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Friday, December 22, 2017

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Today in History

Stephen of Blois is crowned the king of England.
Esek Hopkins takes command of the Continental Navy — a total of seven ships.
Congress passes the Embargo Act, which halts all trading completely. It is hoped that the act will keep the United States out of the European Wars.
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad opens the first passenger railway line.
The last of the food restrictions, enforced because of the shortages during World War I, are lifted.
Soviet troops leave Manchuria after a truce is reached with the Chinese over the Eastern Railway dispute.
Japanese troops make an amphibious landing on the coast of Lingayen Gulf on Luzon, the Philippines.
The Soviets drive German troops back 15 miles at the Don River.
During the Battle of the Bulge, General Anthony McAuliffe responds to a German surrender request with a one word answer: “Nuts”
The United States recognizes Tito’s government in Yugoslavia.
The EF-105F Wild Weasel makes its first kill over Vietnam.
The United States announces the allocation of 900,000 tons of grain to fight the famine in India.
The Romanian government of Nicolae Ceausescu is overthrown, ending 42 years of communist rule.
The division of East and West Germany effectively ends when the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin reopens for the first time in nearly 30 years.
What became known as the Archives of Terror are discovered in a police station near the capital of Paraguay. The records detail tens of thousands of Latin Americans who had been secretly imprisoned, tortured and / or killed by the security services of several South American governments.
Hussein Farrah Aidid relinquishes his disputed title of President of Somalia, an important step toward reconciliation in the country.
The President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, takes over an interim government.
A passenger on American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris, Richard Reid, unsuccessfully attempts to destroy the plane in flight by igniting explosives he’d hidden in his shoes.
Some 1.1 billion gallons of coal fly ash slurry flood part of Tennessee after an ash dike breaks at a solid waste containment area in Roane County, in the eastern part of the state.
US President Barack Obama signs a law officially repealing the 17-year-old policy known as “Don’t ask, don’t tell”; the new law permits homosexuals to serve openly in the US military.

‘Everything that wasn’t a Dumbass Trump tweet’

This time every year, BillMoyers.com asks reporters, editors and bloggers which key story they feel the mainstream media failed to cover adequately over the last 12 months. Here's what they had to say.

The Case For Giving Free Massages to the Homeless

Surviving Holiday Heart Attack Season

Actress Sarah Hyland slams CVS after not getting kidney transplant medication

Sarah Hyland is not happy with the CVS Pharmacy's services.
On Tuesday, the "Modern Family" star took to Twitter to air her frustrations against CVS pharmacy after it failed to notify her about her kidney transplant medications. It initially promised to inform her when her medicines would be ready for pick up, but it closed without informing her.
"Hey @cvspharmacy when you tell a kidney transplant recipient that her medication will be ready before you close and that you will notify her when it's ready to be picked up. DO IT BEFORE YOU CLOSE. PEOPLE LIKE ME CANT AFFORD TO GO WITHOUT MEDICATION," Hyland wrote.

Can Gawker rise from the dead?

Can Gawker rise from the dead?

UK decides high-speed internet is a legal right of all citizens

After US kills net neutrality -- UK decides high-speed internet is a legal right of all citizens

Viral photo of pregnant woman finishing college finals while in labor breaks the internet

Nayzia Thomas millennial mom Viral photo of pregnant woman finishing college finals while in labor breaks the internet

Generous mom tried to give out $1,000 in gift cards to Missouri Walmart shoppers

Generous mom tried to give out $1,000 in gift cards to Missouri Walmart shoppers -- until the store kicked her out

Oklahoma mom reports boy missing ...

Oklahoma mom reports boy missing — but he was out trying to raise money to buy her Xmas presents

Untested rape kits hide thousands of serial predators

Untested rape kits hide thousands of serial predators

Visionary Sci-Fi Author Sees the Destruction of Human Civilization:

Alabama Townspeople Revolt After Local Officials Conspire to Rip Them Off

Jurors admit they thought he must be guilty because he’s black

A Minneapolis man may get a new trial after two jurors came forward and admitted that racism was a major reason why they chose to convict him.

Black skier gets jail for punching racist

A black Wisconsin man was sentenced to jail time for punching an older white man who goaded him with racial slurs.

Unhinged white man broke into black neighbor’s house

32-year-old Adam J. Doucet broke into his neighbor’s house using a crowbar and plumber’s wrench, before proceeding to make racist threats against him.

Richard Spencer blames Jews for ‘suppressing real white identity’ in ‘Twitter purge’

White supremacist Richard Spencer blames Jews for ‘suppressing real white identity’ in ‘Twitter purge’

UFO conspiracy nuts now determined to find what the release of new military video is covering up

Those skeptical of the government’s involvement in the recent report about alleged military research into UFOs are now developing new crackpot theories.

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