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Monday, October 16, 2017

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Today in History

1555 The Protestant martyrs Bishop Hugh Latimer and Bishop Nicholas Ridley are burned at the stake for heresy in England.
1701 Yale University is founded as The Collegiate School of Killingworth, Connecticut by Congregationalists who consider Harvard too liberal.
1793 Queen Marie Antoinette is beheaded by guillotine during the French Revolution.
The United States defeats the British Fleet at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.
1859 Abolitionist John Brown, with 21 men, seizes the U.S. Armory at Harpers Ferry, Va. U.S. Marines capture the raiders, killing several. John Brown is later hanged in Virginia for treason.
1901 President Theodore Roosevelt incites controversy by inviting black leader Booker T. Washington to the White House.
1908 The first airplane flight in England is made at Farnborough, by Samuel Cody, a U.S. citizen.
1934 Mao Tse-tung decides to abandon his base in Jiangxi due to attacks from Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalists. With his pregnant wife and about 30,000 Red Army troops, he sets out on the “Long March.”
1940 Benjamin O. Davis becomes the U.S. Army’s first African American Brigadier General.
1946 Ten Nazi war criminals are hanged in Nuremberg, Germany.
1973 Israeli General Ariel Sharon crosses the Suez Canal and begins to encircle two Egyptian armies.
1995 The Million Man March for ‘A Day of Atonement’ takes place in Washington, D.C.
1998 General Augusto Pinochet, the former dictator of Chile, is arrested in London for extradition on murder charges

A Brief History of Bat-Marriage

In the DC comics universe, Batman has recently become engaged to Selena Kyle (Catwoman). We don't know if they will actually go through with it, but if something prevents the nuptials, there's bound to be some evil mad scientist or super villain involved. Of course, a wedding is always good for ratings, or comic book sales in this case. Batman has taken a walk down the aisle, or come close to it, many times over his almost-80-year history. He's been spotted marrying Kathy Kane, Vicki Vale, Julie Madison, Selina Kyle, Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman.
The Batman and Wonder Woman of the Brave and the Bold animated universe nearly got married in All-New Batman Brave and the Bold #4, having been hit with a spell from Eros, the Greek god of attraction, that makes them fall for each other. The two break out of the spell thanks to Diana’s lasso of truth, but decide to plan a lavish wedding anyway... and use it as a trap to draw out a bunch of supervillains—who couldn’t resist attacking the wedding of Wonder Woman and Batman!—that they then proceed to beat the snot out of.  
Batman went to the altar with many of those famous brides more than once, plus a few other less memorable characters. So far, they've all been stopped at the last minute, annulled, or occurred in a dream or an in alternate universe. Read the short versions of each of Batman's marriages at io9.

The Creepiest Urban Legend in Every State

Last week you got to read 50 ghost stories, one from each of the US states. Now we have another round of stories, all different as far as I can tell. These are urban legends (even though some are rural). They are stories passed down to scare folks, sometimes based on a true story that's been twisted in the telling, sometimes embellished tales about real people, and sometimes just pure fiction. The trouble is, we often don't know what category a story fits into. The details are either fuzzy or else happened so long ago that records are gone. But mostly, they survive because people like to tell a good story, and those who hear it won't bother to look up the truth. In Minnesota, you might hear the story of The Hairy Man of Vergas Trail.
Why it's creepy: What’s not to be creeped out about? An 8-foot, musty-smelling, barefoot man with a reputation for being unnaturally aggressive is a hell of a thing to consider encountering in the woods. Some reported sightings were just that: sightings. However, reports like Ken Zitzow’s made the Hairy Man more than an apparition, but something to fear. Zitzow returned from driving in the woods with dents all over his car hood and said the Hairy Man jumped onto the road and began pounding the hood.
Where it came from: Nobody really knows. Sightings trace back to the '60s, had a significant increase in the '70s, and still happen from time to time. Some say it’s a legend. Some say there was an old hermit living in the woods who wasn’t too keen on your rascally kids wandering his land. Others say the Hairy Man is real and point to a mysterious skull discovered in the Vergas Trail area that is human-like, but not hominid. It was discovered by a private citizen who didn’t turn it over, so no one knows if it’s human, Bigfoot, animal, or hoax. -- Dustin Nelson  
Read the creepiest urban legend from your state and all the others at Thrillist.

Global warming Is making wildfires and hurricanes worse

Former Vice President Al Gore addressed the crowd at the National Clean Energy Conference in Las Vegas, where he was joined by a group of environmental leaders who discussed the increasing concerns of global warming on our planet.

Organic Food and Farm-to-Table Pioneer Is Creating a Revolution in School Lunches

People with high IQs are more likely to suffer from mental disorders

A new study suggests that highly intelligent people have a significantly increased risk of suffering from a variety of mental disorders.

