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Saturday, July 11, 2015

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Today in History

1302 An army of French knights, led by the Count of Artois, is routed by Flemish pikemen.
1346 Charles IV of Luxembourg is elected Holy Roman Emperor in Germany.
1533 Henry VIII is excommunicated from the catholic cult by Pope Clement VII and he doesn't care.
1708 The French are defeated at Oudenarde, Malplaquet, in the Netherlands by the Duke of Marlborough and Eugene of Savoy.
1786 Morocco agrees to stop attacking American ships in the Mediterranean for a payment of $10,000.
1799 An Anglo-Turkish armada bombards Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops in Alexandria to no avail.
1804 Alexander Hamilton is mortally wounded by Aaron Burr in a duel.
1862 President Abraham Lincoln appoints General Henry Halleck as general in chief of the Federal army.
1942 In the RAF’s longest bombing raid of World War II, 44 British Lancaster bombers attack the Polish port of Danzig.
1972 American forces break the 95-day siege at An Loc in Vietnam.
1975 Archaeologists unearth an army of 8,000 life-size clay figures created more than 2,000 years ago for the Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi.
1995 Full diplomatic relations are established between the United States and Vietnam.

Editorial Comment

Welcome to the Saturday Edition of Carolina Naturally

This expanded edition was brought about by the immense amount of lunacy being spewed from the wingnuts. The volume has been such in the past two weeks in particular that it has been impossible to keep up with all the sheer madness and report it on our sister blog The Truth Be Told.
As a result we determined that expanding the weekend posts would help bring the blog back to a more timely manner, since we were expanding one section of the blog we decided to expand all four sections.
This may only be a one off expansion or it may become a more or less regular feature depending on the insanity of the wingnuts and the volume of garbage they produce.

Enjoy and Have Fun

This CEO Gives His Employees $7,500 To Take Vacation

The Catch? No Working AT ALL!
This CEO Gives His Employees $7,500 To Take Vacation — The Catch? No Working AT ALL!
To qualify for the extra-paid vacation employees have to agree to go off the grid completely. No emails, phone calls or anything work related at all.

Notorious Arizona border vigilante can personally cross-examine little girls he molested

Chris Simcox (Screenshot/CBS News)
An Arizona minuteman leader accused of molesting two little girls could soon personally cross-examine the 7-and-8 year olds because a judge ruled their mothers were not qualified to say whether it would traumatize them.

Louisiana Supreme Court says LGBT people are pedophiles

Judge reviews decision (Shutterstock)
Two members of the Louisiana Supreme Court railed against same-sex marriage this week in a ruling that should have been a formality.

Guns 'Disproportionately Owned' By Those Prone To Angry, Impulsive Behavior

Study: Guns 'Disproportionately Owned' By Those Prone To Angry, Impulsive Behavior
Researchers found that some 9 percent of people in the United States have both guns and significant anger issues. Big surprise!

CVS Quits U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Over Smoking Stance

CVS Quits U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Over Smoking Stance“CVS Health’s purpose is to help people on their path to better health, and we fundamentally believe tobacco use is in direct conflict with this purpose."

California Tax Auditors Yank Blue Shield's Non-Profit Status

California Tax Auditors Yank Blue Shield's Non-Profit Status
Blue Shield's operations are indistinguishable from those of its for-profit healthcare competitors, the auditors found, and it should be stripped of the tax break it has enjoyed since its founding in 1939.



Man has gone on hunger strike as government agency refuses to fund his weight-loss surgery

A man from Rotoruan, New Zealand, has gone on hunger strike because the Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) won't fund his weight-loss surgery. Jason Patterson has been starving himself for five days. "The first two to three days are really hard," he says. "I'm in this 100 percent now."
Mr Patterson is 130kg. He says he gained the weight after being put on previous medication. He now needs a hernia operation, which ACC has agreed to fund. But before he can have the surgery, he has to lose at least 50kg. "It's hopefully going to help me being on a hunger strike to lose weight, because I need to lose weight before I have my hernia operation."
Mr Patterson wants his gastric bypass surgery covered by ACC. He's made video diaries and created a fundraising website. But his case has been declined, so he's gone on hunger strike. "It's just to show how serious I am about getting the weight-loss surgery that I need." ACC says it has provided Mr Patterson with several options to help lose weight, like visiting a dietician and psychologist to support his well-being.

The agency says it's waiting for him to make a decision. "I was hoping that they were going to give me the full package of the surgery to move on so I could come to Rotorua, train here and get my life back together." Mr Patterson says he'll stay on strike in Rotoruan until Thursday. From there, he'll take his cause to Wellington to protest outside ACC's head office.

Is Beer Giving You Man Boobs?

Beer might be delicious, but certain types might be giving you man boobs! Find out why this happens.

