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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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Today in History

The catholics defeat the protestants at Kappel during Switzerland’s second civil war.
Charles V of Milan puts his son Philip in control.
George II of England is crowned.
In gratitude for putting down a rebellion in the streets of Paris, France’s National Convention appoints Napoleon Bonaparte second in command of the Army of the Interior.
The Confederate Congress in Richmond passes a draft law allowing anyone owning 20 or more slaves to be exempt from military service. This law confirms many southerners opinion that they are in a ‘rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.’
Outlaw Wild Bill Longley, who killed at least a dozen men, is hanged, but it takes two tries; on the first try, the rope slipps and his knees drug the ground.
South African Boers, settler from the Netherlands, declare war on Great Britain.
The San Francisco school board orders the segregation of Oriental schoolchildren, inciting Japanese outrage.
In the Battle of Cape Esperance, near the Solomon Islands, U.S. cruisers and destroyers decisively defeat a Japanese task force in a night surface encounter.
Negotiations between Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek and Communist leader Mao Tse-tung break down. Nationalist and Communist troops are soon engaged in a civil war.
The Federal Communications Commission authorizes the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) to begin commercial color TV broadcasts.
Pope John XXIII opens the 21st Ecumenical Council (Vatican II) with a call for Christian unity. This is the largest gathering of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in history; among delegate-observers are representatives of major Protestant denominations, in itself a sign of sweeping change.
Apollo 7, with three men aboard, is successfully launched from Cape Kennedy.
A French mission in Vietnam is destroyed by a U.S. bombing raid.
Race riot breaks out aboard carrier USS Kitty Hawk off Vietnam during Operation Linebacker.
Saturday Night Live comedy-variety show premiers on NBC, with guest host comedian George Carlin and special guests Janis Ian, Andy Kaufman and Billy Preston; at this writing (2016) the show is still running.
The so-called “Gang of Four,” Chairman Mao Tse-tung’s widow and three associates, are arrested in Peking, setting in motion an extended period of turmoil in the Chinese Communist Party.
Astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan, part of the crew of Space Shuttle Challenger, becomes the first American woman to walk in space.
Operation Pawan by Indian Peace Keeping Force begins in Sri Lanka; thousands of Tamil citizens, along with hundreds of Tamil Tigers militants and Indian Army soldiers will die in the operation.
Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas begin.
NASA launches its 100th Space Shuttle mission.
The Polaroid Corporation, which had provided shutterbugs with photo prints in minutes with its “instant cameras” since 1947, files for bankruptcy.

How British and American Spelling Parted Ways

When you set up your spellcheck on your computer, you must choose between British and American English, because even in text, they are becoming different languages. Why do Americans spell words differently from the British? While it was the British who altered their accent to end up sounding different from Americans, in the case of spelling, it was the Americans who changed.
Arika Orent explains how that happened. Simple is the name of the game. Now if we could just get global internet commenters to stop correcting each other’s spelling when those spellings are perfectly fine in their native countries, we’d be ahead of the game. We have enough problems remembering that chips, flat, biscuit, bonnet and boot mean fries, apartment, cookie, hood and trunk

The Boeing Dreamliner

An Apartment That Can Fly
What do you get when you take a jumbo jet that normally seats between 242 and 335 people and convert it into a private plane? You get the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It’s got 2400 square feet of interior room, so you can understand how it can be outfitted like a regular (and spacious) home. If you like how the “living room” looks, you really should see the bathroom, dining room, and the other luxury areas. But since this “house” can fly around the world, it comes with a pretty price tag. Take the tour of the Dreamliner at Money Inc.

