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Monday, February 20, 2017

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Today in History

Pope Julius II dies. He will lay in rest in a huge tomb sculptured by Michelangelo.
New Hampshire militiamen partake in the first recorded scalping of Indians by whites in North America.
The U.S. Postal Service is created.
The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the power of the federal government is greater than any individual state in the Union.
Polish revolutionaries defeat the Russians in the Battle of Grochow.
Confederate troops defeat a Union army sent to bring Florida into the union at the Battle of Olustee, Fla.
J.F. Pickering patents his airship.
Russian troops seize large portions of Mongolia.
President Woodrow Wilson opens the Panama-Pacific Expo in San Francisco to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal.
The Soviet Red Army seizes Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine.
Hitler demands self-determination for Germans in Austria and Czechoslovakia.
The United States sends war planes to the Pacific.
Lt. Edward O’Hare downs five out of nine Japanese bombers that are attacking the carrier Lexington.
German troops of the Afrika Korps break through the Kasserine Pass, defeating U.S. forces.
The Ford Foundation gives a $25 million grant to the Fund for Advancement of Education.
The FCC applies the equal time rule to TV newscasts of political candidates.
Mercury astronaut John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit the Earth.
Moscow offers to allow on-site inspection of nuclear testing.
Ranger 8 hits the moon and sends back 7,000 photos to the United States.
North Vietnamese army chief in Hue orders all looters to be shot on sight.
Young people protest having to cut their long hair in Athens, Greece.
Carnegie Hall in New York begins $20 million in renovations.

Water spills into Lake Berryessa’s iconic Glory Hole

Last Friday, for the first time in 10 years, water spilled into the Lake Berryessa Glory Hole, marking the lake at full capacity. 
After a drought-ridden 10-year period, Friday water finally spilled (on its own) into Lake Berryessa’s Glory Hole, bringing an end to the longest gap between spills in the lake’s history.
“Surprising,” said Solano County Water Agency General Manager Roland Sanford. “Given where we started, nobody initially thought it could spill this year.” Sanford’s shock is warranted. In October of 2016, Lake Berryessa was just half full. In fact, October 26 recorded the lake level at 398.6 feet.
“It wasn’t until January when we had those heavy storms that we thought it had a chance,” Sanford explained. On Jan. 28, the lake level was a modest 427.3 feet.
By 7 a.m. Friday, thanks in large part to another wave of rain, Berryessa was officially full with the lake level at 440.01 feet.
With the lake at full capacity, the Solano Irrigation District, which is in charge of the operations at the Monticello Dam, continued to execute their routine procedures.
“We’re continuing to monitor elevation and the lake levels,” said SID Water and Power Operations Manager Kevin King.
A week ago, as water slowly gravitated toward the top of the Glory Hole, SID turned on all three of the Monticelo dam’s 11.5 megawatt-powerhouse generators, which are currently releasing almost 100 cubic feet of water from the reservoir and into Putah Creek, as of Friday evening. At the same time, King added that there is roughly 50 cubic feet of water going into the spillway.
“One cubic foot per second is about 450 gallons per minute,” King explained. With the reservoir full, there is no more water going into storage.
“If the powerhouse weren’t on, water would be running through the spillway without any benefit,” said King.
According to Sanford, the lake level is still rising, with water expected to continue to spill over until at least next weekend.
“It will depend on the weather,” said Sanford.
But while many locals are exhilarated about a full Lake Berryessa, which provides irrigation and water for Solano County, the nearby scare at the Oroville Dam is making many unnerved.
To King, no locals should be worried, for now at least.
“We still have quite a ways to go before there is any flooding downstream,” said King of the release into the Putah Creek. “It’s nothing close to what’s going on in Oroville.”

Short Documentary About The Art Of Clowning

Clowning is a comedic art form that dates back centuries, and although clowning has become less circus and more cirque over the years clowns are still doing classic bits and carrying on an ancient tradition.Those who embrace the role of the clown have many skills to master, such as makeup, slapstick and miming, but most importantly they must develop a character the audience connects with and make 'em laugh.
This wonderful episode of the American Theatre Wing series Working In The Theatre focuses on the art of clowning and reveals the true power of the clown- universal appeal.

Vintage, Colorized Photos of the Greatest Show on Earth

Come May, 2017, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus will be folding up their tents for good, closing after 146 years on the road. Now you can enjoy the colorful history of the Greatest Show on Earth thanks to the Illinois State University's Milner Library.
The school has spent ample time and money to preserve the history of the circus through digitizing thousands of posters, photographs, circus route books and Kodachrome slides.
While the glory days of the circus may have ended, it's legacy will live on for years to come.
You can see the pictures for yourself on the Milner Library website, where you can casually browse or search for specific images based on location, performer, circus and more.

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