Paul will make his remarks soon after Sen. Marco Rubio, r-Florida, wraps up the repugican response Tuesday night, a Paul spokeswoman confirms to CNN.
"We are giving a voice to the tea party movement when the mainstream media and the repugican establishment wants to write us off as dead," said Amy Kremer, chairman of the tea party express. This is the third year in a row that Kremer's organization has sponsored the tea party response.
The dueling repugican speeches come at a time when a very public rift is developing between the repugican establishment and wingnut agitators over the direction of the cabal. Some lunatic fringe agitators are specifically angry at Karl Rove and other repugicans for stating that they will choose sides in upcoming repugican primaries and only financially help candidates who have a chance of winning in the general election.
In Paul, tea party leaders have chosen a nationally known senator, who is identified more for his embrace of a libertarian ideology than aligning himself with his own political party's leaders.
The back-to-back addresses Tuesday night also features two young bi-violating  hypocrites in the repugican cabal, each of whom are expected to seriously consider running for the White House in 2016.
Paul will deliver his remarks before an audience at the National Press Club, which is located just a stones throw away from the White House.
"We expect many of our supporters and many of Rand Paul's supporters, freedom loving, liberty loving Americans to be there because this is our time to be heard," Kremer said. "We are proud that Marco Rubio is giving the official repugican cabal response because he is a tea party wingnut and one of our own. But the repugican cabal doesn't necessarily speak for all conservatives and the tea party delusion has its own voice and this is our chance to be heard."
Rep. Michele Bachmann, r-Minnesota, delivered the tea party response in 2011, while Herman Cain gave it last year. Both candidates unsuccessfully sought the 2012 repugican presidential nomination.