New Zealand becomes first country to fuel cars with beer-based biofuel

New Zealand yesterday became the first country in the world to power cars with commercially available biofuel made from a by-product of beer. "DB Export Brewtroleum" was unveiled at Gull Kingsland in Auckland. It is also available at 60 other North Island Gull service stations.
Following extensive testing and research, DB Export is the first company to make beer-derived biofuel commercially available, and has produced an initial 30,000 liters of ethanol that has been mixed with premium petrol to make to make 300,000 liters of 98 octane biofuel. The ethanol was made from more than 58,000 litres of yeast slurry that would have otherwise been discarded or used by farmers as stock feed.

Brewtroleum is said to emit 8 per cent less carbon than traditional petroleum and deliver the same performance when compared. DB head of domestic beer marketing Sean O'Donnell said the idea to create the biofuel came about six months ago. "Our brewers at DB Export were talking about what we can do with the waste, and one of them said we could make a biofuel," O'Donnell said. "This is a genuinely exciting opportunity.

"It's a world-first, we're helping Kiwis save the world by doing what they enjoy best – drinking beer. If you were to fuel your car with biofuel over a year it would be over 250 tonnes of carbon emission you would be saving." O'Donnell said he would like to see DB Export Brewtroleum become a long-term offering. "It's a case of testing consumer demand and assessing the feasibility of ongoing production and logistics. We expect the first batch to last approximately six weeks," he said.

Irish motorist owes €155,000 in unpaid toll fees

A motorist in Ireland owes the State more than €155,000 (£110,000, $170,000) for refusing to the pay the M50 toll fee, despite traveling on the busy road 1,018 times last year.
This motorist was just one of the hundreds who didn't pay the toll fee after traveling through the barrier-free collection point on the M50 in 2014, costing the State a potential €5m in revenue.
As many as 110,000 vehicles use the toll bridge every day, which became barrier-free when the 'eFlow' system was introduced in 2008. The maximum amount a driver's bill can rise to for a single unpaid journey is €152.60. The toll fee starts at €3.00 for users who aren't registered.
"However, there is no cap on what a driver can owe if he makes multiple passages without paying," Sean O'Neill from the National Roads Authority (NRA) said. The NRA has said that legal proceedings can be issued, and in some cases personal property may be repossessed to cover the costs.

Couple being terrorized by the worst type of demon forced to call in ghostbuster

A terrified family say they are being attacked by 'the worst type of demon you can get'. Keiron and Tracey Fry say they have been terrorized by the poltergeist every night for months. Mother Tracey, 46, even thinks she is beaten up in the night by the 'incubus demon' - leaving her covered with bruises in the morning. An incubus is a demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, targets sleeping people, especially women. Its female counterpart is the succubus. The family got in a specialist to "cleanse" the house and brought a vicar in to bless their home.
The phantom, which has also been menacing the couple's three children, was summoned by a using a Ouija board in the house, they say. Father-of-three Keiron says he took a picture of the ghost in his sons' bedroom which he says shows a small child in a white gown with a blue face and a tail. Keiron said: "We are being molested by demons. My wife goes to bed fine, doesn't feel anything in the night but when she wakes up she's in agony. I wake up the next day and said: 'I didn't do that'. I would never beat my wife." The ghost has been terrorizing the family at their three-bed terraced house in New Tredegar, south Wales, since Halloween last year.
Their cats have been left too frightened to go upstairs. Keiron called a paranormal expert after the phantom told his children: "I'm going to slit your parents' throats." Tracy said: "It's getting worse and worse and there's nothing we can do. I wake up every morning in agony because of the demon. My husband rubs cream into my bruised back every day but the pain doesn't go away. We were told by the paranormal investigator that we have an incubus demon - the worst type of demon you can get. He told us we have three demons in total, the other two helped the main demon pin me down.
"It has affected our marriage because we have been rowing and fighting all the time about the demon. It has been feeding off all the negative energy." The family, who moved into their house in July 2013, called in an investigator to tackle the spook. Ghostbuster Robert Amour, 43, arrived at the house with a bible and crucifix. He banned the petrified family from going upstairs after he shouted to them that he could "feel the evilness in the room". After 20 minutes the psychic returned to the frightened family - claiming he had slain two small demons. Church of Wales Vicar Johnathan Widdess has also visited the Frys to help them tackle the ghost. He said: "He invited us there and we spoke about what was going on. We said a prayer to try and help him."

Lady upset over self-checkout hit store manager with VCR

A woman from Madison, Wisconsin, faces a disorderly conduct charge after swinging a VCR at and hitting a grocery store manager over frustrations involving the self-checkout lanes, police said.
Madison police responded on June 27 to reports of a disturbance that started inside a Woodman’s store and moved to the parking lot. Cheryl A. Elkinton, 56, was reportedly screaming at people and making threats.
The disturbance started inside Woodman’s when Elkinton reportedly became agitated at the self-checkout lane, police said. When employees went to help her, she became belligerent and started yelling. Elkinton continued to scream and swung a VCR at a manager.
When the VCR hit the manager, he told Elkinto she had to leave the store. Elkinton got on a bus before police arrived, but they were able to stop it nearby and eventually cite her with disorderly conduct. Police said it is unclear why Elkinton had a VCR with her at a grocery store.

