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Thursday, August 20, 2015

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Today in History

917 A Byzantine counter-offensive is routed by Syeon at Anchialus, Bulgaria.
1619 The first group of twenty Africans is brought to Jamestown, Virginia.
1667 John Milton publishes Paradise Lost, an epic poem about the fall of Adam and Eve.
1741 Danish navigator Vitus Jonas Bering, commissioned by Peter the Great of Russia to find land connecting Asia and North America, discovers America.
1794 American General "Mad Anthony" Wayne defeats the Ohio Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in the Northwest territory, ending Indian resistance in the area.
1847 General Winfield Scott wins the battle of Churubusco on his drive to Mexico City.
1904 Dublin’s Abbey Theater is founded, an outgrowth of the Irish Literary Theater founded in 1899 by William Butler Yeats and Lady Gregory.
1908 The American Great White Fleet arrives in Sydney, Australia, to a warm welcome.
1913 700 feet above Buc, France, parachutist Adolphe Pegond becomes the first person to jump from an airplane and land safely.
1914 Russia wins an early victory over Germany at Gumbinnen.
1940 After a previous machine gun attack failed, exiled Russian Leon Trotsky is assassinated in Mexico City, with an alpine ax to the back of the head.
1940 Radar is used for the first time, by the British during the Battle of Britain. Also on this day, in a radio broadcast, Winston Churchill makes his famous homage to the Royal Air Force: "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."
1941 Adolf Hitler authorizes the development of the V-2 missile.
1944 United States and British forces close the pincers on German units in the Falaise-Argentan pocket in France.
1953 USSR publicly acknowledges it tested a hydrogen bomb eight days earlier.
1955 Hundreds killed in anti-French rioting in Morocco and Algeria.
1960 USSR recovers 2 dogs, Belka and Strelka, the first animals to be launched into orbit and returned alive (Sputnik 5).
1961 East Germany begins erecting a wall along western border to replace barbed wire put up Aug 13; US 1st Battle Group, 18th Infantry Division arrives in West Berlin.
1964 US President Lyndon Baines Johnson signs the Economic Opportunity Act, an anti-poverty measure totaling nearly $1 billion, as part of his War on Poverty.
1968 Some 650,000 Warsaw Pact troops invade Czechoslovakia to quell reformers there.
1971 The Cambodian military launches a series of operations against the Khmer Rouge.
1974 US Vice Pretender Gerald Ford, who had replaced Spiro Agnew, assumes the Office of the President after Richard Nixon resigns; Ford names Nelson Rockefeller as VP.
1978 NASA launches Viking 1; with Viking 2, launched a few days later, provided high-resolution mapping of Mars, revolutionizing existing views of the planets.
1979 The Penmanshiel Diversion on the  the East Coast Main Line rail route between England and Scotland opens, replacing the 134-year-old Penmanshiel Tunnel that had collapsed in March.
1980 UN Security Council condemns Israel’s declaration that all of Jersualem is its capital; vote is 14-0, with US abstaining.
1982 A multinational force including 800 US Marines lands in Beirut, Lebanon, to oversee Palestinan withdrawal during the Lebanese Civil War.
1986 Part-time mail carrier Patrick Sherrill shoots 20 fellow workers killing 14 at Edmond Okla., the first mass shooting by an individual in an office environment in the US. His actions give rise to the phrase "going postal," for sudden violent outbursts.
1990 Iraq moves Western hostages to military installations to use them as human shields against air attacks by a US-led multinational coalition.
1991 After an attempted coup in the Soviet Union, Estonia declares independence from the USSR.
1993 Secret negotiations in Norway lead to agreement on the Oslo Peace Accords, an attempt to resolve the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
1994 Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, born on Heider Farm near Janesville, Wisc. The first white (not albino) buffalo born since 1933, she was a important religious symbol for many US and Canadian Indian tribes.
1998 The Supreme Court of Canada rules Quebec cannot legally secede from Canada without the federal government’s approval.
1998 US launches cruise missile attacks against alleged al-Qaida camps in Afghanistan and a suspected chemical plant in Sudan in retaliation for the Aug. 7 bombings of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
2002 A group of Iraqis opposed to the regime of Saddam Hussein seize the Iraqi Embassy in Berlin; after five hours they release their hostages and surrender.

