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Sunday, November 1, 2015

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Today in History

79 The city of Pompeii is buried by eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
1512 Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling is exhibited for the first time.
1582 Maurice of Nassau, the son of William of Orange, becomes the governor of Holland, Zeeland and Utrecht.
1755 A great earthquake at Lisbon, Portugal, kills over 50,000 people.
1765 The Stamp Act goes into effect in the British colonies.
1861 Lieutenant General Winfield Scott, 50 year-veteran and leader of the U.S. Army at the onset of the Civil War, retires. General George McClellan is appointed general-in-chief of the Union armies.
1866 Wild woman of the west Myra Maybelle Shirley (Belle Starr) marries James C. Reed in Collins County, Texas.
1869 Louis Riel seizes Fort Garry, Winnipeg, during the Red River Rebellion.
1911 Italian planes perform the first aerial bombing on Tanguira oasis in Libya.
1923 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company buys the rights to manufacture Zeppelin dirigibles.
1924 Legendary Oklahoma marshal Bill Tilghman, 71, is gunned down by a drunk in Cromwell, Oklahoma.
1936 Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini announces the Rome-Berlin axis after Count Ciano’s visit to Germany.
1936 The Rodeo Cowboy’s Association is founded.
1943 American troops invade Bougainville in the Solomon Islands.
1945 John H. Johnson publishes the first issue of Ebony magazine.
1950 Two members of a Puerto Rican nationalist movement attempt to assassinate President Harry S Truman.
1951 Algerian National Liberation Front begins guerrilla warfare against the French.
1967 The first issue of Rolling Stone hits the streets.
1968 President Lyndon B. Johnson calls a halt to bombing in Vietnam, hoping this will lead to progress at the Paris peace talks.
1968 The Motion Picture Association of America officially introduces its rating system to indicate age-appropriateness of film content.
1973 Leon Jaworski appointed as new Watergate Special  Prosecutor.
1981 Antigua and Barbuda gain independence from the United Kingdom.
1982 Honda opens a plant in Marysville, Ohio, becoming the first Asian automobile company to produce cars in the US.
2000 Serbia joins the United Nations.

Non Sequitur


Teenager who won school cross country race disqualified for helping collapsed rival runner

All Zach Hougland, 17, had to do was walk back to his team's camp after winning the Class 2A boys district race at Columbus, Iowa, on Thursday. The Davis County senior was already across the finishing line and headed back to camp when Mediapolis runner Garrett Hinson collapsed in front of him just before crossing the line. "The kid was going into the finish line and totally collapsed. I was just 150 feet away and saw no one was coming to help him," said Davis County head cross-country coach Josh Husted.
"Zach was walking back to our team camp and saw this was an emergency situation." Hougland could have just ignored it and taken his victory with him back to Bloomfield. Instead, Hougland chose to do the right thing as he was to first person to come to aid of Hinson. As a result, per Iowa High School Athletic Association guidelines, Hougland was disqualified for technically helping a runner finish the race. That, however, was not at the forefront of anyone's mind after watching the heroically unselfish act of the Mustang senior.
"He just wanted to see if he could help the kid. The kid put his arms around Zach to help himself up and finished the race," Husted said. "I got called into the field house and was informed that, since the kid finished the race, Zach was considered to have helped him. Zach knew it might hurt his finish, but he chose to do something heroic instead." Husted admittedly needed some time to process the news himself before informing his team, including Hougland, about the disqualification.

"I asked Zach if that situation occurred again, if he'd do the same thing. He told me without question he would," Husted said. "Zach's the type of kid that will go back after finishing a workout run and make sure our last guys on the course finish safely. (Hinson) came up to Zach and gave him a hug. He said he would always remember what Zach did for him for the rest of his life," Husted said. "They let him know what he did was heroic."

