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Monday, January 30, 2017

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Today in History

Charles I of England is beheaded at Whitehall by the executioner Richard Brandon.
Richard Theodore Greener becomes the first African American to graduate from Harvard University.
The USS Monitor is launched at Greenpoint, Long Island.
Women Prohibitionists smash 12 saloons in Kansas.
The British House of Lords opposes the House of Commons by rejecting home rule for Ireland.
The United States awards civil government to the Virgin Islands.
Adolf Hitler is named Chancellor by President Paul Hindenburg.
Governor Harold Hoffman orders a new inquiry into the Lindbergh kidnapping.
Field Marshal Friedrich von Paulus surrenders himself and his staff to Red Army troops in Stalingrad.
The Allies launch a drive on the Siegfried line in Germany.
In India, 100,000 people pray at the site of Gandhi’s assassination on the first anniversary of his death.
President Dwight Eisenhower announces that he will pull the Seventh Fleet out of Formosa to permit the Nationalists to attack Communist China.
The Ranger spacecraft, equipped with six TV cameras, is launched to the moon from Cape Canaveral.
British troops shoot dead 14 Irish civilians in Derry, Ireland. The day is forever remembered in Ireland as ‘Bloody Sunday.’
The U.S. Supreme Court bans spending limits in campaigns, equating funds with freedom of speech.
The first-ever Chinese Olympic team arrives in New York for the Winter Games at Lake Placid.

Federal Judge Halts Enforcement Of Muslim Ban

Federal Judge Halts Enforcement Of Muslim Ban
Thank goodness for the ACLU.

Google CEO SHREDS Dumbass Trump’s Immigration Ban For Being Bad For Business And Families

Google CEO SHREDS Dumbass Trump’s Immigration Ban For Being Bad For Business And Families
Dumbass Trump’s ban on Muslims coming to the United States is having a negative effect on businesses and the families of employees. And the CEO of Google just called him out for it.

Dumbass Trump Already Breaking Up Families With His Muslim Ban

The Megatsunami Of Lituya Bay

Alaska's Lituya Bay had been used for many years as a temporary shelter for boats traveling the eastern Pacific, but no one lives there permanently. In fact, the local Tlingit people told the legend of a monster at the mouth of the bay who shook the ocean to send huge waves. They knew what was going on. The unique geography of the bay amplifies waves to a terrifying extent. Travelers were there when the largest tsunami wave in recorded history blew through Lituya Bay in July of 1958. It reached about a third of a mile up the shore, destroying everything in its way. It started with a magnitude 8 earthquake.
The earth shook for anywhere from one to four minutes—eyewitness reports varied. When the fault finally came to rest, the foamy water of Lituya Bay settled back into something resembling its ordinary lazy waves, and a new quiet blanketed the bay. Despite the cessation of shaking, Orville and Mickey Wagner on the Sunmore—the boat headed for the bay exit—continued their retreat toward the open ocean.
After a minute or so of apparent calm, a crash described as “deafening” rattled the atmosphere. One of the unnamed mountain peaks that stood at the inland end of Lituya Bay had broken off, dropping ninety million tons of rock into the water with the force equivalent to a meteor strike. The resulting impact shook loose other rocks on the slopes, and chunks of adjacent glaciers, and these plunged into the water practically all at once. Millions of cubic yards of displaced water heaved upward and formed a wave traveling outward at about 110 miles per hour (180 km/h).
Within about a minute, the approaching wave became visible to the boats still at anchor, and the occupants looked on in awe as the wide skyscraper of water traversed the length of the bay towards them. When it reached Cenotaph Island another minute or so later, the proportions of the wave became clear. The center of the wave was almost as high as the highest point on the island, 300 feet in the air. On the two opposite shores, the plowing saltwater reached over 1,700 feet (over 500 meters) onto land, twisting even the most massive trees from their roots and scraping the bedrock nearly clean.
Read the story of the Lituya Bay megatsunami, gleaned from eyewitness accounts and the geologic record, at Damn Interesting

