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Monday, January 15, 2018

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Today in History

Riots flare in Mexico when it is announced that all cults are to be closed.
In a secret session, Congress plans to annex Spanish East Florida.
Union troops capture Fort Fisher, North Carolina.
The first telephone line between Berlin and New York is inaugurated.
Peasants in Central Russia rise against the Bolsheviks.
The Dry Law goes into effect in the United States. Selling liquor and beer becomes illegal.
The United States approves a $150 million loan to Poland, Austria and Armenia to aid in their war with the Russian communists.
The Dumbarton Bridge opens in San Francisco carrying the first auto traffic across the bay.
The U.S. Senate ratifies the Kellogg-Briand anti-war pact.
Amelia Earhart sets an aviation record for women at 171 mph in a Lockheed Vega.
In London, Japan quits all naval disarmament talks after being denied equality.
The U.S. Fifth Army successfully breaks the German Winter Line in Italy with the capture of Mount Trocchio.
Chinese Communists occupy Tianjin after a 27-hour battle with Nationalist forces.
Sir Winston Churchill suffers a severe stroke.
Some 462 Yale faculty members call for an end to the bombing in North Vietnam.
Nixon announces the suspension of offensive action by U.S. troops in Vietnam.
Four of six remaining Watergate defendants plead guilty.
The Alvor Agreement is signed, ending the Angolan War of Independence and granting the country independence from Portugal.
Sara Jane Moore is sentenced to life in prison for her failed attempt to assassinate Ford.
The UN deadline for Iraq to withdraw its forces from occupied Kuwait passes, setting the stage for Operation Desert Storm.
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II approves Australia instituting its own Victoria Cross honors system, the first county in the British Commonwealth permitted to do so.
Slovenia and Croatia’s independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is recognized by the international community.
Wikipedia goes online.

Barack Obama revealed that he cried and was “basically useless” while dropping Malia off at college

President Barack Obama opened up to David Letterman about how emotional he was after dropping off his oldest daughter, 19-year-old Malia, at college, saying he cried and was “basically useless” during the process.

Pharmacists Slow to Dispense Lifesaving Overdose Reversal Drug

British gymnast Natasha Coates is allergic to everything

In 2012, British gymnast Natasha Coates felt a little tingle on her lips after eating an apple. Tomatoes and strawberries soon followed. Months later, a severe anaphylactic reaction left her unconscious. Eventually she was diagnosed with a condition that was recognized only a few years ago. Growing hair causes her pain and she has an allergic-like reaction to her own tears.
Coates relays her harrowing journey in a video on the UK-Based Barcroft TV. The now 22-year-old has been diagnosed with a rare and disturbing condition known as mast cell activation syndrome.

Plane nearly falls into sea after skidding off runway

A plane landing in an airport in northern Turkey skid off the runway and nearly fell into the Black Sea, clinging from a steep slope with its nose toward the water below. All the people on board survived the incident.

This Is What the Planet Would Be Like Without Trees

Space X debris washes ashore South Carolina beach

Debris from a SpaceX Rocket washed ashore North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina on Friday, the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed.
The debris was claimed by NASA shortly after the Horry County police and the Coast Guard were called to the scene. The authorities did a quick assessment of the debris found at the scene and concluded that it was indeed from a SpaceX rocket.

Life in the solar system likely exists

It’s one of the most compelling questions humanity has tried to answer: Is there life beyond Earth? Scientists are closer than ever to answering that question, thanks to a host of technological advances and each new spacecraft that launches—and sometimes even thanks to evidence falling right onto our laps.

Death as Entertainment at the Paris Morgue

Entertainment took some strange forms before movie theaters and television. There were circuses, sing-alongs, and running down to the morgue to see the dead bodies. At least they did that in France in the 19th century, when the Paris Morgue had picture windows set up for the public to peer through.
The Morgue may have existed so that friends and family of the dead could identify anonymous bodies, but few visitors came with any intention of looking for a missing person. They had a single goal: to see the dead up-close. The more gruesome or mysterious a person’s death, the more tourists showed up to see their body.
As USC history professor Vanessa R. Schwartz writes, “The Morgue served as a visual auxiliary to the newspaper, staging the recently dead who had been sensationally detailed by the printed word.” Whenever newspapers reported on an unknown decapitated person or a bloodied trunk on display, tens of thousands of people flocked to the Morgue to see it.
Not only did the visitors augment the news stories with a visual inspection that photography would later fill, but they imagined themselves as amateur sleuths, speculating on the cause of death. Read about the crowds who flocked to the Paris Morgue, and some spectacular cases they witnessed, at Atlas Obscura.