Sleepwalking teenager found on couch nine miles from home

A search for a sleepwalker that involved bloodhounds scouring a quiet neighborhood in Arvada, Colorado, on Tuesday morning ended nine miles away on her uncle's couch. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says 19-year-old Taylor Gammel's cousins found her asleep at their house more than three hours after she was reported missing.
She was barefoot, authorities say, and only wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. Before she was found, authorities scoured the area, only to learn that she was nine miles away in Westminster. Her father had called police when he realized she wasn't in bed at 6am. She has a history of sleepwalking, her father told authorities.
The bloodhound was able to follow her scent about a mile-and-a-half to a nearby 7-Eleven. A witness told the sheriff's office they saw her at bus stop, but at this point, authorities haven't been able to confirm that she took a bus. She didn't have any money nor a purse, the sheriff's office said.

Gammel wasn't injured, and investigators are still trying to find out what she remembers, and precisely what happened. Psychologist Dr. Max Wachtel says sleepwalking isn't something to mess around with. "People can do some pretty scary, dangerous things sleepwalking," he said," and they're only partially aware of what's going on."

Being Inside Is Making Us Stupid

The Finance Industry Is Gobbling Up Money That Belongs in Our Pockets

Off-roading mishap cost man $48,835 in towing fees

A man from Walpole, Massachusetts, says when he got his Jeep stuck in the mud, a Walpole tow company charged him nearly $50,000 to tow it out. Joel Ramer said he and his girlfriend took the Jeep off-roading in Walpole last week, and they landed in a mud pit. Walpole police responded, along with Assured Collision towing company to tow it out. It took 12 hours to pull the SUV out of the mud pit, but now Ramer doesn’t know if he will be able to afford to get his vehicle back. “When I went to pick up the vehicle from Assured Collision, he'd informed me there was some damage done to the vehicle, but didn't get into details.

The Stories Behind Banned Candies

Every Halloween, adults are prompted to reminisce about candies we loved that are no longer manufactured. Most of those are gone because of business decisions: either they didn’t sell well or the manufacturer is gone. But there have been candies that disappeared for more interesting reasons, like consumer complaints or even copyright infringement. You might think the Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bar shown here disappeared because it was in bad taste (or tasted bad), but the real reason is much more horrifying.
It came as little surprise to many when a candy called “Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars” was recalled in 2011 for being, yes, toxic. Tests by the California Department of Public Health indicated that many of the bars had "elevated levels of lead"–approximately .24 parts per million, more than double the standard US FDA “tolerance” of .1 parts per million. Of course, lead poisoning can be fatal, especially in pregnant women and children under six years old.
As for the culprit, Indianapolis’ Candy Dynamics sold the candy (they are still in business), but it was manufactured in Pakistan, a country notorious for having lax safety and health standards. Luckily, no one reported becoming sick from the candy. The recall was self-imposed, out of what Candy Dynamics called "an abundance of caution."
Read the stories behind five other candy disappearances in a list at Atlas Obscura.

Sausage biscuit rage incident at Waffle House led to arrest of man

Incensed that the price of sausage biscuits at Waffle House had increased by 50 cents, a Georgia man shattered the eatery’s door, according to police who arrested the diner on Sunday morning. Police say that Mitchell Feinberg, 39, became upset when, upon being presented his bill, he discovered that the price of biscuits had been raised to $1.50.
After throwing his bill to the floor of the eatery in Brookhaven, an Atlanta suburb, Feinberg stormed out of the Waffle House. Officers allege that Feinberg punched the door as he exited, shattering the glass. Feinberg was subsequently tackled by officers outside Waffle House. He claimed to have “barely kicked the door” as he exited, adding that he “did not want to open the greasy door with his hand,” according to a police report.
A Waffle House employee told police that Feinberg claimed that “someone had only charged him $1 on previous dates when he ordered” a sausage biscuit. A waiter who served Feinberg said that he became “belligerent and loud when he received the bill.” The worker added that Feinberg said, “damn, damn, damn” while complaining about the price of his meal. Feinberg was charged with felony damage to business property, along with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors.
The Atlanta resident is being held in the DeKalb County jail in lieu of $2,500 bond. Prior to getting locked up, Feinberg was treated at a local hospital for scratches on his leg and injuries to his thumb. It is unclear whether he was hurt by the cascading glass or the police takedown. In a Facebook post, the Brookhaven Police Department offered biscuit aficionados some advice: “When the Waffle House employee tells you the sausage biscuit is no longer $1 and the new price is $1.50 please refrain from punching the glass door open while storming out. Glass tends to shatter when met with such force and you will be swiftly taken into custody.”