Things That Happened When I Tried Tongue Scraping For a Month

tongue scraping6 Things That Happened When I Tried Tongue Scraping For a Month
Who knew that getting rid of the gunk could do so much?

Most Americans know NFL kneelers aren't protesting flag

Colin Kaepernick’s movement is starting to catch on in America.
A new poll released on Saturday by HuffPost/YouGov found 57 percent of Americans knew that players were protesting police violence when they kneeled during the national anthem--up from 48 percent of Americans who knew what kneelers were protesting in September.

Why people stay friends with their rapists

Since The New York Times reported about how Harvey Weinstein has been paying off accusations of sexual harassment for decades, more and more women have been coming forward to report abuse, in some cases from years ago.
Writer, journalist and playwright, Natalya Antonova, thinks she understands why some have kept silent for so long.
She has personal experience with the issue.
“We have a stereotype about the way that 'real' rape victims are supposed to act, and basically what the stereotype says is that when this happens to you, you recognize the man as the monster, you cut off all ties, and you torch him in the public square,” says Antonova. "That’s not how a lot of people respond to this crime, and it’s definitely not how I responded when it happened to me."
When she was raped, Antonova says she was in denial and couldn’t even think of what happened to her as rape for a very long time.
“The brain obviously wants to survive, and in order to survive my brain decided to create this fiction, where we were just doomed lovers,” she says, “where he was in love with me; I was in love with him; it was just a beautiful love story.’’
In the US, only about a third of rapes are reported. Antonova didn't report her rapist, but, after years, has begun "trying to rebuild my self-worth against all odds." She wrote more about her experience for Vox First Person.

Weinstein takedown leaves Dumbass Trump sex assault victims frustrated at lack of justice for themselves

While women in the entertainment industry and beyond may rejoice and feel vindicated by the public downfall of Hollywood producer and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, the women victims of Dumbass Trump do not feel so vindicated.

Facebook Blocking Access to Data for Reporters Seeking To Probe Russian Infiltration in 2016 Election

Five arrested in Georgia over 1983 murder of black man Timothy Coggins

A decades-old investigation in Georgia into the murder of a black man in 1983 culminated in the arrest of five white people on Friday, including two law enforcement officers charged with hindering the probe, officials said.
The body of Timothy Coggins, 23, was found on Oct. 9, 1983, in a grassy area near power lines in the community of Sunnyside, about 30 miles (48 km) south of downtown Atlanta.
He had been “brutally murdered” and his body had signs of trauma, the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement

New Jersey cop caught on video attacking black teen girls has controversial history

Fight involving hair-pulling with teen girls not cop’s 1st controversy
Last Thursday afternoon's scuffle in which Police Officer Hanifah Davis was caught on video pulling teen girls' hair outside the city high school marks the second time this year the officer has been involved in controversy in the community, police officials said.

South Dakota high school cancels homecoming

The homecoming dance, parade and football game at a Sturgis, South Dakota high school have been cancelled after social media showed “Go back to the Rez” painted on a car that was destroyed prior to the scheduled game with Pine Ridge High School for students on the nearby Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
“It’s the worst day I’ve ever had,” Sturgis Brown High School Principal Pete Wilson told the Associated Press.
Tensions are high as administrators attempt to contain the fallout.
“The incident has caused severe backlash, including several Facebook threats from people affiliated with both sides,” NBC Newscenter 1’s Sam Kraemer reported.
One particularly worrisome image spray-painted above the “go back to the Rez” message are the letters SS, which can refer to Schutzstaffel, Adolph Hitler’s paramilitary force. Skinheads and neo-Nazi’s often use such symbolism to express their views of white supremacy.

Oklahoma cop busted for racist Facebook threat against NFL players

“Precisely why I don’t watch NFL, bunch of fuckin' overpaid greasy headed moon crickets expecting everything for nothing!!"

Nazi white supremacists from Charlottesville chased away by crowd

Counter-protesters charged Nathan Damigo, Evan McLaren and JonPaul Struys as they left Charlottesville General District Court on October 13, chasing them into a parking garage where the three Nazi assholes jumped into a vehicle.

Nazi white supremacist Spencer questions whether women should be allowed to vote

Nazi White Nationalist Spencer’s tiki torch circle jerks in Charlottesville, Virginia, and his distant dream of forming a white ethnostate steal headlines, but his views about women—that their role in politics be shrunk down to a barely visible place that would be unrecognizable to almost anyone in modern America—is seldom highlighted.

Taxpayers are picking up the tab for white nationalists’ ‘free speech’ circle jerks

Campus officials at the University of Florida are preparing for Nazi white nationalist Richard Spencer to visit their campus next month — and are being forced to spend upwards of $500,000 to provide him with security. It’s the latest in a series of wingnut circle jerks which taxpayers and beleaguered universities are picking up the bill for.
Taxpayers are picking up the tab for white nationalists’ ‘free speech’ circle jerks

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