Target Gives Epic Nod Of Approval To The Internet Hero Who Trolled Wingnuts On Its Page

Target Gives Epic Nod Of Approval To The Internet Hero Who Trolled Conservatives On Its Page (IMAGE)Knowing which companies won’t pander to ugliness and backwards thinking definitely factors into my decision on where to shop. How about yours?

School Sends Girl Home Because ‘Revealing’ Outfit ‘Distracted’ Boys With Collarbones

School Sends Girl Home Because ‘Revealing’ Outfit ‘Distracted’ Boys With Collarbones (VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS)
A 16-year-old girl was sent home for a shirt that revealed her collarbones because her principal thinks it is too distracting for boys.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck astonished to learn that food cannot change a baby’s sex after conception

The Stupid at Fox is astounding
You know, this does nothing to dispel the 'Blond' stereotype.
In fact it does quiet the opposite.

Atheist Kentucky Clerk Cites ‘Deeply Held Irreligious Beliefs,' Refuses To Marry Christians

Atheist Kentucky Clerk Cites ‘Deeply Held Irreligious Beliefs,' Refuses To Marry Christians
I’m not gay, I can sympathize with people being treated as less than human, and I know for a fact there are a lot of people in this state and around the country that would have no problem banning atheists from getting married.”

Florida’s attorney general won’t pay legal fees after losing fight against same-sex marriage

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R) - State of Florida
After fighting tooth and nail to deny same-sex couples the right to get married, Florida’s attorney general is now refusing to reimburse attorneys representing the couples in the case she ultimately lost.

Grannyball Lecter

The Old Lady, Cannibal Serial Killer
Dubbed “Grannyball Lecter” by the media, 68-year-old Tamara Samsonova is suspected of killing at least 14 people and feasting on their bodies. The St. Petersburg woman was arrested this week after she was caught on CCTV dragging a black trash bag which contained the hacked body of her 79-year-old friend, Valentina Ulanova.
Reportedly, the two ladies fought over dirty tea cups and Samsonova did the only rational thing: she killed her friend. After her arrest, police discovered a diary in her apartment that outlined at least 14 more brutal killings, one of which could be her husband who went missing in 2005.
According to The Daily Star, she wrote: “I killed my tenant Volodya, cut him to pieces in the bathroom with a knife, put the pieces of his body in plastic bags and threw them away.”

100 years ago Leo Frank became the only American Jew to be lynched

“The white supremacist movement sees Leo Frank as a win for them — even today.”

Not So Well-Regulated ‘Patriot’ Militia Members Caught Stealing Drugs And Selling Murder

The Arizona Special Operations Group is a pack of rabid lunatic fringe wingnut ammosexuals who wear military-style clothing, carry guns to compensate for small penises...

Man armed with gun drawn on piece of paper tried to rob bank

A 33-year-old British man has pleaded guilty to attempted robbery after threatening a bank cashier in Poland with a gun that was drawn on a piece of paper.
The unnamed man attempted to carry out the heist on 11 August in the Polish capital Warsaw. He entered the bank on the central Jerozilimskie Avenue at 9:00am and marched straight up to one of the cashiers.
The man then pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, revealing a drawing of a gun to the female employee. He then brandished a second sheet of paper, on which he had written a warning in broken Polish saying: “This is a robbery I have a gun give me all the money.” The woman calmly told the man to wait at the back of the queue, and the Briton duly obliged.
In the meantime, the cashier called the police and the would be assailant was arrested shortly after. Polish police have provided few details on the Briton, only saying he had lived in Germany for a year and had only been in Poland for a few hours before trying to rob the bank. The failed robber now faces up to 12 years behind bars.