In One German Town, 1,000 People Killed Themselves in 72 Hours

Still, today, we are learning more about the horrors of World War II. We Americans studied it in school from texts written from an American perspective, and were horrified that over a hundred thousand were killed in the D-Day Invasion and the Battle of Normandy. That pales in comparison to the two million killed in the Battle of Stalingrad. The Eastern Front was particularly brutal, and the Germans and the Russians hated each other fiercely. As the war came to a close in 1945, and the Soviet troops pushed into Germany, it was the end of the world for many German citizens. 
Many Soviet soldiers believed there was no such thing as an innocent German. “If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day,” wrote influential Soviet intellectual Ilya Ehrenburg. “If you leave a German alive, the German will hang a Russian and rape a Russian woman. If you kill one German, kill another — there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses.” In other words, however bad the retribution, the German citizenry had it coming.
Numerous German cities experienced mass suicides at the end of the war. Over the conflict’s chaotic and desperate final months, Berlin witnessed around 7,000 people take their lives. But in terms of sudden and gruesome panic, it is hard to beat the heights of the conflagration at Demmin, a disaster in which an estimated 1,000 people took their lives, in a span scarcely longer than 72 hours.
Read the story of the fall of Demmin at Timeline, but be warned the lead image is graphic and may be disturbing.

Bragging as a strategy

Bragging as a strategy: what boasting buys, and costs, a candidateBragging as a strategy: what boasting buys, and costs, a candidate
Life is full of auditions in which it might seem advantageous, if not outright required, to describe oneself as above average. Think of job interviews, dating or running for president of the United States. A new study that measured how people judge those who made such...

What’s really going on in PTSD brains?

What’s really going on in PTSD brains?  A new theoryWhat’s really going on in PTSD brains? A new theory
For decades, neuroscientists and physicians have tried to get to the bottom of the age-old mystery of post-traumatic stress disorder, to explain why only some people are vulnerable and why they experience so many symptoms and so much disability. All experts in the...

Got eczema?

Got eczema? It may just be bad evolutionary luck
Got eczema? It may just be bad evolutionary luck
Some genetic diseases persist for generation after generation because the genes that cause them can benefit human health. Sickle cell anemia is one example: This disorder compels red blood cells to take on a crescent moon shape, leading to anemia. But carrying a copy...

Shopkeeper threatened with tree branch fought back with fruit knife

A grandfather brandished a fruit knife to ward off two thieves in the fourth robbery at his convenience store in Cabramatta, Sydney, Australia. Two men, one armed with a tree branch, entered the shop shortly after 7.30pm on Saturday night.
They demanded cash from Allan To, who is originally from Vietnam, waving the branch in his face. “I scared they’d hit me [with] the long stick,” Mr To said. “I came in Australia in 1990. I stay here in the shop twenty years already.”
Mr To grabbed a fruit knife and demanded the men leave, but not before they took $800 and his mobile phone.“I turn around. I take the knife, they see the knife and they ran,” he said. Inspector Rob Adam from NSW Police said the opportunistic robbery was “desperate”.
“I imagine they must have been quite desperate to use a tree branch,” he said. “I’ve reviewed the footage, it’s only a skinny branch but it could cause some serious injury to the victims.” No arrests have yet been made. The men are described as being of Pacific Islander/Maori appearance and are around 183cm tall. Both men had a solid build, and were wearing black hooded jumpers.

Man 'collected discarded receipts then obtained the items from store and returned them for cash'

A man from Chubbuck, Idaho, is facing burglary charges after police say he discovered a unique way to steal from a local store. Police say they found out what had happened through surveillance video.
Police arrested Logan Pack, 24, for Felony Burglary. They say he collected receipts from the parking lot at Home Depot, then used the receipts like a shopping list to obtain the items from the shelves and return the goods for cash.
Police say that Pack visited the home improvement store at least four times. They say he admitted to one of the four reported burglaries, but claims he doesn’t remember the others.
Park was arrested on Monday and charged with three counts of felony burglary. He remains incarcerated at the Bannock County Jail. Bond in his case was set at $7,500 and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 20.

Spandex dress-wearing man who saw spiders in restaurant bathroom faces intoxication charge

A man from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, claiming a McDonald's bathroom was infested with spiders was taken to jail early on Friday morning after he was caught "shooting up drugs" in the local restaurant, police said. Officer Thomas Donnell filed a report claiming that Shawn D. Padilla, 45, was standing in the restaurant just after midnight, "wearing a spandex dress and acting very erratic." Padilla allegedly told Donnell the restroom was crawling with spiders and he had been bitten several times.
Donnell followed Padilla into the restroom; Padilla opened the door to a stall and "told me to look at all of the spiders in there," Donnell reported. But Donnell said there were no arachnids in the bathroom, despite Padilla's claims. When questioned by the officer, Padilla denied taking any form of medication.
He was then handcuffed and taken to the Tahlequah Municipal Jail for a public intoxication charge. Booking records show Padilla was in the Cherokee County Detention Center in August for possession of methamphetamine. He has not been formally charged in the district court.

