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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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Today in History

Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan, having discovered a strait at the tip of South America, enters the Pacific.
Natchez Indians massacre most of the 300 French settlers and soldiers at Fort Rosalie, Louisiana.
The Confederate Congress admits Missouri to the Confederacy, although Missouri has not yet seceded from the Union.
Mt. Etna in Sicily violently erupts.
The Modoc War of 1872-73 begins in northern California when fighting breaks out between Modoc Chief Captain Jack and a cavalry detail led by Captain James Jackson.
The British are victorious over the Boers at Modder River.
Lady Astor is elected the first woman in Parliament.
The forerunner of the Grand Ole Opry, called the WSM Barn Dance, opens in Nashville, Tennessee.
The German Reich declares all men ages 18 to 45 as army reservists.
Spanish leader Francisco Franco blockades the Spanish coast.
The Soviet Union scraps its nonaggression pact with Finland.
The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise departs from Pearl Harbor to deliver F4F Wildcat fighters to Wake Island. This mission saves the carrier from destruction when the Japanese attack.
Sir Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin D. Roosevelt meet at Tehran, Iran, to hammer out war aims.
The first shipment of supplies reach Antwerp by convoy, a new route for the Allies.
Dr. Edwin Land’s first Polaroid cameras go on sale in Boston.
In Korea, 200,000 Communist troops launch an attack on UN forces.
Ernie Davis becomes the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy.
Cape Canaveral is renamed Cape Kennedy.
The Anglican Church ordains the first two women as priests.
East Timor declares independence from Portugal.
Operation Morvarid (Iran-Iraq War) takes place; the Iranian Navy destroys over 70% of the Iraqi Navy.
Wingnut Robert Dole is elected Senate majority leader.
The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia announces it will give up its monopoly on political power.
South Ossetia declares independence from Georgia.
Suicide bombers blow up an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombasa, Kenya.

Is Socialism on the Rise in America?

Forget the Holiday Specials

'Potentially dangerous' asteroid will fly by Earth before Xmas

A giant asteroid will fly precariously close to Earth mid-December. The object named 3200 Phaethon will come about 6.4 million miles from Earth, and within about 2 million miles of Earth's orbit.

Oil industry is to blame for earthquakes in Texas

As an unnatural number of earthquakes hit Texas, researchers continue to wonder why. But, now a new study may have the answer.

The Army Is testing a futuristic exoskeleton to enhance solder mobility

Science fiction has a funny habit of becoming science fact after enough time has passed. The wide-eyed wonder of children sitting cross-legged in front of the TV eventually becomes inspiration for incredible feats of engineering, or the means of our own destruction. The latest example of this phenomenon is a new, powered up exoskeleton the U.S. Army is testing, per Scout.

Video of cashiers nodding off at work has people pointing to the opioid crisis

This disturbing video of cashiers nodding off at work has people pointing to the opioid crisis

The evidence about jesus is weaker than you think

Before the European Enlightenment, virtually all New Testament 'experts' assumed that handed-down stories about jesus were first recorded by eye witnesses and were largely biographical. That is no longer the case.

Religio-Wingnut 'christians' melt down after Cult of Sweden says Dog not male

"I doubt if any Minister in the Cult of Sweden is 'christian' or ever read the bible," wrote one U.S. Evangelical
Want to lay odds that any minister in Sweden has actually read and knows more about the bible than any evangelical whackjob in the US (evangelicals have the least knowledge of the bible [on study says mormons know the most followed by atheists - another has atheists knowing the most] and have the most numbers of non-readers of the book they claim as their own).

Vandals attack five black cults in New Jersey

Vandals struck five New Jersey cults with predominantly black congregations this weekend — incidents that police are investigating as possible hate crimes.
The perpetrators destroyed the outside of the buildings overnight from Friday into Saturday, including shattering a stained glass window and damaging or breaking exterior signs, according to prosecutors.

The Time for Talking About White Terrorism Is Now

Pennsylvania high school football players charged as adults in rape of 14-year-old

All three suspects are juniors at Central York High School.

Florida mom’s wildly unhinged response to her son losing an iPad is one for the books

Knives were involved.

Texas dad killed by son during shooting lesson

Texas dad accidentally killed by son during shooting lesson

Brazil Is Giving Its Prisoners One of the World’s Most Powerful Psychedelics

SWAT Team Expos Are Militarizing Police Departments Across the Country

Sex worker leaps to her death while fleeing police officers in Queens

A prostitute jumped to her death from a three-story window in a building in Queens, New York, while she was trying to escape arrest from a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer during a sting operation. 

Woman who killed disabled daughter found dead 2 days before prison stint was to begin

Bonnie Liltz, who was due to report to prison Monday for killing her disabled daughter, has died, and police suspect she took her own life.
Liltz, 57, was found dead in her apartment Saturday evening, according to authorities. It was the same home where in 2015 she administered a fatal dose of medication to her 28-year-old daughter, Courtney, later saying she feared for her daughter's fate as she faced her own serious health problems.
Woman who killed disabled daughter found dead 2 days before prison stint was to begin

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