A Montana 'Handmaid's Tale'

Hospital Staff Dumped a Mentally Ill Patient Out In Freezing Weather Wearing Only a Hospital Gown

Man Who Filmed Baltimore Woman Left Outside In Hospital Gown: 'No One Would Have Believed Me'

Man Who Filmed Baltimore Woman Left Outside In Hospital Gown: 'No One Would Have Believed Me'

When Refugee Chefs Host Dinners, Every Morsel Tells a Story

African immigrants are more educated than most

Lots of the news from sub-Saharan Africa is about war, famine, poverty or political upheaval. So it's understandable if many Americans think most Africans who immigrate to the United States are poorly educated and desperate.

Brutal attack on black woman by Pittsburgh pizza chain manager

On Friday night, a Pittsburgh woman was brutally attacked by a restaurant manager for refusing to leave the premises of Milano Pizza.

New York City is suing 5 of the most powerful fossil fuel companies over climate change

New York City is suing 5 of the most powerful fossil fuel companies over climate change

Sex harassment claims in viral #MeToo list target Rutgers, Princeton and other campuses

In early December, former college professor Karen Kelsky in Oregon created an online open source document designed to give people working and studying on college campuses a place to list allegations of sexual harassment.

Facebook Warned It Faces Legal Action from ‘Revenge Porn’ Victims

Zuckerberg loses $3.3 billion after Facebook change to newsfeed

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is paying the price for the latest changes to the social networking site, losing nearly $3.3 billion of his personal net worth, according to a Forbes calculation.
The 4.4 percent drop came just after Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook would change its algorithm to make people’s news feeds more focused on friends and family, rather than posts from businesses and media companies.

Fossil fuels blown away by wind in cost terms

New onshore wind and solar energy projects are set to deliver electricity more cheaply than fossil fuels plants, with other green technologies also rapidly gaining a cost advantage over dirty fuels, a report published Saturday said.

After bonus announcement, Walmart fires thousands of co-managers, replaces them with cheaper workers

After bonus announcement, Walmart fires thousands of co-managers, replaces them with cheaper workers
The move comes after the mass closure of its Sam's Clubs stores.

This girl showed a little too much school spirit in the airport security line

This girl showed a little too much school spirit in the airport security line -- and the TSA wasn’t having it

Police investigating viral video of New York cop car doing doughnuts in parking lot

An officer from the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) is expected to face disciplinary action after a video that depicted him using a squad car to do doughnuts in an empty parking lot went viral.
The video, which has earned more than 34,000 views, made rounds Tuesday after it arrived on Twitter. A police car can be seen in the viral footage spinning in circles in the middle of an abandoned, snow-filled parking lot. The only audio that can be detected is Migos, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B's song "Motor Sport" as it plays in the background.

Denied Painkillers, Paralyzed Prisoner Chews Own Fingers Off

High school classmate arrested for murder of Blaze Bernstein

Authorities announced Friday that a suspect was arrested in connection to the death of University of Pennsylvania student Blake Bernstein.

Florida woman killed in murder-for-hire plot is victim of mistaken identity

A murder-for-hire plot went terribly wrong when the hired killers kidnapped and killed the wrong woman, police officials said.
The incident took place in Florida where a couple tied and duct-taped a woman and killed her even after realizing that they had abducted the wrong woman.

Mom found guilty of fatally shoving Crucifix down daughter's throat

An Oklahoma woman was found guilty of beating her daughter and shoving a crucifix and medallion down her throat, ultimately leading to her death. She was convicted of first-degree murder Thursday after going through a trial.
The suspect identified as Juanita Martinez Gomez, 51, was convicted of killing her daughter, Geneva Gomez, 33.

White supremacist gang leader slain in prison

A white supremacist gang leader was slain by fellow inmates at a California prison, law enforcement and watchdog groups said Friday.
Devlin “Gazoo” Stringfellow, 48, was a kingpin in the Public Enemy Number 1 street gang, which emerged from the southern California punk scene in the late 1980s and became what the Southern Poverty Law Center described as a hybrid racist skinhead group and criminal street gang.

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