.

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