Toddler's Minion fart gun seized at airport after being deemed a security risk

When passing through security at Dublin Airport in Ireland, a Minion fart gun was seized from a young boy and taken away on Saturday.
The security officers claimed it was a 'threat' and took the toy gun, which makes fart noises and emits a banana like smell when fired, away from the child.
Paula Morrin, a friend of the toddler's mother, Dáire Fitzpatrick, tweeted: "Can't believe that a minion fart gun was taken from friends toddler, security felt it posed a threat." Dáire Fitzpatrick was returning to the UK from Ireland with her son, Leo.
However, when she and Leo went through security the officers demanded that the boy hand over the Minion-themed fart blaster. In a Facebook post, Dáire explained that the trigger mechanism was against policy and had to be removed. Paula has since demanded that Dublin Airport security return the toy to Leo as he's heartbroken without it.

Man makes $10,000 a month sending people potatoes

North Texas entrepreneur Alex Craig, 24, is making a steady income by sending potatoes through the mail. The app developer by day came up with a business idea to send anonymous custom messages to whoever you want on a potato.
"I would say the two things that hold everyone back in life is fear and doubt," Craig said. "The fear of failure and the fear of wasting your time, and the doubt that you can actually achieve something big on a huge scale." Craig said he came up with the idea for Potato Parcel earlier this year while having dinner with his girlfriend.
"She said, 'You will not sell a single potato. This is the stupidest idea I've ever heard,'" Craig said. "On our second day that we were live we got $2,000 in orders, and I just knew this was it." It's a simple idea. Users go online and order a potato, ranging from $8 to $10, add a custom message, and send it anonymously.

Craig says he's sold over 2,000 potatoes, and he's clearing $10,000 a month in profit since he launched the site in May. "We've sent thousands of potatoes to people across the United States, and so, in some sort of weird way, we've had an impact on somebody's life - even for a split second," Craig said.

Quick Hits

FDA poised* to approve controversial medicine to treat low sexual desire in women
Beware of Rickettsia rickettsii: Woman has all four limbs amputated because of a tick bite
From the Sumerians to Shakespeare: Why fart jokes never get old

*The FDA did approve the 'Female Viagra' before this post was posted.

Odor expert hired by housing developer detected fishy smells downwind of fish market

An odor expert has been commissioned by a housing developer to sniff a former boat yard site at Swansea Marina in south Wales to check for fishy whiffs. The expert's sense of smell was assessed beforehand to make sure it was within a normal range - and no strong drinks or food were consumed the nights before the sniff tests were carried out. The tests were commissioned by applicant Waterstone Estates, which has resurrected plans for 50 flats, and one ground floor retail unit, at the site adjacent to Fishmarket Quay, which is home to Swansea Fish.
The professional sniffer carried out the majority of the tests downwind of Swansea Fish, including just after a delivery of seafood and when the premise's door was open. The odor report, submitted as part of the flats planning application to Swansea Council, said fishy smells were only detected "very close" to the western boundary of the site, and were only strong when the door of Swansea Fish was open.
The report said it judged the overall risk of odor impacts from Swansea Fish on future residents at the proposed development as "negligible". The tests were in response to one of the reasons that Swansea Councillors gave for rejecting a previous, similar application for the site. Councillors were concerned that future residents might complain about fishy smells to environmental health officers.

Drone Footage Of Icelandic Lava River

A drone camera flies over a red hot lava lake, part of the huge Holuhraun lava field, in freezing cold Iceland and nearly melts in the process. The stunning footage was captured by videographer Eric Cheng in February and shows smoke and fire burning off the black marbled lava.

