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Saturday, July 15, 2017

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Today in History

Jerusalem falls to the Crusaders.
Poles and Lithuanians defeat the Teutonic knights at Tannenberg, Prussia.
The Duke of Monmouth is executed in Tower Hill in England.
The electors of Paris set up a “Commune” to live without the authority of the government.
Lieutenant Zebulon Pike begins his western expedition from Fort Belle Fontaine.
Napoleon Bonaparte‘s representatives meet with the Allies in Prague to discuss peace terms.
Lord Napier of England arrives at Macao, China, as the first chief superintendent of trade.
Confederate raider Bill Anderson and his Bushwhackers attack Huntsville, Missouri, stealing $45,000 from the local bank.
Ex-prime minister of Bulgaria, Stepfan Stambolov, is murdered by Macedonian rebels.
Over 74,000 Pittsburgh steel workers go on strike.
The first supply flight from India to China over the ‘Hump’ is flown.
President Dwight Eisenhower sends 5,000 Marines to Lebanon to keep the peace.
John F. Kennedy accepts the Democratic nomination for president.

​Tinder Is Sending Two People To Hawaii

tinder couple
​Tinder Is Sending Two People To Hawaii After They Messaged For 3 Years Without Meeting
​Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec still haven’t met each other in person yet

Harvard Is Considering a Ban on Fraternities and Sororities

Here's Why Harvard Is Considering a Ban on Fraternities and Sororities
​Any single-gender group would be eliminated

Some Scientists Think Humans Could Go Extinct Sooner Than We Realize

There's a compelling reason scientists think we've never found aliens, and it suggests humans are already going extinct

Will young blood make you immortal?

Spooky old accounts of vampires may have been more accurate than we thought, because consuming the blood of the young might actually work wonders for your health.

5 Simple Ways to Save Thousands of Lives

Sometimes it only takes one simple change to make a big difference. The real key is thinking outside the box, and keeping records. For example, it's counterintuitive to think that it would be easier to get out of a building by a blocked exit than by a clear exit, but both experiments and records of actual disasters show that it's true. And some things sound stupid until you know how they work in the real world. 
In Britain, after the government mandated that Tylenol must be sold in blister packs, the number of Tylenol-induced suicides dropped by a staggering 43 percent. That drop in suicide attempts also caused liver transplants to drop by 30 percent right away (because paracetamol overdosing can cause major liver damage), and ultimately by 61 percent -- just because taking pills now took as much effort as it takes to get to a piece of gum.
The crux of the matter lies with ease of access. Not to further the harmful stereotype that suicide is for quitters, but lives can indeed be saved by assuming that a lot of depressed people tend to give up easily. Deciding to end your life is usually an impulsive and temporary feeling, so if wanting swallow two fistfuls of painkillers requires you to pop out each one out of its wrapper for 15 minutes, a lot of people will decide it's not worth the trouble. All we have to do is make sure that committing suicide is more annoying than staying alive.
That makes sense, but you probably never thought of suicide by Tylenol. Here in the US, it might make sense to mandate heroin and bullets be sold in blister packs -not that it would ever happen. Read about five weird but simple things that could save lives if we were willing to try them at Cracked.

Nevada Is Running Out of Weed

Why Are So Many People Dying from Opiate Overdoses?

Gardening As One Way to Fight Dumbass Trump-Era Hopelessness

Living the American Dream

The Greatest Story Too Rarely Told

Aaahhhhhpocalypse Now!

DeVos: The Queen of Obfuscation, Talking Nonsense

Dumbass Trump-Loving Airbnb Host Ordered to Pay $5,000

Racist Chicago Cop Beat A Handcuffed Black Woman

Racist Chicago Cop Who Beat A Handcuffed Black Woman Found With Trove Of Slur-Filled Websites
Of course, he still has his job as a cop.

Woman awakened by mountain lion crashing through window

A California woman had a rude awakening on July 4: A mountain lion crashed through her apartment window and landed on top of her while she slept.
“At first, I think she said she thought she was dreaming. It didn’t seem real,” apartment manager Francis Muniz told local KTXL. (The woman was apparently too startled to talk to the media.)

Desperate polar bears may attack more people as Arctic ice melts

Humans might see more attacks from polar bears as the Arctic environment changes, because these bears may turn to preying on people as their food sources dwindle.

Wild lion adopts leopard cub

A wild lioness has been observed suckling a leopard cub in Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in the first ever observed instance of such animal behavior. Although certain cats like lions have been observed taking in and nursing the young of others of their own species—usually kin of their relatives—this sighting of cross-species adoption is unprecedented.

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