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Monday, May 25, 2015

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Today in History

585 BC   Thales of Greece makes the first known prediction of a solar eclipse.  
1085   Alfonso VI takes Toledo, Spain from the Moors.
1787   The Constitutional convention opens at Philadelphia with George Washington presiding.  
1810   Argentina declares independence from Napoleonic Spain.  
1851   Jose Justo de Urquiza of Argentina leads a rebellion against Juan Manuel de Rosas, his former ally.  
1911   Porfirio Diaz, President of Mexico, resigns his office.
1914   The British House of Commons passes Irish Home Rule.  
1925   John Scopes is indicted for teaching Darwinian theory in school.  
1935   Jesse Owens sets six world records in less than an hour in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  
1946   Jordan gains independence from Britain.  
1953   The first atomic cannon is fired in Nevada.

The Best Sex Education

How have different approaches in sex education contributed to the discrepant teen pregnancy rates in certain industrialized nations?

Fast Heart and Diabetes

An association between resting heart rate and diabetes suggests that heart rate measures could identify individuals with a higher future risk of diabetes, according to an international team of researchers. […]


Clowns are usually depicted as either playful symbols of innocent fun, or creepy inversions of joy, the stuff nightmares are made of. But why did clowns become so scary?

Equal Melancholy

The room is loud with chatter. Glasses clink. Soft music, perhaps light jazz or strings, fills the air. Amidst all of these background sounds, it can be difficult to understand […]

The Illuminati

The Illuminati is one of the world's most famous secret organizations. Their rumored membership includes many public figures. So, what do we know about the Illuminati?

Nazi Art

Sculptures from Hitler's Chancellery Discovered
Nazi Art: Sculptures from Hitler's Chancellery Discovered
The sculptures had been missing for decades. But on Wednesday, investigators found pieces of Nazi art that had once adorned Hitler's Chancellery in Berlin. more...

Is It A UFO?

A rainbow-like halo surrounded the sun over Mexico City on Thursday, an optical phenomenon that triggered a social media frenzy. 

Ceres' Mysterious Bright Spots

Newly released pictures, taken when Dawn was about 4,500 miles from Ceres, confirm that the bright areas are patches of sunlight bouncing off ...something.

Spawned by Cannibalism

An ongoing act of cosmic cannibalism may be responsible for the strange appearance and unprecedented behavior of a gigantic star nicknamed Nasty 1.

One Moon

Pluto is 1/6th the size of Earth, but it has 5 moons. Jupiter has 67. Why does the Earth have just 1 moon?

Slow Ocean

It won't lead to a sci-fi movie style disaster, but the ocean circulation system in the North Atlantic appears to be slowing down -- and it's cause for some concern.

El Nino Wildfires

Climate change has brought us megafires, but the growing El Niño condition can help us predict where they are most likely to ignite this year.

'Thunder God' and Weight Loss

An extract made from a plant that is used in traditional Chinese medicine may help with weight loss.

The Sound of a Plant Dying of Thirst

Listen to the sound a plant makes as it dies of thirst -- it's heartbreaking.

There's Fungus Among Us

The newly created humanized yeast reveals how humans and yeast share genes despite being separated by a billion years of evolution.

Invading Parasite

About 425 million years ago, a sneaky worm-like parasite invaded a crustacean before the two were fossilized together in the limestone.

Lowly ‘New Girl’

Low-ranking “new girl” chimpanzees seek out other gal pals with similar status, finds a new study of social relationships in the wild apes. The study is available online and is […]

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