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Saturday, April 1, 2017

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Today in HIstory

The Sea Beggars under Guillaume de la Marck land in Holland and capture the small town of Briel.
Oliver Pollock, creates the dollar sign.
The first wartime conscription law goes into effect in the United States.
At the Battle of Five Forks, Gen. Robert E. Lee begins his final offensive.
The Hampton Institute is founded in Hampton, Va.
Berlin and Paris are linked by telephone.
England’s Royal Air Force is formed.
Germany’s Workers Party changes its name to the Nationalist Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazis).
Adolf Hitler sentenced to five years in prison for the “Beer Hall Putsch.”
China’s Chiang Kai-shek begins attacks on communists.
The yo-yo is introduced in the United States by Louie Marx.
The Spanish Civil War effectively ends with the official recognition of Franco’s government.
The U.S. Navy begins a partial convoy system in the Atlantic.
U.S. forces launch invasion of Okinawa.
A miner’s strike in the U.S. idles 400,000 workers.
The Berlin Airlift begins, relieving the surrounded city from the Soviet siege.
United Nations forces again move northward across the 38th Parallel in Korea.
The U.S. Air Force Academy is founded in Colorado.
The U.S. Army launches Operation Pegasus, the reopening of a land route to the besieged Khe Sanh Marine base.
The U.S. Army charges Captain Ernest Medina for his role in the My Lai massacre.
The United States transfers control of the Panama Canal Zone to Panama.

Melting Candy

This is just silly enough to be satisfying. Erwin Trummer recorded candy as it melts, reversed some of the sequences, and then set them to classical music. It doesn't make a bit of sense, but it's fun to watch.

20 Castles You Can Rent to Live Out Your Beauty and the Beast Fantasies

Thanks to sites like Airbnb and HomeAway, it's never been easier to rent a whole home rather than just a hotel room. And while most houses are just that, some people have much more grand properties available for rent -including whole castles. And HomeAway recently took the time to compile a fantastic list of 20 castles available for rent on the site. One of the castles is even less than $60 a night! Even many of the more expensive properties are still about the same price as many luxury hotels, like the beautiful French castle featured above that costs an average of $344 a night.Don't miss the full list of romantic castles you can rent here.

The Badass Female Bike Brigade

New Yorkers Continue to Ignore Homelessness at Their Own Peril

6 Trends Track Rise in Deadly Police Encounters Across America

Wisconsin gay man who survived 2011 hate attack found stabbed to death

Wisconsin gay man who survived 2011 hate attack found stabbed to death on 46th birthday

Michigan pastor who used faith to trick people out of millions of dollars faces fraud charges

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced on Thursday it is pursuing fraud charges against a pastor based in Flint, Michigan who stands accused of exploiting members of the church, retirees, and auto-workers who have been laid off.

White America's Death Crisis

Pro-Israel Terrorist Group Charged with Hate Crime

Chrissy Teigen Unloads on Fox 'News' with Both Barrels

Carlson's Guest Is VERY CONCERNED About PBS Publishing Facts About Muslims

Tucker Carlson's Guest Is VERY CONCERNED About PBS Publishing Facts About Muslims
An imaginary 'crusade' by DeVos' Dept. Of Education to make everyone a Muslim? Wait, what?

Moron Pence Casts Tie-breaking Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood

Iowa wingnut wants to force women to carry dead fetuses to term

Gutting Climate Protections Won’t Bring Back Coal Jobs

Pennsylvania Wingnut Makes Dumbest Claim Yet About Cause Of Climate Change

Pennsylvania Wingnut Makes Dumbest Claim Yet About Cause Of Climate Change
Oh. My. Word. The stupid, it burns.

Japanese Gardeners Are Going Crazy For These Bunny Succulents

I've been showing you all kinds of succulents lately, to get you in the mood for spring and inspire you to get out and garden, but those lists were missing the adorable succulent driving Japanese gardeners wild.
They're called Monilaria obconica, more commonly referred to as bunny succulents because of their ear-like growths, and they're quite possibly the most kawaii plants on Earth.
Native to South Africa, Monilaria obconica use the small, glittering pearls on their leaves to store water, so they're fairly drought resistant, and the leaf pair "ears" act "as a protective sheath to the stem apex".
But enough of the scientific talk, wanna know the best thing about these bunny succulents?
They're easy to grow from cuttings, as long as the cutting contains "one or more branches along with a fraction of root". So keep your eyes peeled for the cutest succulent on the planet!

The Incredible, Amazing True Journey of a Pig Named Julia

Animal Pictures