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Saturday, May 27, 2017

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Today in History

John Calvin, one of the dominant figures of the Protestant Reformation, dies in Geneva.
Achsah Young becomes the first woman known to be executed as a witch in Massachusetts.
Three colonists are expelled from Massachusetts for being Baptists.
Americans capture Fort George, Canada.
The Bubonic Plague breaks out in San Francisco.
A U.S. Navy seaplane completes the first transatlantic flight.
Colonel Charles Lindbergh marries Anne Spencer Morrow.
The Supreme Court declares President Franklin Roosevelt‘s National Recovery Act unconstitutional.
San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge opens.
The German battleship Bismarck is sunk by British naval and air forces.
German General Erwin Rommel begins a major offensive in Libya with his Afrika Korps.
American General Douglas MacArthur lands on Biak Island in New Guinea.
A military coup overthrows the democratic government of Turkey.
Construction begins on Walt Disney World in Florida.
Nixon and Soviet Communist Party chief Leonid Brezhnev sign an arms reduction agreement.
The international war crimes tribunal indicts Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic for war atrocities.

Our Identities and Political Thinking Are Formed in Our Free Time

Truck plows into AnalTech, Releasing Foul Odor

It's a headline for your inner 12-year-old. Monday, two pickup trucks collided in Newark, Delaware, and one of the trucks smashed into the laboratory of the AnalTech company, leaving a large hole behind. A bad odor began emanating from the building, leading first responders to contact the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, leading to a HazMat team coming out to clean up the area. Three hours later, the site was declared safe. But you might still be wondering about AnalTech.
In an email sent to the Houston Chronicle, a spokesperson revealed, "In 1964, the company paid a marketing firm to come up with a different name. They said, 'Well, you guys do Analytical Technology – why don’t you put the two words together and call it ‘AnalTech!' ”
However, the spokesperson admitted that "AnalTech faces certain challenges because of the 'juvenile' humor that has developed in the past few decades and current web filters that may block the company name" and has considered rebranding as a result.
The drivers of the two trucks sustained non-life threatening injuries. State Police are investigating the incident.

The Craziest Post Offices in the World

An underwater post office seems like something from science fiction, but it's actually a real place in the small island nation of Vanuatu -and that's only one of ten crazy post offices located across the globe. Also strange is the world's only floating post office, that only serves freighters traversing the Detroit River. If you like things a little more old school, you might enjoy the post office in Peach Springs, Arizona that delivers mail with a mule team to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Believe it or not though, those three examples aren't even the most out of this world post offices around.
So check out the full list of ten crazy post offices on TopTenz.

Toxic BPA Found in Nearly 40% of Food Cans ...

Risk of a nuclear disaster in the US is high

Following the 2011 tsunami that caused a nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, and the consequent radioactivity that continues to this day, regulators in countries around the world took a look at the safety measures at nuclear facilities in their respective countries. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in the United States was no different, which approved a number of safety upgrades at reactor sites after a review.

Chronic lack of sleep makes the brain ‘eat itself’

Chronic lack of quality sleep doesn’t just make you feel awful, it causes the brain to damage itself in ways that can become permanent over time.

How major Hollywood studios stack up on LGBTQ representation

Hollywood keeps getting it wrong when it comes to diverse and accurate portrayals of LGBTQ communities in film.
Here's how major Hollywood studios stack up on LGBTQ representation

Behind closed doors, Texas wingnuts strip funding for sex trafficking victims

In recent private negotiations between the Texas House and Senate about which public programs to fund and how to fund them, state wingnuts opted to kill a $3 million initiative to rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking. That ended hopes from child welfare advocates that 2017 would be the first year in recent memory in which state wingnuts might set aside funds specifically intended to help victims who were sold for sex. Though Texas leaders often boast of their efforts to end human trafficking, they have balked time and again at paying for victims’ services, despite findings that many had previous contact with the state’s child welfare system.
Two Pennsylvania drug counselors died after overdosing on opioids at an addiction facility in southeastern part of the state, according to the Chester County District Attorney, Thursday. The two were responsible for overseeing the daily activities of six residents — all recovering drug addicts — at the Freedom Ridge Recovery Lodge in West Brandywine. "If anybody is wondering how bad the opioid epidemic has become, this case is a frightening example," Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said. "The staff members in charge of supervising recovering addicts succumbed to their own addiction and died of opioid overdoses. Opioids are a monster that is slowly consuming our population."