Man jailed for killing his brother with potatoes

A 55-year-old man was sentenced to seven years in prison on Wednesday for ending his older brother's life by shoving potatoes down his throat. A drunken fight between two brothers in northern Jutland, Denmark, left the elder brother dead and the younger one facing seven years behind bars.
The 55-year-old younger brother was acquitted of manslaughter but found guilty of violence causing death during a fight that occurred in November of last year. In the incident, both men had been drinking when a fight broke out. Prosecutors said that the younger man killed his 57-year-old brother by strangling him by hand and shoving potatoes down his throat. The younger brother also reportedly punched the elder repeatedly in the head and neck.
The 55-year-old called after an ambulance to say that his brother was lying unconscious in their shared house and rescue personnel arrived to find the elder dead with a potato lodged in his windpipe. The younger brother was arrested shortly thereafter. On Wednesday, the Hjørring District Court was split on the defendant’s actions. Three jury members and the three judges felt that there was enough evidence to convict the man on manslaughter charges while three other jury members thought that the man had not intended to kill his brother.
They pointed to the fact that he had attempted to fish the potatoes out of his older brother’s throat before calling for an ambulance. With the jury in disagreement, the man was convicted on the lesser charge of violence causing death. The defendant contended in court that his brother had either got two potatoes stuck in his throat by accident or had attempted to kill himself as a result of the fight. The court did not believe either explanation.

Supermarket thief arrested after leaving trail of cheese as he left

A shoplifter was arrested after staff followed a trail of cheese he dropped as he was leaving the store. Luke Williams, 27, of no fixed address, admitted stealing £92 worth of cheese from the Tesco Extra store in Swansea, south Wales.
Prosecuting, Sharon Anderson told Swansea Magistrates' Court: "He had a tartan laundry bag and filled it up with cheese. There was a police officer in the shop and he helped to arrest him. He said he was looking to sell the cheese to raise money to live."
Mitigating, Anthony O'Connell said: "The shoplifting offence is perhaps the most unsophisticated offense before you for some time. He took the bag into the shop, and some of the cheese fell from it in the aisle. He leaves a trail of cheese for them to follow and pick up."
He said Williams was addicted to valium, and added: "He puts his stuff in a bag, and hides it, then spends his day drifting around and then finding some cardboard and looking for somewhere to live. That is his life. Then he goes into custody again and the cycle starts again." Magistrates sentenced Williams, who the court was told had committed 40 previous offenses, to 20 weeks imprisonment.

Cold-Hearted Idiot Bristol Palin Is OUTRAGED That Cop Who Beat Young Girl Was Fired

Cold-Hearted Bristol Palin Is OUTRAGED That Cop Who Beat Young Girl Was Fired
Shame on her.
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Cops let California deputy escape after he’s arrested for pointing gun at teenage girls

Arrested three times within the last week for gun and drug charges, a sheriff’s deputy was recently caught on video escaping from custody as his arresting officers stood next to him in the parking lot and allowed their colleague to flee.

School bans high heels over earthquake fears

A secondary school in Italy's Abruzzo region has banned high heels and platform shoes because of the area's high seismic risk.
“The directive is not the fruit of some overly puritanical imagination, but comes down to the need to educate students about safety, especially in an area of high seismic activity,” said Anna Amanzi, headmistress of L'Instituto Technico Industriale.
However, not everybody is convinced about the new measures which will see all heels over four centimeters in height outlawed at the school in L'Aquila province. Teachers said they disagreed with the decision but would follow reluctantly follow new guidelines. “They should think about more serious issues,” said one student.
“Like how to heat the school properly.” In spite of the new prescriptive rules on footwear not going down well with students and staff, the earthquake risk in the area is very real. The region of L'Aquila still bears the scars of a series of quakes that struck in 2009, killing 286 people across the province. In 1915, a massive earthquake devastated the town of Avezzano killing 30,000 people.