Police on the lookout after profanity was mown into man's lawn

A man from Jonesboro, Arkansas, discovered that someone had vandalized his property with a lawn mower on Thursday morning.The 69-year-old man told police the words "Fuck You" had been mown into the grass in front of his shop building near his house.
The man told the sheriff's office that he did not know when the incident happened. The victim had no idea who would have done this or why.
Craighead County sheriff's office criminal investigator John Varner said that deputies were advised to keep a lookout around the man's property.

Ivanka Trump Just Admitted That She LIKES Her Dad Calling Her A ‘Piece Of Ass’

Just when you thought you didn’t need a barf bag…
Something is seriously wrong with this picture ...

Police officer who masturbated in car 'was trying to stay awake on his drive home'

Patrolman Glenn C. Woolard ended his night shift in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and was driving home on Wednesday morning when he pulled down his basketball shorts and exposed himself, according to court records. A woman in a box truck was driving next to Woolard's sedan was shocked at what she saw, telling a state trooper who took her report, he was "waving it around" and fondling himself.
The woman gave the sedan's license plate number to police, who went to Woolard's nearby house. At first, Woolard denied the accusation, but then confessed, authorities said. The 35-year-old patrolman admitted exposing himself on Wednesday morning and also a week earlier in the parking lot of the Target store where a woman said he had his window down "as if he wanted to be seen," the records say.
In his defense, Woolard allegedly told the trooper, he wasn't doing it for sexual gratification. He was just trying to stay awake while driving home. On Friday, authorities announced that Woolard, recently commended by Bethlehem officials for rushing into a burning home to save a life, was being suspended and charged with two counts of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. After he was arraigned, Woolard was released on his own recognizance.
Woolard was off-duty during the incidents, was not in uniform and was in his personal vehicle. He was suspended after Wednesday's incident and will be facing further disciplinary action, which could include dismissal. The department's office of professional standards is conducting an internal investigation. Woolard, who is married and lives in Lower Macungie Township, has been with the department since February 2013 and had no past disciplinary actions.
There's a news video here.

Cop's Own Dash Cam Catches Him Pulling Over and Raping Multiple Women While On Duty

Don’t Panic, But Your Avocado is Radioactive

Don’t Panic, But Your Avocado is RadioactiveDon’t Panic, But Your Avocado is Radioactive
Most people assume all radioactive materials are dangerous, if not deadly. But a new study on the radiation emitted by everyday objects highlights the fact that we interact with radioactive materials every day. The goal of the work is to give people a frame of...

Telescopes Find Evidence for Wandering Black Hole

Telescopes Find Evidence for Wandering Black HoleTelescopes Find Evidence for Wandering Black Hole
Astronomers have used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray observatory to discover an extremely luminous, variable X-ray source located outside the center of its parent galaxy. This peculiar object could be a wandering black hole that came from...

Chronic Wasting Disease in White-Tailed Deer

Chronic Wasting Disease in White-Tailed Deer
Chronic Wasting Disease in White-Tailed Deer
Chronic wasting disease may have long-term negative effects on white-tailed deer, a highly visible and economically valuable keystone species, according to a new study from the USGS and published in Ecology. CWD is an always-fatal, neurological disease of the deer...

Rarely seen venomous sea snake found in Iranian waters

Rarely seen venomous sea snake found in Iranian waters
Rarely seen venomous sea snake found in Iranian waters
G√ľnther's sea snake (Microcephalophis cantoris), a rarely seen venomous sea snake with distribution thought to stretch from the Malay Peninsula to Pakistan, has now been recorded from Iranian coastal waters off the western Gulf of Oman, more than 400 kilometers away...

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