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Friday, December 1, 2017

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Today in History

Henry I of England dies and the crown is passed to his nephew, Stephen of Blois.
Edmund Champion and other Jesuit martyrs are hanged at Tyburn, England, for sedition, after being tortured.
The U.S. gunboat Penguin seizes the Confederate blockade runner Albion carrying supplies worth almost $100,000.
Lincoln gives the State of the Union address to the 37th Congress.
Belle Boyd, a Confederate spy, is released from prison in Washington.
Virgil, Wyatt and Morgan Earp are exonerated in court for their action in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, AZ.
Kaiser Wilhelm II refuses to meet with Boer leader Paul Kruger in Berlin.
Twenty officers and 230 guards are arrested in St. Petersburg, Russia, for the revolt at the Winter Palace.
The Italian Parliament debates the future of the Triple Alliance and asks for compensation for Austria’s action in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
President William Howard Taft severs official relations with Nicaragua’s Zelaya government and declares support for the revolutionaries.
King Constantine of Greece refuses to surrender to the Allies.
An American army of occupation enters Germany.
After a seven-year occupation, 7,000 British troops evacuate Cologne, Germany.
Nazi storm troops become an official organ of the Reich.
Josef Stalin’s aide, Sergei Kirov, is assassinated in Leningrad.
Japan’s Tojo rejects U.S. proposals for a Pacific settlement as fantastic and unrealistic.
Great Britain declares a state of emergency in Malaya following reports of Japanese attacks.
The first Civil Air Patrol is organized in the United States.
National gasoline rationing goes into effect in the United States.
Rosa Parks refuses to sit in the back of a Montgomery, Alabama, bus, defying the South’s segregationist laws.
America’s first draft lottery since 1942 is held.
The Indian Army recaptures part of Kashmir, which had been occupied by Pakistan.
The AIDS virus is officially recognized.
Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North pleads the 5th Amendment before a Senate panel investigating the Iran-Contra arms sale.
Benazir Bhutto, politician, becomes the first woman to serve as Prime Minister of Pakistan and the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state
East Germany’s parliament changes its constitution, abolishing a section that gave the Communist Party the leading role in the state.
Channel Tunnel sections from France and the UK meet beneath the English Channel.
Ukraine’s voters overwhelmingly approve a referendum for independence from the USSR.
Trans World Airlines’ final flight takes place following the carrier’s purchase by American Airlines; TWA began operating 76 years earlier. The final flight, 220, piloted by Capt. Bill Compton, landed at St. Louis International Airport.

A supervolcano eruption could be just around the corner

One-thousand gigaton volcanic supereruptions are much more frequent than previously thought, with scientists discovering they could happen as often as every 5,000 years—and the next big one is due at any time.

This giant iceberg just broke off Chile's Grey Glacier

A huge chunk of ice detached from a glacier in Chile—and the pictures are astounding.
The iceberg detached from Grey Glacier in the Torres del National Park in Chile, known for its backpacking opportunities and astounding views of tower-like peaks in southern Patagonia. Images from Chile’s forestry service reveal the blue and white colored ice, floating from its parent ice into the Grey Lake this month. The iceberg is around 1,150 by 1,250 feet—much larger dimensions than usual, according to Ricardo Jaña, a Chilean glaciologist from the Institute Antártico Chileno.

First evidence of Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain could rewrite the history of the Roman Empire

Despite the fact that historians have widely accepted the fact that Julius Caesar led a Roman invasion of Britain in the year 55 B.C., any physical evidence of that invasion has been completely lacking—until now. Archaeologists from the University of Leicester and Kent County Council discovered what they believe to be a defensive ditch at Ebbsfleet, in Kent, with a surprising relic inside.

US scientists take step toward creating artificial life

In a major step toward creating artificial life, U.S. researchers have developed a living organism that incorporates both natural and artificial DNA and is capable of creating entirely new, synthetic proteins.
The work, published in the journal Nature, brings scientists closer to the development of designer proteins made to order in a laboratory.

Opioid Users Are Building a Movement for Public Health Solutions to the Epidemic

Meghan Markle is related to Shakespeare, Churchill

Meghan Markle is set to take up British citizenship after she marries the U.K.’s Prince Harry. But it turns out the actor already has some impressive roots in Britain—she is related to both William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill.

Meghan Markle facing ‘existential problem’ as Crown expected to gag her anti-Dumbass Trump speech

Markle, whose African American mother has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern California, was raised “with a social consciousness to do what I could and speak up when I knew something was wrong.”

Man arrested, to be charged with murder in four Tampa shootings

A 24-year-old man will face murder charges for a string of deadly shootings over the past two months that had left a Tampa, Florida neighborhood fearing a serial killer was on the loose.

The Secret Wingnut Donors Behind James O'Keefe's Vile Project Veritas

Facebook suspends ability to target ads by excluding racial groups

Facebook Inc said on Wednesday it was temporarily disabling the ability of advertisers on its social network to exclude racial groups from the intended audience of ads while it studies how the feature could be used to discriminate.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Is Gone: Now What?

Court officer beats and chokes man unconscious for paying parking ticket with pennies

A Michigan man says courthouse guards beat him until he soiled himself after he tried to pay a parking ticket with pennies.

Racist Fox drones seethe at news that Philando Castille’s girlfriend got $800K police shooting settlement

Diamond Reynolds, who watched in horror when her boyfriend Philando Castile was fatally shot in front of her by a police officer in 2016, has received a settlement from two Minnesota cities for the trauma she endured.

The Time Dumbass Trump Hired Undocumented Immigrants for $4 an Hour

Texas child molester sentenced to 1000 years in jail

Prison sentences are usually measured in months or years, but one Texas man has received a sentence in excess of a full millennium after being convicted of sexually abusing two young girls in his care.

Idaho man said it was 'Dog's will' that he rape a teen girl and take her as his wife

An Idaho man who was convicted of raping a teenage girl tried to justify his actions by telling his wife that Dog had told him to take the girl and make her his second wife.

The messy reality of religious liberty in America

On Dec. 5, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court will again tackle the contentious issue of religious freedom, when it hears oral arguments in “Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.”
The case involves a Denver bakery owner who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, citing his religious belief that marriage can be between only a man and woman. The couple sued, and a lower court ruled the baker violated Colorado’s public accommodations law. The statute forbids discrimination by businesses serving the public, including on the basis of sexual orientation.

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