Man arrested after attempting to sing Justin Bieber songs at school and later at daycare

Police say a man who found himself in trouble after he allegedly went into Dunbar Middle School, West Virginia, causing it to to placed on precautionary lockdown, on Tuesday and wanted to sing Justin Bieber songs over the intercom while wearing a blonde wig is in trouble for wanting to sing more tunes later.

On Twitter, Margaret Cho Shares Her Experiences As A Sex Worker

Walmart ‘Accidentally’ Stocks Gun Counter With Popular LGBT Anal Lube

Walmart ‘Accidentally’ Stocks Gun Counter With Popular LGBT Anal Lube (VIDEO)
Innocent mistake or subversive satire?
You decide!
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Gay Man Was Harassed At Work For Being A ‘Cocksucker,’ Court Says It Won’t Do A Thing About It

'Thrusting dancer' who gave woman nightmares must now pay her compensation

A clubber must pay £500 compensation to a woman for making "thrusting moves" against her on a dance floor. She suffered sleepless nights, nightmares and kept "seeing the face of the man who did this," Nottingham Magistrates' Court heard on Tuesday.
The incident left her nervous about being alone with men and had led her to take anti-depressants, she said in a statement. Joshua Anderson, 20, of Gedling, Nottingham, denied the sexual touching of a woman in Rock City, Nottingham, on April 4.
He was found guilty after a trial. He was given a 16-week prison sentence, suspended for a year, with £700 costs and an £80 surcharge. Anderson, who works as a lift engineer, was also put on the Sex Offenders' Register for seven years.
District Judge Leo Pyle told Anderson: "It has had an effect on her and these are matters I can't overlook." Christine Luckock, defending, said: "He doesn't accept his guilt and wants to appeal against conviction." Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said Anderson came up behind the woman on the dance floor and started "thrusting moves" against her.

Boston woman confronts man secretly filming her on the street

“I could see him zooming in on [women’s] crotch areas,” Jase Dillan said of her encounter with the unidentified man. “He had the camera positioned low. He was zooming in on crotches."

Property developer's fellatio-themed ad not deemed to be offensive

A property development company in Christchurch, New Zealand, is refusing to apologize for a billboard titled "Getting the job done". The giant Gilman Wheelans' billboard depicts a female construction worker kneeling in front of a male construction worker besides the headline "Getting the job done". In the shadows behind them it appears the woman is performing a sex act on the man. A complaint was filed with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) but was not upheld.
The complaint by C.Logan said the ad objectified woman and demeaned female construction workers. "It implies that women are sexual objects to be used for men's sexual gratification. As a woman who has worked in construction in the past, the already entrenched sexism faced daily is only worsened by the proliferation of this kind of advertising message in public spaces." In a majority decision, the ASA ruled that the shadow did meet the threshold for causing serious or widespread offense.
They agreed that the ad was "risque" and acknowledged the double entendre that the shadow presented, but ruled that it was "subtle" enough to fall under a humor provision in industry guidelines. A minority view didn't agree, and was concerned that the image was not socially responsible. Gilman Wheelans said in their response to the complaint that they had no intention to offend. "When the shadow is noticed it is seen as humorous and cleaver [sic] but not offensive." Director Hamish Wheelans said he had "no reason to apologize".
Their ads were an attempt to break free of cliche. "If all of our ads satisfied the entire market they would be glib and boring - which a lot of ads are," he said. "Whenever we do these ads we know that there is going to be some people who don't like them, but the majority of people do like them, that's why we do them." He said other feedback from the ad was positive, and it had been tested in focus groups. This is not the first time the company's ads have used shadows to controversial effect. An earlier billboard encouraged land buyers to 'start erecting in Broken Run, Halswell'. "That didn't go down well either," added Mr Wheelans.

'Slow-moving landslide'

Geologists investigate 'slow-moving landslide' developing in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains

Habitability Index

With more than 1,000 confirmed planets discovered by the Kepler space telescope alone, deciding which ones are 'habitable' is an overwhelming prospect -- but there could soon be a way.