Signs to watch out for suicidal tendencies in teens

The psychological process that drives people to gangs can turn you into a terrorist

While trying to make sense of the aftermath of the suicide bombing in Manchester, a familiar topic has once again arisen: why do Western-born Muslims turn to terrorism?

'You Illegal?'

California inmate firefighter killed in line of duty

One of thousands of prison inmate volunteers trained to fight wildfires in California was killed by a falling tree in the far northwestern corner of the state, marking the fourth such fatality in 60 years, state corrections officials said on Thursday.
Matthew Beck, 26, who had been serving a six-year sentence for burglary and was due to be paroled in October, was leading a crew in clearing brush to contain a fire in the Hoopa Valley area of Del Norte County on Wednesday. He was struck by a tall, uprooted tree and suffered fatal head, neck and back injuries, officials said.
He died before he could be evacuated from the remote area, the state corrections department said.
Beck was one of roughly 3,900 specially trained prison inmates, all volunteers and all non-violent offenders, who form the backbone of California’s wildfire protection force.
California inmate firefighter killed in line of duty

‘You black bitch!’

‘You black bitch!’: Miss Black Texas alleges cops arrested her after she was victim of chief’s ‘road rage’

By The Way, Antarctica Is Melting

By The Way, Antarctica Is Melting

Jupiter's South Pole

NASA's Juno probe entered orbit around Jupiter a year ago, and has been gathering data ever since. Now the space agency is releasing spectacular images, such as this one showing Juptier's south pole. It is a composite of several images, and shows multiple cyclones up to 600 miles in diameter raging around the pole.
“We knew, going in, that Jupiter would throw us some curves,” said Scott Bolton, Juno principal investigator from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. “But now that we are here we are finding that Jupiter can throw the heat, as well as knuckleballs and sliders. There is so much going on here that we didn’t expect that we have had to take a step back and begin to rethink of this as a whole new Jupiter.”
Among the findings that challenge assumptions are those provided by Juno’s imager, JunoCam. The images show both of Jupiter's poles are covered in Earth-sized swirling storms that are densely clustered and rubbing together.
“We're puzzled as to how they could be formed, how stable the configuration is, and why Jupiter’s north pole doesn't look like the south pole,” said Bolton. “We're questioning whether this is a dynamic system, and are we seeing just one stage, and over the next year, we're going to watch it disappear, or is this a stable configuration and these storms are circulating around one another?”
As more of the data is analyzed, we are liable to find out more amazing things about the largest planet in our solar system. Read more about the Juno mission and what it's learning about Jupiter at NASA.

Why Urine Doesn't Work To Treat Jellyfish Stings

We've been told for decades the best way to treat a jellyfish sting is to have somebody pee on the site, which will somehow stop the pain and help counteract the jellyfish venom.This myth has given "helpful" people license to urinate on the unfortunate souls who tangled with a jellyfish, and yet it's fairly common knowledge that urine doesn't do much more than stink up a jellyfish sting.
So to flush this myth once and for all ACS Reactions visited San Francisco's Aquarium of the Bay to discuss the real science behind the process:
..the amount of acid you’re looking for just isn’t in urine. While your pee IS acidic, usually with a pH of around 6, it isn’t acidic enough to denature porins and prevent them from hole-punching your cells. And the same goes for rinsing with fresh water. …Your best bet is to find a safe, jelly-free area in the same body of water where you were stung and rinse the affected area with salt water.

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