7 Strange Mysteries of World War One

We study the big wars of history, but there will always be things we don't know due to the chaos, death, and destruction all wars bring. Records and witnesses are hard to come by even in recent wars, but World War I was 100 years ago. Things we don't know about the Great War will most likely forever be shrouded in mystery. One of the more shocking of these mysteries is the case of Béla Kiss.
Béla Kiss was a Hungarian tinsmith who marched off to war in 1914. He left his home in the care of his housekeeper, along with his collection of seven giant metal drums. Townsfolk knew that he had been collecting gasoline in anticipation of wartime rationing, and when gasoline was needed, they cracked open the drums. Instead of gasoline, they were met by the stench of death.
A search of Kiss’ property revealed 24 dead bodies, 23 women and a man, who had been strangled and pickled in alcohol. Further investigation uncovered a secret room and stacks of letters between Kiss and 74 different women. Police discovered that he had defrauded countless women and had even been taken to court. They issued an arrest warrant for Kiss. He was almost apprehended in a Serbian hospital in October of 1916, but escaped at the last minute.
From there, Kiss vanished. Rumours circulated about a French Foreign Legion soldier who used his alias (Hoffman) and boasted about strangling people). Another alleged sighting occurred in New York City. But Béla Kiss’ fate – and his story in general – remains one of the more sinister mysteries of World War One. It’s also likely that not all of his victims were found.
That's one mystery that may never be solved. There are others, some with a glimmer of hope, that you can read about at Urban Ghosts.

Baby Photos

Man With Bionic Penis Must Live With 2-Week Boner Before He Can Have Sex

bionic penis
Man With Bionic Penis Must Live With 2-Week Boner Before He Can Have Sex
And he was born without a penis, so he’s been waiting a LONG time

These Tostitos Bags Will Tell You When It Detects Alcohol on Their Breath

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Tostitos has released new bags that can help detect alcohol on a person's breath and if they have been drinking, the bag will bear a "don't drink and drive" warning and even provide the user with a $10 credit. The company does want to make it clear that the bag is not a breathalyzer and cannot detect alcohol levels, just alcohol consumption. Even so, it's a great way to add a little more safety to your Super Bowl party.

Why Do Sandwiches Always Come With A Pickle?

It's a question that has plagued no one, but at some point in their lives tens of millions of people have wondered to themselves "why does my sandwich always come with a pickle?"
These people have the right to know why there's always a pickle with their sandwich, and why deli pickles are so delicious you kinda want another one after you finish the first.
The pickle and sandwich connection can be drawn directly back to the Jewish delis in New York around the turn of the 20th century, when standard sandwich practices were being introduced.
These delis included a homemade pickle with the sandwich as a palate cleanser, but pickles soon became such a popular snack food that the Pickle Wars went down in the Lower East Side.
And since NY's Jewish delis had so much influence on all the other sandwich shops, delis, grinder and sub shops to come the pickle-sandwich pairing continued until it became the norm.
Read Why Does Your Sandwich Come With A Pickle? at mental_floss

Random Photos

Are You In Shape Or Just Thin?

Climate Change Is Impacting Food Spoilage

To Prevent Species Extinction Local Communities Must Step Up

Scientists Just Grew a Pancreas In a Rat to Stop Mouse Diabetes

Why You Should Give Your Kid a Dog Instead Of a Sibling

Kids and pets
Why You Should Give Your Kid a Dog Instead Of a Sibling
Take this into account next time he pleads for a brother

Calm Down Your Dog By Playing Him Reggae Music

chill dogs
Calm Down Your Dog By Playing Him Reggae Music
This scientific trick also works on your stoner pal

Swans Swim Through Ice

There's a thin layer of ice on top of the pond at Bradgate Park, in Glenfield, UK. But swans gotta swim, for some reason. This swan family follows dad single file as he breaks a path through the ice, bit by bit.
You may think it's more trouble than it's worth, but you are not a swan. It must be important to them.

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