The Wizard of Id


Only in AmeriKKKa

Black Student Arrested For “Fleeing” Police By Slowly Pulling Into Well Lit Parking Lot
AmeriKKKa: Black Student Arrested For “Fleeing” Police By Slowly Pulling Into Well Lit Parking Lot
This young black man was doing what millions of us are taught to do: go to a lighted place if being pulled over. Though he committed no crime, he was charged with a felony.

Bad Cops

NJ cop suspended with pay for 8 years over sex assault charge -- and now he wants unused vacation pay

Cincinnati cops charged in cover-up of crash involving controversial officer

Man upset after crashing vehicle (Shutterstock)
Sgt. Andrew Mitchell crashed his personal vehicle while off-duty about 5 a.m. on March 22 in the city’s West End neighborhood after three witnesses reported an apparently drunk driver in a van just like his.

Greenland Is Melting

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California cops shot naked, unarmed man in back 'within seconds' of breaking down door: lawsuit
Animals can suffer, too -- and here is how we know
Climate denial linked to conspiratorial thinking in new study
Exploring our moon today to learn more about Earth's youth billions of years ago

Earth News

On current trends, humanity would spend the estimated safe budget of Earth-warming greenhouse gases within 20-25 years, warned scientists who gathered in Paris, five months before the deadline for a historic carbon-curbing pact. 
Warmer winters and drought may lead to more frequent forest fires, even in the normally wet Pacific Northwest.
The Arctic Sea ice extent in 2015 is likely to be among the lowest on record.


“Wendy,” a newly discovered dinosaur, had curls, frills and horns … but also weighed over a ton. 

More Terrifying Than Sharks

Sharks often get a bad reputation for being dangerous and deadly, but there are some freshwater animals you should be way more terrified of. 

Shark Files

A fisherman gets the ride of his life when a bull shark takes the bait meant for something else, all on video.
Sharks are amazing creatures and a vital part of the ocean’s ecosystem. So we wanted to find out: How do they have sex?

Necklace-Wearing Bobcat

The adorned bobcat was buried some 2,000 years ago in what is now Illinois.

Red kites found to be culprits following thefts of socks and underpants from open-air swimmers

Birds in the glens of Angus, Scotland, have been swooping away with underwear from a popular open-air swimming spot.
Bathers had been confused about the mysterious disappearance of their smalls but, thanks to the discovery of a new red kite nest in the area, all has become clear. Among the material used to make the nest were socks and underpants. The new nest, which had two chicks, was found on a moorland in Glen Esk by a trainee gamekeeper, who contacted the RSPB to report the find.
Dave Clement, head keeper at the Gannochy Estate and member of the Angus Glens Moorland Group, said it was as if the birds of prey had been “cleaning up the glen” with their unusual choice of nest walls. He said: “Our trainee gamekeeper discovered the nest and we rang the RSPB to have them ringed and tagged.
“What was really interesting was to see socks and underwear from a popular nearby swimming spot actually in the nest and in the surrounding trees. It was like the kites were cleaning up the glen.” Red kites are a reintroduced species and the juveniles are monitored so ornithologists can learn more about behavior and movements.

Labrador rescued after jumping into kayak and floating across loch

A Labrador had to be rescued after she jumped into a kayak and floated into the middle of a Highland loch. Rosy the dog was playing on the shore of Loch Broom in northwestern Ross and Cromarty, Scotland, which leads to the Atlantic, with owners Michael and Sean Osborne on Wednesday afternoon.
The two brothers, aged 18 and 15, whose family live just outside Ullapool, were swimming in the loch and had left a kayak lying on the shoreline with Rosy wandering nearby. When they looked back to shore they noticed that the six-year-old dog, who is frightened of the water, had sat down in the one-person vessel. The kayak slowly dislodged from where it was sitting and began to float in the shallows.
The boys' mother Lisa Osborne, who runs two holiday homes in the remote north west village, said: "They saw her sitting in it and saw it happening but they presumed she would float back to the shore or jump out, but she didn't. She floated all the way out and basically went to sea in a kayak. Rosy kept looking over her shoulder at the shore as she's quite frightened of the water. We think that's why she didn't jump in.
"She just kept looking at them as if asking them to come and save her. She got so far out that they they thought they had best go and get her. The boys swam back to shore and got a little rowing boat. They used the paddle from the kayak and went to rescue her." Mrs Osborne added: "Somehow they managed to persuade her to get out of the canoe jump into the dinghy, which is quite something as she usually can't be persuaded to do anything unless there's food involved. She was fine afterwards. She's a lovely dog, very friendly. She's quite a character."

Animal Pictures