Our Solar System May Have Had A Fifth 'Giant' Planet

The missing planet bumped into Neptune before disappearing into the abyss of space, according to a new study.
Headshot of Jacqueline Howard by Jacqueline Howard
Artist's impression of the missing gas giant planet that may have been ejected from the early solar system. 
The four gas giant planets in our solar system -- Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune -- may have a long-lost relative. According to a new study, our system was once home to a fifth gas giant that suddenly vanished some 4 billion years ago after a run-in with Neptune.
Indirect evidence for this lost world is seen in a strange cluster of icy objects -- called the "kernel" -- in the Kuiper Belt. That's the vast region of primordial debris that encircles the sun beyond the orbit of Neptune.
"The Kuiper Belt is a perfect clue to understanding how the solar system evolved since its formation," study author Dr. David Nesvorny, an astronomer at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo., told New Scientist.
An illustration of the Kuiper Belt.
For the study, Nesvorny created computer simulations of Neptune and the "kernel" cluster as they were 4 billion years ago in the early solar system. At the time, the cluster is believed to have been in Neptune's gravitational grasp. But then, according to the simulations, something happened to cause the cluster to escape Neptune's gravitational pull -- placing the cluster and Neptune in their present locations.
This is where the lost planet comes in: the simulations suggest that it must have been another gas giant that bumped Neptune and caused it and the "kernel" to part ways.
"The location and magnitude of Neptune's jump obtained in this model matches quite nicely the pattern that is needed for the formation of the 'kernel,'" Nesvorny said in an email.
And according to the simulations, the planet couldn't have been one of the worlds currently in our solar system. The mysterious planet may have been ejected from the solar system after encountering Neptune.
In 2011, Nesvorny authored a previous study -- which involved thousands of computer simulations -- that suggested that the best way to explain the current orbits of the solar system's four giant planets was to include a missing fifth planet.
"I tend to believe that it may be very difficult to find any evidence for the fifth planet," Nesvorny said in the email. "I started looking into [the] formation of the Kuiper Belt, because I was worried that the orbital structures seen there are inconsistent with my model. Now I realized that the opposite may be true. It was certainly a surprise."
What do other scientists think of Nesvorny's new study?
"What Nesvorny's models are doing is being very self-consistent and getting multiple structures right at once, which is really quite amazing," Dr. J.J. Kavelaars, an astronomer at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria, British Columbia, who was not involved in the research, told Science magazine.
The new study was published online in The Astronomical Journal on August 10, 2015.

Dog foiled jailbreak plot after hearing prisoners digging tunnel

A dog out for a morning walk has unwittingly foiled a prison break after it detected that something was not quite right under its paws.
The pet was out with its owner at around 10:00am on Saturday, on the Greek island of Corfu, when it picked up the presence of inmates digging a tunnel underneath.
The dog froze, clearly cocking an ear to suspicious sounds below and refusing to budge, until finally its owner decided to call the police.
Police found a tunnel about 30 meters long , starting from Corfu prison’s B wing where 21 convicts serving long or life terms are being held. Inside the tunnel, investigators found battery-powered fans and plastic containers of food.

Koala chased after dairy farmer on quad bike

A koala that could not face rejection by a dairy farmer in Victoria, Australia, chased after her as she tried to escape its clutches on her quad bike. “He was in love with me and I rejected him so he chased me,” dairy farmer Ebony Churchill, 31, said. “The koala surprised me,” she added.
Ms Churchill, who lived in the Adelaide Hills for about 20 years, was moving a herd of cows on a property near Heywood, in western Victoria, when she saw the koala walking nearby. She assumed it was going from one tree to the next. “He was close but then he started running towards me and I thought I better speed up (on the quad bike),” she said. “But the more I sped up, the faster he got.
“I thought if I got further down the track, he would lose interest. I got to the end of the cows and couldn’t go any further so that’s when I bailed off the bike. They’ve got hard, sharp claws and I didn’t want to have him grabbing at my leg as I was on the bike.” Ms Churchill lost sight of the koala as she got off the bike but found it latched on to the rear tire. “He sat on the tire for a while and I didn’t want to upset him,” she said.

“I started herding the cows on foot and when I looked back, he had got off the bike and was walking away.” Ms Churchill said she was probably traveling at about 10km/h along the muddy track when the koala was chasing her. “They’re very active this time of year,” she said. “He was a gorgeous koala - really, really cute.” She said she had seen the same koala a couple of times and it had followed her from a distance but it was the first time it had tried to chase her.

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