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Thursday, July 13, 2017

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Today in History

The Crusaders launch their final assault on Jerusalem.
Ottoman armies capture Tabriz in northwestern Persia.
Led by the Count of Egmont, the Spanish army defeats the French at Gravelines, France.
A group of 108 English colonists, led by Sir Richard Grenville, reaches Roanoke Island, North Carolina.
In England, the Roundheads, led by Sir William Waller, are defeated by Royalist troops under Lord Wilmot in the Battle of Roundway Down.
George Washington surrenders Fort Necessity to the French, leaving them in control of the Ohio Valley.
Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, enacts the Northwest Ordinance, establishing rules for governing the Northwest Territory, for admitting new states to the Union and limiting the expansion of slavery.
English poet William Wordsworth visits the ruins of Tintern Abbey.
Henry Schoolcraft discovers the source of the Mississippi River in Minnesota.
Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest defeats a Union army at Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Opponents of the draft begin three days of rioting in New York City.
The Great Eastern begins a two week voyage to complete a 12-year effort to lay telegraph cable across the Atlantic between Britain and the United States.
The Congress of Berlin divides the Balkans among European powers.
Frank Sinatra records his first song, “From the Bottom of My Heart,” with the Harry James Band.
Britain and the Soviet Union sign a mutual aid pact, providing the means for Britain to send war materiel to the Soviet Union.
In Geneva, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China and France reach an accord on Indochina, dividing Vietnam into two countries, North and South, along the 17th parallel.
The Army of Morocco executes 10 leaders accused of leading a revolt.

World Leaders Decide They Don’t Need The U.S.

World Leaders Decide They Don’t Need The U.S. To Move Forward On Climate Change
Since Dumbass Trump’s colossally stupid decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, it appears that the rest of the world can get along just fine as a G19.

Outrageous Ways the Richest 1% Avoids Paying Taxes

Why do states keep running out of weed?

Nevada officials may have underestimated the high level of anticipation for the state’s new recreational marijuana law, because in its second weekend after launching the adult-only program, Nevada nearly ran out of pot. The shortage isn’t all that surprising, though, because other states have also suffered from low weed supplies shortly after rolling out recreational laws.

Having Sex At Least Once a Week Could Help You Live Longer

Don't Hate Your Gut

Charts Show Why We’re All Screwed Under The Wingnut Health Care Bill

These Charts Show Why We’re All Screwed Under The Wingnut Health Care Bill
Even if it isn’t your health care that is directly affected, chances are you will still feel the ripple effects of the bill on the economy, both on a state and national level.

Marijuana vs. Methamphetamine

Around 40 percent of Americans were harassed online

Roughly four-in-ten Americans have personally experienced online harassment, most commonly on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, according to a Pew Research Center survey released on Tuesday.
The survey shows 41 percent of 4,248 respondents have been subjected to online harassing behavior such as offensive name-calling and embarrassment, up from 35 percent in 2014 when the think tank last conducted a similar survey.
Nearly one-in-five said they experienced more severe forms of harassment such as physical threats, stalking and sexual harassment.
While men are more likely than women to experience online harassment overall – 44 percent versus 37 percent – women, particularly young women, are more likely to be the targets of sexualized forms of online abuse. Two-in-ten women ages 18 to 29 said they have been sexually harassed online, and just over half said they have been sent explicit images they did not ask for, according to the survey.

Mexican immigrant sues Chicago police

A Mexican immigrant sued Chicago police in federal court on Tuesday, saying he was mistakenly listed in a gang database that cost him federal protections and will lead to his deportation later this month.
Luis Vicente Pedrote-Salinas, 25, of Chicago, argued in a lawsuit filed in U.S. district court in Chicago that his false inclusion on the gang list led immigration agents to raid his home in 2011 and detain him. He was brought to the United States when he was five years old.
U.S authorities denied his application for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, even though he met all the requirements, the lawsuit said. President Barack Obama created DACA to give people brought to the county as children temporary protection from deportation.
Pedrote must leave the country July 20.

Charter Schools Are Constantly Burning Out Teachers

Wingnuts Think College Is Bad for US

DeVos Meeting with Men's Rights Groups to Talk About Sexual Assault?

The Farm Belt Führer

Cost of Repairing Something Is Often Higher Than Buying a New One

World's Dirtiest Oil and Coal Polluters

World's Most Poached and Trafficked Mammal

There's a Tick That Can Make You Allergic to Meat

Animal Pictures