The Real Reason They Gave Drugs to Spiders

You’ve no doubt seen pictures of webs built by spiders that were given various drugs. We reported on it years ago, and even posted a wonderful video of the spiders in action. But who came up with the idea of giving drugs to spiders in the first place?
In 1948, a zookeeper wanted to observe spiders building webs, so he asked a druggist to give them something to make them build webs during the daylight hours. The idea didn’t work, but it opened the door to a different project. Pharmacologist Dr. Peter N. Witt was intrigued by the idea that spiders would built a different kind of web due to the drugs they ingested. Could this gimmick be made into a drug test? Or even a diagnostic tool?
It appears Witt imagined a world where all police departments and hospitals have a sort of spider lab. When a patient or inmate behaved strangely, that person's blood would be fed to a spider, which would then be left overnight to build a web. In the morning, a careful look at the spider's handiwork would provide answers. "Aha! My webs indicate this inmate over here is a laudanum addict, and this poor patient is suffering from schizoaffective disorder," a chin-scratching lab technician might have said.
"It obviously didn't work that well," Rayor told me. "That wasn't necessarily the end-all-and-be-all in terms of analyzing what kinds of drugs people had taken." Eventually technologies like mass spectrometry made Witt's spidergraph (my word, not his) unnecessary.
What did they learn? That spiders don't like drinking the urine of schizophrenics. Entomologists were not involved in the project, and they have a different view of the experiment. For one thing, spiders don’t react to drugs the same way humans do, and the way they spin their webs depends of a lot of different things, which you can read about at Vice.

Man Saves Baby Deer, Deer Doesn't Want To Leave Man's Side

People usually don't expect to receive a reward when they save an animal's life because it's reward enough to know the animal is alive and well thanks to a little human help.

 photo 980x222_zpsvewbvrfl.gif
An outdoorsman named Darius noticed a newborn deer with a hitch in its giddy-up thanks to an injured front leg, and when the deer's mama ditched it Darius took it in and helped set its leg straight.
After some rehabilitation and tender loving care from Darius, and his lovable Bernese Mack, the little deer's leg was as good as new, and the deer couldn't thank Darius enough.
 photo 980x_zpsw0fdoh92.gif
But, after a few months with its foster family, the little deer spotted her mother and rejoined her forest dwelling family, leaving Darius with a deer shaped hole in his heart.

Half a ton of caviar found hidden in speeding hearse

A speeding hearse stopped by traffic police in Russia's far east was found to be packed with half a tonne (1,100lb) of caviar.
The vehicle's driver claimed to be transporting a body to a funeral in the city of Khabarovsk, but when officers searched inside they instead found dozens of cans of the prized delicacy. The caviar was stashed inside a coffin and concealed underneath funeral wreaths.

In its windscreen, the hearse had a sign reading "funeral" and even a picture of the supposedly deceased person. The seized shipment is reported to be worth upwards of 10 million roubles (£100,000, $156,000). It appears that this was well-planned smuggling operation which also used another car as a decoy to distract the traffic police. "But we decided to ignore it and stop the vehicle that was following it instead," says Insp Artem Shpilev.

Police arrested the driver and another funeral parlor employee who was also traveling in the hearse - both of whom denied any knowledge of the clandestine caviar, Russia's interior ministry said in a statement. The fishing of sturgeon, which are traditionally associated with caviar, is banned in Russia to try to stop a decline in the population. But a study found that in 2010, only 19 out of 244 tonnes of caviar produced in the country were made legally.

Woman claims thieves stole her miniature horse to sell for meth

A woman from Montgomery, Alabama, claims four neighbors stole her miniature horse on Saturday in an attempt to sell it for methamphetamine. Christy Israel reported her beloved pet, Sky, missing from her home early on Saturday morning to the Montgomery County Humane Society.

A new species is evolving right before our eyes

Eastern coyote (Wikipedia Commons)
The interbreeding began up to 200 years ago, as European settlers pushed into southern Ontario and cleared the animal’s habitat for farming and killed a large number of the wolves that lived there.

Animal Pictures